Inspiring Musicians – Calum MacPhail

Inspiring Musicians - Calum MacPhail

hello and welcome back to my inspiring musicians interviews today I'm joined by Callum from Haru Callum is a fantastic awareness that been listened to since the band started and he's as interesting and modern style and the mistaken Scottish music has really changed the way that I serve you Scottish music and folk music in general and that's so right honor to be with you today calop how you guys very much for happy I hope not too bad yourself Afghan there you know living the dream right whoa start from the start what does music mean to you music some latter part of my life and pretty much grown up around music we're going to be buying my dad is a musician and stuff so I just kind of always it's a massive part of my life nailing on to him so yeah I was always a boat so it's kind of like that hmm it's like breathing so my second part me just an extension when your boys hi absolutely absolutely can you tell us what your first experience of music was like Scottish music hey I was actually home Turner providing and my mom took me along to gig mm-hmm a bar called tradewinds very good one that absolutely pure man Gallienus another local hero from a four billion just million no safety program and then yeah I was probably saving a usual tune I think it went up and played the Fiji lullaby and how was that I got a son Troy's got the the glass round and all the rest of it so I can it was like absolutely keep me keep me occupied enemy so yeah I was here my first experience then I just said in my room listening to the likes of Katy and when they came up soon as well so all the weight was absolute yeah I was gonna make my first de genève tape to Scottish music obviously but that was a musician so I was you see that that experiences were laid on TV pursued a career in music yeah absolutely it's just something that Kenan built with me over the years and I came here to curry step back when I was in my teens and thinking I wasn't as cool was as there everyone else was because I played Scottish music and stuff but actually it's kind of turned the other way nowhere is that's a lot cooler maybe definitely to be singing stage you know so not to is no real talk here there ever been any downsides or hardships in your pursuit of music a absolutely see when I was saying I was like 13 years old I applied for the clock didn't visible Becklund and then everyone had me geared up the goal my music to himself a Macintosh he was like Mac yo get noble because I had like a full track EP when I was like 13 and there was just a lot of advantages and I can really see the disadvantages of me maybe no ganon you know and then I got that down and I was I got no back and they were like I can try again I still to this day I don't don't really know why they said there was kind of a few marks off get into the school where but I believe in everything happens for a reason so you know I mean also and well probable made a bit not being one with exact ins yet totally it's saying I was a note back for sure and I can just take everything else like a learning curve I talk about atoms and you just you learn from it yeah just make it make it what you want to do you know absolutely want to be you know that's probably Kenny the only knock back with Todd like starting a band and stuff like you say no to 300 emails or weirdly like a couple months should apply but you just you belt happily you know it's so slow to start and then suddenly just takes off it's amazing absolutely but no that's pretty much it much much else not Baxter just gonna keep going well keeping that in mind knowing that the setbacks or not not as there's a lot for young people start you know and yeah the music especially the Scottish music seems me so is there any advice you have for them and given your variance yeah I'm just maybe just say sticking now what users are doing and mmm continued plaques and just absolutely a little deserting the basics and that's what you want to do then just make it more time to do and just work hard for a list if you work hard hard work pays off it also work hard to try and get my music video yesterday a spell but still no is no one years some days you're like oh Jesus I may not watch it but yeah it does it does work at the end of you have to be the market was like I just say to keep on doing what you do now just picture on free you know some some fantastic advice there um well thank you very much very much to their your mouth oh it's been a pleasure talking to you but I hope this cheers Manjula hope you enjoyed the interview and I hope you found that acid is biting and helpful as a dose thank you very much

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