Intaglio Printmaking Techniques : Preparing Ink For Intaglio Printing

Intaglio Printmaking Techniques : Preparing Ink For Intaglio Printing

Hi I’m Jason Shoemaker at Slug Fest Printmaking
Workshop and I’m going to show you how to print an Intaglio. First we need to get out
our ink. Ink comes in little one pound containers. You can get more if you need so. Usually there’s
a skin on there which is good because it keeps the ink from drying up. So you’re going to
have to get through that. One thing to always do is to scrape off the top, you don’t want
to gouge your ink, that’s a big no no because what that does is create more surface area
for the air to get to the ink Now we can pluck all that skin out of there and move it somewhere
else on the pallet. If the ink has been sitting around a while you may find that there’s little
pieces of dry ink in there and a good way to get all that out is to just smooth the
ink out, get it nice and flat and you’ll start to see them. You can just pick those up and
move them somewhere else on the ink slab. You don’t have to get them all out but if
you get those on your plate those aren’t going to go down into the crevices and it’s not
going to give you a good print. So get out as much as you can. There can be more ink.
Once again, always move along the top just like that. Now you got some ink, and that
should be plenty of ink there to pull a proof.

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  • Aine Scannell says:

    Hi Jason
    Do thry have intaglio ink in cartridges in the USA that you push out when needed( with a special gadget/ holder) – so as to avoid the skin in a tin problem ? I have wasted so much ink this way. So thank goodness for the cartridge s although I dont think all manufacturers do them yet . I dont think Charbonel do them. Thanks for your videos.

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