Ipob Family Writers Press International

Ipob Family Writers Press International

open letter to his royal majesty HRM King Asiago wha elachi is one of Ohio's uu Kingdom affic PO north local government area heaven ee state via for land your majesty I use this medium to call on your attention expressing my displeasure over the tour of northern part of Nigeria you recently embarked on precisely to the Emir of Zam Farah state and the government house it is usually said that one does not pursue rats when his house is on fire record has it that Abney e state in general and offical north local government area in particular currently accommodates the biggest mosque islamic school in this part of the world evany e state is purely by a friend with the indigenous people there in practicing Christianity and traditional religion it has absolutely no history of ancestral relationship with Islam nor jihadists you are fully aware your majesty of the prevalent seeming uninterrupted unwarranted development these colonization policy of the Islamists presently have on our farmlands and communities there has been series of financial inducement on our people to give off their inheritance this same atrocious conquest and domination policies was perpetrated by the phalanges and their accomplices in the genocidal enterprise of the 1960's that claimed the lives of over 3.5 million people of Biafra the ongoing romance between you and these vampires from the north is both sacrilegious and an act of betrayal your pretenses are already laid there a disappointedly unbecoming of a traditional ruler of status on social media one sunning comma proudly spoke on your behalf stating that your visit to the Emir of Zam Farah and the federal university of xanthine will soon yield results to the youths of ebony state it therefore becomes imperative for one to categorically say that your acceptance of the Zam far based universities chancellorship position is essentially a betrayal which is Co deadly a sinister agenda against Avenue e people it is certain that the house of full awnings cannot ordinarily destroy such a prestigious post on a non-muslim without such an individual pledging allegiance to the Fulani oligarchy by o friends and especially ebony people cannot be fooled forever the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IP OB ma z nom de cameo has really opened our eyes as a people to the realities of our time and nothing whatsoever can hoodwink even the unborn by a friend generation let it be clearly stated here that your moves are targeted evil brought against the overwhelming majority of the people it is a fact that you as a traditional custodian in by a fool and and particularly in ebony east state has not for once shown concern for the well-being of your people nor even interacted with them to sample their opinion about their predicaments plights but you have rather driven by crass egocentric interests decided to handpick few supporting slaves in your domain and embarked on an evil tourism to the oppressors what a dictatorship all sane individuals seriously frown at this self-serving and enslavement enterprise and hereby urge your Majesty to desist forthwith from further dealings with our enemies evany people will never be driven from the essence of differences with you nor even intend to ignore the of conflict with the rain the rumors being spread during your time as a result of this disgusting anomaly may not be quickly remembered but it is quite on record you have brazenly exposed this part of biathlon to the desecration of its dignity honor plundered its resources and robbed it of its wealth and sacredness your reign is characterized by bribes and all sheds of slavish Ness leading to widespread undue favoritism moral and administrative decadence you are hereby implored to carefully digest the contents of this piece within a reasonable timeframe retrace your footsteps and duly accord recognition to the requirements of the indigenous owners in the land the glaring truth here in expressed cannot be dismissed with a wave of hand the company of Stooges and saboteurs that you are surrounded with cannot save your majesty after all The Fool and I stand fluent shal lots on our land do shamelessly carry out their trade by deceiving our people through mind games but it should be noted that the transference of the people's wrath and displeasure consequent upon your misrule can no longer be prevented you need to be reminded your majesty that the days of reckoning are already here with us and posterity must surely judge everyone at no point should our people get embarrassed harassed nor humiliated anymore because of their rights of expression it should be sounded loud and clear that even your own family Your Majesty will be held totally accountable if the mentioned evil Enterprise tag to you persist a word is enough for the wise Thank You Christopher road to a-z alley for family riders Press International


  • low sistem says:

    Remove what you have in your mouth stop faking yourself.
    These are one of them that are dealing with us i will not count what this woman and his man did to me

  • Bede Obani says:

    Afikpo people ,take the bull by the horn by dethroning him ,and also chase him out of you people's soil

  • Chuku Chima says:

    Stupid and money-hungry Igwe. Please, dethrone the saboteur

  • Marcel Eluka says:

    Your majesty/Igwe, in very simple language, you are a donkey. Ibu igwe aruru-ala. Ibu aturu-ewu. We won't let you sell our future to our enemies. This is why you are afo-anu.

  • lucky chinaza says:

    The evil men do live with them, and The Wicked must not go unpunished

  • patrick anyanwu says:

    if he release any land in biafra land he will go for it period,he will surely pay with his head no joke

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