Is Apple Pencil worth it for Non-Artists?

Is Apple Pencil worth it for Non-Artists?

is the Apple pencil worth it for people who aren't really artists in today's video I'll be diving into why I have one even though I don't draw and that's mostly because I can't draw anything in fact I've never used my iPad pro for drawing any type of pictures but is it still useful comes down to your individual use cases so let's talk about mine so the primary message I want to get across in today's video is that the Apple pencil is not a required accessory for the iPad pro in fact I think including such an amazing in detailed and intricate stylus that allows you to pair and charge it so easily would likely drive the starting price of the iPad pro a lot higher to the point that I'm okay that Apple doesn't include a stylus with the iPad granted yeah it would be great if they could include the Apple pencil with the iPad and not increase the prices but I have to be realistic here there's a lot of technology that goes into this device and Apple would likely be losing a lot of money if they just decided to give it to everyone but I also think would be kind of wasteful because there's a ton of people out there who want to buy iPads specifically the awesome iPad pro and they're not artists you know if they don't need something to draw with but personally I have two major use cases for the Apple pencil that are not artistry related for one it's been particularly helpful when using Safari because we know how iOS is a touch dominant interface yes now technically with iPad OS you can pair a mouse to the iPad as an accessibility feature but it's definitely not a primary one not one Apple wants everybody getting used to they want you using the touchscreen and third-party apps and first-party apps are gonna do the best they can to optimize their apps to be touch friendly which involves designing the apps very very differently I mean if you just look at desktop iMovie and compare it to mobile iMovie it behaves very very different because they know on one of these things you're using a mouse and on the other you're using a touch interface mostly your finger the thing is though when you go to desktop sites on Safari using your iPad they're not really designed for touch friendly user interfaces because now with iPad OS they're all grabbing the desktop version of those sites so a lot of buttons can end up being a lot smaller or a lot of the web's design is built for you being able to click and drag across the time line of certain videos particularly me as a creator when you're using the YouTube site from an eye and your finger can interact with the touch interface but the benefit of the Apple pencil when you're using a desktop site is very very helpful for clicking or I guess tapping whatever place on the website you want that sometimes your fingers not very good at being specific either because your fingers too big or it creates too big of a footprint whatever you touch the glass of your iPad pro you're covering too much area that the iPad isn't quite sure what you want to be tapping or what you want to be clicking on when you're using a desktop class website so having the Apple pencil helps everything be more specific I would say that's the secondary reason I like having an Apple pencil the primary reason is for when I make video thumbnails and oftentimes have to mask out objects as a creator I've been uploading all of my video thumbnails across all my channels using pro apps available on the iPad pro that'll go more into in my iPad pro 10 months review video which will come out in a couple weeks but essentially when you're doing some type of Photoshop or masking even without the official Photoshop application having an Apple pencil is really really helpful for that in case any of you were wondering why drew has an Apple pencil even though he doesn't draw a lot but I do admit it is an expensive accessory at a hundred and twenty nine dollars granted with the pro motion display an iPad OS shrinking the latency even less so it's a really really good stylus in fact I would go as far to say this is probably the best stylus you can get with any touch interface out there but granted I'm no artist I'm no animation expert I just make my stupid YouTube video thumbnails that a lot of you guys hate anyway I don't blame you but it's helpful when you're using a desktop site that's clearly assuming you have a mouse when you don't and I'm sure a lot of people out there have purchased the Apple pencil even though they're not really artists just because they like being able to scroll and tap around with it more because using a stylus can feel a bit more fun with a tablet personally I don't see the point of it on a phone but there's the Galaxy Note series a lot of people just like using a stylus sometimes so I guess you could say yes Steve Jobs was technically wrong when he said who wants a stylus I mean they're people Steve maybe they're not everyone but they exist anyway those are the two primary uses for my Apple pencil and why it has kind of paid for itself just by helping me mask out things when doing video thumbnails doing photo work for other projects in fact when I would take pictures of me and my wife sometimes I can use it for little touch-ups which is sort of helpful and of course win browsing desktop sites it's been you for me so even though I'm not an artist the Apple pencil was worth it but maybe you don't use a lot of desktop sites on Safari and baby you don't run a YouTube channel and don't really need anything for masking and picture editing yes everything I use the Apple pencil for I could technically do just with my regular fingers but you could probably apply that to artists as well it's just it would be a lot harder it's harder to be specific it's harder to communicate with the iPad and let it know exactly what pixels you want gone from this picture or exactly what button you're trying to click on this particular website yeah you can do it with your finger it's just more comfortable to do it with a stylus so that's how I justify it whether it's worth it for you you've got to decide for yourself anyway let me know if you're on the fence about buying an Apple pencil and if you have more questions about it hit me up over on Twitter or join our discord this is your Apple shape here I'll see you guys in the next one


  • SaithusX says:

    You have one cause you are a sheep? Doesnt need much explanation there.

  • Shant says:

    As a medical student, I can say it’s 100% worth it for students.

  • Tim R. says:

    I want a Apple Pencil for my Pro 10.5 even as a non-Artist but even while it is the first gen it's still as expensive as before…

  • Nenad Jovanovski says:

    So you do your thumbnails on iPad. That explains a lot

  • Nicola Mastrandrea says:

    Yes, even if you don't know how to write.

  • Giulia Lana says:

    I use the first generation Apple Pencil with the 10,5’’ iPad Pro as a student to do student-related stuff. I saved so much paper, it was really worth it

  • Osmosis909 says:

    I’m not an artist, I used mine for taking notes, until it just stopped working. My old Apple Pencil worked flawlessly on iPad 10 pro, this new Apple Pencil, stopped working after a few months, not happy,

  • Will P says:

    I’m an apple fan and I don’t think the Apple Pencil 1st generation is worth it, you can get many other styluses which do the same thing for at least $30 cheaper. But the 2nd generation I think is worth it as it has many features e.g docking to the side of the iPad, changing tools with a double tap

  • crosswhite17 says:

    I am no artist but I do work in a planning environment. I find the penci really useful for marking up plans accurately, something that was very difficult using just your finger. I personally wish they would bring pencil support to phones too. It is also fantastic for taking hand written notes in Noteability. I have the IST Apple Pencil and use it on my 2018 iPad and 2019 iPad mini.

  • Andre R says:

    Of course artists need the pen can’t draw with a finger man!

  • Oguzhan Kaygisiz says:

    i use it daily for taking notes,its the reason why i got an ipad pro 12.9 instead of a macbook


    Same goddamn thing with the Note…

  • shanghaichica says:

    I like using mine for adult colouring. I can’t draw either.

  • Nate Dogg says:

    If is also good for note taking

  • Johanna says:

    Yes it is

  • Talha탈하 says:

    i am taking notes on my ipad during the lecture. i wanted to start drawing but i am not good at it. maybe i will try one day

  • Jack Allie says:

    I use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil just for taking notes and working out at university, and it’s changed the way I do things and been incredibly helpful

  • Bringsales says:

    As a college student, I have to say yes! It's amazing for organizing my notes one my iPad. I hate taking notes with a regular pencil now.

  • VanMan 23 says:

    The Apple Pencil 2 was the main reason why I bought the iPad Pro over the iPad Air or mini. Yes the Air and Mini have Apple Pencil support as well, but the convenience of the second generation pencil, like the double tap feature and the magnetic docking mechanism to keep the pencil somewhere without losing it, is simply brilliant.

    Sure it’s expensive, and I could have gone for the cheaper iPads and with a cheaper stylus and get a similar experience. But the convenience and optimization of the second generation pencil just makes the iPad Pro package complete for me. At least I do have a use for it like navigating through Safari and note-taking. Again, I could do it with a cheaper iPad with a cheaper stylus, but it wouldn’t be as enjoyable to use. It’s a good thing I have the money to buy such an impressive machine like the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil 2.

  • MorzaN says:

    I wand buy ipad pro 2018 with apple pencil to start learn drawing.

  • Carsia_NoDe says:

    I took mine back the second day. Found absolutely no use for it other than saying I could afford it.

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