Is Chris Brown The Most UNDER APPRECIATED Artist In HISTORY?! Details Inside!

Is Chris Brown The Most UNDER APPRECIATED Artist In HISTORY?! Details Inside!

definitely definitely to tune into the hip-hop on sensor podcast which brother old God and Sandman when they jump up here to this next topic saying man you wanted to talk about Chris Brown you dropped the LP today I think it was uh how many 40 songs 35 songs in that joint between 35 and 40 death I think I seen 35 but I could be wrong I just started listening to her earlier but man she another one what do you think so far those aspire what I heard as I that's another fucking close it's Chris Brown man and it it made me want to start talking about this because I'm getting aggravated we got it we got this thing called R&B man and I'm gonna arm the artist I love just real good R&B and Chris Brown has been around shit 20 years now a quiet 20 years and and has done his thing musically and for the John revoir be held it on his fucking back when people were going in different routes and doing his thing and I don't think that he gets enough credit dare I say for the greatness that he's displaying he should go down as one of the greatest R&B artists one of the greatest performers of all time yeah I think of going on his top five one of the greatest performers of all time and that's something very high and because of obviously the Rihanna's situation he does not get the credit that he deserves we think about that am i right wrong and different in there what do you think about it um yeah I think that's held him back you know and then a lot of the other things that he's kind of but don't been going through with a lot of cases and a lot of allegations but it comes with the territory and I just think that you know I'm partial I'm biased to Chris you know I love his music I love his character as a person even though he made some mistakes the thing is different is that he came in so young there was a lot of growing pains he had but he had to live everything out in front of us I mean I could have happened to you know anybody you know I'm saying again to you know that girl it was young at the time and I'm sure he paid his debt to society I'm sure he's probably now he probably did nothing like that but he made a terrible mistake in in this world a country were told that we know something called forgiveness and I think people need to move on but I think that has tainted his career not this soli that but the fact that you know he it seems like there's been a lot of different things that he's been going through ups and down but just like anybody else though I mean goddamn I'm he's a human being at the end of the day but to see where he's at now I think that um they're not gonna be able to deny him I mean you talk about you know 15 plus years in industry following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson I sure ain't gonna be denied his do I'll give a damn what he does he's gonna be one of the greats I mean he unless he does some more crazy stuff you know you know crazy I mean and that's what I was going to say his personal life should really have no anything to do with what he's doing on on stage and with it when it comes to music and we're only getting little bits and pieces of what these people are doing anyway anybody cracks so we only see what we see and we can't just pass judgment on everything that we see just based off with a little bit of information we get um I think that is very unfair that this brother has to continue to live under the demons that he made when he was a child like you alluded to he came in a game when he was fifteen sixteen years old they had to live his life in front of camera being ridiculed day-in day-out hour hour after hour he paid his debt to society he made a horrible stink nobody's justifying the mistake he made as a child no one's justifying it he deserved to be ridiculed for the time that he did we deserve to move forward it takes away from this brother had a album last year I'm heartbreak on a full moon that was 45 Danny drops maybe here is it yeah it was last year now he drops another album a year later 35 he's giving you quality and quantity in a day and age where you see a bunch of bullshit getting thrown out talk about it over and over and over again and you can't just sit back and throw on the album than just genuinely listen to it I could genuinely listen to heartbreak on a full moon yeah I had my favorites but I could sit back and listen to the whole thing and enjoy some good music indigo seems like this kind of going toward the same path he has his couple joints that he has to do for these certain demographic the people he had to stir the people the songs for these people these people that you can genuinely enjoy all of the sounds that you hearing right man he's the bar these motherfuckers out here giving out singles not giving you classic albums look at what he's doing right now and then look at how he's taking it on stage of performing it well you say there's an agenda against a brother like frown a lot of people talk you know on through the years of him maybe being some type of a targeted individual or you know people kind of you know have you know this time kind of derail his career with different things I mean you know we seen false allegations that came out about him that he's beaten it just comes in territory I like I said but do you think that he may be targeted by any chance Chris Brown targeted I don't know about targeted I'm not sure I don't want to say targeted blackballed yeah I think after that situation when we dealt with Rihanna when he went to jail I think it was a certain period of time with the music industry the media did the best they could to try to get Chris Brown out of people's memories out of the eyes out of the ears and everything and I think that because he was so great not only as a music or musician but this adds an artiste any time he spoke any time he was on his art artistic ability just shined with he was drawn whether he was doing this way and attract new people to him and then when he came out with his music the shit was undeniable and then that was kind of right into the role of social media so I think Chris Brown as much as he's not on social media like that he is on social media it helped you get millions of people can just go watch you and they can't shut you out and then you can drop albums how you want it really help a brother like Chris Brown's who where when they were trying their best to take him out today tried so I'll give you an insight that target if they tried to blackball off for sure alright and he fought his way out and I still think he's continuing to try to fight his way out because the conversation of whether or not he's overrated and underrated to not even be a question he talked about the quality that he's dropping year in and year out I will say definitely under three hell yeah I don't appreciate it you know one of the top artists you know arm be whatever Jonah right now so we've ever see a yeah fact so we've ever seen this one years in the game I mapped out we can't even run through the albums that he went through internationally known this toward this world internationally puts on a hell of a show anytime when have you ever heard of a bad Chris Brown show you know like you see him in Rihanna you know came back together and do a song that'd be crazy right now may be fine never happen but right I mean I think they're both I don't know what I thought was brown with Rihanna I don't know if she's beyond that point I don't have to know found of either one like that but it would be great to see definitely yes sir but you're tuned into the hip hop on center podcast which oh brother oh god and Sam and move over here to this next story man a lot of developments have been coming out about Nipsey Hussle his case now our witness transcripts have came out TMZ released them now a new development this came out once again in the same tour according to grand jury testimony the LAPD detective you know I mean it claims the female getaway driver only identified as witness number one has been pretty much given immunity now she said that she's fairing for life and getting legitimate threats from people and pretty much if she cooperates with the prosecution and you know give them everything they need that she will pretty much I guess you know be put into witness protection protected from you know any prosecution and being protected from anybody that may want to retaliate you know for her aiding and abetting you know Eric Holder and you know what he did we lift he down there in front of the marathon's stores so um to me it was pretty crazy when I heard it it is you know it doesn't clear anything up for me all the suspicions that we had I'll give up even more it falls it out way more for them just to throw that out there and because usually what what happened is like his painted picture will mean you do it and say we did something like that they just gonna put the heat on both of us and that offer nobody shit now they may say okay you know you tell on Hannity but anyone get a cert are telling each other but at the end of the day yeah we gonna put you're gonna stick this on both of y'all so the fact that you know um that they offer her some type of immunity for this it's not it's not uncommon but it is a little bit suspicious to me couldn't be seen it I definitely seen it before yeah I mean her story's weird I mean a lot of what she's saying you don't see on camera she said that she rolled up they seen if she was excited then they rolled back out and he walked up and did he walked back and they was initially gonna do a drive-by all the shit that he/she was saying and did you look at the camera footage the way it was set up is like that were to fuck with the car I can't see did this is too many questions that still aren't cleared up and the fact that you could give a driver and at that point when you um you when you grabbed her she was a getaway driver how is she not you've got guns in the whip you got somebody that ran back did a situation and you took fuck off that's a getaway driver now whether or not she was forced whether or not she was scared whether or not that's remains to be seen until the fucking trial concludes and we make sure that we have proper evidence to prove if I'm sitting with chill and I'm like hey man I'm like all right you tell me you're gonna go ahead and do I'm like yo I don't I don't want to do a drive-by but I'm just gonna take you up there an accessory come on man hey I know I'm not gonna do a drive-by but just pull up I'm a punk over here when you get done I'm a speedo I don't see nothing yeah that's crazy I don't see shit you just you go ahead get out the car when you come back I'm out I'm not I see nothing right don't even tell me what you do we still necessar right yeah yeah come on man yeah so I mean you know um dis shit steaks I'm just gonna keep it rolling on sets of truth podcast [Applause]


  • Bran Don says:

    Da Man Said A Quiet 20 Yrs😲😭….Chris Brown Only Been Here For Soon To Be 15yrs. His First Album Was 2005🧐

  • Powerful Being says:

    Unappreciated no. He destroyed his public image by the way he treats people. Women in particular. But his talent is undeniable. Actually Chris is beyond talent he’s gifted💯

  • Anna Powell says:

    You should say the greatest since you been living. There are hundreds before C. Brown. Examples Chuck Jackson, Jerry Butler, Marvin Gay, Jackie Wilson, Johnny Taylor, Johnny Mathis I can go for over an hour just naming BLK mail artist who are great. These guys are greater then C. Brown. These guys set the bar

  • Deon Moody says:

    I realy agree with u 100 percent brother hands down I couldn't have said it better myself

  • Blu Bandit says:

    Indigo album that shit

  • Fanta Graham says:

    Yes he is. I love Chris for more than his music. His politics R the real reason they underrate him

  • YoungSubaru88 says:

    Chris been around 15 years fuck he talkin bout??😆

  • Jordan A. says:

    They got and had MJ fucked up when they Compare MJ to Chris Brown , MJ wayyyyyyy more Talented than Chris Brown ,I’ll go toe to toe with anybody who think different

  • Jordan A. says:

    I don’t know mane Chris Brown talented but I was never really feeling him as an artist , like I am MJ fan since birth , so when they said he the next MJ that instantly turn me off on his music because I don’t understand the hype around him Musically I seen better Omarion better to me , I can name ten performers better than him and they don’t even have to do all the that dancing ,Chris Brown don’t have his own sound and he never grew as an artist that why he not appreciated , this is my opinion…. but others feel differently btw

  • clark clarke says:

    I dont think that CB is underrated.. I will say under appreciate …. I like to watch some of his music videos however I do not like watching him in concert …

  • Garvian Harrison says:

    As much as Chris Brown is one of the biggest artiste of the past 14 years yes hes still underrated and underappreciated

  • MOEdusa enlightened says:

    Chris brown is one of the only artists in the game that actually evolved with every new album..I listened to the whole thing, no skips, when I got this alert I was listening to it.. love it!

  • Eddie Cain says:

    It’s not that Chris is under appreciated but dropping 32 songs bro don’t make it quality. The album his moments but he hasn’t made his thriller or off the wall or even a confessions…. I love him but I think he needs to start making different music. He is one of the greats but it’s time to switch up what he has been doing.

  • Slip Jay says:

    He’s definitely looked down upon which I hate personally as a fan of him. Knowing people listen not listening to his music because of something he did 10 years ago sucks. Cuz honestly nobody (who already hasn’t) is gonna forgive him if they haven’t 10 years later… society today sucks man. This guy is a legend, hits records and breaks records often and hits higher achievements than artist you see more poppin now but since 1 incident happened it’s overlooked. I guess people will do what they did with any other artist who died, support and be more aware of their talent once they’re gone… this is some bull how society is man when you think about it.

  • Truth B. Told says:

    Chris Brown is constant, Chris Brown is credible…Track record second to none and songs are impeccable…Throw on his tracks and let the shit play…Keep that shit on repeat, you can do that shit ALL DAY…Name an artist current that he DEFERS to…Yeah you can't and gotta admit even if you DON'T PREFER TO…

  • SasssyNClasssy says:

    PLEASE CORRECT THE TITLE. Trying to pronounce that word made my eyes cross😂😂😂😂😂

  • alva ellis says:

    Chris was Rihanna sacrifice

  • Top This! says:

    He wasn't a "child" when that happened. Lol. I like how Sam ant minimizes things for his convenience. He would probably would have did the same thing to kurruche, you see how he hatin on Victor Cruz for being with her. Lol. He starting to look like Future. Chris Brown and Future hatin on stand up guys because they couldn't keep their woman. Smh.

  • Toy Toy says:

    20 of them bitches🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Q says:

    Before the Rihanna thing which was over blown, I thought Chris brown was overrated because they was comparing him to Michael Jackson.

  • kahlil smith says:

    Rihanna set him up so ppl wud feel sorry for her to gain more popularity and fame so now everytime she drop an album ppl buy the boring shit

  • DrummaLady Xclusive Master Mind says:

    He's only been in the game for 15 years. He's cold as a rapper but he's not a singer. 50 million is cool. But if people would be real, it's not because of Rihanna, he hasn't reached his full potential because he hasn't grown as a singer.

    If he gets vocal training, something could change and quick. But that nigga can RAP his ass off.

  • kahlil smith says:

    Yes if it wasn't for rihanna situation He wud be more famous…….
    I still think to this day she started tht fight to help her sell records in get more famous cuz her records wasn't really selln before the fight

  • Top Boss Records says:

    Dude need anger management he lost Rihanna and Karrueche he also lost his soul it's NOT the same Chris Brown from Excuse Me Miss. I must say the singer has a way with the women. Find yo inner child again.

  • Dope Action says:

    Yes !

  • L. Simone2112 says:

    He is one if the BEST ARTIST in the last 25 years!

  • Mr. Ball says:

    Never thought of it like that, but he is looked over a lot.

  • Shafferspeeks says:

    Shit, I love his music. Just like everyone at first because of that situation, I didn't like that look on him. Even he said, that he may not get his roses until after he's gone, and that's fucked up. I'll always fuck with him.

    I like the album though.

  • coshawn311 says:

    Man he the truth. You guys hit it right on the head the Rihanna situation is not the only reason but one of the main reasons you don't hear him up there.

  • Elonteon White says:

    You definitely cannot take away my dude success and know that my dude sing better than anyone that you ever heard FATZ

  • Sista Circle 92 says:

    I think Chris Brown is on the hater takedown take everything list🤔 He will always be at the top of my list for best Artist of his time. I was once young and did bad things like a lot of other people. I believe that I have been forgive so let's do the same for him!!! I'm just saying 🤔 #teambreezy

  • alva ellis says:

    Love Chris

  • alva ellis says:

    Love Chrisy

  • Gwendolyn Griffith says:

    I love Chris, He's a genius

  • Thors Domenech says:

    People really need to LET THAT RIHANNA SHIT GO! Like seriously, nobody wants to talk about Rihanna's contribution to that situation, she was also abusive, but because she's a woman, a light skinned one at that age gets a pass, DISGUSTING

  • Dorlicia Felder says:

    Legend of my generation. Album is dope.

  • Thors Domenech says:

    Nope, not by a long shot, nigga still a millionaire tf?

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