• Brand Gardner says:

    dig that outfit 🙂 and those shades 🙂 lol — and great lecture

  • Timothy Robbins says:

    A gay-bashing is preserved in a poem 
    in precise tercets. Two rhyming lines 
    surround and hold down the unrhymed middle. 
    Victim and assailants have clean edges 
    measured by a ruler, cut with an Exacto. 
    Each word is a bone glimpsed in the geologic 
    record. The dinosaur’s refined parts are 
    painstakingly brushed, lifted, packed and 
    shipped to a lab. The letters — plaintive
    vowels, abrasive fricatives, stops — 
    are isolated from their fellows in ransom 
    notes. The effect is reminiscent of a 
    Wedgwood vase, a rose under a glaze of 
    umber blood, scraps of a reassembled face.

  • Tabitha Jones says:

    I don't think it's a fucking thing funny about the white man and women's behavior 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Damon Anthony Dash says:

    His swag in this photo.

  • vicki kondylas says:

    Many Thanks for the video,,,,👍🙌🎯

  • J.M. Harris says:

    …There's no mystery… when you stop denying it maybe we can all grow up." —Baldwin #InMemoriam

  • Stephanie Stevenson says:

    Change My Mind….. James Baldwin convinced his lover, Styron to intentionally confuse black revolutionaries by naming his Novel the same as the real "The Confessions of Nat Turner", but instead portraying Turner as a confused homophile, contrary to the strong unapologetic revolutionary that Turner was so that the black revolutionary would be turned off by the false narrative… I'm betting most don't know that the original book written by Nat Turner is only a 10 page pamphlet/book and that most who have read "The Confessions..'., have only read Styron's false account… See, black history is quite complicated and so while the dominant culture place Baldwin in the middle of contemporary dialogue on black issues, as a black leader, they rarely tell of Baldwin's confusion as a homophile which, by his own account, puts him in direct opposition to the black revolutionary… take a brief listen to the Irritated Genie of Soufeese aka Ayo Kimathi https://youtu.be/1Yr4CHfnRPo?t=89 CREDIT: I.G. for putting the info. out… CHANGE MY MIND

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    uberdriver & scratch-poet @rashaunps wuz here: dropout & former mfa candidate @usfmfaw (silicon valley-sf, ca) 1 8 1 0 2 6

  • Chris Blanco says:

    Sound cuts out 31:42 .  Sound comes back in 31:54 . Thank you @thepostarchive

  • daolumachine says:

    Phew…. 10 minutes in and this has already changed my life. 😭😭😭

  • Betsy Cawn says:

    Lecture ends at around 40 minutes or so; wish we could hear the individuals who are in the audience asking questions, although Baldwin tries to articulate what the distant speaker is getting at. Otherwise, magnificent.

  • rheinkanal1 says:

    Fühl die Seele
    des Südens
    den Rost
    von Detroit
    Schwester Großesherz'
    Wunder schöner Klang
    Martin Luther King
    erwartet Dich
    für Gottes Dienst
    Baldwin schreibt ein
    Kleines großes Willkommen
    für Dich in der
    Anderen Welt
    Du gibst Kraft
    für alle die klein
    da unten wir
    tanzen weiter
    in Deinem Gesang

  • cerda24 says:

    This dude was gay

  • Kenn Therro says:

    One of the corner stones of information

  • Skip Hoffenflaven says:

    Wham! Incredible.

  • lindseygreenberg says:

    —- my god, @ 14:50 mark ,… & few minutes after. my god, what supreme eloquence…!

  • lindseygreenberg says:

    /….. __ my god, @ 14:50 mark ,… & few minutes after. my god, what supreme eloquence…!

  • lindseygreenberg says:

    my god, @ 14:50 mark ,… & few minutes after. my god, what supreme eloquence…!

  • Park Bench says:

    Life in the end becomes how much of a memory you leave behind.  Will you be remembered?  How will you be remembered?

    As you live your life, maybe not to much thought is given to these questions.  The feelings of how you are thought of now seems paramount to your life.  How you think of yourself and how others think of you is skewed by what you want people to think of you.

    If you lie to yourself, is that what you want people to believe is true?  Is that the real you?  They say time will reveal all, so if your moments are false, some how and in some way the truth about you will be revealed.  In the end that is how you will be remembered.

    Some people will commit suicide to make a statement, "I will show you", was recently a video on Facebook, of a young girl who felt mis-understood.  Her statement was if this is what you want, I will kill myself…

    I felt so sad for her because she was beautiful and intelligent, but felt know one knew her.  I could see who see was, but those who knew her did not see her.

    So, how do you want to be remembered???

  • Pyramid of Control says:

    "Now the trouble with such things as: 'the moral responsibility of the artist' (which is a very grandiose way of putting it) is that in order to begin to deal with such a subject at all one's got to begin by being extremely reckless and extremely simple minded. For example, before we can begin to discuss it ones got to arrive at some kind of tentative agreement as to what or who an artist is. And that would seem a very simple matter if it were not for two facts, which I suggest to you (at least two facts) and especially in this country and at this time [May 21, 1963].

    One: Is that one has got to disengage the artistic effort, one has got to separate it from what is normally thought of in this country (perhaps in the world) when they speak of 'self-expression'. And to give you some idea of how loaded the subject is, the very conjunction of the two words: selfexpression opens up a tremendous wilderness:

    Whø is this $elf and "w-h-∆-†" is it exp®essing?

    But to stick to my point—the artistic effort is first of all defined by the necessity, by the abs-… the discipline is that one has got to become disinterested. That is to say, I may have excellent reasons private, emotional terrors, for some reason I may not want to think this is wood—but in order to become an artist I've got to say that this is wood even if it threatens my life and even if I know it will destroy me.

    Now the reason… were going to come back to that in a minute—this effort at being disinterested—which is a bone of the artistic discipline, but the second reason is in some ways even more important and it's certainly connected to the first reason. Which is the fact… now bear in mind when I say fact, this is a fact, I am a fact, all of you are collective and individual facts, and the city in which we stand and the country in which we find ourselves are facts like rain like thunder like lightning like fire. The fact, the fact of the artist has always attacked and it attacks now and as far as we can tell it probably always will attack all of our notions of safety and all of our notions of health.

    Now speaking, if I may for a moment, simply as an artist who tries to work with words. A literary artist soon realizes that all words are at least double edged. There is for example such a thing as health and there really is such a thing as health but there is also such a thing as what society thinks of as health which is not the same thing. Now when you are trying to suggest (for example: what health is ) you are forced to attack all of the assumptions of your society. Because it imagines health to be collective where as the artist is forced to recognize and is obliged to make you know that health is single, individual and uncertain.

    There's never a moment in anybody's life when the job is as it were done. You may make it on Tuesday but you've still got Wednesday morning to face.

    Now the reason that traditionally (this is according to me, presently as I said you who have chanted no you can attack me) but legend is full of stories about the dreamy poet, the mad lover, the poet overtaking the lover—marvelous conjunction. Traditionally and classically the artist is always possessed, traditionally and classically he's always been stoned (and there are many ways of stoning an artist to death) by the people who produced him because they needed him.

    Now what was he possessed by? Now this is where we get into the extra ordinary marshy ground of who and what an artist is. Now according to me, what an artist is/who an artist is, is simply somebody who helps you see reality again.

    The pressures of everyones life (including if I may say so those of the artist) are so great that one has (in self defense, in order to survive, in order to get through one single day) to learn certain habits, to take certain things for granted. With the effect inevitably that by and by you don't see anything. Now let me repeat that. I've have to assume for example I have to take for granted that this platform will not fall down beneath me—I must take that for granted. I assume that this building is built strongly enough that the ceiling wont fall down upon me. Now these are assumptions which may or may not be justified, but I must make these assumptions in order to move at all. On the other hand, in order to keep alive in order to become a human being really— one has got to question everything. "

  • The General STRIKE says:

    Was it Wittgestien who said something like "it is the most important, the most sacred, internally priceless things, emotions, that have no words to describe them. There are no words for the value they can represent."(paraphrased)
    Mr. Baldwin I am speechless, and forever in your debt.

  • Noëlle Gaumann says:

    He must have been and will forever be, one of the greatest, most eloquent and most visionary men to have ever walked upon this earth. His oxford debate is essential!

  • Gabriel Hopson says:

    Recreate the self. Face yourself. Close the divide.

  • Peter Harris says:

    HE was required reading in NYC,..NOW I SEE WHY.

  • 37Dionysos says:


  • Paul Lawson says:

    We do have a Morale Responsibility to be better than who we are.

  • Kelly Freedman says:

    He is so eloquent. A great philosopher and writer and teacher of the human condition !

  • jacobturnage says:

    Thank you for this. Funny how Trump is in his 70s, I made a bet with a friend he wouldn't get re-elected for $100, I'll be thinking of James.

  • Annie Mok says:

    Thanks for uploading this, essential listening

  • Maddy Utopy Paris says:

    underrated content. Baldwin was such a visionnary

  • roger smithmy says:

    Nice one.

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