James River Writers

James River Writers

I'm of the opinion that it's the greatest time in the world to be a writer and that's because the walls have been torn down and now anyone can get published it's really important if you're a writer to beat in the community of writers being a writer while it is a solitary art becoming a successfully published author is not to have that kind of base is what James or a writer provides it gives people a place they can go to make themself better at what they're writing James River riders is really the idea that writing is not the lonely art it's got that stereotype and it can be by 11 12 years ago a couple of us in the city here were professional writers and we had the idea that we couldn't be alone that we weren't the only ones here who love the written word who wanted to be published they got them all together and they said we're going to do this by God we're going to build a an organization for writers from Richmond they believed in that filter dreams idea if they build it it will come and it did but it was great because we found each other in Richmond and we had a diverse group of writers we have it you know poets non fiction fiction children's writers and we realized that there was a great group of writers here in Richmond that needed a central kind of meeting point or event so that we could all support each other 11 years later we have brought in agents editors best-selling authors the James River writers is always first and foremost and only about writers and writing it's not about books selling it's not about celebrity it's not about patent anybody on the back it's about taking what some people know and spreading it as far and wide as you can and the James River riders has really pulled writers out of the woodwork I think probably a lot of these people were here before but they just didn't have a hub for connecting with each other well James River writers does put on several events per year one of the great things we put on is the annual conference which brings together around 300 people the conference is our biggest event we have it every year and part of what the conference does that sets it apart from all the other events we do throughout the year is that it is basically kind of a big melding of everything we can do in order to get published successfully to get people to read your book you have to have a network of people and this is a place James River writers conference is a phenomenal place to network so the James River writers conference is essential for people who want to enter into this industry or understand where it's going for writers who are looking to hone their craft there's so many genre-specific conferences out there but we believe that you can learn from each other and we can all learn together you're going to get to talk to the speakers you're going to get to ask some questions you're going to get to sit down next to them at lunch it's the opportunity to let writers connect and network with each other it's the opportunity for people to get their hands dirty and learn from the people who have succeeded with in the literary arts you can have a one-on-one session with somebody who can actually help you get your book published we hear from so many attendees and members that it's made a huge difference in their lives there's so many books that have been published from people meeting with agents at the conference personally it's been wonderful because it has improved me as a writer I would not be published at this point if not for my involvement with jrw there's just a cool vibe here this is like a hidden treasure as far as I'm concerned Richmond we have such a great time when we come down here if you really want to be successful as a writer you will ultimately have to meet your public so if you're nervous about getting out and meeting people don't be if you're thinking that your experiences as an aspiring writer are uniquely your own and nobody can understand you please let me say very directly wrong everything that you're thinking every reluctance every daunting image that you have of trying to be a writer and bring this out of yourself is shared in the James River writers if you have any preconceived notions about what a writing organization might be or who should be a member of a writing organization or the credentials you should have throws out the window and come meet us and I it seems to me that any writer within shouting distance of Richmond should make a concerted effort to join James River writers I have grown as a writer I have grown as a person and I've made relationships that I hope to keep for the rest of my life up until we got involved in two writers Richmond was just a place we lived this made it are from home I mean it was I mean I'm very passionate about it because really it did there are people I see every month now and we think of them as family all the things I've accomplished not just even as a writer but just personally my life is richer for the experience you


  • Lisa Mistry says:

    This is an amazing writers convention. Pitchapalooza should be a requirement for everyone to try if possible. I saw a quick glimpse of my friends and writing partners here, if you blink you will miss me sitting there (starting at 0.23) We all had a great time. Thank you, James River Writers

  • Leila Gaskin says:

    Watch this and know why James River Writers is such a valuable and amazing organization. My name is Leila Gaskin and I am proud to be a member of this organization. Visit http://www.jamesriverwriters.org for more about programming and members.

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