Journaling Prt 1: Christian Writer's Secret Weapon

Journaling Prt 1: Christian Writer's Secret Weapon

welcome to call – right presented by glory mountains equipping and training base at their glory Institute in San Marcos California this session is entitled to journaling a Christian writers secret weapon here's teacher author speaker and broadcaster as Taylor we're talking about writing and your writing can change the world but guess what your journaling can change you it can change you into the image and likeness of the Heavenly Father his character traits become your character traits his skills and power become your skills and power I'd rather do it that way I have been journaling about 20 years I've been a Christian for 30-some but I've been journaling for about 20 years in fact I began journaling when my son was born in 1989 he was born in January I began my journaling in February of 1989 these are the last three of my 15 books journal journal books and I brought them along to be an encouragement to you sometimes I'll go back into the different dates early on and I'll find out what God was telling me then and it can impact my I realized a lot of the things I was praying for he's brought to pass and a lot of them were that Habakkuk thing Terry Terry Terry but God's bigger plan has made more clear that when I go back and I realize what he talked with me along the way this this is a book number fourteen was March Oh four to September oh five and this one was from September oh five to January oh seven and this is the current one it started in January and I've got maybe eight to ten pages enough to fill in before that journal is done but what I wanted to do for you here is I wanted to encourage you about journaling is connecting to the presence of God this is going to impact your writing it's going to impact your marriages or your relationships it's going to impact the way that you communicate with God and it's still going to communicate it's going to enhance your understanding of God's character beyond your imagination I'm serious a lot of times people go you know I go in and pray I've did my 10 minute prayer for the day and I still got what I needed and my 10 mass 9 minutes and 50 seconds so okay God oh yeah 50 49 59 60 okay I'm done talk to you later see you tomorrow morning same time same ten minutes and we get into the mindset of were given out stuff that we need and we want and our difficulties in our trials and things like that and we go okay get back to me when you have the answer in your gun he goes wait a minute I have an answer right here I said yeah no but I gotta be someplace he said make time for me make time for me because I want to tell you some things I have not seen neither ear heard Uther as it entered into the heart of man the things that God has in store for those who love him he's got stuff for you beyond your imagination and I Got News for You the stuff he wants you to write are not coming the things he wants to write are not necessarily all coming from your own personal mind pieces of it are but not the whole thing so dedicate to spend some regimented time one-to-one with the Lord and do it with a blank piece of paper or a ring binder and a pen or pencil or keyboard thank you very much or keyboard as mach-2 would do because he's going to tell you some things that are amazing absolutely amazing and here's how it will generally start let me talk to tell you because I've talked with a lot of other journal people that are beginning journaling and early on in my writings as well and here's how it goes hi God good morning what's going on and you wait and you go I know you love me okay so I say I love you child okay that's okay and I care for you you know and you but you pull the pull back the scriptures that you're familiar with about forgiveness and His grace and all those things and you need to go I think guys telling me those thing you write those those things down and that's wonderful and that's the first plane the first level of the journaling and he's telling you this wonderful compassionate things about you I love you I care for you I like the way that you think and I want to make adjustments if you start getting stuff like said that says you were completely wrong you're going to go to hell you know by the by by that that he the Bible says that first of all he's not the author of confusion is secondly there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus if there's condemnation attached to it you can know it's either self condemnation or the enemy that's trying to influence you so you can go through these things and you get a feeling you know this is the character of God one of my favorite artists Norman Rockwell he's passed away now but one of the one of the most remarkable artist you know why I liked it because his hit he commits his artwork was his medium and he communicated truths by the simple simple brushstroke he had different characters and a Thanksgiving dinner for example in all of the things different ways that they looked and you have a late lady at the meat market she's pushing the scale one direction and then the butchers pushing the scale the other direction and you got a little kid holding a frog that's giving a frog it's a gift to a little girl and little girl's gonna be freaky with her little red pigtails all these things were you know you've been looking and you can see red aren't artists all over the place and you go that's a rock well I know the character of the of the brushstrokes on that God wants you to be able to say as you do your journaling you go that's God's brushstroke that's the kind of way that he talks you know why because I've spent time in his word I spent time one-on-one with him and so I know that that's his style but do not neglect writing things down even though you're not sure that is his style because his character is B knowing and he wants you to expand yourself to know more of him so he's going to stretch you the Bible talks about you you you enlarged me when I was in distress in the book of Psalm song when I was in distress I was enlarged and God wants to enlarge you so that he could pour more of himself in and through you so you need to be able to be receptive to the things that he says so you write down everything you go back and go well that sounds like God well you know that was me because I had pizza and I was upsetting my stomach and this is definitely not God because his countenance condemning and it is talking negative evil about other people and things like that that's definitely not his style so you can start identifying in your in your journaling what is you what is God and what is the enemy and some stuff that you're just not sure about you know in the book of Acts I think it's around chapter 17 Paul had an experience with the the people of Thessalonica and he's preaching eloquently and they said we can't handle this stuff you get out of here and then you know they threatened you and out of the cover of night he went to a place called Berea and the Bible says that the Bereans were more noble than those of Thessalonica because they received all things with readiness of mind and they searched the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so as you Journal I want you to keep in mind write everything down and then search the scriptures to see if there so the first thing that's gonna happen when you start writing in your journal you're gonna hear things like I love you I care for you nah nah nah nah nah you know and he may may make adjustments sometimes he does make adjustments it's not always roses for example when he the letters were written to the churches and in the book of Revelation he starts out by going you know what I like you because you do this and then the other you don't tolerate the Nicolaitans and all this other kind of thing but I have this against you so he doesn't start out by saying I have this against you he goes you know I really appreciate you you're really great if you want to consider some of the things we want to make adjustments on you might want to consider this he does this was a loving father so as you begin writing things and he begins telling you things he's going to couch it that way look for it and as you do you're gonna realize that he's giving you some nuances and some things that were not only meant for you but were meant for you to share with others I'm going to give you a couple examples here and I'm not doing this to draw attention to me in particular but I want to show you how God the the progress the process that happens in the journaling pigpig so you're gonna begin to learn some things as you journal this concludes part 1 of 3 of this call to write teaching entitled journaling and Christian writers secret weapon please locate part 2 to continue with his instruction


  • Aaron Hues says:

    Excellent, engaging and incredible message. So concise and easy to process. As a bonus, at 3:33 you sound a bit like Vizzini From Princess Bride…which is great. 😉

  • Kate Burbidge says:

    I've been writing prayers to God since I was 15 — I'm now 60. This has been my source of sanity. This is how I've stayed close to God. It's a ritual I can't do without.

  • IPJ Bradley says:

    I'm 62 and eight weeks ago I started journaling every day, I'm already on my second book and It's helped me more than I could ever have imagined. Last week I caught myself writing what felt like a Prayer, WOW.! I don't know where those thoughts came from but I felt connected like someone was listening from a distance. It's changing my life each day now and I never expected that, I feel blessed and very grateful.

  • R Stelzer says:

    I enjoyed your vid on the Melchizedek Priest, and I am now wondering (after this video) how obeying God in making your book also affected your growth.

    Are you going to do a vid about being a king, as well as a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek?

    Michael A

  • Made New says:

    This is great! Especially the part about knowing difference b/w God, self, & the enemy!

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