JULIAN & SANDY – Bona Performers

JULIAN & SANDY - Bona Performers

[Applause] recently I was asked to organize a cabaret for the director-general of the BBC they say they wanted something different so I popped down to a little agency in the Charing Cross Road that I'd heard of it was called burn our performers to perform yeah oh it's mr. Owen Owen oh it's too bad your dolly odk guy what brings you trolling in here well I've been asked to organize a cabaret over the BBC on the 15th now I was wondering if you could fix me up oh no no would be glad to fix you up anytime old BBC is it oh well you want something a bit risque for that knob how about Queenie I think she's at liberty isn't free what does Queenie do oh she does striptease with a different where the difference is she's normally she's the bearded lady at Blackpool got a long beard right down to her ankles right now yes and instead of stripping she just comes on a shave she can't do it often take the two years through the beard again there's nowt it's not exactly what I had in mind oh we can't get you the great only baloney he's one of our Athenee jewel why is your actual strongman really yeah big as description could you give me some idea of his axe well it comes on you see we're in this leopard skin me it's great butch Oh me with shoes like an O and bulging lollies Belgian Way bends now embark test to telephone treacherously now he drives a now to a plank with his bare fists and then as a finale for his piece de resistance nice natural frame James he's honest between two teams of wild horses pulling in opposite directions but does he badge but it does not matter and we Billy with the strongest man on earth well I'll take him oh you can't anymore the 15 a night for washing is there we're a fire but let me say extremely happy to oblige on the 15th we are your great all-round entertainer sand and jewel show in their self around here and what I shudder to ask do you do where with us at Armstrong you name it and we do it sing no not your actual singing no dance no no juggle no conjurer no well I thought you said if I named it you could do it hurry yes thank you but you have a name [Applause] well eventually I named it and they did it but happily the plaster should be off in a couple of weeks [Applause]

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