Kate Steinbeck of Pan Harmonia Commissions Composer Dosia McKay – Introduction

Kate Steinbeck of Pan Harmonia Commissions Composer Dosia McKay - Introduction

thank you so it's a thrill to be here because everyone knows what an iconic place this is in Asheville and a year ago plus a little bit I approached I'm okay about about this project and it was great we sat down and met for the first time and she said what you need from me and I said to say yes and so she adjudicated the submissions we had a competition in the fall and North Carolina writers Network and some other organizations around the state helped us get the word out to women writers in our criteria for this was setting music we wanted to put words from women writers from across North Carolina on themes of timely significance specifically focusing on inclusivity and exclusivity regarding cultural economic and gender issues because we all need that in America especially these days don't we so we had we're very enthralled to get beautiful writing it was hard to decide mm okay and at dosha and I piped into and we narrowed it down to three people who you're gonna meet tonight Sally Adkins Valerie foot and Kathy Larson Skye so I'm going to introduce them and they're gonna read the poems that are going to be included in this quartet piece that's going to be ferment so soprano flute bassoon and guitar it's another example of panamania it's not always evident that those sounds would go together but they do beautifully and so it's really representative of the work that we do I have two buddies here that are gonna be playing the work with me I want to just introduce a couple people before I introduce the poets my guitars my longtime clap partner and friend Amy Brooks is here Amy and I worked together for about 15 years we think we kind of forget now and another fantastic musician and dear friend who's collaborating on this project Rosalind view does she's at the students and fabulous celtic musician our med so soprano could not be here tonight

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