KORG Gadget – Montpellier (iMono/Poly) Composing SynthWave Live – iPad

KORG Gadget - Montpellier (iMono/Poly) Composing SynthWave Live - iPad

hello good evening everybody welcome to the sound test dreams live stream for this evening which was Saturday the 15th of July and yeah yeah but just after this morning is this this afternoon's stream there was a comment that popped up saying do i mono/poly I'm on a poly so I'm doing Montpellier which is I'm on a poly and gadgets so make it a bit more interesting interesting I say interesting it is so as usual I shall just there get on my feed so I can see what's a caring here I just need to refresh my page so I hope everybody's had a nice Saturday marvelous synth lovely it's a lovely jubbly synthesizer so people watching fat people watching and I shall just and we're on were on ah hi Dave our blog guys here always the top part of my chat is completely hidden from view but I can kinda see what it is right so yes yes hope you can hear everything okay so yeah it's lively we double tap on instance a little bit in a bit more of its detail it's based on the I'm on a poly it's got a lovely rich analog toad yes yes okay so let's say let's get some sort of I think I want to add some sort of click click type thing to use this release London because I can't do is if I decide to record something is bear listening to the the blinking metronome you know the main so I shall let me see just imagine I'm is switched on and I just need to I'll just set this – I don't need over four bars I don't think we just do over one bar for the metronome the click thing so so if I do where record something and it's cold we can have I shall record with I think just a phone so let's add another what's it called now the Montpellier here is and I want to just have a listen to some other size yeah hey Stan how are you for Morris absolutely best of lane thank you very much Oh see straightaway quite like that Jerry MIT I was a remarkable a remarkable thing so let's see let's see let's see I think I want to duplicate a lot more I'll just let that little brown which it's going to anyway so let's open another one another month I like it God what I'd like to do is is the the is is pick it pick an instrument and and try and compose with just that one just that one instrument you know and you get some really interesting results okay so I quite like that bass as well so what I shall do is I'm going to where I'm gonna duplicate that again yeah excuse me that sounds ok so I do like doing stuff like that and you never know eventually you might end up with something that actually sounds okay you know Cobain's are quite likely actually considering so some of them are kind of surplus to requirements however you could add some later point you know add another one sort of thing so yes further along very it's very well very very eighties nineties oh hey expire did you get you did you get your fridge magnets so let's see bless you lady you placate that one law this is starting to sound very sinful a many sonofa should just go Oh try so because there the different fans and another Montpellier so many great sounds here actually spider if you do make the picture and post it on patreon post it on the actual video blog with the actual fij magnets on because no one reads the actual community posts I don't know why well it's quite nice mm-hmm so I could just go yeah I'm gonna record that my just damn so I remember well complaining but I need me click so I'll play along so there I'm gonna put something else in this old troop that again and then I will just actually deletes that last one and then I'll just make a new track here and then just with me drums halt I don't you know what I shouldn't and that's why I should have done anyways I'm gonna do that I want to cheap like 80 because I end up having to do a lot of just messing around then trying to well it's a lot easier just it for me to delete delete certain things on the wattage so let me just see where am I yeah that's fine I'm going to duplicate that one and then I'm gonna mmm functions back sorry the function clear sure gonna there's nothing there so that's fine yeah leave that as it is and there's nothing in this one so should be right so I should have start the drums yeah oh hi Colin okay so I can use that which is that one that great basin that's it right they should remember in what I play Isaac right Sangam just do that I'll just play this this section so it's coming along okay it's coming along go gay yeah what's this future from our day do you know it does sound very tense ish don't think syncopate thanks and click clay dish very thanks in clay dish might speed up a little bit in a minute as folks I think it's not better faster now I want some some very brassy I'll have to play along with it because otherwise none of it will make any sense kiin you know when you're looking you know when you're looking for a particular idea also need to see if that goes back into this with no real problem I need to play then what number for that first bit there so so what I need to do is stop this one function was it that one yeah so copy number five do you look at that one there so let's copy number six and I'm going to place that at the end so now what we'd kind of want is it to do just need to see if this sounds okay alright sounds alright sounds alright something that could be something that could be definitely expanded on oh yeah that's perfect rating let's just remember this people bounce space-bound space and space bounce bounce bounce base I think I'm just gonna swap that out for that man for that bounce bass sound synthesis beat Danny wasn't it yes I'm just gonna have a listen to this so that sounds I like that that's very thanks Melvin yeah just need to change that sound as you don't need it in there this is only cuz I call me back on Beebe of the China program a brilliant brassy sound I might have to use a different synth I said I'm going to use a different scent because I know there's a I can stop there's nothing else in in for that one is the yeah we'll just change this mod pill you for a bumpy I think this is best sound is there that's that's the kind of thing I want you can always bring up in the mix so that there so if I play where is it this okay so hmm didn't do very synth wavy how many of you got of them now gosh what's a lots of them lots and lots of them so I'm guessing in this section here some solo-e type thing I don't know no I don't know this may actually eventually end up somewhere I guess quite like it actually so then everyone okay they were talking talking but what joke joking join a little bit late oh yeah is everyone still here okay how many people are watching not many today it's okay Oh huzza how are you why sup hey don't want it looping I probably wouldn't keep that that that thing so I'm gonna save that I'll just save it as it is brilliant will was the tightly came up with and we shall have a quick Decker with the actual where is it with called the fault that the formation with the fancy with the fancy manimala palapalai the fancy monopoly monopoly board which is which is fab it's good for ancient remember in the Space Command it like was get well up from Mike hundred and some Achmed so like about 400 Meg the weird that was and then they sorted it out let's roll the dice are you sure yeah let's roll it again there's me presets oh no I'm lost without me presets yo Joe no presets no presets I'm gonna say okay we're not the binky presets are they are appear stupid boy I keep thinking it's gadget let's say that someone look at this it does have some brilliant sounds or there's that one we used in the track I think it's the aardvark ice day you still hear Dave here at the beginning listening to me makes sense weighs probably negative lose the will to live if he's still here Colin's gonna sort you out with that stuff Dave okay so you can do some reviews and things no no no no monopoly board is not an ia P that's it did someone say it was an IEP that was an update when he died so it was in my AP as play in the style of Vangelis that's a nicer now to steer you cannot this woman others finish here many finished now anyway nearly finished people it's so uh yeah I'd keep proper hydrated beautiful I keep trying persuades by the two letters there were live stream of his stuff so come on people a saline spider makes the most I'm not even joking the most amazing music and gadget you've ever had ever it never had anybody make music like that in gadget it's incredible oh thank you very much thank you Cheers oh yeah see you later it's true spider I'm not kidding it seriously so a dirty come on I don't throw it back it's the best it's the best not so much for the synth this isn't is brilliant it has lovely sounds but the as a control of this thing is just meant he uses it you know what I mean gonna be back if he wants you back on never play the keyboards as good as they said that the actual keybed like it's really nice it's very nice for me fingers very non fatiguing you let's see some pads and strings lovely that's nice as well as Nestle guys I have gone on definitely definitely long enough thank you very very much again for joining me this evening for the for the well mainly because even paler which is the bi mono/poly let's do the what's it version the normal version yes yes the normal version from korg synchronic one coming soon I like sync right – I like all synthesizers they made me happy listen guys thank you very much for joining me again I again and and there and and for the Saturday evening I know it's a big ask well that's you don't have to obviously you can watch it later or watch it at all you know as most people in the world don't want them anyway I shall see you all very very very soon excuse me I hope you enjoyed that I didn't really know what it was gonna be I didn't know if I was gonna end up there starting to compose something pardon me started to compose something going up or a yeah yeah it was good fun it was good fun and I think actually it started to sound like something that could be okay you know so yes yes oh and don't forget to join me in Colin again on Thursday evening at nine o'clock because there's the evenings and nine o'clock you know what it is people Thursday's is music night yes yes well we'll be doing another of our albums and yeah which is racer that's quite different this one interesting yes yes alright guys I'll see you later thanks for watching Tata


  • Hörður Smári Jóhannesson says:

    awesome, love seeing other peoples workflow

  • mike hardy says:

    Hi mate, you are so far ahead of me. Would you do a tutorial please with the Roland rc 505 loop station, just with an iPad, no pc. Much appreciated. Thank You.

  • Spidericemidas iOS Music Producer says:

    Always enjoy watching you working in Gadget, Doug. As a heavy Gadget user myself, it’s always interesting and fascinating to see other people’s workflows and ways of using it.

    As a ‘DAW’ of sorts on iOS, I think it manages to cater for the widest range of user abilities from beginner to more advanced. Plenty going on under the hood. It can be as straightforward and simple or as deep and challenging as you want it to be.

    So many great sounds in the iMono/Poly. It brings a lot of potential to the Gadget environment.

    With most of the original synth gadgets, Korg focused and distilled each of them down to having only the essential elements taken from a full synth to make it easier and quicker for beginners to achieve certain synth sounds and styles without needing so much subtractive synth programming knowledge, which is a genius idea for reaching and appealing to a much wider user base. But for me, I’m really glad we now also have full blown complete synths in there like the iMono/Poly and the Odyssey to really get stuck into.

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