Kurt Metzger addresses UCB not paying performers

Kurt Metzger addresses UCB not paying performers

you see pshape first how many of you are colleagues that have at UCB great just so I know you miss this audience do you know about this UCB thing do you know what up rates this is for Deena's it's an improv place that's kind of popular but they have shows you know we make money to do this comedians right so I made a few gripes maybe a little Yeley okay because they have these packed out Friday shows and it's called if you build it anywhere because 120 theater the gorge ten bucks a tenant they pay the comics nothing okay and they treat the comics kind of like dicks good like you don't get a free drink ticket if you do they have this rule that like you have to perform first free drink with you six fucking years old it's not a shame so I made a number of jelly's about it just like – yeah like I just go on Facebook and just say shit like I don't like I wasn't aware it was that what you were thinking but it became like a tumblr something it was like a big deal I guess like I just saw this year right so apparently a bunch of other people have this in Craig piss me I know everybody's ready to burn down UCB for this uh here's the thing I owe and then also side note one of the weather stories cuz I did this one guys show this poor bastards in the hospital right now Michael schwanke who's gone up Crohn's disease Whisperer that's like you Holly the square you take like square shit brutal disease but on this show this debate show originally was that you see bait and I went to UC B and in ISIL and I complained about UCB not painting on stage if I made a joke out of it you know and the crowd was laughing but I swab in the back somebody was frantically collating me they get upset and I thought someone would tell me hey you guys don't come here anymore for passion to club but what actually happened was this guy's entire show just got kicked off the lineup and a tech guy told us because he's not controlling his comedians we fucking crazy right and then I went back into the show there the next day both of these as favors to people and that I did the show that should have been paid so what it turns out is request your grapes against UCB I yelled and yelled and yelled about it this guy Matt Besser from UCB contact me today before the show this your issue is gonna be a debate where I argued with them about why they should be paying the comics and they're gonna tell me why they should okay and by the way the original set up for the show was gonna be they're gonna trick someone from UCB to come in here under the guise of getting an award I yell ok I don't want to come out into that that's not gonna solve any of the father you know I mean unless we'll just yell on Facebook at best we're gonna do so then they're like alright well don't worry and that also was happening comedy club so but the guy met me he contacted me from UCB okay so I talked to him about it because they're not coming to the bit just a spoiler they're not gonna be here so this is what it comes down to a lot of this this guy and I know it sort of leaves the comics because like I can present to get you there improv people they don't fucking the guy does not know dude Hearst and like he's been out of fucking sitting at the actual UCB for years probably because they're on TV and shit they don't know in their mind just paying on this one show that they should pay on is opening a Pandora's box they call it where they now have to pay on every show okay my position is they're closing a much bigger Pandora's box by just paying $20 to comics they're they're closing a worse box of a lot of people like sitting here hitting their guts and talking shit about right so this is our closing thing as they're talking about it is he's go back and talk to the rest of them about it it's either gonna be they'll pay something for that show I'm sort of shows like that or they're just not gonna have shows where they charge the door anymore which I mean uh I don't know why you wouldn't just take a thousand dollars instead of $1,200 and instead of having nothing like I don't get that but that's really less than when we talked besides just the pay thing if you were honest no you see baby you've worked at UCP a lot of people got grapes outside the pay which is like the employees their treat me like shit like you're fucking some kind of look you know like they're the vampires and you're the werewolves of this it's a lower form of comedy which you do stand-up but this dude when I talked to him did not feel that willing at all he was like we're honored to have you whatever be here this is like a case of middle management people being fucking dickheads because they're kind of cold tear that down you know so the head guys aware of it the shootie little rules and shoe that they've been telling you in your there he doesn't seem to be aware of any of them I don't think he was aware of thing so he's gonna go back and do something about it if nothing happens then by all means be a motherfucking yell shoo at on give the guy a chance to see if we can fix it you know I mean that's where it's at now and I already did all the yelling for you up to this minute so you know they're gonna try to fucking do something I don't know if it's gonna be like just it's you know they're all free shows from now on and not paying wait it could very well be that which I like I said I don't think that's the fucking smart way to do it but it is something I'm sure at least the fuckin bullshit treatment you get from the fucking you know open why compromise and that could be drawing back a bit but this is like anything well you if you do stand-up comedy you know how it is when you do rooms and one guy's got a little bit of fucking power right who's nobody but he's gonna be the gatekeeper to you and that's what these little shooting tech guys and the fucking whoever the director is that's what they thought they did so the guys into talking about it if you guys have grievances and they did do should because people who are posting on my facebook by all means send them to my facebook but please make sure it's accurate you're not embellishing shit because I will go back and say that shoot to him but Michaels jockey for example who made it out like he was an email about how it in control is comics he plodded didn't play right and meat and shaded it up a little bit and that hurts the fucking argument do anything so if you know a specific person that did something fucked up to you there or you know you have something that like is approvable but just don't exaggerate okay just tell me the exact thing the guys are opening to listen about it and then I'll get it to him and then you know if they want to do nothing after that I think you could be as mad as you want but give them a shot they take care of it yeah you're better


  • Death.Becomes.Her.07 Death.Becomes.Her.07 says:

    The Stand NYC got really defensive. Chill out. You were talking to random idiots on YouTube. It wasn't worth your time. lol

  • Mr Tibbs says:

    Then don't perform there. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  • Eldagusto says:

    Wow this guy is a money hungry slob. They are trying to raise up other comedians with their programs… teach… and he's not particularly funny or witty sounding…

  • Kyle says:

    Then don't perform there?

  • mightisright says:

    Did this ever get resolved? It makes since for pro standups to get paid at UCB, but since the UCB model is sort of half classroom for their students and half show it also makes since that they charge a low entrance fee and don't pay the performers. To me, they're a comedy writer/performer factory more than a comedy club. It's more important for them to train future comedians and get them into the industry than to make a few bucks on shows.

  • IPRRD M says:

    People are so fucking cheap. No one wants to pay a fair wage to anybody. Fuck UCB. I'll never watch or support anything or anyone involved with Upright.

  • Lael Llaverias says:

    I thought The Stand was a comedy club?!?

  • rocafelton says:

    So you know comics with many major credits… good for you. Kurt's actually a great comic, and an even better writer. Calling him a regional comic is ridiculous when that region happens to be stand up mecca. I guarantee you all five of those people you listed know Kurt personally, in some capacity.

  • bgmiller5 says:

    I mostly agree with what he is saying here, but, otherwise – this guy is lame. Having a Comedy Central special hardly means shit anymore anyway.

  • John Holland says:

    Well said dude.

  • craze6663 says:

    kurt is one of the best comedians of his generation, the guy's a fucking beast

  • The Stand NYC says:

    You should know that Louis CK performs in comedy clubs all the time and gets paid. So does Chris Rock.

  • infalliblle says:

    You mean at it's worst, dipshit.

  • Sean Lynch says:

    Dear, Infallible – As a proffesional comedian/ television writer, I would like to explain to your ignorant,delusional, ass that comics need to be paid for their services. Kurt Metzger is a talented comedy proffesional with several Comedy Central credits. He deserves the money.
    Because you dole out your meager waitering tips/ Mommy/Daddy checks to pay for UCB classes for the rest of your life, I suppose the concept of proffesional comedy is strange. Enjoy your amateur bullshit non-career.

  • Lamestream Media says:

    Nobody doing improv expects to make any money (unless you're fortunate enough to make it into Second City). We all do it for the love of it. However, a comic should never LOSE money doing their set (whether it be standup, improv, or sketch, unless it's an Open Mic). They should make enough money to cover their travel expenses to the venue, and maybe a small meal, at LEAST. Nobody expects to make a LIVING doing it (at that level), but they should be compensated for entertaining a paying crowd

  • The Stand NYC says:

    You have a lot of opinions about us when you haven't even stepped foot in here. We will be fine without you

  • 4syth says:

    Kurt Metzger is a true comedian, an artist, he should be paid and paid well for his efforts, fuck ucb, all you haters can suck a fat one I hope you drown in a river of aids!

  • BeatitudeSputnik says:

    I don't see why people are slamming Kurt here in the comments. I'm a huge UCB fan and I've never heard of Kurt until watching this video, but he seems like a perfectly reasonable person with a legitimate complaint, and he have the UCB the benefit of the doubt and didn't sound at all like he was trying to escalate any sort of hostility. SO EVERYONE JUST FUCKING CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!

  • infalliblle says:

    A NY comic is performing on a NY TVshow? Color me impressed.

    If this blowhard is representative of your club count me out. I'd rather see 'slaves' like Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, Bob Odenkirk and Chris Rock develop their stuff at UCB with other polite college educated comedy fans, rather than listen to Kurt's confused and ill-thought out opinion. One idiot is trying to change an extraordinary institution out of complete ignorance and you gave him a voice, good job thestandnyc.

  • The Stand NYC says:

    Tune in to Jimmy Fallon tonight to see Kurt perform live! We would also like to invite you down this Friday night to the club and get you in for the same price as a UCB show..and we don't have a drink min. Come experience why we aren't a tourist trap comedy club

  • infalliblle says:

    I am shocked that a mediocre regional comedian was jealous of the UCB, this is the first time I've heard of this happening and I just discovered sarcasm. Would someone please explain to this dullard the mission statement of the UCB and how it's different than the shithole NY comedy clubs populated by tourists and 2 digit IQ locals? Thanks so much.

  • The Stand NYC says:

    We didn't put any of his act up. This clip takes place directly after he wrapped up his set. It was a debate show with performances in between debate topics. UCB didn't show up, so Kurt used the allotted debate time to give everyone an update on what's happening in the situation

  • John Hampton says:

    Okay – well personally I've never been to a comedy club where the audience has been allowed to make requests, but if the producers asked him to do this, then maybe it's just a point of contention and they wanted to stir the pot. Regardless, UCB is not a stand-up venue, it is a skit and improv setting and there is a difference.

  • John Hampton says:

    I've been to plenty of comedy shows in my life, and probably 80% of my DVD collection is comedy. Maybe Kurt has a good routine, but I wouldn't know it from listening to this video. Obviously you are a fan, and you must realize that not everybody's taste in comedy is the same. To just dismiss me as someone who "doesn't get it" shows your shallowness.

  • JFetch says:

    I hope you never go to comedy shows. You don't seem to have a grasp of how it works.

  • The Stand NYC says:

    He did plenty of stand up that night. But he was asked by the audience and the producers of the show to comment on UCB.

  • John Hampton says:

    I think if I had paid to get into this show I'd want my money back. I didn't pay to hear you rant and work out your personal issues. UCB is an IMPROV club; just because you want to use it in a stand-up capacity doesn't mean they have to conform to your business model. Metzger has never made me laugh even once so far. I hope The Stand didn't pay him for this gig since he just used them for a platform. What a tool.

  • MershComedian says:

    Metzger is awesome. Just telling a story he's hilarious….

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