Labels Are Signing 2 Artists A Day (But WHY???)

Labels Are Signing 2 Artists A Day (But WHY???)

Oh what's up everybody once again it's very man Shawn and this video is brought to you by brandman because I signed myself and now I got to talk about something that's kind of wild I don't know that y'all seen it yet but Rolling Stone actually came up with an article and they reported that it seems that record labels are signing two artists a day major labels are signing two artists a day that's a lot of artists and I'm gonna get into some of the details or some of the thought process around that but then really the takeaway for artists or at least what the takeaway should be for our you approach dealing with labels in the industry because you know for artists that is a very real thing everybody's not trying to do to any route and if anything it's you know it's a good thing to know we're think about so first of all this reflects the fact that labels are playing in numbers a game they're shooting craps right it looks like now I'm not really trying to do this quality over quantity thing that's for the bird is that causes me to do a whole bunch of work I'm gonna just look at this spreadsheet check out these numbers and when I look at these numbers I'm gonna say okay how many artists do I need to break even and then possibly become successful it's the same way that a lot of investors look at tech companies right it's like nah I don't want to have just one company or two company I need to have a portfolio of companies and I just need one of these companies to make up for the rest of them all right and that's the thing with artists and actually labels to pretty much always look the artists that way so I don't want to act like that part is new but that thing is being ramped up and put on steroids because of the streaming era what does that mean why doesn't streaming era affect things that way well essentially we're in that area where we know content is king right the more content you have the more you can feel the consumers attention and we're looking for market share that's what the industry looks at right we want to be able to feel as much attention as possible I want to be able to take over Spotify have as many songs on Spotify for fans to check out and consume and I don't want to give that up to another label because if my artists aren't dropping stuff or if my label is not dropping stuff that means other labels have those fans attention because they're just putting out more stuff so just put out more stuff then I'm gonna have more of your attention by nature if I just had one cool drop or like two or three big artists I don't care how successful the artist is and how talented they are at the end of the day you can only listen to but so much of them and I don't care if this artist drops this one project and it's the greatest project you've ever heard you're not gonna listen to that entire project but for so long so we need to put as much stuff out into the marketplace it's possible streaming allows that to happen because things are just different these days fans can just continuously infinitely consume versus the days where you have to buy it all separately of course you have the in-between the stealing error but that's that's a whole nother thing and bringing it back to what matters right the artist what does this really look like well we already know that means from a label standpoint you're probably not going to be able to get the care that you need to maximize your career everybody's not necessarily meant to be Beyonce but everybody has different levels of maximum and let's just say there were 10 levels in your level was number 8 right your maximum level could be number 8 at the end of the day you might stop at level 3 just because a label has a short attention span if you're not working immediately they're gonna move on to another artist because they have so many options just hoping that somebody hits and they're always gambling for the 10 they're not even gambling for the 7s and 8 as much because we have so many options we can kind of afford to really hit those tins eights are nice but we really want to just try to get the biggest number possible as a matter of fact there was a perfect example in the Rolling Stone article where a manager by the name of Ian Montone actually cited being in record-label meetings right where a song was dropped and the next day record labels would be like nah but we gotta move on from this it's not working and it's like yo this thing just dropped tomorrow yeah but we looked at the numbers is not working how many people do we know that did not blow up immediately like even the big stars the people we really care about how long did it take Kenzie Lamar to hit certain numbers how long did it take Jay Cole to do certain things and have certain output the consumers microwave mentality is resulting in businesses having that same microwave mentality in terms how they look at artists could that lead to a deaf March of a artists bubble-poppin it's something to think about but what artists should really consider is if you still want to deal with some sort of label the best route that you should probably go in is going with an indie label that has a lot less artists that's putting a lot more intention to you as a matter of fact you are more likely connected with their success so that way they'll be able to nurture your career they'll be able to help you do development I know a lot of artists don't really believe in this whole developing myself they think they're hot right now and they think I just need this music to blow but the ones who are really doing it they are all still going through development even if it's in real time they're going through development so being independent or going with the indie label overall is the way to go because these labels want market share man and I understand it from a business standpoint and make sense and numbers are the way to do that because here's a very example alright there's Apple and then there's Android yeah we know that you know apples so much cooler right but if you look at the real market share the actual numbers Android has 75% of the market share versus Apple right the iPhone having like 22% of the market share and there's like these other companies in between the reason that is is because the Android operating system works on samsung phones it works on Motorola phones or some of these other random phones that I came to think of right now that exist outside of just Samsung because I'm been in Samsung for so long personally but there's a lot of different phones there we go Google LG's phone there's a lot of them and because their operating system works on all those random things they're able to have more of the market share even though iPhone just has these one set of phones that you can have access to and that one phone does have the most market share as an individual phone I believe it's still competing with all these other phones are out in the marketplace well from a label standpoint it's the same thing right yeah you might have some dope artists right like two or three really dope artists and they have huge fan bases they might even be the biggest artists in the world however there's still all this other time for people to listen to music right there's still so many other type of people who won't even necessarily be fans of those huge artists right everybody's not a card and everybody's not a Nicki Minaj fan jay-z fan kendrick lamar taylor swift whoever these people are right so you filled that up with a whole bunch of other artists and you still got most of the market share once again business at large isn't always in alignment with you know what's best for you as an artist so keep that in mind getting into those environments where the eyes are a little bit more in your favorite right there's a little bit more attention to you and then from there you can see what happens but i'll leave that at that I'll make sure I put a link in the description to the Rolling Stone article that I've been referencing in this video and of course once again this video is brought to you by brand man because I signed myself a good like this video go ahead like button if you like you might as well share it and if you're not subscribed you know what to do hit subscribe


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    So pretty much record labels’ business models equate to pimping hoes

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    Signing an artist is practically FREE.
    It's then up to the artist to create the art and promote it.
    The label is on the winning side… ALWAYS!

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    You do not need to sign to a label. You have a better chance at succeeding on your own first then you can consider signing once you’re successful. Signed artists barely see streaming money. They have to do clubs and shows.

    Labels never want to release artists from contracts because if you go out and do things on your own then you become a threat. The way technology works today will allow you to cut the middleman and create an audience. All it takes is dedication. You make money, you invest. You find your fans, you engage with them. You have to keep up with the momentum. Branding isn’t talked about enough! You will not get fans if you have no credibility! Who are you? Why the heck should I consume your product?

    You’re broke, you live a boring life, you have a shitty personality, your social isn’t popping, you never travel, you never hang out with cool people, you don’t know how to dress, your music and your videos suck??? If this is you, good luck with your career.

    Strictly from a business standpoint the music industry is not easy. Luck plays a big part in it. In most industries you can see results in just a few short months. With the music industry it’s possible to invest hundreds of thousands and never see any return (if you have no clue what you’re doing). We don’t pay attention to that though because we love what we do and we don’t do it for the money. But it’s important to stay away from delusion.

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    Tax write offs…Every quarter money has to be allocated and investors have to see an R.O.I…They cannot lose on each artist, so one of the artist is guaranteed to break..Grow your fanbase organically, and treat the music business as such "A BUSINESS "..If you can make a $1000-$5000 per month of selling music, selling merchandise and doing shows, you are on the right track.. Good day peoples..-Trusno TNE

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    I literally wants to know is it really the consumers or the labels demanding more and new music. As a fan of majority of these big artists, I hate how saturated the game is. I want to ENJOY the product they put out, not just taste and sample it

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    I know you were speaking on the perspective of someone working for a major label, but if someone puts out the best album ever, I'll listen to it forever. My favorite albums still get played every single day. They just happen to be older for the most part because "artists" care less about and are less passionate about albums and music in general than they used to be when you maybe only got one chance if you even got a chance back in the day so you HAD to make your debut album a classic.

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    Good info!

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    It's best to get a distribution deal

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    I wanna be signed by a label before the end of the year, who knows 😁 also thanks for the consistent info sean

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    there’s nothing wrong with getting signed by a label. Labels still rule in 2019 believe or not. But the best thing to do if you’re independent rn is build leverage so when you do get signed you will be the priority at the label. A lot of these newer acts that are getting signed now because record labels can easily not give them enough freedom because no one knows about them yet (they haven’t blown up yet)

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    This is exactly why I consume music the way I do… sparingly because I'm trying not to feed these outlandish algorithms but also stay in touch. Shmessy.

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