Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 35: My First Time Doing Street Photography

Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 35: My First Time Doing Street Photography

hi my name is usman I'm a photographer on the creative and today wanly city centre and I'm joined by one of my fellow writers from F Stoppers Annette who's going to be joining the channel and hopefully this way we can produce even more videos so she's just gonna say yeah on this occasion but that's fine because this is the first video that we're going to be working together properly on and in this video we're gonna be reviewing and testing the Lensbaby the 35 in the Lensbaby I don't know exactly what the full name is that can't think of you off the top of my head but it's a funny name but I'm just gonna call it a lens maybe 35 mil lens anyway well in Leeds City Centre we're gonna do a little bit of street photography and see what this lens is all about I'm gonna give you the camera first and so I'm going use this lens now it's quite nice and wide and 35 mil I usually use it for street photography because it's nice and wide you can do it quite close to subject the same time it's not too long either so I'm starting to enjoy this a little bit more now than than the first time I got it and I was like I have no idea how to use this thing yeah so first thing first impressions of the lens I'd say build quality but hold it is actually not bad I mean it's solid metal it doesn't feel like a ridiculously premium metal but it does feel really nice the tilting features are actually really good as well you can be a little bit precise with where you want the tilting feature but because it's completely flexible in terms of in terms of how or what direction you've got you you're not limited in terms of where you want the tilt feature applied the thing I don't like about this lens is the lock mechanism on the back of the on the back of the lens and it's just not that great like I wish I wish it was like a switch that you know you switch it on and it's completely locked switch you often it's completely you know loose or you have like a switch and like a geared mechanism which allows you to tighten and loosen it but also the switch completely locks it off if you know what I mean I've just completely explained that in the worst way possible but ya know my first impressions of the lens you know it's good but few minor things I think could have been could have been improved so as a company lens maybe they aren't really known for producing lenses that have the best in terms of image quality or the sharpest optics because that's not what they're interested in what they really care about our lenses that have character and something that has a certain distinct look and if that's what you're after then the edge 35 mil has tons of character the images that I was producing with it were genuinely things that I probably couldn't produce with other lenses that I have and for that reason I really did enjoy shooting with it I also really liked the fact that the tilt feature on the lens can be can be put in any direction which gives you lots and lots of flexibility when it comes to the depth of field and where the bokya lands the issue is that this length is a little bit pricey at four hundred and fifty dollars it is difficult to recommend especially considering the fact that Lensbaby have another lens available they solved 45 mil f 3.5 which also has tilt features that can move in and so Anna you know we've been shooting around leads today with the Lensbaby you've never used a cannon before now you've never shot with the Lensbaby before what do you think I enjoyed it for those odd creature shows definitely but it wouldn't be my go-to lens for street photography I wanna be fast and quite discreet when I'm shooting so this is like a funnel and a coupon for a few occasions definitely but not for every day not for me guess how much costs I have absolutely no idea about this so I think it's four hundred and fifty dollars okay so that's more than my camera at the ministries I use for street photography yeah oh yeah cuz you use the Fuji yeah I use like old disheveled Fuji x-pro 1 the second-hand yeah ok then well in that case I'm gonna take that off you thank you very much I really liked it I really liked it I think that it's a very nice lens it's not a lens I'm gonna be using as an ad said it's not a lens I'm going to be using for most of my shoots but I think that is a place for it if you want to take like odd creative shots and I love the tilt features I used tilt-shift lenses for my work anyway so I'm very familiar with how the tilt features work and I kind of got my head around how you know when the plane of focus is gonna land as you tilt whichever direction you tilt it so on that basis I'm kind of used to it and I do like it but yeah I think you're right it is very niche and have 450 dollars it's a little bit difficult to recommend I think that some of the other lens baby options that are currently available I would probably recommend them like the 45 mil that's a fantastic one and much cheaper than this one but yeah those I guess that's how the lens maybe performs just want to say thank you so much for watching our video please hit the like button please subscribe and hope to see guys in this one


  • KuronoXD says:

    Hey, you probably should quickly explain the tilt capability of the lens and how it affects the plane of focus before starting the main part of the video. I'm guessing it would make it easier to understand for people not that versed why you find this lens so fun to shoot with.

  • Bob Kalache says:

    This channel keeps improving I like the directions you are heading.

  • Anete Lusina says:

    Might not be our favourite lens, but a fun one nonetheless!

  • OneEyedPhotographer says:

    I know a landscape photographer who's put one on his Nikon, for the year. I don't think it's made a sharp photo. Not one.

  • Mamiya Phan says:

    Never understood why anyone would invest in those "fad" lenses.

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