Let's Edit with Media Composer – What's New in 2019.6 part 2 – Bins

Let's Edit with Media Composer - What's New in 2019.6 part 2 - Bins

this let's edit with Media Composer tutorial is brought to you by video guys calm the leading reseller of video editing and production equipment for more than 25 years and by borås effects a leading developer of visual effect plugins titling video editing and workflow tools for broadcast post-production and film professionals hey everyone come in P mcauliffe here and I am back again with another let's edit with avid media composer tutorial and we're continuing our discussion of the new twenty nineteen point six release of avid media composer and in this lesson we're talking about the changes that have happened with bins with the project window going the way of the dodo the bin window needs to be set up slightly differently and I want to make sure that you understand exactly what you're seeing when you first launch the application all right so let's command or alt and tab into avid media composer now let's talk about what is going on with our bins because you'll notice that we have what appears to be the project window or something similar to the project window on the left and we have a bin basically the bin that is open right now represented on the right hand side of that window so what the heck is going on here well what's important to keep in mind is that with the you know the dissolving of the project window or the removal of the project window we now need to have a container to hold our bins in so that is what this window represents so this bin container has two sides on the left side is the bin container project sidebar pane so basically all the bins that are in my project will appear on the left-hand side of this window on the right-hand side is the bin pane so for example if I don't have any bins open the bin pane will just be empty and I can say well you know what I don't necessarily need to see that anymore so I'm just going to hide it over like such now at any given point if I decide that I do want to open a bin and I double click you'll notice that Media Composer will automatically make that bin appear inside of the in pain now let's talk a little bit about something that appears is that we've lost but we haven't quite lost and that is the ability to get in and use the drop-down menu to do things like empty the trash create new bins open bins if you don't want to use the keyboard shortcuts well we still have all of that functionality in the drop-down located on the upper right hand corner of our project sidebar which I'm just going to refer to as a project sidebar from now on you'll see again open bin new bin new folder close project etc etc we also have the fast menu for our bins now located in the upper right hand corner of the bin where we can get in create new sequences obviously sift through our bins change background colors you know choose columns and things like that now let's also talk about what's happened to the top of our bin window which used to be represented down at the bottom of the bin window the first one if I drop it down is my bin views we can obviously get in quickly change them and then obviously create our own bin views if we want now beside that what we have the ability to do is to get in and change the display of the bin in this case to change between text mode frame mode or last but certainly not least script mode now we're gonna get into talk a little bit about frame mode in just a little while because I want to show you a cool new feature that you now have the ability to do inside of this view buts for us to get rolling we are going to need some footage so what I'm going to do is I'm simply gonna right click I'm gonna say input I'm gonna come to our source browser I'm just gonna import all of this footage into this bin and we're eventually going to break this footage up and have it appear across multiple bins now one last thing that I want to draw your attention to here and what I think I'm gonna do here is I'm going to come into my choose columns I'm gonna select everything in nothing I'm gonna come into duration end and start let me just get down start here perfect there we go I'll say ok very nice this just keeps my bin a little bit more I don't wanna stay organized just easier to work with and of course what we can do is come down I'm just going to call this clip and keep in mind if at any time we wanted to remove those other bin views no problem you'll remember that keyboard shortcut command a shift an equal sign control shift an equal sign for all my windows friends out there let's just come to our user settings let's come to our bin views and we're gonna keep that clips bin view I'll just delete all the other ones and now we only have that bin view in our bins okay so let's now create a new bin of course the keyboard shortcut command or ctrl + n on the keyboard you'll see the new bin appears not only over here inside of my project sidebar but the bin has also appeared as a tabbed window at the top of the bin pane now I want to be honest with you I hate working in tabbed bins it drives me crazy I'd really rather just be able to see all of the bins in one shot now how we used to do this is we used to just open 10 or 15 bins and have them all kind of position beside each other and I'd be honest with you anything that was docked in the past whether I was working in Premiere or any other application I hated it it just drove me crazy but I gotta say inside a Media Composer now these docked bins is a fantastic way to work let me show you what I mean I'm just gonna drag our window our bin pane window over like such just to give us the maximum amount of space here very nice all right now we can get in and we can float this bin if we want by simply just grabbing it and separating it from the other bin we can now take it do whatever we want with it now what's actually kind of cool and this is a concept that's a little bit tricky for you to wrap your head around when you start working a medium poser 20 19.6 and that is at any given time if I don't want to see my project sidebar I don't have to I can just drag this out of the way here and let's just say that even with this bin here you know I'm just gonna close this bin let's just close it up altogether here perfect well the other question is how do I get back access to my project sidebar you know because I just close that bin and I don't seem to have access to it what's important to keep in mind is that every bin that you open is actually a bin container and it actually contains that project sidebar that bin pain I want to see the project sidebar all I got to do is just expose it like such or I can actually come over here and just hide it like that so this is a new and very different way to work when you're working a Media Composer let's just open that bin up again now you'll see that we have everything appearing inside of this window here I can just close that now what I can do is I can simply dock this back over here beside the composer window like such exactly the way that we had things before but let's get in let's talk about dock in these windows because for me that's really where you start to get a lot faster in your workflow what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna grab this button what I should do is actually give these Ben some names here I'm just going to call this bin Eclipse one clips one and we'll call this one clips two and we'll create a new one called appropriately enough clips three okay and that's the last one because to be honest I don't need that many Clips bins here so we'll call this clips three perfect okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take clips to actually let's take clips one and I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna separate it and I'm gonna drag it right down here to the bottom of the window and I'm going to attach it like such now you'll see that this bin is gonna take up most of the window like such but if I drag down now you'll see that it's actually docked in there with Clips three I can now take Clips too and I'm gonna dock it over here like such so now basically what I have the ability to do is to really get in and start organizing things very quickly having your bins dock like this is really to be honest like an exponential workflow enhancer it's literally gonna make you be able to edit faster than you ever have before and what's exceptionally important to keep in mind is that it is that at any point what you can actually do is just undock those from anywhere that you happen to have them so for example if I had a second window and what I wanted to do is I wanted to have all 18 19 20 of my bins let's just say I had a really big monitor tabbed just like this over on a secondary monitor this is how you can now easily get in and just switch back and forth between bins lightning-quick and remember at any time if you need to open more bins no problem you can always come right over here to the side bar pull the side bar out and have access to all of those bins literally with a click of a mouse okay so that's really how you're gonna now have to start to wrap your head around how bins work again like I said you can work with them three ways you can work with them docked you can work with them floating or you can work with them tabbed personally I work all the time now with all my bins dock together because I find it just really enhances my speed and my workflow okay so let's talk about another very cool feature inside of our bin window and that is the bin map what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to put everything back into one bin because this is a little bit easier for me to show it to you when I have them all laid out like such what we're also gonna do is just dock everything back the way that we had it before perfect what I should probably do is just hit that old workspace button just to get everything back the way that we like it with our edit workspace now to show this to you what I'm going to do is I'm gonna switch over to frame view and you're gonna notice that when I switch over to frame view it actually kind of looks like there's a bug happening here okay you're gonna notice this sort of weird little white box and what I'm going to do here with my bin is I'm just going to fill the window like such perfect now what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to shrink everything down let's just shrink it right down now it's a little bit easier to see what exactly is going on now now that I've shrunk that window down okay a lot of editors the way that they like to work and I should probably just start moving as many of these clips out of the way as I can and I'm kind of spoiling the surprise here because you can see exactly what's happening now as I move these clips out of the way is that well we now have the ability to do and let me just take these here and I think I'm just going to I think that's actually okay I can now zoom in let's pull a few more out of the way here before I do this okay because what editors will do what I was getting at here is they will start to organize Clips like this they'll put light clips together like cutaways together in groups okay kind of like this now granted I should probably have a little bit more space in between these and what I really want to do at any given point is just focus on certain ones then I should probably have a line these a little bit better I could do that after the fact if I want to but it doesn't really matter okay okay that's good what I now have the ability to do is instead of grabbing the slide bars on the right side or the bottom of the bin window what I can now do is just simply grab my bin map and start dragging it around and see whatever area of the bin that I need to see a very cool feature that was added like I said especially for editors that are very visual like to get in like to group clips together to be able to see the thumbnails they have all the light clips or like cutaways you know together in one place this is a great and dynamic way to get in and look at those clips very quickly and very easily alright so I think I've talked enough in this lesson about bin containers and how you're going to work with them inside of 20 19 0.6 of Media Composer let's move on now to our last lesson where I'm going to talk about the new inspector inside of Media Composer as well as a bunch of miscellaneous updates that you're definitely going to want to be aware of all right now as we're wrapping up I want to remind you to check out our sponsors video guys for all of your avid software and hardware as well as thousands of other products that you can check out over at video guys comm I also want to give a big shout out to the team at Boris effects makers of BCC sapphire and mocha and don't forget to use that coupon code of MC 101 to get 10% off your next BCC license and if you have any questions you have any comments or you have any tutorial requests you can send them to me at Kevin P McAuliffe at gmail.com this has been Kevin P McAuliffe thanks a lot for watching


  • Jan van den Heuvel says:

    Tip: Assign the "Toggle Digital Audio" to the tool pallete!

  • Arnaud Rivière says:

    Can we rename the "Bins1" "Bins2" windows ?

  • Travis Gagne says:

    I've been working on the new media composer that's currently in beta. Have you discovered out a way to batch set your in and out in a bin? I work with storyboards and I batch set my ins and outs by selecting all, hitting 2 a bunch of times and then a quick I and O. Doesn't seem like this is currently supported.

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