Let's kill the Artist – Sebastian vs Stefano – Chapter 8 – Premiere – Evil Within 2

Let's kill the Artist - Sebastian vs Stefano - Chapter 8 - Premiere - Evil Within 2

hello there are some people I'm talking and today I'm playing evil within – last time I destroyed two paintings and today I gonna destroy the artists and is there any doors it's there any size on this pictures ok ok I just need to open door fine watch out god I got shotgun so it is the beginning of chapter 8 premiere into what I am NOT what they created in here it's marvelous they waste it because they had known as nation because they are not artists they want you to draw me manipulate me you want to stop me but you have failed because with the power of core I can create my art forever the hell is he doing these people this Chase has been entertaining but even the greatest entertainments must come to an end the girl where is she I commend you for making it this far if perseverance were an art form you would be a master perhaps not Michelangelo but a vanguard enough art school bullshit where is she the core is safe with me I took her on his orders but once I realized the extent of our powers how could I possibly hand her over what I'm doing is more important than mere personal gain he could never understand this he who is he it doesn't matter he won't be around much longer my work however will continue Picasso had his blue period I have entered my crimson period no don't wear hold my latest creation No [Applause] beautiful bouquet of flesh love sick bastard how will I ever top this I'll find a way her fear is always inspired innocence to spark the fire of creation cannot happen you would do nothing with her power you're a nun comprehend in your hands I'm coming for you asshole oh shit I have to go through default jumping around them ah shit what's that sorry holy shit runs version okay I have to stay away from this highlight now we should answer for me okay okay I wouldn't go you gotta pee galleon can't see me feels very steep and I'm a cadet and Earth oh don't know how much he wants me to all right I'm in the room all right did you go I love music this music is awesome alright guys unpack that a lot of grace Stefano now I'm going to kick your ass nails what do I have to do with nails we're honest duck I'm coming I was completely stupid I'm coming it is the blurry vision I told you to do something for me but actually there is nothing I'm coming to Stefano something I'm coming I will show you what I got no more running no more games agreed you're beginning to look for your death will be art it's time to put a signature on it I like this enemy great villain headshot where is Japan again his shirt I fell what do you mean by FL this time he needs to save his own ass you can avoid the mean and short and still he managed to what what what what it's doing in time so he froze me in dime that was so close you can fight Wow three three five and all three ordered has shirts not again you love those two and sing me how it still does not face Japan I'm getting out of ammo oh no no no is getting close I'm out of ammo now this is shotgun time Stefano they got take that oh he's still managed to cut me that's okay sit down shit he pissed off man holy shit can I break him dad I know I can damn it my health is going to down I don't wanna die I need help thank God now we are you Stefano stop playing hide-and-seek here you are take that he kept hittin still if taking me that's unfair where are you is different Oh what is this pain can I hit this thing to kill him no no no shit oh shit shit shit shit oh my god I'm still alive that's awesome he destroyed his shoulder man that's unfair really he's he's not stopping what the hell how I can hit big stand up entity like that – tell me – tell me anything I need help I'll die he's coming based of a mosque stay away Stefano stupid great oh shit attacking from behind only this left only those left take that big held Sebastian where are you Stefano there is stop running where are you shut gunship hahaha stay in one place it's bad I don't want to wear these to shark animals that I have only one oh shit what should I do now watch it crap let me take my exclusive end oh shit not again holy crap what's now stay one place what the hell is going on I don't want to repeat these all shit shit I miss it shotgun shotgun shells yes this is the only way to kill I finally I think it's over could pass Capano with your big guy I had so much left to create you've destroyed my legacy look at me you made me into a masterpiece must record it if only I had my camera where did it go nice enemy Lily don't be afraid honey it's me dad no no you're not daddy's dead honey I know that's what they told you but it's not true Lily please I come out Lily you don't have to hide come to mother Lily I will protect you mara get away you can't have her

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