Let's Make Art Matter for Connie – Watercolor Tutorial June 2019

Let's Make Art Matter for Connie - Watercolor Tutorial June 2019

hi everybody welcome to let's make art I am Sara cray and we are doing a little lesson part matter tutorial for the month of June this is my friend Mary full world but we're and are let's make art matter this month is port Connie this is Connie right here and actually that Connie is one of Mary's really good friends so that's why she's joining me on this tutorial and we are painting by my dissonant blank red but red but red blood trees which are Connie's favorite they're her favorite beautiful she has him in her yard she has some inner yard so we're gonna paint her some trees if you're not sure what let's make art matter is what we do every single month as a company is we pick somebody a family or an individual or sometimes an organization and we include a pre-addressed and pre-stamped card and with a little bit of information in the subscription box and then that way we can share a little love and make someone's day a little bit better if we can just by painting them a picture can I tell them that it yeah so Connie has already received several of these in the mail and each day she gets some and each day that's the best part of her day so if you are nervous about this especially because when people are going through a really hard time we don't know what to say yeah and it's been interesting because all of the different things that are painted on top I mean she has like abstract or the koi fish or the feathers I mean she's gotten an array of different pictures on him and she absolutely loves it so thank you for doing this and it's okay to do this because I know that and why we started is we want to comfort people we want to show people that we love them but sometimes we don't know how we're afraid to say the wrong thing we're afraid to offend them we're afraid that we can't help them but if there's anything I've it's that it's in those moments you just have to kind of realize it's not about you and just be like you know what I might not have the right thing to say and I don't know what to say but I'm thinking about you so I'm gonna paint you something that I think you'll like and maybe they'll just make you smile just a little bit nicer smile every day yeah so take the time to do this grab your kids grab your friends grab your family and do something for other people you even though you don't know them I think the best thing that we can do is just make this world a little bit kinder so let's spread some left okay all right so we're gonna do two different versions here of the Red Bud tree I might actually even work on them simultaneously but we'll see because drying time and all this stuff but I'm gonna start with this one so I'm just using the colors out of the June box so I have orchid I have sea blue don't me to do little color hash marks okay I have lemon yellow and I have yellow ochre of course you can use whatever colors you want and you can also paint whatever you want even if you see this tutorial and you want to paint something else for Connie go for it you don't have to do what we're doing this is just an idea if you're not sure what to paint the other thing I want to say is even if you are not a subscriber you can absolutely still participate in this just send us an email hello at let's make art calm and we will give you her mailing information so you can send her a little love on your own we also sell watercolor postcards if you don't have any of those laying around so join in on this okay so let's get started I have a round two and a round 6 paintbrush which is what I always use they're my go-to guys I'm gonna get my paintbrush wet and so the first thing that I'm gonna do on this tree is I'm actually going to do a light pink wash you can see like there's a really soft light pink here so that's the first thing I'm going to do the second thing I'm going to do is put in the tree and the third thing I'm going to do is put in these darker purple areas so just one two three so get my paintbrush and I'm gonna get and since we're trying to make a really light color we want to grab just a tiny bit of the orchid just a little bit and then with this really light pink yeah and you can just pull for mine if you want Mary I'm just going to start doing like on the probably the top a little over halfway I'm just going to start putting in pink areas and it's gonna go across the entire place just like this so I'm leaving white spaces in between there's not really any rhyme or reason to the size of them I'm just kind of this is just a background this is just this little hint of color that kind of peter out when they get to the top now I was looking at pictures of Red Bud trees and they have many many different shapes I would assume I don't know if there's like we have in California they're like bushes coming out of the ground they're not yeah I'm actually like nut trees yeah they're beautiful yeah there were some that were like the trunks were super short there were some where like the general shape of them was actually more vertical where they went out a little like they looked like sprays of flowers and then there were some where it was like full-on trees so I think it just depends there must be different genres of redbud tree yeah we could Bush genre tree and genre a large country road so whatever shape your red bud ends up being it's not wrong because somewhere it's got eggs it's just so yeah you just start putting in your pink okay so it's kind of messy kind of water yours is more watery than mine should I go like I think I just connected them a little bit more yeah so kind of connect them yep because this this one is definitely more like the de spray where it's more like individual branches of the flowers where this one is more like a full-on bushy tree so not a wrong way and you can choose which one you want to do okay that's it that's step number one now we're going to do the trunk now the trunk you can do honestly whatever shape you want with as many or as little branches the same thing is the same thing basically is there is a tree somewhere that looks like this so don't stress out but the biggest thing that I would like to say is if you want your tree to have a feeling that it's a little bit more realistic is it's gonna start out thick and then it fins out so the thickest part of a tree should always be the trunk and then as the branches go out through the tree and they thin and whenever you add branches onto a main branch then that is always thinner than the one that's coming off of right does that make sense okay so I'm going to grab a little bit of yellow ocher and if I want to get a deeper Brown what I could do is I can mix in a little bit of the orchid and a tiny tiny bit of the sea blue okay that made it whirring that's okay we'll just grab more orchid and then yellow and then yellow ocher and then if that's still too purple for you you can get more yellow so I'm just doing complementary colors when one color is too far one color you can tone it down by using its complement so this was really purple so I added yellow to it and now it's a more neutral Brown so I am going to start with so in this one my trunk almost immediately splits into two very similar sized branches you don't have to do it that way if you want one main trunk you can do that so basically I'm just going to and if it's easier for you to take a pencil and draw it out first if you're really intimidated go for it there's nothing wrong with that I'm just gonna I'm just gonna paint those so I'm gonna start off using my six and I'm gonna kind of start to go up like so yep and then I'm gonna do the bottom again almost next with a little bit thicker and then on the left side this one is going to go up now my pink is still wet so my brown touched that pink and it started to bleed not a big deal I'm just gonna take my paper towel and pick up that extra brown okay so here's the base of our trunk and now you're gonna start adding small branches coming off of those two main trunks I'm actually gonna widen my trunk just a little bit I want it a little thicker and so maybe coming off of here I'm gonna start doing a little if you want to switch to your round two to do the tiny little ones feel free to so there's one and again it's totally up to you the placement you can follow along with me or if you just want to go for it so I did a little guy coming up this way and then I'm gonna I want it to like feel like it's branching out instead of just up so question that yeah do you throw you put these in after your first layer of pinks light or did you put those on there Brown it over them so I'm putting all my trunks in right yeah okay yeah so I'm I just established the placement of my trunk and then now I'm going to go through and be like okay and remember to lift up your brush too so you're like okay does that make sense so it's like a little flower okay wait in front of those parts of the tree yeah yep yes exactly yep and you just kind of keep keep adding and moving up and out and even little twigs off of smaller twigs too um this one I'm gonna have it just kind of keep going this way now when you get to the top you can have a couple little ones like here but don't have super thick heavy ones because that's going to throw off your sense of the shape of the tree oh no that's fine okay because I have that there but don't don't have like a bunch of those you can have like little hints of them and I put little ones coming off of that uh-huh yeah also it's okay like since these are two separate branches they they will overlap right so if I like I have something coming off this way it's gonna go in front of that and that's okay just remember to like thicker lines at the base then as they go out I'll have kind of go in this way and if you just want to do a little bit now and then add more later after you put in the darker Pink's you can oh we have a light blue wash behind this that's step four surprised by the way okay very nice I think if you're a pro that trees you could use that one this one makes a little yeah so with the if you're using the larger brush how you get these really thin lines is you're doing a very vertical hold and you're very light pressure adding thin lines but it takes a lot of practice to get really thin lines with a thicker brush so if you need to use a smaller brush nothing wrong with that at all okay now we're going to add a little bit more color to our tree so I'm gonna grab a little bit more orchid and now if you think of redbud trees they're a bunch of tiny little flowers right so we're gonna start kind of doing dots throughout now they're not going to be everywhere they're gonna I'm gonna kind of focus more on where the branches end so whatever branches I have going on that's what I'm going to kind of start putting these sections now are they going to overlap and run into each other yes and that's okay and then what I'm going to do and you don't you might not have to do this it depends on how dark your first wash is but my first watch was really really light that it's almost like you can't see it now so just using the color that I already put down I'm just gonna take a damp brush and slightly smear it around just a little bit because I want my tree to feel more full so but maybe your first wash was not as light and so you're like no I can still see that I'm okay then you don't need to put that down you don't need a smear it around but I just felt like man there's not a lot of color behind there splits out a little bit I'm just the giving one of my branches here ignore me temporarily and I like how that would have a deeper cut that's okay yeah and I would start to smear those a bit just go get just with water just and connect them okay oh yeah making it feel a little bit more full very nice yes I need some deal here yep so basically what you're what you're looking for is you're looking for three at least three different values in your tree we want a really light value we want a medium value and we want a dark value so you just need to make sure that you have those three values in your tree yeah so we have that we have a really light here's your medium that we just put down I'm gonna add a little bit over here just to lighten up some of that area so you have a lighter value going on yeah okay thank you and now I can grab some more orchid more paint so it's a darker value and I'm going to start going it and actually I'm going to switch to my two and I'm going to start going in and adding the darker buds it's really watery should I wait if it's really wetter you can still drop it in there it will spread should-should i dampen I would just start painting and just see what happens because I actually really like it when it's wet and you drop in a little bit of color and it just kind of starts to move and blend I think it's really pretty that's my favorite yeah yeah so that one did it and I loved that now one thing that I do want to caution as well too is as I'm doing this it can become really easy to have like I want to say like this feels a little bit more empty compared to this one and the reason is because there's very distinct areas between our medium and our dark value in order to solve that just take some water and do kind of like an in-between and smear some stuff similar to what we did between the first wash layer and the second one remember to pick up your brush use the side I'm using the tip and the side of it to give different size strokes there that's starting to feel a little bit more full to me and then if you look at them to i/o is everything okay mm-hmm and if you look at these two I feel like the flowers kind of go along a lot of the branch so if this is your branch then I'm kind of like dotting both sides near the top and so it kind of has like just does that make sense what I'm saying is it it's not like the branch line it follows the branch line it's not like it's just a puff of flowers at the end of a branch it's like it follows the length of the branch up yeah so that's why some of my flower or darker pink buds kind of like go in a specific direction because that's what I'm trying to emulate I was actually gonna ask that question what so what you just described wasn't asked if you were doing that on purpose or if that was yeah tapping naturally cover some of that Brown and then with yours marry here so this is Mary's I think it's looking really good but I think your darks are staying I think it's a little too section yes which is fine because this is what your brain tells you to do your brain loves pattern and so your brain is always going to look for a way to simplify something where it's just like Oh at the end of every single twig I'm gonna put a ball and put a ball and they're all gonna stay the same shape and value and that's okay I know cuz I'm new at this and that's what your brain is telling you to do you literally have to be like brain stop talking to me let me just like figure this out so I'm gonna like go a little off of the branch too so throw some areas in there and let it get a little bit messy pretty much so so fight fight your brain when it's like they all need to be the same size and they all need to be at the very end like have some go basically you have to think of it as in like there's chunks of trees like there's chunks of leaves or flowers on trees and the darker value is usually underneath okay so it's like try and see if you can see them in more like chunks and then blend out and that way they'll feel a little bit more unconnected looks so much better already so just be like brain let me just do this okay brain brain stop trying to hell with yeah very nice man if I had some bleep roof light sitting next to me I would just put that deep slit in there I'm aching for it it looked it makes it look like it anywhere here's my bleed proof white this is really great so I can take my clean brush and grab some white and you can reshape your tree trunk so I put my I've made the cut deeper or like where it split a little bit deeper now what I'm going to have to do is this area right here where these two branches are so thick compared to here so I actually have to go back in on the left-hand side and thicken up your this this branch in order for that to feel and I'm not saying that every single tree is like that because if you look at trees there are knots and things like that where maybe there are different thicknesses but I've noticed that that's how I for me that feels more realistic for a tree if it kind of thick to thin is more even yeah so I'm gonna do another layer of white also bleep roof white is great because Oh Mary that looks beautiful you can also you can use this to paint over areas and clean it up you can also use it to put highlights back in so if I wanted some white spaces in my tree I can add those so it's lesson super handy to have so I'm gonna go back in with my brown and I'm going to adjust my trunk behind your head he lined your head there we go that feels much and if you want to put like little hints of branches in the top you can if you just want a little bit more you don't have to again only you can see your painting right now so you're the ones that gets to make those decisions which I know is incredibly intimidating but I think also freeing because you might not have to make the same adjustments I make you have that power to be like no I don't need that or yes I do need that yeah oh that feels better [Laughter] now the very last step I'm going to do is I'm gonna put in a really really light blue background so I'm gonna take my round six I'm gonna grab a tiny tiny bit of this C blue and I'm gonna start putting it in the background so what I like to do is I will do a little bit of color and then immediately grab some water and use water to spread it around because I want it to be really light the reason why I want it to be really light is then the white spaces that I'm gonna get in between the flowers and the trees and all the spaces that my blue can't reach it's okay however if this blue was really dark then the white spaces of what I didn't get to will stick straight out and be distracting so if you do a light wash then these little white spaces in between aren't don't stand out as much now it is water color so if you touch if my tree trunk is wet and I hit it with my wet paintbrush and blue the brown will bleed out so just keep that in mind that's why I like to leave a little bit of white space and also to do a light wash because then I can leave a white space and I don't have to worry too much so Kenan the rumor is that Connie makes the best gingerbread cookies in in the world she calls them frosted creams I've only had one one time that it was amazing and I don't even care for a gingerbread cookie is it a family recipe that she's perfected the recipe but she gave it to me no she only gives it to her very it's got a list holds auditions and she makes the best pizza and she make well she should be blessed people yes really yes and salad and I mean Connie's just and her favorite part of her life besides her family and friends is her yard she loves her garden so she's gonna love these I'm so glad yeah I'm gonna plant a tree in my yard to remind me of my friend Connie a red button yeah you should name it Connie and talk to her yeah talk to it yeah I'm help it grow it'll probably be like the biggest most beautiful tree in the world yeah I'll just talk to her okay to your plants so this is number one we're gonna do the second one really quick if you want to do this one cuz there's I just thought it'd be fun to show you how to do another one so this one it's the same steps pretty much one we're gonna put in a light wash then two we're going to put in our trunk no no no we're gonna do all the we're gonna do all the leaves like the flowers first and then put in our trunk so step one two and three are putting in the different values then step four is the trunk step five is the ground so what I love what one color can make all of those I know I mean it's you wanna color I know you can just make so many things I know with one color that's why I love watercolors I'm it makes my job easier I've had to use one pinion okay it really only takes creativity to create anything on a piece of paper that's all you need all you need that's all you need and maybe paint and paint the brush okay so the shape of this it's very round so I'm just gonna start with kind of so like think of like a big bushy tree full maybe I should say full big full tree big oh and I'm using my brush in more circular motions here what if I do it this way is that better oh here okay now I would like to caution you your dart brain is gonna be like I love big round bumpy things and all of your rounds are gonna be the same around your tree and I'm going to try and tell you done that yep it's totally for me don't be mad at yourself you're retrain your brain you have to be you seriously have to be like well it's way easier if you have a reference so if I'm looking at the tree you have to be like what is the actual shape of the tree and not what my brain is telling me because those are two different things because our brain just likes to make things easy for us they're trying to be nice he's trying to help us but when you're trying to recreate something it's like no there's actually areas where it juts out and there's small bumps and then there's bigger bumps and then there's you know like have fun with that okay just consider us at let's make art your brain we're just trying to make your life easy maybe your brain okay so here's my tree okay and I kind of want to do this while it's still nice and wet so if you're you could have to paint quick and I know that's scary but sometimes it's better because then you don't have about it you don't you can't think about it and you're not yelling at yourself and it's like just go for it okay now I'm going to take straight paint and go at the bottom of my tree here because the underneath side part of my tree is shadowed so that's why it's so dark okay and then I'm also going to do you have to think again like the bunches like let's say there's a bunch of leaves right here underneath that there's going to be a shadow bunch of leaves here underneath that there's gonna be that's really spreading that's okay okay go for it alright shadow Joe leaves here shadow shadow I know this is looking like a weird puffy cloud hang in there with me guys Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs cloud yes a cloud or just cotton candy or just cotton candy and then what I would do yep mhm and then kind of like spread some of it out just a little bit so it's okay if I do this yes please do so I'm just gonna start kind of moving this color just around a little bit spread the love okay well thank you so yeah make sure again it's that same idea we want a light value we want a medium value we want a dark value the darkest value is going to be right under at the bottom of all of these different flowers and if you want a tiny different color you can mix a little bit of the yellow in there to get a little bit more red or pink and put that underneath as well that's pretty so it's just a nice you know they call it Red Bud but it's actually like magenta bud yeah it's like a pink purpley color yeah it's not red person name okay and then I lost a little bit of my darker value so I'm just gonna do a tiny bit in there again you might not have to do this on your painting dear that was a big that's okay okay yep yep yep it really does look like cotton candy oh it makes me so happy it's so pretty and full now what what does her tree more like is it more like springy or is it like falls like it's more springy okay is that a word yep it is no it is yes thank you Mary okay so there is our big puffy tree of course as it dries it's going to change a little bit so you can make adjustments if you want now I'm gonna grab some Brown and I'm gonna start putting in the trunk so it's the same thing my trunk starts thick at the bottom and then you can just make the branches go any way you want doesn't matter my branch my trunk it's gonna be very squatty cuz look what oh that's how big my trunk is my trunk is an inch it's okay okay and then if you want to switch to a two for the smaller ones because I feel like some that I saw were squatty and wide like the trunk was short and then the branches went out really really wide instead of like straight tall where I feel like that one's more straight tall there were some that was like just kind of like that so do both or choose one that you like hello hello McFly I'm putting in I was painting that in my oh you guys remember that movie oh yes back to the future I don't know it very well do you want to hear a funny story Kenan so Michael and I had a layover in Boston and like on our way back from our trip and Michael sang sing it Mary cuz I've never been to Boston in the fall okay I don't know what that's brown but edgy tails you probably sing that 20 times Mean Time rear that like seriously every time we saw Boston I've never been to Boston in the fall every time and I'm like why are you talking about and I've never swab the poop deck and then also about like leggings I don't know and I was like Mary when you had a layover in Boston and when she hears Boston listen to that in the car all the time the boss I do not I appreciate musicals I appreciate songs I was already for cracking up and I'm just like okay now yes no she knows now I know where it all makes sense I thought that was so funny gosh it's so dreamlike isn't it my trunk oh I love that I will love that that's beautiful I kind of like what's going on with my trunk right here I don't know what happened but it's dark and like yeah textural yeah like bark yes okay so this is gorgeous I'm loving it and if we want to do a ground you mix wish I wouldn't have brought it all the way down sometimes I forget to leave a little bit yeah I should have said that I'm sorry but you can still add a ground if you want to or if you don't want to you can just add a sky it's up to you I'm just going to mix yellow and my sea blue to get green or you have pine green in your box so whatever you want and I'm gonna put the ground underneath I like to start with the darkest color first and then I just used water to spread it out remember to put your ground behind your tree as well and that gives the illusion that it continues on as if it's on a hill as if it's on an actual ground you know what I mean lightening ground continues behind us that it does I know you're making fun of me okay but usually when you're drawing you don't think about that you're like well there's just ground right underneath the tree and then I'm gonna add a little bit of blue as like shadow the tree itself is casting a shadow on the ground like that and of course you guys know me in color so I just got to drop some yellow in there and I kind of stopped I just kind of went up a little bit on my trunk I didn't continue to have it go all the way up to the top because if you do that it might actually flatten it because it it it doesn't create a sky it doesn't create a horizon line does that make sense so I'm just like like and this is where brains jumping to conclusions are really really helpful because they your brain sees this and says okay there's ground behind there it keeps on going right oh so you've given us an example of brain do and brain don't yeah so like the brain jumping to conclusions is really great and can help us sometimes sometimes other times it kind of messes us up because we it wants it to be you know perfect and all of that stuff gosh I love how a train turned out isn't that so pretty pretty I just love it ah I'm gonna send her to post card said yeah I have four I can send her actually I did two other ones here I was playing around with different techniques and things like that so I love this one too I love them all yeah they just turned out so fine well maybe I'll frame one and put it in my room yeah okay that's it I hope you guys have fun making these little redbud trees I hope you guys take the time out of your day to send them to Connie she really loves them and she's just if there's anything I know about her I don't know her as well as Mary but she is so sweet always been so sweet and kind person I've ever known like just good she's just so good so take the time to send her some love we appreciate you doing this and if there is someone that you would like to nominate you can't go on our web site let's make art calm you find let's make out matter and it's the very first blog post you click on that and there's a nominate there where you gonna say something when I get home I will take a picture of Connie with her red buds and also to you know stem every Friday or something don't you well Ollie I'll post it on States or Facebook because she she does love these yeah so anytime they're for the month of June send her some postcards and she'll love it and paint whatever you want even if you don't want to paint this just paint something send her a little bit of love thanks guys thank you bye bye


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