LINE CON 4 Artists? | Artist Alley prepping | Anime Expo Artist Alley Vlog 2019

LINE CON 4 Artists? | Artist Alley prepping | Anime Expo Artist Alley Vlog 2019

don't mine this is a combination of my prepping before ax and then you'll have some ax videos right after working on some sticker Commission's I have a lot more but these are the three that I'm currently printing and cutting or no well I'm watching some Shane Dawson even though I watch a lot of all his videos are any more fish it's may sample I don't love for a while so all of this vlog that's been happening right now it's putting two combined with Anime Expo so I'm in commission but I'm like sadhana maxvill is a month and a half away I got the badges it's not mine but we've got the back this member anyways I am going to start doing Anime Expo merge prep I'm debating to do one more show for it because having one sure it's kind of sad and then I'm gonna start printing all speakers mention it I don't know why but in anyway it was crazy coming cold what can't time hopefully eggs we don't have the months start creating Jon's sticker ease fortunately I don't like the sticker paper that I usually Bella's pile but there's the leaves like this is really dusty and residue it's kind of a disappointment for whatever way this is why you do hoof printing I don't know if you can see it but see you see those white lines that is a no-no when you're selling yourself if you have any way I'm just saying that if you're selling things and anime conventions and it's just just for me but when it comes to printing I really don't like having like those white family really if she takes me so what I'm gonna do with these is just going put them in the mystery box it's just it's like free thing because I do not like selling things I had a lot of artists that I bought from who have like white banding and they still sell their field place but whatever stuff like that okay I'm just saying if you're printing at home make sure you double check your purse and make sure your printer is clean because I have the Canon 400 this is the second finish it looks a lot better see there's no white banding compared to the other one Wow lots of noise going on because it's prep time I want to try something new so I know a lot of you guys probably seen like a beauty community going through shit going at it but we're gonna beauty whatever Tati she made this skin booster hair skin nails looser what intrigued me about it is just the results that everybody's been getting especially like within 3-4 weeks so please go and try Leeza is going to try also redoing a common her clients Commission mainly because I spelled her name wrong which I'm sorry so this is all on me okay I really don't like this so I borrowed some sticker paper for my friend because I have been getting a lot of like sticker Commission's for some reason when I cut the sticker paper it leaves this ugly residue I hate it sorry Kumaon but damn so um when I went with this sticker distributor they were doing great but then they started to fall off in my opinion I'm trying to look for a new bigger distributor so I'm trying out different places like the label some label something I don't know label sheets whatever um so hopefully that comes it in it works and this is the glossy finish lips starting to feel like I want to do the matte more cuz it feels nice and it feels more vibrant but wow I can't believe I said it like that it feels more um out there but this opposes to the glossy you just see the shine I mean I love the glossy but so the floor is now con prepping so I was trying to look for all my like leftovers I had from qui-gon I was like searching all over my luggage but no it was in my closet I don't know why I put it in my closet but I am gonna continue selling these for my Expo and hopefully I just sell them out so that I'll have to sell them again whatever makes your products please we'll see next a new moon charms these are very holographic this been really frustrated with my printer recently there's a camera it kind of looks okay but there's like white banding like I don't know you can't really see it but it's there it's been irritating me for a couple months now now I don't want to keep replacing it with a new printer head because printer head is pretty dang expensive sorry for the lewd sticker but this is for Commission and I just wanted to show you guys so I have the Canon pick some Pixma Pro 100 and I've had it for almost two years and I've cleaned it lots of times and then right now I'm doing a maintenance clean because I have no idea why it's banding so much I think it's because of the ink and it's not really accepting the cyan properly because inside my person I'll show you in a bit inside my printer it's like exploded of like blue well that's all so it's like it exploded of blue so I don't know what's the thing what these are for clients you kind of want to make sure that your your work is good but I guess I'm just being picky about like the ink and stuff I don't know which frustrates me that all this white banding fucking sucks and ink sucks the deep cleaning thing so the sign is fine what science fine like this side of like the colors are okay but I my photo cyan and photo magenta aren't really doing really well I don't know what to do I've seen like bored methods where they clean the printer head but it's kind of like you might want to you might mix up the chip like you seen those people where they put like water to clean the printhead no no don't do that that's bad either way it's gonna mess up your chip it might work for some people but I don't recommend it for my niece he's kind of loud but Anime Expo is like approaching in like three and a half weeks and I kind of want to get my printing done and have my Commission's ready because I'm composing my Commission's next week and kind of sucks when your printer sucks I rather print at home because I can see with Howard sometimes I'll send it to a company and we'll see like I wish okay I did the two big three from my hero the blues on here is not that bad actually but some of them like some of the colors won't really show I know she'll like a white banding irritates me so one thing you have to look out when you're printing at home um and you're selling make sure the quality is good enough for you not to notice or for people to not notice I mean the white banding on my art that's been happening it's only noticeable if you're like really really up close like really up close and you're like that type of person who's like oh this is white and stuff but don't sell things that has white banding that's my tip did a second round of cleaning so the photo cyan is not looking too good so I might have to see I have to do some deep cleaning I'm not sure why but everything else over here seems fine mmm like perfectly good like colors ix prep time cuz it's in two weeks so I'm doing up on stock with the rectory now but I'm a little bit anxious because X is really really huge like about like a hundred thousand people I guess four or more but we sold out a lot on the first day so I'm kind of scared even if we have a good spot this year you never know people who just like go on by whatnot so hopefully it's a good amount of traffic I made these signs about how much how much you're like bet no one's gonna read this so I also mean these signs to go up on our display booth so basically we're just gonna have it click here and then it'll be clipped into our booth and people can see it from above and see 29 so I may want to blow and one pink so for me and um Kuma's colored so you got the Corgi you've got the Sailor Moon you've got some original stickers cause people like that shit I got some Katie hey I got some prestige Hey hopefully I'll be stopped or not hopefully I'm stuck I hope they did sell out I'm very comfortable with these contact lenses that I bought from a company and I'm gonna say the name because they're kind of I bought these as the moment they had a scandal yeah their news I got my Anime Expo bed if I can get it out so this is the artists alley badge so this one's mine and then I'm holding my boyfriend's one which is the regular four day pass so one thing I like about these badges it's their what do you call this it's basically you you tap in you tap out kind of thing that's why it's a little bit thicker um it's all easier than just like checking badges if it's red then it's fake as hell but every con I always get a lanyard so I feel kind of empty and I don't want to lose them so I'm gonna put this in here and put it in my airplane bags I'm hoping to buy more merch from other artists cuz down okay that's good I wanted to go on my facebook just for a little break and the first thing that pops up is false reports of an active shooter at an airport causes a brief scare oh my god if you were gonna do that please don't do that don't scare people previous don't ever do that especially people regret flight and your tennis carry people what the heck I'm gonna make more stairs just in case everyone seemed to like the writing shield era when I post it on Instagram you never know next you know they like something that I'd made you also made a box for my enamel pins so I'm gonna have my German Shepherd Mike toward me and my Sheba and then a few of like the Pokemon enamel because I'm not sure if people want to see it I only have to pull game on which is sad which I should make more yeah I'm opens are very expensive unless you make a Kickstarter here's one I really got to figure out a way to like put this pin board I have so much pins Oh Blake damn I'll probably buy more at ax this whole section is just one Pokemon thing there's nine nine but yeah I love Pokemon your novel pins can make it so nice weird you know work works – I love it – sylveon my favorite eeveelution yes XO my boy anyways I'm hoping to make more enamel pens on my own because it's in it's not the new hype thing but it's just aesthetically pleasing to me we just got to our area we in the most exciting part the cure age this place is pretty nice I thought it would be small but it's actually perfect size not even one hour this place is a mess fellas really cuz she's cold Kelsey's ready oh yeah okay how do you like it so we happen to found this store wasn't he ministered smoking leave if you're in LA coming with you their official retailers for Winkle so they're not really frog we return on the other monuments and play with the change now about that another time I know the smoothness of minutes we have more people coming in we can yeah look it's staying real good left and right so it doesn't matter if you're America lit down you see if if you would drop no no it's pretty good I think that might have been the earlier models yeah and Lavagirl assessing up to 32 okay my hand is like used I'm not used to Photoshop wait that I brought with me hi you don't even notice what I'm doing Bella what are you doing look dry and then I was doing this the whole time [Laughter] so the stretcher is drying and then she was lonely why is it erasing and she didn't know my hand was right here be Wi-Fi I don't know how they're able to play it but anyways me and Bella got we got Tesla welcome bed but no Cintiq it's a commitment okay so this how it looks like it looks like coming from a toothbrush you gotta pull it out Bella pull it out wait wait wait no pretty baby we got the slim because we are we have small hands that teeny tiny hands in comparison to toilet paper cha remember these are our hands keeping the why are you trying to get the YouTube money oh my god the below hi he's at your camp okay you can see my feet now zooming through my toes not to you but to the people of YouTube's wait there are feet brothers you bit is a weird we'd like to enter I think these are for the people who doesn't have the badges yeah no way is it this is the line for the entrance of the phone line for the team because we already have our tickets it's going on forever oh my god so I just want to let you know compared to last year this is a lot of people holy crap made it to our booth you look at all the space we we actually get back up into people oh yeah they won out the chef this morning when making baked up paella make puree for herself because I don't want because I have this boys or sleep except Kelsey it ready Bella so something ridiculous came up they're learning from your friends before the artists attic people and exhibitors so they're just an injury they have like a third line and the most of us flowers and they're letting the premier friend it's like ridiculous into the lines y'all were in the line for in science I'd like to mention that we had an earthquake right in the chandelier one of the customers said that 6.0 that's so pretty big well shitting it thank God right now because if you he's pretty bad outside on the priority line y'all everyone's giving all this the snapper is giving us misinformation where to go first they told us ordered a garage and then they told us to go over here there and then this we were started off merging the premier fans it was already like 955 I don't be horrible choose chocolate latte they love making mixture science as we go Palance how is you I am very conflicted my life is a fear hmm it's open all of them wherever they are my boy is in there belly trying to put in the stand before me because I couldn't figure it out maybe she Tuesday oh my god the openings not even I don't want to crack it okay we'll figure it out later so update two more hours into our sadly clothes I'm very exhausted it's always a first thing that you're very exhausted I don't know what's going on I think we made our table back but not so much our Airbnb today so much of like buying mine I'm cheating hey wait a minute what for example my day to flower deceptiveness yesterday yesterday was the worst see my soul getting crushed forward anyways are everybody's a mess ready go really cloudy oh wait it's day two hopefully we can get in this time cuz you know you gotta prioritize exhibitors what the heck is that line now oh we just got here it's already getting busy and they told us to take down our name you think it's funny when customers be like I'll be back and then they yeah bitch got the Cintiq after spotter it's getting pretty hectic for Saturday's 30 more minutes we're almost done we sold a lot of stuff like what we wanted to I forgot how stupid the taxes is in Cali so Wow you know time we're bottling box in the closet because the boys are sold for it aloud oh my god allowed y'all you ready man they're doing it on purpose huh fucking still ruin it fuckers if I get the 24 will you come to my house and unbox too but first I'm gonna need to sharpen my nails oh my god no boys allowed yeah this thing's heavy record it for me on your phone no wait here how do you go to the camera I'm not used to your like let's stay for last day oh wait wait oh no I don't have enough I left this coming soon going on aboot AHA boota boota boota my Starbucks got my Gouda got the kuma so that's the final day let's hope we can push a lot us to be out of stock and I don't want to take a lot home a point with my stickers where I can move them back and forth they're selling out which is good that means right reasons I'm doing that stupid like YouTube watch it sure the like camera lenses ever since in blog much but tomorrow is our flight time it won't be sad time we have to wait another year I was overcharged 30 dollars and 63 six turns into a nine oh my god so the description is of the fact that lyft driver lied to us he said that Oh we're gonna take a different route because also worth it I wanted to thank a lot of people who came to our booth and supported us new and old it was quite the experience actually the table it made no difference from our first ax because it felt like the same sales but not really we did pretty bad I came home and my room was a mat was so clean because my mom was so bored and decided to clean it for me thank you mom but I made it a mess again because of all the merch so I'm just gonna clean up my room I'm gonna enjoy my bed tonight because I had to deal with my cousins and my boyfriend so hopefully I don't know a exit she was all right first day was stupid he just finally got home from the doctor and today I'm gonna discuss Anime Expo a summary about it in artists alley perspective while I get my drink uh when I first arrived at ax I wasn't expecting you watch because setup was going smoothly and he only took us an hour to set up um they told us that artists and exhibitors are allowed to go in a priority line what we didn't know is we were combined with premiere friends in May it made the lines incredibly incredibly long especially for those who has a setup on day one because some of them have you know like like plate delays and all that stuff so me and my partner kuma of course you were trying to fun trying our best even find an entrance of going into the convention itself we have no luck so we asked staff members from wherever we went to the West Hall they told us the same thing after priority line and we're like oh my god we have one hour to set up and to me kuma we need that hour to set up so that way we know what to fix if we want to walk around artists alley if not so I decided to tell kuma let's go to the main entrance were exhibit hall goes which is La worse lines so we asked a staff member where we can line up and there was a paradigm there was an area that me and kuma would always go to exit or entrance for like a shorter time to go inside or out they block that off it's on the side of the entrance it's an exact specific leaf or artists and vendors but they completely blocked it off and they told us to go around and there was three lines priority priority line and I understand they were understaffed but everyone has to be on the same page what I didn't understand was why we were paired with premiere fans hey Kade attendees I feel like the artists and exhibitors should have their own line and premiere fans have their own line because that's not fair I've seen some staff who let in attendees go in and cut in before the exhibitors and artists alley and it was already 9:45 a.m. Anime Expo opens at 10:00 so that few ASCO on the first day it was terrible like super terrible so we were about 30-40 minutes late to our booth artist Howie was completely packed we mean kuma basically lost sales at that point and it's kind of disappointing because last year they did such a good job I don't know what's up with construction because we're the Microsoft area it's completely bhakta blocked off to so be no sense what I recommend people going and going to ax I mean I would if they cap it like sure this is the biggest animal convention in America but it's not gonna do you good if it's a fire hazard and the lines are stretching miles and miles and fortunately it's not weather hot like last year thank goodness and I feel for attendees like it's basically line con and you have to wait in there waiting at stupid line three point five three to five whatever hours are waiting in that line and I'm seeing people like explaining that they basically miss half the con on the first day and it discouraged a lot of people and then it comes to the second day they did improve a little bit because LAPD was like nah man y'all have to put everyone inside this is a fire hazard which is correct I don't know what made them have it a lot easier last year or is it because of the under staff if the staff has to be paid more great it's just sad that well you remember is that some people quit on the first day that's my feedback for ax if it's your first time going ax as an attendee um it doesn't matter if you go there early or not honestly for the five years I've been going to ax there's always lines trust me there's always lines but don't be discouraged to go to a convention that you've always wanted to go and one on it as an artist Sally if it's your first time y'all gotta be there currently because God knows if there's gonna be like a delay where you're really in line for two hours or more one of my friends Fred artists there was one line in the garage and apparently they we need hours and there was only one security guard which is sad I feel like I'm starting to get why Doris Ali has been treated badly overall as me as an artist with sales it's okay but I did pretty bad like I love meeting new people at conventions we were able to connect but my first time artist had last year we did really well but this year we kind of dropped I don't know if it's because of the lines didn't it's delayed or it's so packed that everyone just gotta keep moving moving forward honestly they start us cap on tickets for a X because it's getting too much and it's it sucks for a lot of us I wish there was easier access for artists and exhibitor too like looking look before the convention starts because down why do premier fans get to go in home but I did quite enjoy X cook I'm an artist from Hawaii and basically it's immensely humid right now in a in Hawaii and ax we were all blessed that it wasn't it wasn't like overheating so it was very very very cold in the morning all for me standard wise these wear sunscreen whether or not you're in shade or not cuz that one speck of sunlight could probably give you like right like a heat rash like what happened to me um I'm not sure what else happened to the ice because the lines were just the problem I think it's just because there was so many construction going around like the LAX lax the Convention Center has to maneuver away to go in there we also had to pocket earthquakes hmm so I would during the concert I was outta love live concert and everybody was all jumpin joy and and I just lost energy so I just decided to stand and just do this the whole time and then during that time I felt like shakes and I was like oh oh do I feel vertigo or anything so Lydia we had an earthquake the first Earth Day was on setup day which was scary cuz me and my partner kuma was trying to figure out our our square reader and then I felt like a shift like you feel like you're getting dizzy and I was like whoa what's going on and then me and Kumaon was like oh shit fucking earthquake oh my god no matter what ax or any convention there's always something happening so Hawaii just recently got off of a hurricane now it's a tropical storm so it's breeding bringing in humidity so we went to LA for ax and when we went to X there was an earthquake hopefully we get into X next year if we get two tables that'd be fantastic we went to Disneyland that was fun we were so I decided to write the Pirates of the Caribbean again because I couldn't enjoy last time because the monthly problems I don't remember having that first huge drop in Pirates so that was fun I want to be able to until next Anime Expo or studio vlog or whatever video I'll create this will be the last card log for awhile I got rejected to a lot of conventions control yo makan I don't know what else but I got rejected I'll see you

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