Lion | Acrylic painting wildlife tutorial | The Art Sherpa

Lion | Acrylic painting wildlife tutorial | The Art Sherpa

[opening music starts] [lions growling] Hey everybody. It’s Cinnamon Cooney, your art sherpa and today in the Hart Party I’m going to guide you in painting this fabulous lion. Isn’t he gorg? Really take a look at him. We’re gonna be doing him in contrasting colors, which is green and red cause they live in opposite places of the color wheel. But they’re still friends! To everybody who’s come to the live show today, oh my gosh! I’m so glad you’re here. I heard Crystal’s back so I’m super excited about that. Um, we put some new stuff in the chat so if it gives you guys grief, I really apologize. YouTube gives me these new tools and I like to try them out. So, step by step, this in acrylic. Today, all about the lions. This is gonna be, um, we’re gonna loosely call this a three hoot, but we may even need to up the hoots. John: [laughing] Up the hoots? Cinnamon: We may have exited the hoot scale on this particular painting. I’ve got my coffee and my water because now it’s on. It’s serious. John: We might call it a hoot-a-thon? Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. We might even call it a hoot-a-thon. In fact like when we do our wishes on the canvas today, I’m gonna wish we can all do this painting. [both laugh] Cinnamon: Including me, but… If you’ll notice in the description, there’s a materials list. There’s also a couple links. There’s a link to the photographer, Gary. He’s from Paint My Photo. I really want to thank Paint My Photo, because they’re a tremendous resource for artists. If you’re a photographer, and you have extra photos, please go by and donate them to Paint My Photo. This isn’t sponsored by them, I just seriously use them all the time since I’ve discovered them. And I think they’re just the most incredible gift and resource for artists, on the internet. If you’re not a member and you need resources, you should join. Because, you know, you don’t want to be stealing people’s photography. So, photographers, pity us and donate your extra. Cause you guys know you get the perfect picture that you’re gonna sell? You got five hundred that you’re not. Donate to us! The artists.
[chuckles] So that’s actually where I got the studies from. Um, and this is Walks and Wildlife. Gary. And there’s a link to this, and he’s got maybe my favorite collection in Paint My Photo of Wildlife. John: Really? Cinnamon: I don’t know if he knows that but he does. I love it. It’s incredible, what he does. So join Gary in pitying the artists! John: Hmm! Cinnamon: Description. Links. Including a link to this painting, finished. Um. Try to have that open somewhere, or printed out so you can see it, because this is… This is an event you definitely need the reference. John: That’s what we got seen all around you there. Cinnamon: Hmm? John: That’s what we see all around your canvas, there. Cinnamon: Yeah. Are his photographs and reference. Cause even- This is a serious piece, and I have to be…. serious about it. John: Serious…. Cinnamon: Serious. John: Serious. Paintbrushing. Cinnamon: Yeah. Even when I’m serious I’m not serious, but- John: There’s like seventy serious people here with us today. Cinnamon: There’s seventy serious people?
[Both laugh] John: There’s seventy serious people here to paint, so. Cinnamon: I’m sorry we got started late. And I’m gonna be scooting you out at the end cause Angela’s got- Angela Anderson’s got her awesome snowman ornaments coming up at three and I’m behind and- Aaaaahhh!!!! John: We’re- We’re gonna get through. We had some technical streaming issues. We’re working on it though. Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: Tomorrow- No! Monday we get new streaming equipment. Cinnamon: Monday and then we’ll see if it breaks everything for Tuesdays lesson. [Both laugh] Cinnamon: Ok. Does our community have any wishes for us? I’m gonna write We all get this painting done. John: Yeah. So let’s start right there while I’m waiting for wishes to start coming in. Right now everyone is very happy to see everything going. And everyone’s still welcoming everyone and making serious jokes. Cinnamon: They’re making serious serious jokes?
John: Serious jokes. Cinnamon: I’m also gonna wish that this video is loved globally. So we can share this love of painting lions around the world. John: And because we had Crystal come back to us, I wanna put a wish for good health for her. Cinnamon: Yes! How is Crystal doing? Big hugs, girl! John: I just saw that she was, uh, she was in there earlier chatting. Said that she was back and feeling a little better, so. Hopefully that’s, uh- She’s gonna be feeling much better soon! And I believe we have a birthday today for Lisa, right? Cinnamon: We have a…. Yes!!! For Lisa, Miss Flame Gremlin. Happy Birthday! We actually have two birthdays. Happy Birthday….. This is her birthday lesson.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And also for Chuck Carson’s son. John: Oh, that’s right. Cinnamon: Right. Chuck Junior. Isn’t he Chuck Junior? John: Uh… Cinnamon: Am I cray-cray in the hay-hay? [both laugh] John: I’m not sure, actually.
Cinnamon: Please find out. John: I will. Cinnamon: Cause we need to shout him out and wish him a Happy Birthday. I think he is six. Which is pretty exciting stuff. To be six. Alright. John: But, man. We have a full house out there today. Cinnamon: We do???
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: How are you guys doing? Are you guys feeling up to this challenge? I’m gonna- I’m gonna break this down. Actually, I very much like painting big cats. You guys are really fond of the painting that I donated to the Texas Wildlife Fund. And some of my other big cats that I’ve done, and I like doing big cats. I think they’re- they’re a meaty, fun subject to paint. And they’re actually, um… They’re quite fun and geometric. It’s sort of interesting when you break them down. When I painted luminary it was during a daily painting process. And you guys kept seeing him and saying, “I want a lesson from him,” and I’m like, “No….” No lesson. But John pulled him out one time and so now we did both of them. [both laugh] I’m gonna be sketching him in today on a sixteen by twenty pre-gessoed canvas. I get this canvas in a five pack from Michael’s. And here’s my honest truth about this. Um, so probably blowing any chance of a sponsorship with Michael’s. It’s a great price. It is an “eh” canvas. It’s ok. It’s adequate. Sometimes it’s a little absorbent. Sometimes it’s a little plasticy. It’s like kinda run by run. And, you may want to coat it. I’m lazy and I just paint on it, but you may want to coat it with some gesso. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Now, the gesso’s absorbent so it’ll be absorbing your paint, but it’ll give you a better surface. Less, you know, crazy surface. So, that’s just a thought. Just two cents. Watercolor pencil from Michael’s by Artist Loft. They’re six dollars. Some of these watercolor pencils are super expensive. Water. Assorted acrylic brushes, also listed in the description. I paint Creative Mark. I have Simply Simmons right now. And the brands in Creative Mark that I paint are Pro-Stroke and Ebony Splendor. I just like them. They just make me happy. Um, the Simply Simmons I’m really liking. That’s by Daler and Rowney. Daler and Rowney. Today we’re gonna have a slightly amended palette. But you know, you want it up in the big, big cat, so we’re doing the big cat palette. Titanium White. Phthalo Blue. Phthalo Green. Australian Sienna. Which is a color that you get… From Matisse paint, which is an Australian paint company. They do a really good pro brand of paint. This right here. Listen, if you couldn’t get this, you could probably do a cad light, or an indian yellow and still get some very good effects. Don’t stress on it. But if you can get it, it’s one of my favorite colors on earth. Um… Cad Red Medium. You can save money by buying hue. Cad Yellow medium. You can save money by buying hue. Mars Black. No guys. There’s not this big- For the purposes of the painting that we’re doing, there’s not a big difference between the Mars Black and the Carbon Blacks, and the Bone Black, and “nnn” black. Ok? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: What it is, is that that is just your black in this painting. If you were doing a graphic piece, if you were doing a decorative piece, then it’s a big hootin’ deal, because they have different reflections. Some of them are shiny. Some of them are dull. Some of them are more gray and it would really affect your piece. But for the purposes of making an iris? John: Yep. Cinnamon: Not a problem, so just use what you have. And Burnt Sienna. You could also use Burnt Umber. I honestly, frankly, don’t remember what I used in the original painting, so. And Yellow Ochre. And I mean like today, just honestly the Grumbacher. All my yellow ochres in all my good paints are all chunky. And clumpy, and I’m not liking them. So. Here we go. I’m wearing my stampy cat hat. And my creeper apron. John: You got it going on. You’re- I- I like the stampy cat flower. Cinnamon: Yeah. My lovely, wubbly- Lovely wubbly rose. [John chuckles] John: So, before we go on, I’ve collected up our- All of our wishes. Cinnamon: Oh! Ok. John: If we can jam those on there, cause I know we gotta cook along today. So. I’m trying to make sure we’ve got all of our stuff together for us. Cinnamon: Alright. We’ll put a couple in here. John: Yeah. We have just a couple. We have the wish for, uh, a happy pregnancy. Cinnamon: Oh! We definitely wish a happy pregnancy. When my mom was pregnant with me, she actually painted a mother lion and her cubs. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And that’s one of my favorite paintings that my mom ever did. I love it. In watercolor on a big giant sheet of watercolor. Lindsay would be super impressed. It’s a gorgeous piece. [chuckles] John: We have a wish for, uh, well being for those without home and without food. Cinnamon: Yes! Yes. John: And I know we can’t get to all of them today, but we’ll get one more in, if you can. Cinnamon: I can. John: And a quick recovery for Adam on his hand surgery. Cinnamon: Oh! Quick recovery for Adam on his hand surgery. John: And we got a bunch of people with us. You know, Lindsay and one of her girls is painting along with us today. Cinnamon: Oh my goodness!
John: I saw that up in there, in the comments. Cinnamon: No!
John: Mazie. Cinnamon: Ma- Hi Mazie! John: And Gavin I think is painting along with us. Cinnamon: Hi Gavin! John: Some little brushes were out there. Cinnamon: Hi Gavin. John: So I just wanted to get some quick hellos in. I know we’re gonna be cruisin’ right along, so we got those. Cinnamon: We are. It’s gonna be- It’s like seriously like, when you have like, kind of like- Not like I go to a lot of yoga. [both laugh] Cinnamon: But you know how you have your little aerobics, or your little exercise class and it’s sort of fun and light, and then all of a sudden you’re like, “Oh! I’m gonna sign up for that weekend workshop.” And then- [breathes hard] Oh my god! What was that!
[John chuckles] Cinnamon: I might have done that in my past. I don’t do that now. [laughs] John: I think Ian’s even out there, hanging in with us today. Cinnamon: Ian?!? John: Yeah. I saw some, uh… some of that’s going on in chat. Cinnamon: Wow! My whole crew. John: They’re all out there having fun. Yeah. We got- We got eighty people here, ready to get to painting. Cinnamon: Let’s get painting!
John: Let’s start drawing that in. Cinnamon: So I’m gonna start drawing that in. Right. And what I generally do on this piece, and As I’m gonna achor the top of the head, I generally kind of figure out where I want him centered. Cause I wanted this piece to really be about the mane. And so my reference photos don’t really have the mane you see in my painting. But that’s what being an artist is about. Is it’s my world, and [John laughs]
Cinnamon: my lion has got shiny shiny, fluffy fluffy hair. At the top of his brow ridge, I like to really accentuate the sort of little mountain. This represents a ridge of muscles here, and a ridge of muscles here, that you see in big cats. And then they have these deeply furrowed brows. These things are like, their heads are muscular. And when I come down into the temple I curve in. And I curve in. Right. And this is up here on his temple. Comes out along the brow bone. Right. It’s interesting when you draw a lot of animals. You’ll think, Oh, this is like on a horse, but it’s in a different place. It’s amazing how much the skulls will repeat each other. So it is often good when you see art students, like, you know, painting skulls. Is what it is. I’m gonna come down here and I’m gonna give him this wide jaw. He’s got this wide jaw. I like to accentuate this. This is- This is something that I like to accentuate. And then I’m gonna bring this down. John: We’re gonna have to make sure you’re using the close up camera for that, cause the main camera’s having a hard time picking up the lines. Cinnamon: Ok. Got the close up camera on that. John: Yeah. Just so we can make sure everyone can see that. Cinnamon: Now, generally once I have that sort of in I know where that is. I go back to my Walter Farley roots. And I start looking at where are my shapes. I have a round muzzle shape I have to think about right here. John: Yep. Cinnamon: And I know that that’s gotta be here. This is where his muzzle’s going to be. And I’m gonna foreshorten it. I’m gonna do some things to draw it. Right? But that is what is going on. So when you’re looking at him and you’re looking at him and you’re looking at your reference photos, that’s what you’re thinking about. Right. So. And then there’s a smaller sort of circle in, that is his nose. That I’m gonna set in, and I’m like, “Oh!” And I know it needs to be down from the center of this brow line. Another interesting anchor line that I always pay attention to is the ocular line. Which is a curved line that goes across. This is true if you’re doing portrait painting. This is true if you’re painting any forward facing eyeballs. Monkeys. Anything with forward facing eyes. You’re going to have a level ocular line. And so a lot of times, even if you’re doing decorative, whimsical pieces, if you remember that fundamental rule you can really play and push with the reality of the subject and still have it feel intrinsic and true to its home. Now I’m gonna start sketching in my nose. And what I really like about their noses, and I’m gonna sketch it in dark. Is they have kind of this like little V. Right. And then it curves in, this little muscle here curves in, comes down to a point or a chevron, comes back up, and curves around. Now I am, of course, asking Chuck for a traceable. Cause I wouldn’t want you to skip enjoying painting him because drawing isn’t your strong suit. But we just want to talk a little bit about how we draw in our lion. Now I’m gonna come down. We’re all familiar with the fact that all cats have that bisected lip line there. And I’m going to bring down his little mouth line. This is very important. This is where your lion gets a lot of his personality. You can give your lion a lot of different personality right here by how you represent this. Then I’ll just come up and give him a little… There’s his little- Well, it would be cute if he wasn’t gonna eat you. Little whisker patch. The two little muzzles right there. That you would think was adorable, but for the eating you. And I’ll just remind myself that he’s got a little chin that comes down like that. Now. His nose actually breaks up here. Right. In this little triangle. And that’s important to think about because they’ve gotta have all this air and stuff, and it’s really, visually, when you’re thinking lion that is something you’re going to be thinking about. I like to draw up from the corner of the muzzle to where I know I’m dropping the ocular line. You might notice in these photographs how that’s actually happening there. Right. I love looking at black and white photographs. A lot of people are like, why don’t you print out color? And this is an interesting thing for me. I don’t like to print out colored photographs as my reference a lot of times, especially in my work, because all I want to be paying attention to is the value and the shapes and the tones and the shades. And then I’m free to really experiment with the color. Xprmnt…. I’m really free to play with the color and make him any color that I like. This is something that I figured out as quite a young kid. Actually. That I liked. I would do black and white reference pieces first, and then decide my color. And, uh, did real well in the art shows for that. So I make this nice little arched line up. This is his lid line. Right. And then, you can definitely give yourself like a little circle here. Cause their eyes remind me a lot- And this is true in the birds. Of, like, these marbles. And then I’m going to… come along here. Now, by not using a graphite pencil a lot of this will paint away, or start to work in my favor. You, who are not filming, I’m gonna drop an ear above this brow line. If you look at my little picture here, there’s a little bit of distance cause I’ve gotta have room for his fluff. And it’s- You can use the temple to temple part here, from the top of the forehead to the temple, as a guide to how big you want to make that ear. This is highly adjustable, though, later in the painting. And what all this is, is sort of a road map. Of how you would paint this in. Now, just so you know, when I created the original, I did not sketch him in. And often do not pre-sketch in my work. I just paint the suckers in. So I’m gonna show you again what we’re working on. John: Let me- I’ll work on getting that back up on- Cinnamon: He’s gonna get that… John: I’ll pull that up over here on the secondary one, once we get a chance here. Cinnamon: So I just painted that in during a daily painting practice. You know. I hope somebody will take on a daily painting practice. And the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get my filbert. John: Your one inch filbert. Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s about a one inch, if you look at my thumb. This is a twenty by Ebony Splendor. Um, I- So here’s an interesting thing I do as an artist. I like to paint shorter bristles. Because I use a heavy bodied paint and I like to have the extra flick, to get my paint and work my stuff. And that’s something that I do. Sometimes a longer bristle will give you some better blending, which is sort of fun. So I’m gonna come over here, and I’m gonna get a little of the green, and my blue, and I’m gonna bring a little brown over. John: Now, we’re working on a traceable for this, yes? Cinnamon: Yeah. Yeah. Chuck is with his son for his birthday so the traceable will be in a little… [Cinnamon laughs] A little later than usual. John: You wanna grab your close up camera there? Cinnamon: Yeah. And we’re gonna paint this in. We’re gonna paint everything behind the face… in… with this dark- It’s very interesting. I mix the Phthalo Green with the Phthalo Blue and a little of the Burnt Sienna, and I get this nice, rich color. We want this first layer to be deep. I like that in acrylic paint a lot of times we work the darkest values first. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: We start in our darkness and move to our light. Not to be all philosophical, but we do. It’s one way of doing it. John: Don’t forget your- There we go. Cinnamon: I’ll work it. John: That’s alright. It- You get a…. The color, it’s so tough with the, all the different cameras, especially when we’re working, I’ve noticed with the phthalo’s. Cinnamon: Yes. That, uh, cause of the blue tints, the camera’s are so sensitive to the differences in the blues. Like, you can really see it between the close up camera and the wide camera. Cinnamon: Oh. Can you?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Well, that’s what the new cameras are for. John: Wooo! [chuckles] Cinnamon: So I’m gonna be cooking along on this. You know. What I’ll say about this is sometimes when you guys take on these more challenging paintings, you let yourself get into frustration. And I would really recommend- I know this is cheeky to say, but just don’t bother with that. John: Oh yeah?
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: What do you mean? Cinnamon: Well, because people will start it and they’ll be like, really want to do it, and they know it’s in them, and they’re correct. It’s in them. Right. Somewhere in them is this painting. This is just a set of skills. John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: And they they can get it, but maybe it’s not today. [chuckles] And that’s ok. Because the very act of doing the painting starts to develop the skills that will let them do it. But if you get frustrated, you get halted. You just almost, like if you’re like, I just can’t! The temple isn’t perfect and I- I know the temple needs to be different and I need to have it like this, and then they just get stuck there. And, where the magic happens is when you just push through the painting and just find your way out the other side. If it’s a painting you really want to do. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Do it again. That’s what I do. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: I’m net even giving advice I don’t live by. When I have a painting that has a skill set that I struggle for, and if I do it one time and it’s not gelling, but I really want that painting, I go back and I do it again. I will generally get it by the third one. And I know that seems exhausting. Especially in some paintings. Right? But it is really how you get it. We were all talking about… Um… Marcello. Awe, man. I practiced his name too. I don’t know why I have a block here. [both laugh] John: It’s ok. Cinnamon: We all know who he is. He’s that good YouTube realist artist. John: He was live just, uh, before us. Cinnamon: Yeah. He was, just the other day. John: And today too. Cinnamon: If you wanna do that, that is literally about being willing to go back to the same subject matter and look deeper into it.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: That is allllllll that is. Is that- When you see someone who’s mastered high realism, you know something about their personality. They are dogged, and determined people. Cause that’s how you get the skill. That isn’t about talent at all. That is totally about just saying I am going to sit here, mastering hands, until the hands are mastered. And you’ll see people, they have a notebook full of hands. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Just hands.
John: That’s not creepy. Cinnamon: No, it’s not. It’s actually real interesting.
[both laugh] Cinnamon: It’s really pretty but it’s like generally they just keep rendering every set of hands. Old hands. Young hands. Any hands that they can see. Right? John: Oh, come one. That is kind of creepy. Walking around with a notebook full of body parts. Cinnamon: Well, as long as it’s not actual body parts, right. It’s not necro- Now, see. You’re making me go dark. [both laugh] John: So-
Cinnamon: You made me go dark. John: What could we- So, if they didn’t have this color green, uh, are there any others they could use? Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Or make? Cinnamon: Yeah. You could- You could use a hunter’s green, or a deep green. Any deep, dark green will start to work with this, and play with it. Make some test color mixes and see what you can get. I mean, essentially when I looked at doing this, I wanted just a deep green for the base behind the mane. Right?
John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: It wasn’t, and I just happen to have this. It was between this and hunter’s, and I- I think the hunter’s was running low. [chuckles] So I was like, Oh. I’ll just do the phthalo, cause I got a lot of that. You know. Um, there’s a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous artist, Carol Marine. And yes. Where as I- The other artist I said don’t Google, don’t Google. But this artist, totally Google her. Google you some Carol Marine. John: Oh, yeah? Cinnamon: Yeah. Now I’m gonna add a little of this darkness up into this ear right here. But I’m gonna need to have a couple values, so I’m not gonna completely paint it out, cause I need to keep track of that shape. Like ya do. You know. You gotta keep track of these shapes. And I may at some point pull my dioxazine in to deepen this, or purple, or some other color. So be ready for craziness to happen. Be ready. I’m ready. Now I went and just mixed right into my Australian…. Sienna here. My fav, fav, fav color. And I’m going to- It’s just a slightly different…. Color, and then I’m gonna just paint in his head. The first part of this is just about getting the paint in. John: Just one of those layers. Cinnamon: This is. And is this the only way to do this? No! [chuckles] There are other ways to get this done. This is just how I did him. This is- I’m gonna come and get some of this into the ear too, cause it’s a good secondary value. Got a little wet there. I am creating a map for myself. For my imagination. Let’s call this our imagination map. Right. A lot of times when I’m painting, I’m working on an imagination map. I’m making notes. Like artist shorthand. On my canvas, about how I think at this stage things will be. Now might I change my mind? Oh yes. And since I’m not painting watercolor or something that really commits me to a concept, I can absolutely change directions on an acrylic painting. It’s one of the wonderful benefits of painting in acrylic. Painting in acrylic When I, um… I think when we- [sighs] What show were we at with this? Boy. Everybody really liked it. John: What’s that? Cinnamon: The Luminary. John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: And I do this obnoxious thing where sometimes I have painting pieces that are up on display that are not for sale. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: So, this is an ongoing problem. [laughs] John: So we have a lot of first time people joining us on live.
Cinnamon: Do we? John: Yeah. They’re really, uh, you know, that’s- People are really excited about that. Cinnamon: Who is first time? I’d love to hear all about our first timers. John: Oh my gosh. Yeah, we’ve got, uh, I’ll have to scroll back up here. I saw- Cinnamon: I’m going phthalo green and a little cad yellow, just so you know. John: Oh. Let me go back over there so we can look at that. Cinnamon: Phthalo green and a little cad yellow. I’m just making a slightly different value. John: I see Jenna for sure. Cinnamon: Is- Who? John: Jenna.
Cinnamon: Hi, Jenna! John: And give me just a moment. I’m gonna go over here and check some things. I’m gonna step away just for a second. While you’re doing that. Cinnamon: Checking something. And I’m painting this a slightly- I went into the cad yellow because again I just want this road map. This shorthand of imagination. And then…. You know. That’s what I’m doing is I’m just creating a shorthand of imagination. That’s all we’re doing. John: There we go. Cinnamon: I’m gonna get a little brown. And I block this in. This is what I do. This is the green and the brown. And then this is a thing I do when I’m painting, um… I do a thing called pop up shows. [Cinnamon coughs]
John: Oh yeah? Cinnamon: Yeah. Thanks to Matt Adams in Houston we have quite a healthy pop up show event system. John: Actually there are quite a few of those. Cinnamon: If you don’t know what fun a pop up show is, a pop up show is something where they ask a bunch of artists to come at the crack of dawn.
[John chuckles] Cinnamon: Set up outside somewhere highly public, and you paint. You paint your little mind out. You just paint paint paint paint paint paint. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And then at a particular time, you’re done. And you hand it over to the curator, and you’re probably volunteering hanging and labeling, and all of this. Curating. You know, in there. You get it all hung up in the gallery, and you generally have, what is it, like an hour and a half to do that. And then they open the gallery up for sales. Now, people can pre-buy generally on a pop up show, before the show, so that’s always really exciting. Like, the people who are like, I need that artist right now! [both chuckle] So, this is something I would use, this technique. My point being if I were at a pop up show or any place that I had to get into a painting very quickly, this is a method that I would use to do that. And, uh, if we had any of the people who watch me do that, they’d be like, “Oh yeah. I totally recognize this.” And , um, a lot of times I get a lot of props from the other artists because of the way I work through my paintings. But this is why. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: You know. And there’s a group of us that work like this. Really, seriously. I’ve noticed that. You know. And then the plein air painters, they’re like on another level. John: Oh yeah? Cinnamon: Yeah.
[both laugh] John: Why do you say that? Cinnamon: Well, because you know, I mean like, even at the pop up show, like, I’m near a hose, and a bathroom. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: I can clean up. I can carry a lot of supplies with me. John: So you’re not like, hiking out there in the middle of the woods.
Cinnamon: No. John: And setting up is what you’re saying. Cinnamon: No. One of the things that I want to do, and she’s gonna be hearing about this right now, is, uh, Lindsay had done this Lupine painting with her daughters. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And if you haven’t seen the Crafty Twins YouTube channel, you should definitely go check it out. It’s fantastic. And you can see the mother daughter Lupine art challenge. But I really liked what they did, and we had these things in Houston called Blue Bonnets. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And they bloom in the spring. They’re like kind of a big deal. And I was going to maybe-
John: You’re not even supposed to pick them. Cinnamon: No! They’ll get you.
John: They’ll getcha. Cinnamon: They’ll getcha! Pick those Blue Bonnets and they’ll getcha! John: The Texas State Troopers will pull ya over. Cinnamon: Yeah. Or Southern women. Just, either one. Both equally scary. [chuckles] John: That’s true. Cinnamon: I wouldn’t want to upset the Blue Bonnet militia and… [laughs] definitely, definitely wouldn’t want to get- You don’t want to be picking a flower and a Texas State Trooper’s little…. thing. Anyways, I’m gonna send some pictures to Lindsay of the Blue Bonnets. I’m gonna hook her up. And she’s sitting at home going, “Wait. Why?” [both laugh] But I think that she’s got a- Like, that in her, man. I think that she could bring the definitive blue bonnet painting. Cause blue bonnets should really be done in watercolor, in my opinion. I’m taking the cad yellow over to this hot mess I have over here. Just because. John: Well, I have to say we have a lot of community members, you know, just coming out and saying how much they’ve enjoyed painting along with your videos. Cinnamon: Really? John: And they’ve gotten started with them people painting, you know, uh, Patricia. Gosh. It’s hard to catch everybody who’s coming through, but- Cinnamon: Hi, guys! John: Pamela paints along every night with you. Cinnamon: Hi Pamela. How are you doing? John: Jenna just recently found you and loves all of the, you know, the art lessons. Cinnamon: Thank you, Jenna. John: You know, it’s, uh… Yeah, I’m just sort of- It’s- There’s been a whole little, lovely stream of people. Simone- Lisa just made it to her first live one with us today. Cinnamon: This is your first one? John: With us, I believe. Cinnamon: You’re a brave one to show up for. [both laugh] John: That’s true. Cinnamon: Well, you guys were just like, “Yeah, I’m ready for the big stuff. Let’s bring it! Let’s go!” John: We- We’d jump into the hoot-a -thon. Cinnamon: Yeah. This is- This is- I kind of tend to do some paintings… I used the initial concept of a painting party method, to teach some more complicated stuff, but this would not be that. This would not be that experience. [both laugh] But I still think it’s wonderful. John: Mmm. Cinnamon: I’m gonna just pick up some blue, cause I just need to give him a chin here, and I need it to be- You can kind of see like, really what I’m doing is I’m just saying, I’m creating these, again, imagination map zones. John: You’re in that zone? Cinnamon: I’m creating zones just so I know what the heck I sketched in. Anyway, hopefully you guys all love blue bonnets cause they’re gonna be happening big time, everywhere. You know. I don’t know if I need to paint mine in acrylic on a saw blade, cause I feel like that’s such a tribute. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: To be blue bonnet art everywhere. John: That’s funny.
[Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: I’m looking for the sawblade right now, so that’s- John: I have some sawblades. Cinnamon: Yeah. No. This needs to be like these vintage, old saw blades, and then you- And like, I like the big giant round ones, where they gotta be rusted.
John: Well, we’re in Humble. Cinnamon: And I’m gonna do a painting on them. John: We just need to walk around the block. And- [chuckles] This is Humble. It’s like, they’re not that far away. Cinnamon: I’m actually doing something you don’t generally see me do. I’m just pulling some black here.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Cause I just wanna get this in. I wanna know where it is and what it’s about. And so I’m gonna make sure I have that in. I generally, generally won’t and I may change this to a completely different value and stuff. I just want to know where it is. John: Mm-hmm. Apparently we have- We have a Canadian with us. Cinnamon: Canadian, eh? John: So there’s a lot of celebration happening, that there’s a Canuck in channel. Cinnamon: There’s a Canuck?!? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: An actual Canuck? John: I don’t- I think-
Cinnamon: Go, Canucks! John: I think that just a, you know, a Canuck fan is in channel. Cinnamon: I’ll take it. John: But, yeah, I know. It’s pretty awesome that we’re having a pretty big celebration. Cinnamon: I’m getting this sort of brown color. That I’m gonna sort of work for the nose around here. And I’ll be messing with the nose. I’ll be refining and defining this nose. I’m just saying, “Hey! Paint goes here!” John: So, what would you think about a… Glitter lion? [Cinnamon laughs] John: Or a rainbow maned lion? [both laughing] Cinnamon: Well, a rainbow maned lion, I absolutely will do. And have done, and won shows with that. But, um… John: That could be in the Kawaii set. Cinnamon: Oh, in the Ka- Like, in a Kawaii style rainbow maned lion? John: That’d be funny. That’d be great. Cinnamon: I feel like I have to explore something else in the Japanese art now cause I feel like I’ve been exploring the Kawaii. And I’m gonna come and just define this a little bit more here, to say, Oh, I know I’ve got this. And I just wanna know where that is. Right, guys? And then I’m gonna take this here. John: Don’t so that, you know, that paper craft sculpting thing. Where they make the little tiny food. [Cinnamon laughs] John: That’s- That’s- Cinnamon: Foody foody? John: Yeah, what is that? [both laugh] John: Little tiny paper food. Cinnamon: You know what? I feel like Strawberry has covered that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: She’s made like every kit, and I think Monsoon- Macaroon has mastered it. John: Wow! That stuff is just so crazy. All the tiny, tiny intricacies that goes into that. Cinnamon: See, and by these little shoutouts, I’m saving all you guys a bunch of YouTubery, trying to look that up. Just who’s worth watching.
[Cinnamon chuckles] John: You know, if you put a sort of rounded type of mane on there, you could do a Bob Ross lion. Cinnamon: You could. Not the direction we’re going today. John: That was a suggestion from channel. Cinnamon: But hopefully at this point, when you’re looking at him, right? And you’re gonna be looking at him, then you’re like, you can kind of see the structure, under which you’re planning your- your deal. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I hate to do this to you babe, but I’m gonna need a second cup of coffee. John: We can totally do that. While that’s going on, Lou was just asking, uh, if you would be doing a color wheel mixing tutorial soon. A lot of people have been asking about the different color combinations. Cinnamon: [whispers] I need to. One, you guys need to realize that if I do that, that’s the one video my mom will watch. [laughs] She has a lot of feelings on color mixing. And has taught a lot of workshop on that. So, I really have to think about what I’m going to do there. I have a color wheel. Um, actually a really fun, charming one to do, and… Um… I- I love color. And I feel like we kinda gotta go into some color work too. Like I wanna do like a skin tone day. Like we’re gonna just break down skin tones, and we’re gonna break down, you know, like at some point, I might just go bananas and be like, alright. Let’s do a portrait. Let’s just do it. Don’t be like all, “Yeah! Portraits!” Cause John’s gonna come back and be like, “What happened?” I mean, I just think, like- Like, you know, how do you get that done? Um…. I think is interesting to cover. How you get all the greens. Greens are bananas. Like, until I get that done you can go by and check William Kemp. He’s got some interesting color mixing. And he does his green with yellow and black, which I have to tell you as an artist, like, you know me, I would never ever do. But it’s really interesting what he does with it. Um… And so, yeah, we’ll make a color book. I just- I have to do it when my mom’s on vacation. [laughs] I’m just talking to you randomly. [Sighs] Oh! I’m gonna get a fresh cup of water. My water is super green. Super super green. Like, epicly uber green, and I’m gonna put this back here. Um…. I just realized I asked John to do a very long thing. That’s a crazy crazy thing to do. When your acrylic paint is dry, by the way, if there’s anything that you want to go back in, and think about or sketch, you can always come back with chalk. And see how that will show up? And give yourself any kind of extra information. So, like, if you’re thinking about something serious, and you’re like, “Oh, I know I’m gonna have this, and I’m gonna have this here, and I’m gonna have this here,” of these shadows. And you’re looking at your picture, and you’re like, “Oh, well he’s got this little muscle here, and he’s got this little muscle here.” Big cats will always have a muscle here and a sink here. And so if you do those, then…. You know, that will be fantastic. I so appreciate John being here, guys. Really don’t forget that Angela’s coming on at three with snowmen. I got on late today cause of technical issues, so somebody needs to be doing the countdown. John: Yes. Cinnamon: Because it’s gonna be an artist snowman. John: An artist snowman. Cinnamon: Well, I mean we talked it, so I guess it is now cause I said it out loud, but there was gonna be one. So I’ve got him here, and I’m gonna start putting in some like, values and some stuff. And this is really just about building up what I think is going on here and these pictures and in my original painting. So I get in there and I’m gonna start blocking maybe some… Some highlights. Not my highest highlight. But just some values. Cause again… Always mapping. Always, always mapping. So I’m gonna say maybe something about this muscle up here, and I see that there’s this muscle up here. But we’re- Got this highlight here. And I’ve got this green here and I’m pulling this Australian Sienna, and I’m just letting that do the work for me. Umm…. You know a lot of times in our beginning lessons we really talk specifically about how to get what colors, but what happens in a painting like this, more often than you’d think, is I’m just going through, grabbing bits of color, and saying, “Oh! I feel like this ear…” You know, needs a highlight. I don’t know if you guys see- John: Can you zoom in a little more? Cinnamon: See the highlight. Yeah. Just…. I’m gonna zoom in on this area cause I’m gonna be working this area a little bit. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Woohoo! Nausea cam. So, like I said this is usually if I was to be talking about a painting like this, I would be talking about it you know, at a local workshop with artists you know, that would be coming in and we’d be talking about contrasts and how you know, I’m using harmonies here. Those are colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. And that visually create harmony. They’re not even elusive with the term. [chuckles] Right. And then using contrast in the red I create drama, on what would be a stagnant painting. It would be a very still painting. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: This is a hard painting to make interesting. This art piece, and some of you might be like, “Wait! What?!? That’s very interesting. It’s a lion and it’s so interesting!” But actually, bless his little heart, he’s not. [chuckles] Because he’s very centered on my canvas. I haven’t done anything with him to… See, I grab some yellow ochre and some cad yellow. I’m gonna come up along the top of this here. And I’m making this little story here. And I know that under the eye here that there’s a little highlight. And this is what I’m always doing when I’m looking at these. I’m like, I’m looking for my extremes. It’s why black and white pictures sometimes are so incredibly useful, because you can really go, “Oh, well…” You know on a big cat you’re going to have this highlight, this highlight, and this dark area. That’s happening. And so it doesn’t really matter what colors you paint him in. Right. And you could do this cat in rainbows. You could do him in anything. Let you know how rough my city is. I took this guy to a critique once. [both laugh] Got read the riot act. For being predictable. John: So, I’m checking on it right now, but it looks like Angela may have changed her time today. Cinnamon: Oh! I’m sorry, Angela. John: I think she may be having- She may be aware of some technical issues on our end, so. That’s very nice.
Cinnamon: Oh. I feel that. I really do. So I’m just trying to figure out what I wanna- What I’m trying to- I’m gonna say something here, and I’m working out what it is. And that’s what- What I’m doing is I’m looking for… These color stories. And also I’ve got these photographs here and that’s gonna impact the finished painting I’m gonna end up having because everytime I look at the subject matter, I’m gonna see something new. I’m gonna see something, you know, important or…. Grab some just green. I feel like…. I’m just coming in here. Grabbing some just of the green. And this is why sometimes this type of art subject matter can be more challenging to teach. Because you’re really making these art decisions on the fly. A lot of time we’ll look at this type of thing as say a workshop. Right. Or a demo. John: Yeah. It looks like Angela’s set for, uh… Three central. So about an hour and a half from now. Cinnamon: Yeah. Yeah. Ok. Yeah. So that’s what I was saying is that she’s going on at three. John: Ok. Is that when…. Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s when it was. John: Oh. That’s when it was. I’m sorry. Cinnamon: Oh, I would just freak out if she had to, like, reschedule for me. I’d be just like trippin’. I’d be trippin’ trippin’. Straight trippin’. [John laughs] John: Yeah. Some of it shows. Cinnamon: So you can see I’m just starting to get these little values. And this is what I’m looking for. I’m looking here and I’m- Try to- You know, we make the fifty shades of gray joke. But, most of us can see fifteen to twenty. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right. I did the test. I see, like, forty. [chuckles] John: That’s pretty cool. Cinnamon: Yeah. Probably not fifty. But what that is is its values. And the way that you express these values is how you express form and shape on a painting.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: When you’re trying to paint, say, super realism, that will be one of the things you really have to get down. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Is the values. Cinnamon: Gonna get some of this brown. Maybe a titch of white. Skoch. And I’m gonna come here- Maybe more of a skoch. John: [chuckles] A double skoch? Cinnamon: A double skoch! Oh, I like that!
[both laugh] Cinnamon: So, again, you could use, um, cad. You could use an indian. You could use the light cad. You could use an Indian. I really like the Australian. If you can get it. John: Gotcha. Cinnamon: If you can get it. It’s- You know, every paint company, they have this- What they have is they have chemists, right?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And they work in the factory and then they have artists designing colors, and then the chemists make the colors. And so, there are amazing colors that you get. Only in certain circumstances. So I’m just working this here. Probably gonna have to come back with a dark color there. Oh, isn’t he just shaping out already? John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: I really love when I start to block these in. It’s super exciting to me. I hope it’s exciting to you. If you’re a super new painter, and you’re like, first time painting. Two paintings in. Four paintings in. You know. Definitely just be like, it’s ok if it gives me some trouble right now. I know I can do it. If not today then soon. Don’t- Don’t be like, “Well I can’t paint this highly complicated super realistic lion!” “So I must not be able to paint!” Well, he’s not realistic. He’s more fanciful, but you know what I’m saying. Like, there’s a lot going on here. And that’s gotta be ok. The purpose of the painting can’t- Interestingly enough, can not just be the result. John: And, if I can, I’d like to say, thank you to everyone in channel- Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Who yells in all capitals to tell me messages. You know, I do appreciate it. I know that it’s- [Cinnamon laughs] John: You know, there’s- There’s, you know- Cinnamon: What are you missing?!? John: Well, you know, every once in awhile, someone will say, “Hey, it’s not nice to yell in all capitals!” And, you know, there’s a couple people, like Kim and Mona and- That’ll throw out stuff to make sure I can see it as it comes up in chat, and, uh… Cinnamon: Oh. They’re just trying to make sure you know, though. John: Yeah. They’re just- They’re totally on my side. Totally trying to help me. But they’re not at all being rude. They’re totally helping me out. Cinnamon: Oh, yeah. If you guys don’t know, yeah. We have a couple team members in there, and what happens on these chats is they’re impossible to see. They go by so fast. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And if it wasn’t for the help of our community, we would be doomed! John: Yes! Cinnamon: Doooooomed!!!!
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I set some- In an effort to deal with like, drive by weird, uh, people coming in saying radically inappropriate for kids things, um…
[John chuckles] Cinnamon: I put some, what I thought would be unacceptable phrases… John: And apparently caught one of our moderators twice. [both laugh]
Cinnamon: It caught one of our moderators twice! And I looked at what he said, and I don’t know why it even got him. It was like, “You! I’m watching you….” John: I think just generally-
Cinnamon: I can just tell you’re gonna say something! So I’m pinging you!
John: That’s right. Cinnamon: So if it gives you guys grief, I’m not, John and I aren’t sitting there, like, the word police, blocking you. It’s YouTube’s word police. Blocking. We’re gonna see if it works. Let me know what you guys think of it. If it’s causing trouble, we’ll go another way. John: Yeah. So, Angela joining us in here. Cinnamon: Hi Angela! I’m sorry! We had some technical difficulties getting off the ground, girl. John: Yeah. Angela was just letting us know it’s about an hour and twenty minutes before her show goes in. Cinnamon: Ok, yeah. John: So we’re- We’re doing really well. Cinnamon: You know, that cat will be here. John: Yeah. You can always jump over there and then come back. Cause we have this great thing where this will be available for you to watch later.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: As much as you want. So you can come back and catch the rest of it a little later on. Cinnamon: Yeah. Totally, totally ok. I grabbed some just blue there. For those of you that didn’t see it. And I blended it right into that wet paint. That’s another thing I’ll do on a piece like this. I will work quickly so I can work a wet into wet technique. Now an Alla Prima, but a wet into wet blending technique. You know. And because I’m painting heavy body, sometimes I’ll dip in water. Now, some people fundamentally, and I have been in some heated, screaming, cray-cray arguments. [John laughs] Cinnamon: That John has heard about later, about whether or not water can be added to acrylic paint. John: Mmm. Cinnamon: Right. So don’t even worry like when somebody comes by and trolls me and is like, “You’re doing it all wrong!” I have heard worse to my face! [John laughs] Cinnamon: From some, you know, person who had very different art opinions than- You know, because in art, passions run high. And filters are not used. John: Now, are you still using that one inch filbert, there? Cinnamon: I’m still just using this battered- Ok. For the other artists in the room, cause this tells them a lot about what’s wrong in my studio.
John: That’s not a filbert! You switched! Cinnamon: Oh, I switched to a bright.
John: When did you do that? Cinnamon: I think I said it. John: Ok. Just wanted to make sure, cause someone was just asking what brush you’re using. Cinnamon: I’m using the half inch bright. John: The half inch bright? Ok. It is. So, Lou, it is a bright. Cinnamon: It is. Thank you for catching that. See. Community. So I’m blending this blue right up in here. John: I’m not just heckling you. Cinnamon: I don’t-
John: They’re heckling you- Cinnamon: First of all, you’re married to me. You’re totally allowed to heckle me. John: But now I have- I have a whole-
Cinnamon: You said I do. And some of those privileges are heckling privileges. John: But now I have people a lot smarter than me coming up with better heckling. Cinnamon: Oh, and they’re- Again, guys, I have such a thick skin. Sometimes you guys are so cute and are like, “Is it gonna upset you if I say this?” No. Dude, you can’t- Like, sometimes if somebody comes by and is like, “What are these, you know, things doing?” Blah blah blah. And they’re kind of being jerky to the community, then yeah. I’m gonna get them. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: But if it’s just me, I don’t really care. I can either block, or… It just- Yeah. It just doesn’t really rent any space. John: Now that bright is- Brights are not angled? Correct? Cinnamon: No. You could do this with an angle brush. Right?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You know. You could do this with a chewed twig if you’re really determined. John: But, I just wanted to make sure that there’s a… That there’s a difference between a bright and an angle. Cinnamon: So I’m just trying to darken it. I’m looking at above this space. And there’s how I- When I did the original piece, I really worked this rounded muzzle, but as I’m looking at these photographs, I’m kinda going a different way. And so, you know what? It is what it is, guys. This is art. Not for the weak hearted. No, I’m just kidding! [both laugh] Cinnamon: I used to love saying things like at random. Like this is art. It’s not for the weak hearted! [John laughs] John: Confrontational artist. Cinnamon: No. Funny! Funny. It’d just be like when somebody’s freaking out. [laughs] John: Aaaaahhhh! Cinnamon: [laughs] Yeah. Because somebody would always be freaking out. I really- I looked at renting a- We have this thing in Houston. These poshy poshy art studios. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: Downtown. There’s Silver Street, and Winter Street. And there’s one other street. [chuckles] Where they’ve taken warehouses and they’ve created them into, um, you know, studio rentals. And then, you know, you paint and work there and have regular art crawls through there. John: Is that the one that was the grain elevator one? Cinnamon: Well, that was part of- That is adjacent to Winter Street where our friend Vincent shows. John: Yeah. And didn’t Morgan move down there at one point? Cinnamon: He- Well, I mean, yes he did. But that was before it was all art. John: That was pretty cool. Cinnamon: That was when there was just the art lofts of Houston. Just the one set of art lofts. Because it was entirely a downtown thing. So I’m starting to lay- There’s this wrinkling and musculature in the face. And I’m starting to lay that down. And then I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna get some white on my brush because I’m feeling like this needs to be rounded out a little bit. And that’s something that I’ll do. I’ll be like, what’s happening here? Round it out. Round it out. With this crazy color that I know I’m gonna paint over in a minute, but I don’t mind because this is just about building up. This is about the layers John: Yeah. Cinnamon: There’s just nothing to do but put the layers in. John: Now- close up.
Cinnamon: Anyways, we looked at renting. John: Close up camera. Cinnamon: Close up camera? We looked at renting down there. But it’s like bananas expensive. John: Huh. Cinnamon: I was just like, I’d have to be selling artwork at such a rate. To justify it. You know. John: That- That close up camera’s just over your shoulder right now. Cinnamon: Do you wanna move it? John: I may come over and bump it over in a little bit. Cinnamon: Ok. Is it just not seeing anything? John: Just when you go to paint. Cinnamon: Just when I go to paint.
[John laughs] Cinnamon: Just when it needs to be useful and I gotta lean out. So I’m gonna put this green here and I’m gonna soften this value right here. Right. Cause I’m seeing that that’s softer. I’m gonna grab some green here and I’m gonna soften this value here. The value transition. I’m gonna soften it. Like ya do. Hey. Did you know that’s like, like ya do?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Woooo! We’re going!
John: Just cruisin’ right along. Cinnamon: This is a day, man. This is a day. On the top of their noses, they’re generally always this sort of much lighter kind of little highlight. And so I like to get in there and work that. Work it. And it may come around here. And then I’m gonna get that, and it may come around here. And again this is, like I’ve been warning y’all, this is not- This is fun, though. Actually. When would you get to do this? When would you get to? I got a very light color, and I’m working the eye here. John: Yeah, everyone- There’s a lot of folks commenting how much they like this style of artwork and just the relaxing nature of this. Cinnamon: It will chill you out. John: I’m actually flattered by the number of Bob comments that we get in channel. Cinnamon: Really? John: Yeah there’s a lot of them, and it’s really flattering. Cinnamon: It- It is. Thirty thousand paintings that man did. John: That guy’s awesome.
Cinnamon: Yeah. Yeah. I’m like, I’ll question an artist that puts down Bob, cause I’m like, thirty thousand paintings is respectable, no matter what your style. John: Yeah. I wanna say the New York Times just did an article about the Bob Ross reunion. That was really incredible. Cinnamon: That’s- They do that biannually.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So I’m looking and working this highlight right here. John: Can you pull your close up camera up a little bit?
Cinnamon: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m working it. I’m defining that eye. Well, it doesn’t- You’ve tightened it so tight! [both laugh] John: Use a thumbwheel to loosen that up. Cinnamon: [laughing] I’m like, what’s happening over here?! That was really cool to see that. You can still become a certified Bob Ross artist. Did you know that? John: Wow! Cinnamon: You can still go, um, it’s like a four day class, and it’s not even a lot of money. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: I- If I didn’t think they would consider it a hostile activity, I would go and do that, just out of curiosity. Like, just to see…. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: What they have to say, you know what I mean? Like… Like, I kinda like that, and… So what I’m really using, and this is in your link, just so you guys know. John: Yep.
Cinnamon: I’m using this photograph. And so, usually I use my paintings as reference, when I’m painting. You’ll be like, “But you’re using this photograph.” Yes. I am. [chuckles] Because that’s what this requires. I love, uh, I love working from photographs. I had been toying with the idea of having, um, a photograph contest for the community, where you guys- Now, it has to be your own photograph or photograph from somebody that you can get written permission to use. But to do something on, like, how to paint this photograph. Like how would I do that? And I’ll show you guys how to break down a photograph. John: Those are…. nice. Those are such expressive eyebrows. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: With all the little layers you put in there. Cinnamon: Yeah. I’m getting this little Australian Sienna and I’ve got this dirty brush already going. [whispers] Dirty brush. John: Dirty brush.
Cinnamon: Dirty, dirty brush. John: You know, what is it about painting where occasionally you just have to go kinda off a little bit? [Cinnamon laughing]
John: I mean- I mean- Cinnamon: I think it’s because the terminology just leads to that. John: I have to say, I really enjoy going back and watching some of the old Bob stuff. [Cinnamon laughs] John: Cause he did the same thing. Cinnamon: He wasn’t- You know what, you’re not even trying, though. John: No. It just kinda- Cinnamon: It happens. It happens to ya.
John: It does. Cinnamon: You know.
John: It’s so funny. Cinnamon: And it is sorta fun when it’s going on. And I’ve got a very dry brush happening here. And I’m just trying to look and, uh…. observe what I feel like is going on in these spaces. And I’m scrumbling, and that’s why I’m using kind of an abused brush, cause I’m like, dude! John: I think that’s brush justification. Cinnamon: Brush justification? John: Yes. I think you would use that brush anyway. Cinnamon: Probably. You know how you get a brush where you’re just like, “I just like this brush….” John: Yes. I know. Cinnamon: [whispers] I just like this brush. Can I just use this brush? [sings] And I’m just looking for things that I can paint in here. John: So what are you looking for there, when you’re… Cinnamon: So, when I’m observing this photograph, I’m trying to drill down visually on where is a highlight? So sometimes I, what I’ll do, I’ll go through a photograph and I’ll look for highlights first, and I’ll be like, where’s the highlights? And then I’ll go, but where’s the lowlights? And then I’ll come back and be like, but where’s the highlights? John: Mmm. Cinnamon: And I’m just constantly looking for the value changes, and if I can accurately um, do that. Like if I were to- I- I had been like, should we do some high realism? Cause I actually have it in my wheel house. But then I’m like, it would be like thirteen hours, and then just to confirm it, Marcello took like thirteen hours, and I was like, “See?!?”
[both laugh] Cinnamon: That’s a long, live broadcast. John: So we just had this really interesting, um, topic come up that we’ve been talking about recently. So I’ll toss that over to you, cause we have an opportunity to ask our community some of this. So they said they would be interested in going to Sherpa Con. And that erupted into a whole slew of other people going, “Yes! I would go to Sherpa Con as well!” [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: You guys shouldn’t say this to my husband cause he’ll- He’s actually thrown cons. It could happen. John: We’re talking about in the first quarter of next year doing a small event get together. Cinnamon: Oh, I know. John: And we’re curious to see who’d be interested. How many people would be interested in attending. Cinnamon: By talking, John says, “Hey we should do this!” and I’m like, “You crazy.” John: Yeah. But, you know, we’re thinking we’ve got some really nice venues. That are available to us here.
Cinnamon: That’s true. John: We’re we could have a really nice time. And, you know, over a couple of days, I think have a really nice experience. Go walking that artist path. So… Cinnamon: I could probably get some artists to come show up, too. John: We could probably do some stuff. Cinnamon: Probably get some artists to come show out. Show up. John: We’d have to brush out? Cinnamon: Yeah. Brush out! [John laughs] Cinnamon: I don’t know. I have this weird- Cause you know I do this. Like when I go to public places, I always carry art supplies just in case I’m called out. [John laughs] John: You- She- She’s so funny. So she walks around, and I won’t even say where the places we have been that she’s done this.
[Cinnamon laughs] John: Because it is…. Mmmm…. Ridiculous! Ish. [Cinnamon laughs] John: And many of these places we have cameras too, just in case. But they’re- She has her primary markers and some nice little watercolor bristol paper and some water-
Cinnamon: [laughs] Just in case! John: And her mini Windsor Newton watercolors and some brushes and maybe an ink or two. You just, I mean, like where as I walk around ready, you know, like with a first aid kit, pocket knife, you know. I’m, you know, boy scout prepared. No. She’s like ready to throw down art style. Cinnamon: [laughs] It’s not that I want to. John: No. You’re just prepared to art up. Cinnamon: I am. You know what it is, is cause I used to- That used to be a thing that happened to me. I think it’s what kind of pulls people away from art, is it can’t- The ind- It can be like this. It can be very not accepting. And confrontational. And even though it’s like the best thing in the world to do with like your free time is of course paint. So what I learned to do coming up was just be ready. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: To be called out at any time. They’d be like, “You can do that but you can’t really do this,” and I’m like, “Well, alright. Let’s go.” [John chuckles] Cinnamon: Put your money where your paint is. Cinnamon: [laughing] It’s weird. [both laughing] Cinnamon: Weird! [both chuckle] John: I have to look over and make sure I didn’t leave you on the close up camera as we’re just chatting away here. But, uh…. Cinnamon: See, isn’t that looking nice?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m sorry, this is a long one guys. We’re here for a minute. I apologize. John: Well, I have to say, so, uh… Cinnamon: But we are doing this painting. If you wanted to know how to do this painting- John: We’re getting it. Cinnamon: I’m not even short cutting you. John: No. Brush by brush. Cinnamon: It’s literally brush stroke by brush stroke and you’re getting to see, like, the paint I need and when I grab my burnt sienna. And you also see some very important stuff. Pay attention to how little I wash my brush. John: Yeah. You use a lot of dry brushing techniques. Cinnamon: I do. And a lot of layering and allowing the paint to come out, off the bottom and up. And then, you know, I’m just, very little brush washing. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Very very little brush washing. John: So, if we’re- The- Everyone loves the idea of a Sherpa Con Cinnamon: Uh oh. John: And that, I think that’s definitely something that we’re gonna start working on. Cinnamon: Ok.
John: And figuring out a plan. But what’s really interesting is that second only to that was like- Oh! One, you need to come to Europe. Because you can’t leave us out. Cinnamon: Oh, I really need to get there.
John: Twist her arm. Cinnamon: I need to go study the white horses of Camargue. Camargue. I can’t say it. France. Someone, internets, correct me. Thank god the French are so patient with my French. [John laughs] Cinnamon: They are. The French are so patient with me. The Irish and the French. Super patient with me. John: So, we’ll have to put on there a European side of things, which may be over the summer. Or something. Cinnamon: I would love love love to. I feel like what we should do is we should is like crash in on Nagualero, who does not know us at all. [both laugh] John: I think we can find plenty of sofa’s to crash on. Cinnamon: I would be like go bug Mike Deakin. Go bug Clive. That would be the one that would just be like, “Hey Clive!”
[laughs] John: Yeah! Cinnamon: He’d be like, “What is happening?!?”
[chuckles] These people keep showing up at my place!
[laughs] I gotta move! John: And then the other suggestion is we get an RV and start hitting the road around the states. Cinnamon: Oh! Man, would I love that! So Dream-
John: The collab RV. Cinnamon: The collab RV. I’ll go see all my friends. And go collab, like, in their studios, which is like my favorite things, is to be in my friend’s art studios and like, do work. It’s so much fun. And then the other thing is- Oh, I like this. That came in really well. Super happy with that. Um, that I really- Kung Fu. Does anyone remember the show with Carradine John: Oh yeah.
Cinnamon: And Kung Fu. Going city to city, making the world a better place one Kung Fu move at a time? [Cinnamon laughs]
John: Yeah. But you’re gonna do it with filberts. Cinnamon: [laughing] With filberts! Waaah! Art Ninja! [John laughs] Cinnamon: Sorry. I need a sip of coffee. Have I let my coffee get cold? John: I think- You want me to go nuke it? But well, so, you know, here’s another important thing. Cause we do recognize that we have a lot of our- Our community members have anxiety about traveling. And they were commenting that, like, some of them have even sold their cars cause it gives them so much stress, about like-
Cinnamon: Oh, I feel that. I’m sorry. John: Yeah. I mean like, I totally understand that. So, the good news is that we’re gonna make sure that we have these live events. And we’re working on tools to make sure you guys can be a part of whatever we do, no matter where we go. Cinnamon: No matter where we go. There you are. Buckaroo Banzai and the eighth dimension. That’s obscure referencing right there!
[John laughs] John: Yup!
[Cinnamon laughs] [Cinnamon sighs]
John: So…. You can take us- We’ll be there if you want us. And YouTube’s made it possible that even if you don’t want us, we’re out there. [chuckles] Cinnamon: But I do love the idea of heading over to the Europes. John: I do too. I think that would be pretty cool. We- We could, uh…. We could go crash in Mona’s flat and be like, “Hey! We’re gonna shoot film!” Cinnamon: I’ve been- I have been to Sweden. But I have not been to- Like I haven’t- I did Sweden. I haven’t done Germany. Did Ireland. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Did Spain. Did a little bit of Italy. Ciao bella. Mostly just to drive to Switzerland. [both laugh] Cinnamon: No offense to Italy. John: I’m sure Italy is offended at you, Sherpa! Cinnamon: Dude! You don’t want to even start with them. I’ve seen them out for Soccer holidays. John: There’s some- Dude! Canadians can get hooligan-y too, so. Cinnamon: The Canadians get really holligan-y too. I’m ready to go back to Canada as well. John: I think that my point is that every nation has some hooligan in them. Cinnamon: Every nation has some hooligan in them. John: Ooh! Art cruise.
Cinnamon: I think that’s super true. Art cruise. Now listen guys, if we do an art cruise, you’re gonna have to accept that my mom is coming, because if I went on an art cruise and I didn’t bring her, she would die! She would seriously just totally die. [chuckles] John: I think that both moms would pretty much have to come or, you know, the guilt alone would be unbearable. Cinnamon: Does anyone know the cruise booking agents? I’ll go. John: [sighs] Ah, how would we even do that? Cinnamon: Now, they have these booking agents. John: I know, but I mean it’s like… Cinnamon: I’m taking some blue here and just working this again. Just so you know. So you know! Just so you know. John: The only reason I would be reluctant to go on a cruise is that they may not let me do all the crazy, magical stuff that we would want to do with our people. Cinnamon: I don’t think they care.
John: Maybe. Cinnamon: I’ve been on some cruises.
John: That’s be pretty neat. Cinnamon: It would be pretty neat. Alright. Still on this… You didn’t know this, this, like most important-
John: Close up camera! If it’s gonna be close up. Cinnamon: Close up camera.
John: If it’s gonna be important, close up. Cinnamon: Yeah. That, um…. Yuuuuurm. He looks really pretty though. He’s starting to to look good. He’s gonna be gorg.
John: He’s looking really good. Expressive. Cinnamon: Now I’m kinda wishing I’d done him on a gallery wrap. John: Well, you could- [Cinnamon sighs] Cinnamon: You just never know when you’re gonna be really brilliant and then you’ll be like, “I should’ve done this on a gallery wrap.” So I’m gonna start telling the story of my mane. Which I like to do. Super fun for me. I’m going to be doing just what I did everywhere else you see me doing it. But now I’m doing it here. Just creating these highlights. Hair is not hair. [chuckles] Everybody, when the wanna do hair, they like to draw lines, or real specific things like that. But hair is… Um, really really a tonal study. Really, really…. About value. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Highlight and shadow. And so, to make this easy for myself, again, I’m putting in imagination maps. John: Oh! Cinnamon: I like that. We’re just using that from now on. How is your imagination map today? Did you remember to put in your imagination map? Because that will help you get the painting done. Did you remember to print it out in black and whites so you could see where the light value are, and the dark values? Did you? John: I don’t know. Cinnamon: [laughs] You don’t know! John: I don’t know!
Cinnamon: I didn’t know there was gonna be a quiz! John: So much pressure!
Cinnamon: [laughing] I didn’t know! That the quiz was coming. But there is a quiz. [whispers] There’s a quiz… And that quiz is up to you. I don’t know. I get weird. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: I get weird. I don’t usually have to have, like… So, it’s not that I haven’t painted at this level out in public. John can totally verify I do. But I- Usually the conversations are somebody will come by and be like, My aunt. My mom. Some family member is a brilliant brilliant painter. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Also. And I really like this painting. And I wish I could paint like this. And then I’ll say something like, “Oh, I totally think you can paint like this.” And they’ll be like, “No. Nope. Didn’t get the gene…” And that’s literally my conversation, is like, “I don’t think I can paint like that.” Me going, “I think you could paint like that.
John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: Now I’ve proved it. [John laughs] Cinnamon: This is really all about me just being like, I’m telling you all, you can do it! [chuckles] Fine! I’ll just go on YouTube! John: Cool! Cinnamon: Show y’all! So, we’re just… I am just looking for….. John: Someone’s calling you out on getting the Bob Ross voice. Of lulling us all into your-
Cinnamon: I am? John: Slumber of paint.
Cinnamon: Am I doing that? Is the Bob happening? John: The- You’ve invoked the Bob voice. Cinnamon: I have invoked the Bob. This is a thing that happens to you when you’re painting and talking. It really was not his fault. And I promise you, like if you see, uh… Kevin Hill. He’s not being ironic. This is- This just happens to you when you’re being real chill and painting. John: You’re just being mellow and down temporal? And then- Cinnamon: Yeah. John: All of a sudden…
Cinnamon: Take off your shoes. John: Shoes.
Cinnamon: Start- [laughs] And then you’re like. Whaaaaaaa… John: It’s like your blood pressure just drops ten points and you start finding yourself in an overwhelming sense of mellow. Cinnamon: You are. You just get an overwhelming sense of mellow. Now I’m coming back with a second coat of this dark. I’m working between what I’ve already got in. Some of it’s still wet, and I love it if it is. If it’s still wet, it’s awesome for me. Just get my little dark colors going. This I do want… Good value. Ahh, I love how this painting come in! Just doing this. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Just doing this.
John: Litle more paint there? Cinnamon: Yeah. Doing my phthalo. Man, and I still have to say, Liquitex, thank you for making a not sucky cap. [John laughs] Cinnamon: You don’t watch my show, and you don’t care what I think, but Liquitex, thank you so much. Look how easy that comes off! And then when I’m done, it’s back on. I got a whole bunch of tubes over here with caps, I’m like, fightin’! Fightin’! Fightin’! Fightin’! John: But that big cap makes it easier.
Cinnamon: Ooohhhh! I love it! I love it! Like, and I guess that’s the expensive part of the machining, to do the cap or something. I don’t know what the deal is, but nobody wants to change their caps. You know? And if I ever had a line of paint, I would so want that kind of cap. That would be like one of my deals. It’s gotta be the good cap, man! John: So it’s funny. Theresa was just saying, could you imagine, uh, living in Bob’s pocket? Just watching everything. She would sleep like a baby. Cinnamon: Awe! [chuckles] That is the sweetest thing I ever heard! John: That made me- That reminded me of, didn’t we have, uh… Cinnamon: This squirrel?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Yes, he did. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Not a flying squirrel. He had a traditional squirrel. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: But he did have a squirrel. Who did live in his pocket. And it did sleep like a baby. So. You called that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, yeah. Look at me. I’m just adding these highlights. I hope- So, sometimes, like… I’m hoping some of you guys will try this cause a lot of times, at this point, it’s just showing that I can paint, which is not as exciting as when you guys discover that you’re painting too.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So I definitely hope everyone will. John: Oh my gosh. So Stephanie just, uh… She’s in chat commenting on the brushes. And she just said, “I designed new caps using the same thread printout using a 3D printer. Cinnamon: Yeah! John: Remember when when we talked about that? Cinnamon: Yes we did! John: So, it’s very interesting, Stephanie. So, uh… Early on I had a- I was a really early adopter for a 3D printer and I had a maker bought. And, uh- But, we ended up getting rid of it there, when we were boot strapping the studio. So, uh… We needed other equipment. But, uh…
[both chuckle] Cinnamon: We picked you guys even then. John: So, uh… When we- But before, what was really funny cause afterwards we realized that there’s a lot of our community members who could use larger caps. So, we had- Or I had designed these caps that had really big hand holds so they’re real easy to get on and off, and they’ve got a punch on the other side so you can clean up. Cinnamon: Really good if you’ve got grip issues for something like Parkinson’s. John: So, someday, when we get another 3D printer, we’re, uh… We’re- Cinnamon: Definitely doing that. John: We’re gonna prototype all of those, and make those available for free. Cinnamon: Ok, this isn’t gonna be that exciting, cause it’s dark. But I’m gonna zoom out a little bit.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So you can see it. And… But as I put the highlights in it’ll get more exciting. I still haven’t rinsed my brush. And I still am worrying about brush directionality. I’m flowing the brush strokes out. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You know. I’m gonna have to go buy some phthalo green today, John. John: Oh? Well, that’s ok.
Cinnamon: Yeah. Ok. Michael’s is open. As of yet, Golden and Liquitex hasn’t put my sign up in any of the stores, saying don’t sell to her. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: That’s like a theory I have. That they’re gonna be like, “Don’t sell to her!” Don’t do it! She talked bad about the caps. And Liquitex will be like, “Well, she talked nice about ours!” [both laugh] Cinnamon: So I’m going to just keep telling this sort of flowing story. And one of the things I’m gonna do is as I come here is I’m going to leave this…. somewhat dark. Cause I wanna say that this is- That there’s sort of a shadow happening here. I don’t know if you can see that I’m keeping it very streaky. Right here, maybe, I’m gonna have this nice little bit that I flow out. And I love doing this! This is just a lot of fun to do. John: Ooh! Apparently Michael’s has a twenty percent off coupon today. Cinnamon: Oooh! Always helpful in the acquisition of paint. John: Karen pointed that out for you to go get some green. Cinnamon: Yeah, I need some. John: Yeah. I was- Sorry I drifted off here. There’s um… There’s some fun chats out there going on. Cinnamon: It’s ok. John gets a complete pass if he gets caught into y’alls funny chats. They’re literally like… I don’t know. Your fun part of the show. You’re whispering to people?! How weird is that?! John: I’m whispering to your daughter. Cinnamon: Oh! [both laugh] Cinnamon: It’s like-
John: It’s- It’s I’m not actually whispering to anyone but- Cinnamon: Ok. Honey, come say hi to Maizy and Lindsay. John: I think that she could, if she comes back in here. Shoot. Cinnamon: I would love her to say hi.
John: I think she would love to say hi. Cinnamon: My daughter is eleven and is a big crafter. She would get a kick out of that. So we’re just… We’re just working this. I’m creating a little highlight here. I’m kind of highlighting this. And you sorta see that this mane is coming in. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: And that’s a lot of fun to do. Like I said, not a super speedy painting. Not like our ballet shoes, which were like, BOOM! Done! An hour. That as awesome. John: Yeah. But this is going pretty quick. Cinnamon: That was in- Is it? John: Yeah. I mean- We- I mean like, we’re scooting quite along, I think. Cinnamon: Well, for what it is, it does move very quickly. If you think what it is, it’s going really fast. And I love just going around. One of the fun things for me about this is I’ll go around and just find colors. And I’ll be like, yeah. That works. Esp- And if you’re working on your greens, like, man. Greens give some people some trouble. I don’t know why, but they really do. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And I think it’s because, you know, you grow up and you’re told this fairy tale that yellow and blue make green. And you believe that fairy tale. Seems reasonable, right? John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And then, you know, you get into paint. You buy a set of paint, and you mix some ultramarine yellow with some lemon yellow- I mean ultramarine blue with some lemon yellow, and you get any color but green. John: Oh, yeah. Ooohhh! Yeah! Cinnamon: You’re like, “What’s happening here?! I’m mixing these colors! I’m pretty sure…. That this should be working, and yet, it is in no way working! What’s happening??? Because green is hard. So this is a great way to get your confidence going in greens. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: When you get your greens down, you can start getting your landscapes together. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And that is a super lot of fun. I am, if you’ll notice, using directionality of my brush- Reeerm! To talk about maybe some wind. You get the sense that there’s- There’s energetic stuff happening.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: In the mane. And that’s sorta fun. Cause again, this is a super healthy zoo lion. I’ll tell you right now. Not feeding himself out in the African-
[both chuckle] Actually though, sometimes like, you can tell when the antelope are plentiful cause the lions are all shiny and fat. [both laugh] Cinnamon: It’s terrible. It’s true though! John: So how is the mane of our little lion going there? Cinnamon: He has had plenty, plenty of fat little slow antelopes. [both laugh] Cinnamon: [chuckles] This is when I’m my father’s daughter. When I say stuff like that. We used to live in the country. Country of California. Whatever that actually means. We were still like twenty minutes from the beach but we lived in this placed called Olivenhain, which was, you know, practically the country. And um, so we still had coyotes, was the deal. And people would always have these, like, missing pet signs up, and my dad would actually put other little signs up that said, “Found cat, signed fat coyote.” We were not popular in the neighborhood. I have no idea why… [laughs] Why?! What could’ve it had been? And if you were ever a victim of my dad and you’re watching this show now, I just apologize to you. [both laughing] He just thought it was real funny. John: So you think, uh… We have about fifty minutes until the next- Til Angela’s broadcast. How do you think we’re doing? Cinnamon: Really?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: We might be there in fifty. John: Yeah, I’m thinking fifty minutes we can put it down. Cinnamon: Which is really surprising to me cause this is an involved piece. We’ll be real close. That would be awesome. John: Well, she was very kind and was offering, you know, to make sure that if we need to move- Need to move hers back, so that- Cinnamon: Oh, no. This is- You know, she gets it. There’s these technical issues you get with it. You’re like, “I have a schedule!” and then you get there and the schedule says , “No!” [chuckles] John: I think it looks like we’re probably gonna be ok, though. Cinnamon: I think we will.
John: Yeah. We’re cruisin’ along here. Cinnamon: You know? John: I say we might even be- We may not even- I don’t even think we’re gonna need the intermission video. Cinnamon: You know, I’m feeling ok.
John: Yeah? Cinnamon: I think if you microwave my coffee, I’ll be brilliant. John: Excellent. [Cinnamon laughs] John: We’ll save it for another day. Another secret thing waiting for, uh, our community. Cinnamon: They’ll be like, “What are they talking about?” You don’t even want to know. John: No. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: [sings] It’s so awesome and so funny. John: And it will get better and better. Cinnamon: And now, we’re just sort of- I’m telling you what. He is literally in the middle stage right now. And he’s still awesome. John: Yeah. I think so. Cinnamon: I’m gonna do something crazy here. I’m gonna take a little of my cad red over to my blue, cause I just need- John: [talking off the mic] [gets closer] Show them what you did there. Cinnamon: Ok. I did a little cad red over to my blue, cause I felt like I needed this deep, deep, deep, deep value. And that’s a good way of doing that. That’s a lot of what your burnt sienna is actually doing, is the red and the burnt sienna is working the blue. but I just needed that grayed out. I’m just… Just trying to- Oh, he’s got me on that camera. I hope you guys are enjoying this. I hope this is helpful. Like I never- One of the things I want to make sure is that these are helpful. Um… I think something that Angela and Lindsay and myself and any of the teachers that collab, I know my mom, we really, really think about what it’s like for you guys on the other side and does this lesson tutorial, is it- Does it help? How does it go? And we’re really just trying so hard to make sure that you guys have information. That works for you. And when you guys give me a bunch of paintings where they’re all coming in, I’m like, “Woohoo! Win!” [chuckles] You know. But that’s something I’m finding I have in common with my other art teachers online, is we really care about… What’s happening for the people who are joining us. Which is kinda cool. Ti- I was looking for some highlights and just brushing those through. And see, I’m just- A lot of what this is, is how is it blowing thru? A lot of what this is, is how is it shaping out? I need a little of this red. John’s coming back with my coffee. I’ve got this deep dark color. I’m gonna keep working it up here. Thank you. It’s fun to do. Fun to do. Moving it thru here. I get to have two of these, which is really cool. Two of these. I don’t know if we should…. Working that little area. [sings] It’s just fun fun fun to paint paint paint. On a Saturday. Not gonna be an MP3.
[both laugh] Cause unlike Mona, I’m not a singer. Mona’s a singer! John: Oh! So Lindsay was just saying that, uh… Consumer crafts has a paint with a flip top cap that’s real big and can easily be unscrewed, and decent quality and an unexpensive paint as well. Cinnamon: Oh, really? John: Apparently her dad has MS, so she happened to sympathize with that, looking for good paints that are easy to access. Cinnamon: I will get that from you Lindsay, and I may test some of that out, cause I would love to… Have, um… Like the Liquitex isn’t an easy price, so… I would love to sit there and test that out and do some stuff with that, because that’s such a big big deal. It really is. John: Yeah. We’ll see- Even if we have to mail order that. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Find out more. Cinnamon: Totally interested in that. John: That’s pretty- I’m getting caught into the mesmerizing lull of… Cinnamon: Of the green?
John: Of the brush. Cinnamon: The brush. Um, what is that? ASMR. Uh… Rebekah Hey.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Does that and that is literally meditative therapy. Where they use sight and sound and stuff like that. The senses? John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: And so like there’s videos out there. ASMR. If you search them. Where it’s craft sounds. It’s just, they don’t talk and it’s just the noise of the paper folding, and the brush brushing. Ha! John: That’s kinda cool. So you can, you know. Cinnamon: Yeah. And I was like, it would be fun to do one, but like have where, um…. We turned up those noises. Like, and remember we had the gopro on the brush that one time? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Like if some of the story was the gopro on the- Like a meditative video. Like- John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Like a video for art meditation. John: Yes. Yes. Cinnamon: Is that crazy? It’s a little crazy. John: Oh, no. I think it’s awesome, actually. So Adam was just asking in channel if the, uh, if the lion was for sale. And, of course, many of our community was like, “No!” That I hoard them all. So, uh… Cinnamon: But wouldn’t the original lion, the original design, could be for sale. Just not this lion. John: Well, yeah. Those- You can check on our pages. We’ll check on that stuff a little later. But the originals will all be on, uh… Will be kept. And we keep those for the community. Cinnamon: But this one. This is what you’re saying. The one that we show on the show. But the one that’s the design I- Right? I don’t know. Whatever. John: Yeah. You know. Those we can- Those we’ll probably be used in the crowd funder, when we go in to fund the studio supplies. So, I imagine that any of those, uh, those paintings will make it into sale once we go to get our studio… Cinnamon: Kitted up. John: Funding together. Cinnamon: Studio funding. Fun! [chuckles] John: But, yeah-
[Cinnamon lets out pained exhale] John: Are you- Is it- [John chuckles] John: Are you testing your wind? Cinnamon: No. The little thingies on my ears, they’re like doing the vulcan grip on there. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: I’m like, “Eeeeeehhhhrrrr!” John: You know, someone was commenting on how nice they thought your mic sounded. Cinnamon: Oh! I’m loving this new sound kit. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: Loving it! Just saying, I’m loving it. John: But, all of the originals. We’ll have those available at our… Probably at our first paint it. Right? Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: When we first do one? Cinnamon: I don’t know. You’re in charge of that. I’m just showing up. John: Yeah. And then everyone will be able to take a look at those and see them there. Cinnamon: I mean, you’re talking- You know. Now that you’re saying it, you’re gonna have to do it. John: Well, we will. This- That’s in the plan, the whole time. Cinnamon: A plan. [laughs] John: But the, ah, it’s a good idea. We’ll take some of the other paintings, and we’ll use those in the crowd funder that we’re- Or the…. The…. The booster club! Cinnamon: The booster club. John: The booster club that we’re gonna put together for the sherpa studio. So we can get some more gear in here. And, uh… But we want to make sure we have a real good plan for that when we do it. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: So that when you guys do come in and help support the studio, that we can- We can recognize that support. And, you know. Say thank you. So. Cinnamon: I agree with that. John: Yeah. We really appreciate you guys coming and hanging out with us and you know, taking the time to comm- Taking the time to like, comment and subscribe while you’re there. [Cinnamon laughs]
John: I’ll get that gratuitous plug in while I can. Cinnamon: Dude, it makes a difference!
John: It really does. Truly does. It really does. Cinnamon: I’m gonna even preemptively say, and do it on Angela’s too. Like. Comment. Subscribe. Share. John: Oh yeah.
Cinnamon: Go over and see Angela. Cause she’s worked really hard on these snowmen! John: Yeah. And go check out Lindsay.
Cinnamon: Lindsay. John: And Ian. And who else did we see in here today? Cinnamon: Well, the crafty twins.
John: The crafty twins. Cinnamon: Go check out the crafty twins. John: And doesn’t Stephanie have a channel? Cinnamon: Stephanie Bergeron has a channel. John: Yeah. Stephanie Bergeron has a channel.
Cinnamon: And Mark has a channel. John: And Mark has a channel.
Cinnamon: We are- We are causing people to have channels. John: Gotta go check them all out. Cinnamon: Yeah. Dude, go- Go start exploring with Mark. John: Yeah! Yeah.
[Cinnamon laughs] John: He has- He’s got some good glitter paintings coming up. [ both laughing] Cinnamon: You have to stop, John! He’s so stressed with that! [both laughing] John: He really doesn’t have any glitter paints coming up. Cinnamon: And will never have a glitter painting. And if he did, it would be like a spoof painting of like all the reasons why glitter is the devil. John: [chuckles] That’s true! And uh, Stephanie was asking when we’ll have the app up. And, uh… Cinnamon: Wooo! When will the app be up? John: Probably in the next couple weeks we’ll have some more details on that, and some videos, and we’ll be able to talk about that. But, we’re so so over- You know, just working on the live, uh, process right now. Cinnamon: You know, and you guys all need to really really thank Lindsay for how much there is going on. Because she really encouraged me to get a schedule and a plan going. So, there’s something- Give her some love, there. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I am studying my picture and thinking about the shape of my nose. And this is generally- It takes me a little bit of study here, when I’m trying to get it. When I’m totally trying to get it, I will be studying what I’m looking at. And then… You have to watch me go, cause here’s what I’m doing. Is I’m looking at my picture and I’m going, what do I actually see here? What am I seeing right here? And how can I paint that? So I’m noticing-
John: Hopefully it’s not a hungry lion. Cinnamon: Dude, they’re all hungry. You saw that lion tracking Honey. [John chuckles] John: It just wanted to lick her. [laughs] Cinnamon: Maybe it wanted to eat her up, and it was like just running just to go, “I could eat her…” John: It- The panther was scary.
Cinnamon: if this fence was not here, that little snack would be gone.
John: It was the panther that was scary. I mean, it came, just like- Cinnamon: Yeah, but he came over to like- The panther was like super chill. The panther was like, “Oh, do you have a snacky snack for me?” John: Yeah, I know. But he was so big and-
Cinnamon: He was very big. John: So fluid. Cinnamon: [chuckles] Very fluid. John: It was like, you know, I been around bears. Don’t, you know, like, of course I’m worried. I wouldn’t want to be in the company of a bear, but they don’t scare me. Cinnamon: They should scare you. A bear’ll getcha.
John: Oh yeah! But I mean- Cinnamon: The Canadian’s gonna set you straight. Like two seconds from now. John: Oh, no. No. I’m like, but like, in the world of unpredictable animals, like, you know. Thos big cats just freak me out. [both laughing] John: It’s, you know, cougar, mountain lion, all of them. They’re just like, you know. Cinnamon: I was ok until I saw that Discovery Channel, about the zombie cats, and then I was like, “What is that?! I’m not into that at all!” John: [whispers] No to zombie cats. Now you’re just gonna make Mark happy. Cinnamon: Yeah, well there are. There’s zombie cats. They have parvo. John: But not this one. This is a happy cat, despite his green tinge. [laughs] Cinnamon: This cat is been- Many fat gazelle and has not had to eat any dogs. And he’s like, “Ahh! I’m-” He’s like, “Everybody in the pride takes good care of me and I got a full belly.” John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And the sun shines on my fur, and I feel so warm and happy. That’s what he says. You know. And it’s fun to- Like, look at the shape as it’s coming out. See how that just really starts to tell us the story of the… And I don’t know. Is it coming through clear enough on the-
John: It really is. Cinnamon: Mmm. Ok. John: The nose really tells a lot of emotion about that lion. Cinnamon: It does, doesn’t it? John: Yeah. Cinnamon: It does tell a lot of emotion about the lion. [John laughs] John: Apparently Mark got gesso in his ear. Cinnamon: That is confusing, Mark. John: I- I think that’s… You’re gonna have to go tune in to Mark Muir’s- [both laugh]
John: Art. Cinnamon: To even know why the heck that’s going on. John: Yeah. Just that requires a YouTube video on its own, so. Cinnamon: How to not get gesso in your ear, with Mark Muir. John: That- You know… That’s a good, yeah. That’s a good video. That could be crazy. Cinnamon: I think that is an art experience I’ve not yet had. John: I’m just trying not to laugh about the idea. About the whole… [both chuckle] Cinnamon: I- I say we just go for it and laugh anyways. John: So we’ll have to find out how… Cinnamon: So now I’m working this highlight here. I know it’s gonna come around here. A little bit right there. And that really tells that story, doesn’t it? John: It does. Cinnamon: Making a road map to my imagination. I’m liking- Y’all are gonna hear that from now on. I like that. That’s sticking. [both laugh] John: So how are we doing here? We think- I’m just checking on your- Cinnamon: I have no idea, man.
John: On your progress. Cinnamon: My commitment to this one was, if we did this, cause remember you just pulled them out on me. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: I was like, if we do this… Marriage conversation. You just pulled the lion out. We weren’t gonna teach the lion. [chuckles] John: But once you showed it, it has to happen. Cinnamon: No. You showed it. I just- I was talking about it because it- John: I mean the empirical you. Cinnamon: Oh. Yes. So, see we’re working that little process there. I’m gonna come pull a little bit of this Australian Sienna out. Some white to it. John: Little highlights on the nose. Cinnamon: You gotta do it.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: Nose has to have it. John: It’s looking really good. Cinnamon: It’ll do that. It’s what they do. They’ll start looking good on you. And then you’re like, “Oh no, man! Now I’m committed.” [both chuckle] Cinnamon: This painting is starting to treat me well, and… That feels good so now I gotta do something about it. And that’s why, you know. Print the painting out. Print the photograph out. Really look at these things.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: That’s what I would want you to take away from this tutorial. Is the process by which a painting like this is built. One, know how many layers are involved. A lot of times people will see a picture that they love. Want to paint it. And just not understand the layering that is involved in the picture. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And feel very thwarted when actually they were doing just fine. John: Yep. Cinnamon: They just, you know. You needed more layers. Like you just stop twenty percent in. See? Look at that! John: Oooohh!
Cinnamon: Oooohh! Oh ho ho ho ho hooooo! John: He’s looking, like, less serious and more, you know… In- You know, sort of “what are you doing?” lion. Curious lion. Cinnamon: He’s curious lion? John: More like, you know, I’m not necessarily curious to eat you, but curious like, “Hey! What’s going on?” Cinnamon: Ahh, yeah. I did that cad, and a little of that Australian Sienna cause I wanna pull a warmer tone into this. I wanna make this nose be more focal. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: In the piece. See what that does? John: Ooh! Cinnamon: Just a little bit. I like that. It’s super fun for me. [John chuckles] John: So, Karen says that she’s having a hard time finding the tall, thin canvases and is blaming the nutcracker painting on it. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Wouldn’t that be lovely, if we had enough- Dude! If only I could actually impact the sales! I am- Like, that would be so cool! Unlikely, but very cool.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So that was the, uh, phthalo. I’m gonna make sure that I’ve got certain… Certain things that are quite dark. Really, really worked out. Uh oh. John: Oh. Cinnamon: So, I’ve done the tear duct down off the eye, and I’m bringing a muzzle fold. John: Pull that close up camera up there a little bit. Yeah. A lot of people are really excited about getting to the eyes. Cinnamon: Oh, yeah. Guys, we’re… Not near the eyes, so. [chuckles] [?] and mellow out! John: How are we doing on time there? Cinnamon: I don’t know. [laughs] John: You don’t know. You’re like, “I’m just kinda winging it!” Cinnamon: I’m not winging it. I’m painting it. I warned people. I said this is not that fast. You’re like, it goes in fast, cause I give the illusion of quick. That’s all that happened, is you had the illusion of quick. John: You have to pull that close up camera up a little bit. Cinnamon: You know. John: Everyone was saying, a little more close up camera. Cinnamon: This is the illusion of the quick. But you know, here’s the thing on this- I’ve got too, too red. If the color gets warm on you and isn’t deep and dark then it’s got too much red in it. All I can do is, uh…. John: See. Now I can be the kid in the back seat going, “Are we there yet?” Are we there yet? Cinnamon: Are we really gonna do that to me? John: No.
Cinnamon: Ok. John: But I could.
Cinnamon: You could. [John laughs] Cinnamon: Again, I might keep saying it, you married me so you get to do it, but, you know. John: I’m- I’m digging how the layers come in and just sort of, just magically fill it in. Cinnamon: It does. Like, this is why I think the time lapses of paintings like this do so well. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Because you can just sit there and in five minutes see the magic of it. Like I think if we did a time lapse of this, if there was a way to, I don’t know if there is with the film footage we have, but… You know. Cause I don’t know what it is from live to, uh… John: Whaddaya mean? Cinnamon: Well like would there be a way to like cut a timelapse of this where it goes real fast? John: Yep. Cinnamon: Huh?
John: Yes. Cinnamon: That might be really cool. So people could see what they heck they’re getting into before they got into it. Like, why would you bother? John: Well we were talking about doing those little promo ads too. Cinnamon: Yeah. It might be a good one to do. Ask the com- Ask the community- Well, I don’t know why. You’re not the ship- You’re not the ship, [?] and galaxy quest. Would you guys be more likely to watch a lesson if you saw a short kind of version of what it was? So you could be like, if you knew ahead of time? John: Hmm. We’ll put one up- Cinnamon: Cause we’ve been thinking about doing that. Kind of like these little sneak peeks of what it is. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: But we’re not sure it’s a good idea. John: I’m pret- I think, you know, we’re gonna give it a try. And then do at least one or two. See how it goes. You know. Hopefully it’ll at least give everybody an idea what the painting is gonna be. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: A fair warning. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Some- Some channels have trigger warnings, and we have this like, y’all know what you’re getting into, right? [laughs] John: It’s gonna be long, and we’re gonna talk, and we’re gonna joke. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: We should put that in the promos. Like,there will be talking. Please do not come if you don’t like talking. [both laugh] Cause it’s happening. John: The chat must go on. Cinnamon: [laughs] The chat will go on! [Cinnamon continues laughing] Cinnamon: Ahhh, if I could sing like Celine Dion right now there’d be a funny song happening. John: Oh, and how funny would it be? Cinnamon: It would be so funny. It would be so funny. You would be so amazed. John: I would be amazed. Cinnamon: That I was singing? [both laugh] John: No.
Cinnamon: Or that it was good? [Cinnamon laughs] John: That, you know- I don’t know. Cinnamon: He’s like, “Oh no! It’s a marriage trap! Run run! Parachute!” John: Have the pulley checked. Cinnamon: [laughs] Pulley checked. John: Well, let’s see. Cinnamon: I love this color!
John: It’s really nice. Cinnamon: Look at that! Ooh! I love it!
John: Mm-hmm. John: That’s really cool. Cinnamon: Just so much fun to dooo! [Cinnamon sings] I could’ve danced all night… [John chuckles] Cinnamon: Sorry. John: I don’t mind. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: I’m just trying to- Not that the singing is bad. I’ll do that- You know I’ll sing bad. It’s that I always worry about, like YouTube will find me and be like, “Content claim!” John: Then you’ll have to giver her up.
Cinnamon: You sang a song badly! You get no money for this video! [both laugh] Cinnamon: We paid this other person for two bars. It can happen! John: It could happen.
Cinnamon: It can happen. [chuckles] I love YouTube and I’m afraid of YouTube at the same time. This is really nice to do to demo this even though, umm, you know it’s- It’s more of an event here. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I’m really enjoying getting to do this, because I don’t necessarily get to, um…. Uh, kind of show off my art stuff. John: Oh, yeah. I agree.
Cinnamon: On YouTube. John: This has been, you know. This is a really nice painting. I like how, it is more complex but it’s, you know. Relatively achievable. Cinnamon: Yeah. No. It is achievable. You’re like relative- I like how you said it with a question mark. Relatively achievable? I don’t know. John: I don’t know that I- You know, I- It’s like Cinnamon: Look. There- I would say, if you feel like trying it, try it. Right? If you feel like trying it, definitely try it. Um… And then just be forgiving of yourself. Like, no matter where you are in your art journey, don’t- Don’t be hard on yourself about that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You know? Cause if not today, then another day. That’s all. John: Yeah. [sound of metal vibrating] John: Whoops! Banged my mic stand. Resonates like a bell. Cinnamon: Does it?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And – And I do every once in a while kinda keep pulling in a song and stuff, but that’s just cause something I would do when I was like happy and painting. You should sort of actually be humming and being silly and goofy and having fun. John: Yep. Cinnamon: When you’re painting. John: Yes! Cinnamon: Something to think about when you’re painting with your little brushes. They are supposed to be. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Being crazy. I always have to remind myself of that cause I’ll be like, “Sit down! Be serious! Paint this!” [both laugh] Cinnamon: And then I’m like, “Oh yeah. Art. Not serious.” [Cinnamon chuckles] And you’ll see I, really, on this piece kind of get into my Australian. Quite a bit. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Cause I love it. [whispers] I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it…. [sings] I love it, I love it, I love it… I just want him to talk to me.
[John laughs] Cinnamon: He is. That’s what he’s doing. He’s talking to me. John: He’s a very fluffy lion. Cinnamon: Well, this is as personal as I’m gonna be with a big cat in my life. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: If you, you know, wanted to have a personal encounter with a big cat, you could do this. And feel very close and intimate to this big cat. And not die. So that’s good. John: Mmmm. Cinnamon: And again, when you guys have got to go, I don’t even take that personal. [both laugh] Cinnamon: I don’t. I’m here. I’m now doing him, so he’s happening for me. John: You’re committed to the full lion? Cinnamon: I’m committed. The full lion is going on. I’m doing my full lion. It’s so weird. It sounds weird when you say stuff like that. [chuckles] You just gotta be like, “What?!?” I just love painting him, though. John: You’re just falling into that zone, aren’t you? Cinnamon: I am. I’m sorry. I know I need talking-
John: I caught ya! I caught ya falling in! Cinnamon: You do. You should be getting into a quiet and still place. You should be getting into a place where you’re relaxing. At some point during him you should be more focused on this than anything else in your life. Literally, if you’re in the right painting space, you should be almost unable to think about the other things that you have been worrying about this week. They should definitely, definitely melt away. John: Well, Lou has asked me to say that, uh, and this is echoed by several other community members, that you’re encouraging words are giving them the confidence so that they believe they can go and do this. Cinnamon: You can do this! John: So… You know. Thank you Lou for saying that. We do appreciate it. And it’s, you know.
Cinnamon: Thank you. It’s just a set of skills, guys. Just a set of skills. John: It’s looking so good! Cinnamon: Hmm? John: I like how he just comes to life. Cinnamon: He does. He’ll find his- He’ll find his magic space here. Along the way. He’ll start to… To get his zone going. You’ll start to push him in. You’ll just keep looking at him and he will start to become real for you. And that will be a really wonderful experience. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You know. Is finding… Finding that space where… He starts to take shape. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: What? Again, I fall into it. Don’t I? John: You do. You just zzzzshoooooo. Cinnamon: Zzzzshooooo. John: Theresa’s like, “The Sherpa’s better than Prozac.” [both laugh] Cinnamon: There’s some real chemistry happening in y’all’s brain right now. You don’t even know. John: Blood pressure’s down. Chill mode. Cinnamon: I think a lot of what I got through growing up I got through because I had art. Because I could just go put it on the canvas. Take it out of my heart and put it into my art. It’s an important thing. Take it out of your heart. Where it doesn’t belong. And put it into your art. John. Mmm. Cinnamon: You can get through stuff. And what’s interesting is art will, by it’s very creational nature, you don’t lose the stuff you should be keeping. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right? You don’t lose the things that you should have kept in your heart. You’ll actually drop the stuff that doesn’t belong there anyways. John: Yeah. It’s true. Cinnamon: It’s like selectively healing. It’s crazy! But that is what it is. And now I’m into this, guys. Now- Now you’re in for the full tiger.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: For the full lion. Sorry. John: That’s alright. There’s some people getting some sweet tooth action on. Some chocolate and candy and stuff. Cinnamon: Dude! Somebody send me some chocolate! Oh guys! I’ll do it on a viewer mail but we have- We have a new happy mail. We fixed our happy mail. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So all the happy mail drama is gone! I’m so happy!
John: Yay! We have a new- We have that new thing going out. Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s in the about. It’s already up everywhere.
John: Oh, cool. Cinnamon: The correct new address is everywhere. John: We fixed it. And you’re gonna do a happy mail, uhh…. Cinnamon: Soon! John: The heartist- Heart Mail! Cinnamon: I gotta do some Heart Mail. John: Heart mail! Cinnamon: Cause I got some from Miss Stephanie. I gotta open, and then, um… We have heart mail from Matt and Dom. John: Mmmm. That’s true. We do. Cinnamon: I’m kind of excited to see. I wanna share with everybody. And then also from Channing. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, got some good stuff coming up. And, uh… Oooh! He’s looking so good! [whispers] He’s looking so good. Isn’t he? John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Do you loves him? John: I do. Cinnamon: I loves him! Come down. Everyone’s like “Do the eyes!” Do the eyes! But no. I make you wait. [Cinnamon laughs] [John laughs] Cinnamon: Well, that seems evil. [both laughing] Cinnamon: That’s in no way, like, what is going on?!? I’m kinda working the fluidity here. John: Oh yeah?
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: What sort of consistency are you looking for there? Cinnamon: I just want it to flow off the brush. And cover easily, and not skip over the canvas too much. And I am… There is a different kind of… Hair texture. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: In the chin. Sort of interesting to observe. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Again, because of this photographer, over on Paint My Photo we’re able to really see this. Oh, I’m so grateful to the photographers. People do like trip photos. There’s like all kinds of references from all over the world I could work from. I should do a partnership with them, you know where we do some sort of like contest, photo contest, and everybody gets to vote and… We do something. I don’t know. I wanna do a photo contest. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: I’m still wanting to do one. I don’t know why. So I get that in. May get more into my ochre. I’m not rinsing my brush, guys. I’m more into my ochre. John: I just spaced out there and missed a shift on one of the keys. Cinnamon: Oh, did you? John: So it’s funny. It’s just there, a little pause and I saw it in the delay. I was like, uh oh! Cinnamon: Uh oh! John: Honey walked in so she, uh… Cinnamon: Oh, does Honey get to say hi? John: She wanted to s- Cinnamon: Can you get on the mic and say hi to everybody? John: You can come over here and say hello. Cinnamon: Maizy from the crafty twins was here earlier. I don’t know if she’s still here. John: I see Lindsay’s still hanging out. Cinnamon: Lindsay’s still here, so you can say hi to Lindsay, and Angela’s here, and Ian’s here.
Honey: Hi Lindsay. Cinnamon: So I would love Honey to come join us, just a little. Honey is wanting to have a YouTube show. Honey: Yes! [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: I am… Working that out in my head. [chuckles] But I think she could learn a lot from being in here with us. How are you doing today Honey? Honey: Good. Cinnamon: Are you doing anything creative, or are you just drawing on your DS? John: You have to come down here and talk into the microphone. Honey: Ok. [Cinnamon chuckles] Honey: Hi! John: See? Right up here’s the channel feed? Honey: I know. John: Everyone’s saying, “Hi Honey!” Honey: I was like, “Hi.” [Honey whispering indistinctly] Cinnamon: She’s like, “Wait!” Honey: There’s a lot of people. John: Yeah, there are. There’s a lot of people out there. Honey: There’s eighty two. Cinnamon: Wow! Is there eighty two? Honey: Yes! Cinnamon: That want to paint this lion? Honey: Yes! Cinnamon: Wow! Honey: They’re lion lovers. Cinnamon: [laughs] They’re lion lovers! Honey: You made this for Spyder originally, right? Cinnamon: No, this was just one of my paintings, but he took- He like has it in his room. Honey: Mmm. Cinnamon: He loves it. My son likes green. Though, he’s not entirely sure he likes it at night when the eyes are looking at him. Just trying to create some texture. And work this here. Hone: Somebody said it was the Honey show. Cinnamon: What? Honey: Somebody said it’s the Honey show. Cinnamon: Oh, it should be the Honey show. [Honey laughs] Cinnamon: Honey has so many good Honey-isms. Honey is bananas. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen those floamie. The foam. The floam… structures they have at Michael’s where you can build it, but they have no instructions. It could make this really cute, adorable house, but there’s no instructions. I can’t even build these things. But I can hand any of them, and I mean any of them. Like the most challenging one they’ve got, to Honey. And she’ll have that thing built in forty minutes. It blows my mind. Honey: Awe! Somebody left. It’s eighty one watching now. [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: Well, our friend Angela’s got a show starting in a little while, so… They- Like, yeah. That’s gonna be happening. Honey: There’s eighty three watching now. John: Oh, yeah. It cause up and down. Cinnamon: So somebody got their friend and said, “No! Honey’s, like, mad at us!” [Cinnamon and John chuckle] Cinnamon: So I’m just pulling this, like, this value between here and here, and I’m… Defining that and thinking about that very… Specifically. Making sure that that is well thought about. Probably should have put the cat out at the end. I’m gonna mist my paint just real quick. I have a lot of lights in here, so it dries out, even on me. You know. Like it- Like it does! Oh my goodness! Guess what we’re back into. I’m gonna get a bright. And John’s gonna keep teaching Honey some… Some broadcasting. Honey: Oh. There’s someone who is the first time here. Cinnamon: Uh-huh. Honey: She says that normally she misses the live show due to being in Australia. And she says she loves her- Your art. Cinnamon: Well, that is so cool that she’s in Australia! Oh my gosh! Hi! Honey: Her name is Dream Weaver and Co. Cinnamon: Dream Weaver and Co? That sounds like- Does she have a YouTube channel? Cause it feels like she might. But she might also just have a real- Sometimes you give yourselves like the best names. [chuckles] It’s like crazy. John: And we talked about how this was, uh… This was probably a hoot-a-thon more than a three hoot painting. Cinnamon: Oh yeah. Dude, there’s no hoots. Hoots are not really an ac- Hoots are like for everything else we’re doing. Even the lighthouse was just some hooting. We didn’t get crazy about the lighthouse. We weren’t worried about, like… Too much stuff there. Honey: Somebody’s from Ireland. Cinnamon: That’s awesome! We have family in Cork county. Honey: Look. Shelly said, I think we found another co-host. Yay! I wanna be part of the show! I wish I was. Cinnamon: Well, you can be, sweetie. Honey: Yay! I want to. Cinnamon: Do you?
Honey: Yeah! Cinnamon: That’s cool! Honey is a very positive supporter. Of my art, and I really appreciate her fabulous energy that she brings to what we’re doing all the time. Is it looking good? We’re just making sure that we got…. John: Honey’s gonna hand me back over the microphone now and head to the front. Oh. She’s gonna sit over here and- And just sit next to us and watch. So- [Honey says something off the mic] [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Well, I don’t mind if she reads comments and stuff like that. John: We’re gonna have to work on getting Honey her own- Her own microphone here. You see here where there’s Ian. He says you’re doing a great job. You remember Ian? Honey: Yeah. John: Ian. He joined- He came and painted with us. Yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah. That was super fun having Ian and Todd here. Honey: Awesomeness from the live. John: Yep. Honey: There’s so many people from around the world. And there’s someone from Japan. That’s awesome. [Cinnamon chuckles] Honey: So [?] Cinnamon: Honey is a big fan of all things Japanese. John: She’s very interested in- In Kawaii- Honey: It’s anime. John: And anime. Yeah. Cinnamon: Those of you wondering, why is the channel all full of Kawaii? [chuckles] Honey: Nah. Cinnamon: Many times you guys have to do stuff based on the it impresses my daughter. [Cinnamon and John chuckle] Cinnamon: It’s tough to impress your own child. So, alright. John: He’s looking pretty good… Cinnamon: He’s looking pretty awesome. John: So what do we have left on here? Cinnamon: Oh my goodness! You know what? I think if I told anybody, they’d start feeling like really depressed. [Cinnamon and John laugh] John: So we got a little while then. [Cinnamon laughing] Cinnamon: All I’m telling you is it’s- It’s good to just commit to the journey. [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: So I’m mixing this very kind of popped highlight right here. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right? And we’re going to come in and- And- Put this accent some places. And I gotta really look at this to go where I might really want to put this based on this photograph. Honey: There’s someone not from Japan, but she’s from Sweden. Cinnamon: Oh! That’s Mona, yes. Honey: That’s cool Cinnamon: Isn’t that cool? John: You have to pull your close up camera up there a little bit. Cinnamon: Ok. Honey: [?] There’s a lot of people! [Cinnamon chuckles] Honey: Arizona! [Cinnamon laughs] John: That’s just coming right in there. Cinnamon: It is. John: I’m over here- Honey’s- I’m watching Honey here work through her comments. There’s a lot of supportive people out here, telling us where they’re from. From Seattle, Arizona, uh, Lou’s from London. You know, so there’s a lot of community out here telling Honey where she’s from. Where they’re from. Cinnamon: Oh, that’s so cool! Thank you! John: So she’s having a good time of reading behind here, seeing where everyone’s from. Honey: Someone’s loving the colors. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: The colors are a joy. They’re loving the colors. Who is it loving the colors? Did you see who? Honey: Daa…. John: Danielle. Honey: Danielle. I can’t pronounce that. John: Yeah. [Honey talking off mic] Cinnamon: I am just creating this sort of like three lines here and…. Feel like there could be some of this here, and maybe some more here. Honey: I love sushi, Amber! [Cinnamon and John laugh] Honey: I don’t know. Do I eat sushi? I love sushi with my life. John: You have to come down here if you’re gonna talk to them. Honey: I love sushi! [Cinnamon laughs] Honey: Nebraska. And [?] John: Mm-hmm. [Honey speaking off mic] Cinnamon: So, just pulling him together. Just telling some more… Interesting story. Honey: [off mic] [laughs] I just [?] John: Yep. Cinnamon: So we’re just putting this higher reflection on him. I’m gonna come in and then we’re gonna… Maybe like up here We’re always like when people, we’re filming! It mean nothing.
John: [laughs] Yeah. Cinnamon: It just means nothing to anybody. John: Ehhh, you know…. Cinnamon: Not our neighbors. These are people who are here. At all. Tell our neighbors what to do. So we’ve got that happening there. Alright. So here’s where we’re at, guys. We’re gonna be defining all the mane. Then the eyes, and then the red highlights. And that’s what we have left. If you’re wondering where we’re at, please, just…. Hang in man. Hang in and believe you can do it, and you’ve got it! And just go [inhales deeply] This lion is in me… [Honey speaking off mic] Cinnamon: This lion is inside me. John: Yep. Cinnamon: So that’s what you’ve gotta do. We’re gonna start working the manes. Which is- I’m gonna put out a little more of my phthalo green, cause I have- This is one of my favorite palettes, too. Like I think this palette is pretty today. John: Mmmm. Cinnamon: Like, uh, that the discard palette’s actually quite pretty. I think it’s super fun. So, I’m gonna just get some different…. Greens I may be working. And we’re gonna get this mane in. John: It’s going! Cinnamon: You ready? John: Mm-hmm Cinnamon: To get your furry on? John: To get that fur in. Cinnamon: [laughs] Yeah. [Honey talking off mic] John: It’s looking so cool. So, are you using dry brush there? Cinnamon: No. I mean there’s- It’s not dry brush, but it’s not a wet wet brush. Not that that’s particularly helpful, but that’s the honest truth. John: Hmmm. Cinnamon: What I’m trying to do is work little bits of yummy color. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I’m just trying to enforce maybe some of these stories that I’ve got going here in the mane. John: Yep. Cinnamon: See? Honey: You just gotta keep calm and paint on. Cinnamon: That’s-
[John laughs] John: You just say that again there, Honey. Honey: Keep calm and paint on! Cinnamon: I feel like there’s a T-shirt in that. John: I’m sure there is one. Cinnamon: Chuck! [laughs] John: That may already been done. Honey: I don’t care, I said it. [John laughs] Cinnamon: No, I don’t think Chuck’s already done it. I’m saying we should totally do one, though. John: Oh. Maybe. Cinnamon: I’m sure it’s part of the keep calm series out there in the world. John: That’s what I’m saying, is I’m sure that someone in that keep calm world has been, eh… Cinnamon: Has thought about that idea? John: That paint on thought. Cinnamon: Just coming in here and telling a little green story inside of his furry, fuzzy, fizzy ear. Honey: Keep calm and roar! Cinnamon: Keep calm and roar. I like that too! [Honey speaking off mic] Cinnamon: Well, I’ll tell you what, Honey. You’re doing really good and I’m super proud of you. What do you think, dad? John: I think she’s doing pretty good! Honey: When can I be the new co-host? John: We’ll work on it.
[Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: And Hart Party becomes an uber family show! [Cinnamon and Honey laugh] Cinnamon: I’m just, uh… I picked up a little of my gold. Honey: Keep calm and SIPPY! Cinnamon: Sippy sippy! [Honey giggles] Cinnamon: To Bunny, wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, probably cooler than me. [chuckles] Honey: This is my favorite so far. Keep calm and eat sushi. [Cinnamon and John laugh]
John: That one is pretty good. Cinnamon: Oh, she’s getting- She hasn’t ever seen the chat memes. John: Oh no, she hasn’t. So she- She’s really enjoying seeing all this going on up here. [Honey speaking off mic] [Honey reading comment off mic] [John laughs] Cinnamon: What? John: They’ll let you run the, uh…. Let Honey run the- The, uh…. The camera. Cinnamon: Well, the day that Honey can run everything I will have John come forward. John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: And I’ll have John do some painting with me. John: Yeah. Honey: There’s also sushi emoji’s. There’s one on my phone. I have sushi. [John laughs] John: Everyone’s still trying to get me to paint on camera with her. [Cinnamon and John laugh] Honey: You paint on camera, I’ll hold the background. We should do a funny video, like an opposite video where you’re painting and mom does the background. [John laughs] Honey: That would be funny. John: I, uh- Cinnamon: Honestly, that would be very enjoyable. John: I think that we’re lucky to get some stunt hands, is what we’re lucky to get. [Cinnamon and John chuckle] Honey: That would be funny to see you paint and mom be the one doing the background. John: That could be cute, yeah. John: Where you going? Every once in a while I’ll get tricked cause I’m watching the chat. Cinnamon: Uh huh. John: And in chat you’ll leave the, uh…. You’ll be painting. Cinnamon: Uh-huh. John: And you’ll go to leave, and then I’ll reach over and I’ll hit the shi- I’ll hit the- Cinnamon: The what? John: The shi- I’ll hit the shift key. Cinnamon: The shift key. John: To change the screen. And… [John laughs] And so I’m changing the screen to YouTube video instead of the live feed, so. Cinnamon: Uh-oh. John: I inadvertently shift to the wrong screen by pushing the wrong button. Cinnamon: It happens. It happens. We’re not even gonna worry about it, are we? John: No, but I just think it’s funny. Cinnamon: It is funny. Honey: I could read comments and you could do the computer screen. John: At some point I’m gonna teach you how to do all this stuff. Cinnamon: So how I’m doing this is I’m just paying attention- [Honey speaking off mic] Cinnamon: How I’m doing this is I’m just paying attention to the directionality of the flow. And there’s quite a lot. Look, I won’t lie to ya. There’s a lot going on in the mane. John: [chuckles] There is a lot going on in the mane. Cinnamon: It’s why it looks so good. [chuckles] And it takes a minute to get it in. [Honey speaking off mic.] Cinnamon: Well, that’s adorable. [Honey continues speaking off mic.] [ding noise] John: Whoop! Bumping things over here. I was just checking on our stream status. Everything- Cinnamon: How’s our stream? Are we ok? John: They’re really good today. Cinnamon: Listen. You know. And somebody make sure that there’s call out when everybody’s gotta head over to Angela’s. John: Well, they were just saying in chat that she’s delaying for about half an hour. Cinnamon: Oh, Angela. I’m so sorry! John: So I think she’s- Cinnamon: Someone go by and tell her the sherpa’s so sorry! John: I think she’s here hanging out with us, making sure. She wanted to make sure that our audience had time to make the shift over, so. Cinnamon: I really really- We had a babysitter thing where she had to come in earlier today than later. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And then we had- we’re hopefully gonna fix the stream issue so this doesn’t happen to us again. I recognize that at some point the- Everyone’s gonna figure out how to do a live show. But for right now we’re just trying really hard to be supportive of each other cause this is- This is crazy to do. John: It’s really hard. And- And, you know. Well, hey, you know, it’s like to go live, really you need a network support to do this on like a regular basis, so it’s- [Cinnamon sighs] John: We’re- We’re working it out. [Honey talking in background] John: That’s cause it goes up to the internet, and then it comes back down. [Honey speaking in the background] John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So you’ll see I just get darker- This darker color here. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: And I’m working it into the fur. So work a section, but I recognize that I’ve got to stay in one area. This is how I get this done, is you have to sort of stay in one area. And think it through. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Slow it down. That’s one of the hardest things about this type of art for people, is the slowing it down and just realizing, they’re gonna be here for a while, and that’s ok. You know, I certainly have talked to people who said that it took me two years to do this painting. Not in our classes. Not our students. I mean like other fine artists. So, there isn’t a speed set in painting. There’s just your set. Now I wouldn’t recommend that speed for a commercial artist. But for just painting cause painting is meaningful to you. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: There is no speed in painting. [Honey speaking of camera] [John chuckles] Cinnamon: You know, there’s no speed in painting. Everyone holding up ok? John: Yeah. Everyone is.
Cinnamon: We haven’t lulled them into a coma. John: No! There’s- There’s a- [laughs] Mark was just saying if only there was someone who could bring me food. You know, say, like, Domino’s. [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: Dude! If we do any more of these longer lessons, like if we actually do a portrait lesson or something. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You’re gonna be ordering me Dominos and I’m gonna be eating during the lesson. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Cause I didn’t used to have to do like these classes without food. John: Although I have to say Humble Curry House is winning my vote currently. Cinnamon: Oh! Love Humble Curry House. Look. They got a shout out and didn’t even like, We’re like the worst. [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: Like, we’re not even like you know. We’re like, “Well shout you out for no reason!” John: Well, that’s cause we care more that our community might like it than… Cinnamon: It’s so good guys. The Humble Curry House is really good. If you’re in Humble, and I know a couple of our- Our viewers are in Houston and if you’re wondering about them, I love them. John: Yeah. It’s like- Cinnamon: Take out them. All them. John: The lemon Rice-
Cinnamon: Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em! John: Is awesome, awesome, awesome! Cinnamon: They are. They’re awesome, awesome, awesome. And you think to yourself, good. We’re done, right? No. Only this side because we still have to do a highlight. [John and Cinnamon laugh] Cinnamon: How exciting is that? [Honey talking off mic] John: Oh! You know Mark may be living in one of the, uh, one of those northern shire’s where they don’t allow drive thru’s or deliveries. Cinnamon: What? John: Oh yeah. In like Milford, they don’t have any drive thru’s They don’t allow drive thru’s there. Cinnamon: I’m hearing the words but I just can’t that can’t be American. John: Yeah, yeah.
[Cinnamon laughs] John: Get your close up in there. Cinnamon: Ok. I gotta get up. This is- This is my high, high, high light. And it’s just necessary for the hair. I don’t know what to tell you guys. It just has to happen, so. My white is skinning now. Skinning is where, or how I try to express what’s happening when my paint gets the skin on it. That I don’t love. But it happens. I’m using this bright. And this will help me… And you would think, Oh, after she gets this it’ll be done. No. No, you think, right? But no. Don’t expect to be out any[?] [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: The next time when I’m like Egon saying it’s a hard painting, y’all be like, oh, I know what she means. It’s a hard painting. [Cinnamon and John laugh] John: It’s Egon big? Cinnamon: It’s Egon- This is Egon big. John: Mmmm. Everyone’s talking about the good delivery they can get in their areas, and I’m like, “Now I’m hungry…” John: Having to think about all the… Cinnamon: Yeah. I even tried to let Lindsay off the hook of coming today, cause I was at her really really fantastic pastel chicken. She did a chicken in those pastels that I’m so fascinated with John: Yeah. There were a lot of people saying that they were- They were looking at going and checking out her video that she did yesterday. Cinnamon: Yeah! It’s so good. And I got to hang out for the whole thing, but that was like an hour. And some people were like, “Are you coming by today?” And I was like, “No, no! Don’t bother. Let her off the hook!” [Cinnamon and John laugh] Cinnamon: Said it’s a big day, so no no. John: But, uh, Maizy’s painting along with us, yeah? Cinnamon: I think so. John: I think that’s what she said earlier, so. Cinnamon: That’s very cool. John: You have to grab your close up camera there. Cinnamon: Alright. Let me know. John: And you’re just adding some more highlights there, huh? Cinnamon: I have to. I haven’t even gotten the oranges in.
John: No. Cinnamon: I haven’t even- [growls] You guys don’t even know! [John laughs] Cinnamon: And I really try not to short anybody. John: Well, yeah. Yeah. That’s- Cinnamon: With the lesson. Trying to make sure that they get the whole process of- I think sometimes even just seeing what it takes to get it in is helpful. John: Yeah. Just sort of takes that… Cinnamon: So you can be like, “Oh! That is- That’s involved!” And then you’re like, “Yes! It is involved!” Uh oh. I’m sorry. I’m putting some up on the ear. John: That’s ok. I saw you jumping over there. Cinnamon: It happens. Sometimes- Ok. So what organically, truly happens when you’re painting is you’ll be painting along and then you’ll notice you have a hole. John: Mmm. Cinnamon: You’ll be like, Oh I gotta put some paint up there. You’ll just jump. But the camera’s aren’t expecting me to jump. Like, I need to jump to do what I need to do. John: My psychic powers are not working. Cinnamon: Your psychic powers are awesome. This is just… Even hard to follow. John: Mmm. Eighty three hungry artists all talking about the foodies that they would like to be making right now. Cinnamon: Someone send me some food. [Cinnamon and John laugh] John: We need some deliveries up in here. Cinnamon: I need some deliveries in here, cause I gotta so this half of the mane and then the eyes, and then the- the orange and red lining and it’s- Aaaahhhhhhhhh! John: [whispers] Whatcha doing?
Cinnamon: Other half. Cinnamon: [sings] Mr. Lion. Please be painted soon… John: Mr. Lion. Mr. Luminary Lion. So what was the inspiration for the name? [Cinnamon sighs] Cinnamon: Well…. So, how the name came about is that, um…. I guess, um, kind of on an Aslan level. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You know, thinking about the symbolism of how we… Now, see, I’m gonna get all fruity and arty, how we see lions. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And, uh, how they represent you know, kind of a divine knowing and experience. So I was trying to come up with a name that expressed that concept without being overtly obvious about that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You know, cause I think- I think you know, we have some fascinations with lions. And I think I was getting my Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe on! [chuckles] John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Like ya do. And just in a nonspecific way. I think that we see lions, you know… As having a knowing. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And understanding of things. We admire them. And hold the experience of them as profound, possibly. John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: You know. I think that, especially you know, here, in the west, where we’re so removed, from the experience of maybe wildlife too. You know. Our nature is, uh, mostly fairly curated for us. [Cinnamon and John chuckle] And we’re always so surprised when we run into some actual nature. Doing actually natural things. I know in Canada, like with the bears just running around and attacking my trashcans, that freaked me out! I was like, “Bears do that?!?!?” John: Leaving presents on my front driveway. Cinnamon: Yeah, and the Canadians are like, “Dude. We’re in his territory, man.” It’s where he lives. Let him do his bear thing. He’s being a bear. I’m like, I’ll tell you right now in Texas, a bear would not be allowed to be a bear. [Cinnamon and John laugh] John: Bear would be a rug. Cinnamon: [chuckles] Bear would be a rug. Bocephus would be like, I shot me a bear. [chuckles] It was right in the driveway! It’d be bad. It’d be rough. But that was an interesting thing in Canada. Like, seeing like the eagles and just everything. Wasn’t that a trip? John: Yeah. It really was crazy. Cinnamon: Well, the kids and I were out like all the time walking the trail and…. Checking things out. I think that’s what I miss the most about Cananda is my…. Experience of just living outdoors. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Is this still- Do I need to move down the… John: Well, you’re getting close. Cinnamon: [whispers] Oh, I love doing this. Lordy! How we feeling our lion guys? John: They’re loving it! Really liking how it’s coming together. And, uh, the way that the highlight just keep, you know, adding more and more life to the- And charachter to his face. Cinnamon: They do? It’s super fun. Super, super fun. This is the- I wonder if this is like the longest [starts chuckling] tutorial on YouTube. I’m starting to worry. [child speaking in background.] Uh oh. Where did you have to go, babe? I heard you go out. Is everything ok? John: Y- Cinnamon: Yeah? John: Yeah, everything’s ok. I was checking on Spyder there. Cinnamon: You gotta do that. You gotta check on the little dude. John: He’s doing ok. Cinnamon: Fun to just do this. John: Fun fun. Cinnamon: It is. I personally enjoy it a lot. John: I like how- How that is- The- There’s that negative space that just, you know, fills up with a- Cinnamon: With the hair? John: Yeah. Couple little just-Couple of strands just goes whoop! Cinnamon: Yeah. Have to value negative space as an artist. And when I say that, in case you’re new to that term, that’s the space where there is not something happening. And that can happen even in a busy painting like this. Like they’ll be space for which we hold quietness. And you need to have some quietness in a painting. Artists that can hold large spaces of quietness, negative space, and still have composition and design and color are extraordinary. Look at that. So we’ve got that going in. Who’s ready for some eyes? John: Ooh! I think everybody’s ready for some eyes. [Cinnamon exhales deeply] John: And you’ve done some big canvases. Cinnamon: Can I have some tunes, or I’m gonna- Mmm. mmm, mmmm! [laughs] John: Ohhh! I think we- [Cinnamon laughs] John: Let me see what we can find over there. Cinnamon: [laughing] It’s ok! I think I’m on my third cup of water here. [techno dance music starts] Cause the eyes are the windows to this part of their soul. John: There ya go. Have a little tune-age. [John laughs] Cinnamon: I need to do this, so y’all are doing it with me! [chuckles] John: You need some relaxation? Some stretchy? Cinnamon: No, I just need move. I’m like.. John: Everybody get up and put your hands in the aaaaaiiirrrr! And do the Sherpa weird dance… [John laughs] Cause- Is- So now I have to have a- A mid video dance break, which is the Sherpa stretch. Cinnamon: Which is the Sherpa stretch. I just needed that. That’s intense, but I do. [laughs] Sometimes, I just need a little Sherpa stretch. John: A little dance break. Cinnamon: A little dance- Whooooo! John: Are you spilling your brushes? Cinnamon: I’m spilling- I’m spilling the beans! I’m spilling the brushes. I’m getting some of these details. John: Oh- Ok. There they are. Cinnamon: When I list these in the description, if you get the basic list of the brushes I have in my description, you guys are gonna have a very very good list of brushes. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine! Take a little blue… Over to my brown. Let a little black get in there. Oh yeah. We’re going crazy like that. And I’m gonna just put this on the eye. John: Right in there on the eye. Cinnamon: Yeah. Cause we’re doing it now. And I’m gonna do this work. You are gonna be working. John: Gonna be working! Cinnamon: It happens. You gotta work. Eyes are work. They’re observation and work. And you just gotta recognize what you’re looking at. One of the things I wanna say is that you have to think of eyes, have to have to have to, as marbles. John: Oh yeah. Yeah. Cinnamon: They are marbles, and they have a shadow cast by the lid that you must must must show in some way. So I’m making sure that I am… making that ocular cavity have shape. [John laughs]
Cinnamon: Have the shadow. John: Someone- So- Cinnamon: What? John: Uh, Eileen was suggesting the Sherpa dance. It would be the next great workout video. [Cinnamon laughs] John: You have no idea how close to home that hits. [John laughs] Cinnamon: Why?!? John: Well, we can just do Sherpa Sherpa… Cinnamon: Yeah, cause people are gonna show up for me for fitness.
John: In the Sherpa. Cinnamon: I should totally give you advice on healthy life tips… [laughs] John: Well, all the old dance games that I made. Cinnamon: Oh, that’s right! You can explain that. That’s very funny. John: I used to make dance games. I don’t think that requires much explanation. Cinnamon: Well, I just don’t think everybody knew that. [John chuckles]
John: So… Cinnamon: I don’t think anybody knew that you made dance games, though. John: Yeah. I used to make a game called In The Groove, and Pump It up. And uh… They were dance games. And they were pretty popular in the arcade. Cinnamon: Don’t get too crazy with your explanation. John: That’s pretty much what they were. But we can make a dance game for the Sherpa. We’ll call it In The Sherpa. Cinnamon: Sherpa Shape. John:[ chuckles] Sherpa Shape. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Sherpa need to get in shape! Sherpa does need to get in shape. John: What brush are you using there, Sherpa? Cinnamon: [laughing] I am using a filbert. Dude you’re gonna-
John: That’s a little filbert. Cinnamon: You’re gonna know when I’m trying to get in shape cause there’ll be whining- [Cinnamon and John laugh]
Cinnamon: Constantly. I’ll be like [whining voice] “I went to the gym!” “And it sucked…” [laughing] Now I’ve goofed up. John: What’d ya do? Cinnamon: Y’all made me laugh and you made me goof up. It is your fault! John: It- Where’d you goof? Cinnamon: Just over here on the corner, but that’s cool. I’ll just show you how I handle it. So, I don’t want this that light, so I’m gonna come back with my dark color. And just take it away. Right. So I’v got that there and I’m gonna do the same thing on the other- Whoa! John: What’d ya- Oh, I almost saw that. That was- We almost got a dip. Cinnamon: Dip. When I dip, you dip, we dip. [Cinnamon laughs] John: But not paint in the coffee. Cinnamon: But not paint in the coffee. Please don’t so it. Please… Please, please, please. Oh no…. Now you must paint the eyeballs. John: Pull the element over there. Cinnamon: Which- Where am I?
John: There you go. Cinnamon: I’m here. [laughs] John: Well you can get both of them on the same cam I think.
Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s ok. Or you can adj- I don’t know what it is. You’re like, “I gotta get up and come over and adjust it?” Possibly… John: Possibly. Cinnamon: Possibly that is required. We’ll have to see how it goes. Mmmmm…. [sings] Just thinking about… his eyes. Getting a little gold. Did we get both of them? Ok. Cool. John: Yeah. I think we can see it. Cinnamon: I like doing big cats. I don’t know how much everybody else likes doing big cats. Well, I guess they’re all here, so they like it somewhat. John: There’s eighty three people here, hanging out. Cinnamon: Really? John: They need a cat, so yeah, I think they really like it. Did you dunk in the coffee? Cinnamon: Not yet.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: I’m not drinking it so it’s ok. Don’t eat paint. John: Don’t eat paint. Cinnamon: Especially my mother. Don’t eat paint. John: It- Don’t eat neon paint on cupcakes for sure. [Cinnamon sighs] Cinnamon: We got such good cupcake pictures in the community. They kept coming in, and coming in, and coming in. It was fantastic. John: So are you, uh, are you onto the oranges? Cinnamon: Not yet. John: No? Close? Cinnamon: No. What are you? Crazy? John: I saw you put some- Some… Cinnamon: I mean, yeah. We’ll get into that, but we’ve gotta…. We need to…. Come along here. John: Oh, you’re so cute thinking we’re gonna use some orange. Cinnamon: [chuckles] You’re adorable. You’re adorable! Aren’t you just the sweetest thing?!?! [Cinnamon laughs] Did you think this workshop was over?!? [laughs] John: This is a hoot.
Cinnamon: And that you were gonna get a snack? John: This is a hoot-a-thon!
[Cinnamon laughs evilly] Cinnamon: This is art! And only the strong survive! [Cinnamon and John laugh] John: Those with glitter for hands. [Cinnamon laughing] John: And can pronounce quinacridone. Cinnamon: The glitter has gone to my head! [laughs] [Cinnamon continues laughing] Cinnamon: Though there is a thing to that when you’re in art school. There’ll be this thing, like who’s last in the studio working. [John chuckles] John: The slowest painter? I don’t know. Cinnamon: You clock it off in your head. No. Cause I would be in there last. Be like clocking it off, and another falls. [Cinnamon chuckles] John: Wait. You just had to be the last one to leave? Cinnamon: No, I just had the biggest projects. You know me. John: I- Yeah. Cinnamon: I think that’s one of the things that we have in common. What’s a reasonable size charcoal? Oh, well, like, let’s not do that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Let’s do the most biggest one ever. John: Now, you’ve done some big canvases in here. Cinnamon: Yeah, I love doing them. We should do one on the show sometime. John: Yeah, we will. Cinnamon: Like how to paint something like epic-ally big. John: Just put on some background music and just let you paint. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Would people show up for that, though? John: Well, I mean, what were you saying earlier? There’s the folks who show up to the paint to watch the people who just make crafting sounds. Cinnamon: Oh, I know. That’d be so cool. John: Ta- You know. A couple people would show up. Cinnamon: If I have you put on music, YouTube will get us. John: Uhhhh…. Cinnamon: YouTube’s looking for us John. They know. They know what we’re up to. John: We could… Periscope it. [John laughs]
Cinnamon: Oooh… Mmmmmm…… John: We’ll see. Cinnamon: We’ll see. John: You know, one of these days Warner’s gonna come over and say, “You know what? We’re gonna license you some music…” Cinnamon: Oh gosh. If you work at Warner’s and you have any friends over there. [lauhgs] Could you- Oh! Guess what else we have. Our community- I know have it set up where any of the videos can be subtitled or translated by our community. John: That’s so awesome. Cinnamon: Not that anyone’s gonna do that, but if you thought, “Man. This would be so useful if it were just subtitled or it had a transcript, or any of that, they’re all enabled. John: Well, it would really help, you know, if you guys are at all, uh… interested in that, please help subtitle and translate, because we’re, uh, we’re really interested in putting this, you know, our messages out there in all the languages we can. So. Yeah. Really appreciate that help. Is that weird? Cinnamon: No, I don’t know. I always worry about it cause like, I’d have to like go check it all at Google translate. John: No, I’m gonna go check it all out. I think it’s awesome thing, because I think there are people all over the world who don’t have an opportunity to paint. Cinnamon: I agree with that. Art education’s not available everywhere. John: We’re making these free, so we wanna… Cinnamon: So I’m picking up this highlight. See, cause he’s got this glass orb. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And he needs that highlight. That’s what he needs. John: That really makes that roundness pop out. Cinnamon: It so does. Now I’m gonna get some just black. Just black. Right? And I’m going to make sure… I’ve got that there. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Just make sure. John: That’s almost like a pupil? Is that right? Cinnamon: Yeah, that’s what it is, is the shadow of the pupil and I’ll have to keep working it so that it shows up.
John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: But that’s what we’re now working on. And you think of them as being triangular but they’re actually not, interestingly enough, on lions. And I had questioned that so much in the original, but in observing the pictures again, I was like, you know. These really are… See, I’m pulling this up here. I get a lot of kudos for the eyes that I do, and this is really what it is. I don’t mind even sharing this at all. This is what it’s about, is… Finding a way…. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: To tell that story. Look for that shade, find that story. See that coming in? John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: Sometimes I’m gonna get in your way and I apologize guys cause I gotta work this thing. John: Yeah. I’m- Cinnamon: Make sure it’s worked. It’s balanced. It’s just- I know you guys have got to go. I’m just going as fast as I can. I’m so sorry! John: Oh, you’re doing great! This is a big- This is a big, big project, so. Cinnamon: Yeah! [laughs] Next time everyone will listen to me when I’m like, DUDE!!! Are you sure?!? So I’m gonna pull some white out. I’m gonna gray it just a touch. I don’t want it to be straight white. Yeah. It’s like that. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: That looks pretty cool! Cinnamon: Doesn’t it? John: Hmmm. Cinnamon: My favorite thing. John: Looking pretty cool! Cinnamon: It’s my fave fave! Fave fave fave fave fave fave…. Fave fave fave…. John: Oops. Close up. Everyone’s like, “Close up camera! Close up camera!” I keep forgetting. [laughs] Cinnamon: Which one am I on? John: Oh, you’re doing fine. I keep forgetting to switch over to close up camera so everyone-
Cinnamon: Oh, ok. John: Can see that really well. Cinnamon: Alright. Can they see it now? John: Oh yeah. But now they can real- Oh, hold- Down, down. Your’e just off the canvas. I want them to be able to see it all. So if you loosen the thumb wheel, and then re-tighten it, you’ll have better control. Cinnamon: Oh yeah. Well, you think so, but then this happens. John: Yeah. Now pull the thumb wheel down and tighten it. [Cinnamon mumbles] [John laughs] John: The nausea cam works. [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: Nausea cam… And then the other one. Sorry guys, but you gotta do the glass. John: You’re just using- What color was that you’re using right there? Cinnamon: So the same thing I did in the reflection is this grayed out white. You don’t wanna use a bright bright white. That’ll mess you up. John: Just those little touches, huh? Cinnamon: Oh, it’s a big deal. When you’re doing eyes, that’s everything. Right? Ok. Here’s the good news, John. John: What’s that? Cinnamon: Orange and red. John: Oooh! Orange and red! Cinnamon: Orange and red. Ooohhh. John: Ooh. Close in. Close out. Cinnamon: Look at your eyes now. John: Wow!!! Cinnamon: He’s gone Aslan on us, hasn’t he? John: Your- Your like, your close up camera is now a wide camera. You should close it in a little bit. Bring it in a little bit. Cinnamon: Ok. John: There you go. What are we doing next? Cinnamon: Ah, reds and oranges. John: Reds and oranges. Cinnamon: Red and oranges. John: Now which red is this? Cinnamon: Uh… Cad red and Australian Sienna. Some combos of those. First I’m gonna get some just pure Australian Sienna. And I’m going to make sure that I have in a couple of places, some pops of that. John: Oh! Very good! Cinnamon: Cause you gotta have it. You need it. It’s important. John: And it looks like Angela is just about ready to get going on her channel over there on her side. Cinnamon: Alright. Yeah, go hit Angela’s thing man. We’re pretty much done here. Go hit it. Go hit it. John: You can always come back in here and check up- Cinnamon: Like, seriously later. Go hit it. John: This’ll be available up for everyone afterwards, and you know… Cinnamon: We’re gonna go bug Angela in a minute. I think we’re supposed to go like skype with her but we didn’t have any prep time. [Cinnamon and John chuckle] John: Well, so we, uh… We will definitely be in support of her over there. So… Cinnamon: You can message John or any thing, if you have any ideas about skyping Angela, but don’t worry about it. It’s crazy today. John: Yeah. You have to catch your close up camera there. There ya go. Cinnamon: I’m like panicking. [John chuckles] John: I think we’re ok. John: We’ll, you know, we still like, you know, almost ninety people here. Cinnamon: Oh! Wow guys! John: It’s eighty eight. I say that’s awesome for those, uh… Back to the future fans. [Cinnamon laughs] John: Whenever I see eighty eight, a little special place… You know. Cinnamon: The what about the eighty eight? John: Well, there’s a little special place in my heart for eighty eight. Cinnamon: Why? John: Cause eighty eight miles an hour. Cinnamon: Oh, that’s right. Thank you. Great! dork reference. Thank you. John: In my- Back in my BMW days it- It had a little alarm in it that you could set off whenever you exceeded a certain speed limit, and mine was always set for eighty eight. Just cause. Cinnamon: I might even pop this down to a smaller more whimsical detail. I’m gonna get my filbert out. John: You have to get your close up camera in there a little bit more. Cinnamon: Filbert. And up that. Here comes the red!
John: There ya go! Cinnamon: So this is…. Interestingly enough, this is what creates the energy in the piece. John: Yes. Cinnamon: These little pops of red. They can’t be everywhere. But they matter. John: Mm-hmm. Just those little highlights. Cinnamon: They do. Creating that- Creating that space. You know. I’m excited about what Angela’s doing today John: Oh yeah. She’s got that cool, uh… Cinnamon: Artist snowman.
John: Easy snowman painting going up. Cinnamon: Recognizing the artists everywhere. John: Mm-hmm. Oh, that looks sharp! I like that little red under the eyes. Cinnamon: It’s fun stuff, man. It’s fun stuff. And then you find new spots. It won’t ever go in the exact same places every time. That’s not happening. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: The red does what the red needs to do. It’s got a mind of it’s own. [John laughs] Cinnamon: Anything else you’re telling yourself, just not pay any attention. Isn’t that nice? John: That is. Cinnamon: Just let me know as I gotta move it down. John: Ooh! I think it’s looking good. Cinnamon: Now we’re gonna pop the nose. John: Wow! That nose! I like how each of those colors keeps adding a little bit more to the nose. And just like…. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: That little bit of red just makes so much difference. Cinnamon: It just does, doesn’t it? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Alright?
John: Oh yeah! Cinnamon: Just super fun! John: That’s so nice. Cinnamon: Who knew it would be such a big deal? But it is. John: You’re gonna put a little in his chin? Cinnamon: Yeah. This- I’m telling you what. In art this is what separates, you know, the mice from the men. John: [chuckles] A little bit of red! Cinnamon: No. The ability to recognize that you can step so far away…. From…. Abject reality, and create subjective reality. John: Yeah. That’s looking so cool! You have to grab your close up camera there a little bit, to get that down, into that mane. Cinnamon: Yeah?
John: The real big mane. Cinnamon: He’s just- He’s just coming together. John: So, do you have any suggestions for people who may find themselves being a little heavy handed with the brush? Cinnamon: Yeah. Practice on paper. John: Ah. Cinnamon: Honestly, warm up. Practice, and just make it a game. How thin can I make this line? And we may even do a video about this. About brush warm ups. They seem silly, but that’s how you develop the skill. Of being light handed. John: Now let me ask a dangerous question. Cinnamon: Ok. John: Cause this goes- This goes this is halfway out, extending some technical knowledge. So, if one did make a mistake… Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: You know, if you- If you had tried your canvas first and you had gone and had a thick line with red, could you clean that off with a wet towel? Cinnamon: Um… If the canvas was dry. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And the red was still wet, yeah. Wet towel will clean it right up. John: Oh. Ok. Cool! Cinnamon: If the canvas was not dry or set, that could be a disaster. But again, disaster in acrylic painting is sort of a relative concept, because as long as the painting is dry- John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You can paint over the offending section. John: Yeah. You have to grab your close up camera there a little bit. Cinnamon: Ok. John: So, it looks like all of the intertubes are having a little issue today. Angela’s maybe, uh, just a little behind there to so- Oh! Maybe she’s starting to stream up now. So it looks like her streams now going over there. Cinnamon: Alright. You guys head over to her stream. I’ll finish this up. John: Oh I see some cute- Some cute, uh…. Snowmen over there, so… That’ll definitely be cute. Cinnamon: It’s gonna be fantastic. I think that’s a must do winter project. John: Mm-hmm. You have to get your close up camera, a little bit more. Cinnamon: Ok. We’re nearly out of here guys.
John: We’re almost there, I know! I know. I just wanna see the ear.
Cinnamon: We just gotta… We gotta do the eyes. There’s a red reflection that happens in the eyes. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Does it matter? Yes it does. John: Oh yeah… But we’re close. Just each of those little touches that makes… Cinnamon: It makes a world of difference.
John: It does. And so how do you- How do you get a good feel for this? Cinnamon: Well, this is experience right here. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: This is, I’ve done a lot of paintings and I’ve spent a lot of time training myself to look for holes. And probably cause I’m teaching this and not able to be in a fully quite space I will like later be like, “Oh! There’s a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole!”
John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: But I’m getting better, even if the teaching, like every one of these that I do like this John: Yep. Cinnamon: I’m getting better even on the fly. To look for things like that. Getting my detail detail brush out. John: Oh yeah?
Cinnamon: Yep. Loading my cad. Look at that! Oh yeah. That’s how me throw down. This is why cad. Everyone’s like, “Why cad?” Right here. This is why cad. John: Because it explodes off the canvas. Cinnamon: Cause it explodes off the canvas. John: You can go in even closer. Cause it’s all about the eye. Cinnamon: It’s all about that eye. And you guys can get that eye. Just practice that eye. Oh my goodness! There he is!
John: Oh yeah! There it is! Cinnamon: Luminary. John: That is awesome! Cinnamon: We did pretty good. John: Yeah! I would say say Cinnamon: I mean, you could keep working him, you could keep pushing it, you could keep looking. You could keep seeking, but I think for the purposes of us explaining how that cat was made, you know, I would say the difference between that cat and this cat is you know, continuing to paint, continuing to be still, continuing to be in your own space. Umm… But I hope like when you do this, then you might be like, looking at a picture of a cat and then trying to paint that. Cause that’s where that magic sort of happens. And I even need to do that. I need to be in that quiet, quiet space. So I’m gonna see you guys at the easel really soon. And I think we’re gonna hop over to Angela Anderson’s snowman. John: yeah. We’re just gonna say we love you guys, we’ll catch up with you again later, and… Bye bye! Cinnamon: Bye bye! [closing music] [Hello my friends it’s time to turn the key] [Release your stress….]


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    love from pakistan

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  • Shobha Kiran says:


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  • Irkajavasdream says:

    `i had so much fun painting this! I bought a smaller canva snow i can afford it. It's too chaotic with you and your husband, then one more omg. I wanted you to focus on telling us, mainly what color you are going in with. And other things like what goes first dark or light etc.. just tips. When you guys talk to anyone a caller, whoever, we go without lesson and coming back next day was so hard. If you talked more about what color you are putting one, and when that would be great. You say you are highlighting and not with which color. I found myself like "stop talking about other stuff!!" sorry. I do love you.

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