normal people are gonna read them and gonna be they're gonna be scratched ahead like what what you Rhett you saw all of that in the Lion King what what is wrong with you what's up everyone John here welcome to another episode of John talks and these sjw's just keep getting crazier and crazier one writer from The Washington Post Dan Hassler he wrote an article titled The Lion King is a fascist story no remake can change this and I have to say that Dan Hassler is the most woke individual I have ever read this guy has seen things in the Lion King that none of us could have possibly or potentially saw and basically what he is saying and that is that it is a story about fascists it's a story about as you can see here white supremacy a story of oppression it's just mind-blowing to me how an sjw can take something as pure as a children's entertainment okay and pretty darn good entertainment at that it's not just for children I mean adults alike have enjoyed this movie and I hope I hope that these sjw's these crazy wackadoo out there keep spouting their nonsense because any normal person who reads and comes across this article is gonna say you've lost your mind you've literally lost your mind if you are literally making parallels to Donald Trump and white supremacy and Nazism and all of this stuff that Dan sees in there if you are making all of these parallels to that I've got a lot more to say but I will share it during the course of the reading of this article and afterwards please feel free to share your thoughts in that comment section below here we go a column in the far left Washington Post accuses Disney's Lion King remake of trafficking in white supremacist worldview the first thing to understand about the Lion King is that it isn't in any way about lions or any other animal species the column reads dan this isn't animal farm okay because he does make an allusion to animal farm this is not animal farm this is a story okay this is a story about talking animals hakuna matata man it ain't that deep the column reads adding as in every fable a variety of cute and cuddly figures stand in for human societal organization mapping our internalized social hierarchies onto the pristine and neutral world of the animal kingdom's kingdom renders these power dynamics natural common-sense and desirable then we come to the money quote but by using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power the film also inevitably incorporates the white supremacist worldview one in which some groups of people are inherently superior to others the piece then goes on to explain that this is really all about trump doubling down on disney's historical obsession with patriarchal monarchies it places the audience's point of view squarely with the autocratic lines whose pride Rock literally looks down upon all societies weaker groups kind of a Trump Tower of the African savannah he just did not compare Pride Rock with the Trump Tower of African savannah oh my goodness yes this insightful genius actually wrote those words or these words a kind of Trump Tower of the African savannah the headline also accuses the Lion King of being a fascist story if you guys don't know cuz I understand that maybe some of my viewers they're a little younger or you just don't know I mean it's not a word that we tend to use so here's the definition of fascism a political philosophy movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dick toriel leader severe economic and social regime regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition so again it's the idea a structure of government with somebody as a dictator so forth I mean obviously Hitler for stalling you know you get the picture of what is a fascist regime but although they want to call Trump again we live in a democracy they want to paint Trump again as a you know as a sort of Hitler or a fascist you see as long as you are able to put the words white and supremacy together and somehow tie all this fascism to President Trump you can write all the ignorant nonsense you want and the posts will publish it and again I just hope that they let Dan and other writers like him continue to write this kind of nonsense for the Washington Post please do because all you're gonna do is just push all the normal people from reading your guys's website or your paper and pretty much nobody even reads it at this point anyways this is after all the same Washington Post's that secretly hired a practicing occultus to write about Christianity does not surprise me at all but back to the writers willful ignorance of how basic storytelling works to begin with the idea that every fable stands in for human societal organizations is total garbage I could not agree more that is not how all fables work Animal Farm that was an allegory by George Orwell he meant it to be an allegory but fables are different and we're gonna read here that is not how all fables work fables that involve alternate universes faraway galaxies middle earths kingdoms monarchies and the like fables like The Lion King are not about advocating for a particular system of government what a stupid thing to suggest these stories are primarily about one thing charity and justice towards others yes good decent moral principles how to do the right thing what is the right thing etcetera etc the whole idea behind stories about King Arthur and all the fairy tales involving kings and princesses and princes and princesses and even a Lion King is to have the child identify with the powerful central character or the central character who will assume power and teach that child about not abusing that power about being a decent fair-minded person about maturing into a charitable king or queen who is just and brave and kind exactly exactly but sjw's like Dan they will read into anything anything especially that is decent and good they will read into it and they will pull the most craziest garbage out of it they will see stuff that doesn't even exist there and it says more about them it really does it says more about them their personality how they think what they truly see their perspective on things than it does about the actual work that they are dissecting and in this case The Lion King the idea behind these fables is to train children to be good and honest to teach them no matter how much power they might hold be it on the playground or later in the boardroom that this power only increases your responsibility to be gracious towards others and to never allow this power to corrupt you all the Lion King does as other fables involving monarchies do is use a particular world and element of wish fulfillment achieving power to spread that humanist message that you should seek to achieve power so that you can do good the real world animal kingdom is what it is a Darwinian nightmare where the powerful sit at the top of the food chain period The Lion King acknowledges this world because it would be stupid not to but uses that world to teach a lesson about decency and charity and justice and again all of the things listed here the moral fabric of the story that is what has connected with audiences that is why they have loved this story I think so deeply almost to the point where they don't even realize why they like it but it is just such a powerful story about how you should live your life you have to be a pretty shallow thinker to believe the use of this world automatically translates into advocating for a monarchy or fascism or white supremacy and I can prove it has the Washington Post seen Black Panther is Marvel's black panther advocating for white supremacy according to the post it must be because within black panthers world there is not only a monarchy but a system where a fight to the death decides who becomes king the person wearing wakanda's crown does not lose it through birthright wisdom mercy intelligence or even competence he can lose it through a physical challenge holding the crown in Wakanda is about brute strength is that not a perfect example of what the post describes as using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power and this is an excellent point if Dan the writer of that article is going to be consistent the things that he's saying about the Lion King he has to say about Black Panther another movie that a lot of people really liked and in fact has been you know called essentially a sort of ripoff of the Lion King it's a very very similar story but again did anybody read this type of crap and the Black Panther no nobody's seen any of this stuff nobody seen any of this stuff in the Lion King people love these movies again because the character he is challenged about doing the right thing and ultimately he does the right thing he overcomes he has a hero's journey take notes Ryan Johnson what's more the posts are used that The Lion King almost inevitably incorporates the white supremacist worldview one in which some groups of people are inherently superior to others which is precisely what Black Panther does our introduction to Wakanda opens with two chala returning to claim the throne but not before he challenges groups of people in competing tribes to ritual combat if they dare question his place as king that sure sounds to me like like the superiority of one group over another it takes an acute cast of trumped arrangements syndrome to watch The Lion King and see anything other than a beautiful and endearing and yes moral coming-of-age story about your responsibility to others especially if you are in a position of power this is storytelling 101 and the Washington Post remains fake news 101 so if you want a good laughed I would recommend go over to the Washington Post and read this article the Lion King is a fascist story no remake can change that it's utterly it's laughable the nonsense that is in this article I mean it really truly is again it's more of an insight to Dan Hasler's mine and how it works than it does about the Lion King those are just my thoughts please let me know your thoughts in that comment section below I want to thank you for watching this video if you liked it make sure you give it a big thumbs up also if you like the channel make sure you smash that subscribe button ding the bell for notifications hope you have a great day or night wherever you are and we'll see you next time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you


  • _ Adjei _ says:

    It's pretty funny how the writer is throwing in white supremacy anf Trump in the story that is originally from 1994. I guess he has no idea The Lion King is a remake from a 1994 animated movie.

  • michael silver says:

    According to "woke" assholes. virtually everything is white supremacy , racism, etc, LMAO!

  • Joker 824 says:

    I thought the lion king is based on Macbeth by William Shakespeare only with lions

  • Marvel Disneyfan says:

    So, a white guy (the “journalist”) decides to lecture a bunch of successful black actors, singers, and public figures on how their work is somehow contributing to racism.

    Why is the most surprising thing about this the fact that I still face-palmed?

  • Isaac Garcia says:


  • Scott McGregor says:

    Do these Disney urinalists actually feel that they have to make up shit to say that a Disney movie sucks?? This movie was boring. Maybe he was so bored he had too much time to think about thinking about his college thesis days.

  • j r says:


  • Jaret Albaugh says:

    Where were they 20 years ago when the animated film came out ? That and all the main characters are voiced by African Americans so how the hell is it white supremacy???

  • 1Dudelove says:

    Aren't the lions meant to represent Africans?

  • Veronica Rey says:

    uhhhh…your kidding..right?

  • chad Joice says:

    Fake news idiot Pssssst disney is great pass it on

  • Ian Nipper says:

    So with the release of this movie, people are claiming the same controversy that the original was also accused of?

  • Thing 8117 Anderson says:

    Might have to go see it now.

  • Pileus Storm says:

    You mean like ppl have discovered that Disney have been drawing their characters using sexual anatomy? Nope, that's not true? I guess white ppl choose to remain ignorant to their ancestors development of their language science and arts to project white superiority? Nobodies fooled by white ppl opting out of their own education to play the ignorant card. Then playing the struggle role to say that white ppl aren't oppressing anyone. This system is set up to.benefit you all even if you opt out. Generations after you will be the benefactors of this European construct. It's designed that way. As sure as The hexadecimal number #FFFFFFFF is the color white in computer technology and #00000000 is black. But ppl are delusional or conspiracy theorists. 🤔

  • Don Rob says:

    Soooooooo….is simba .. racist….-_-…at this point the left is going to start thinking birds can talk….roaches are being oppressed…dog are kkk members….shoes are a form of homophobic acts

  • WOLF and FX88 says:

    It's funny how all these sjw soy boy socialist call us nazi dummy's nazi were socialist. You are the nazi

  • WOLF and FX88 says:

    He is brain dead.

  • Michael Haflich says:

    If anyone wants me to prove that we should send left liberals to asylums now this is my proof right here..

  • Michael Haflich says:

    A remake film… bout Animals… and somewhat animal kingdom… and is voiced by black people… based in Africa… for children and adults who seen original cartoon… is somehow actually about… humans… in somewhat Politics… about white people… based in US… for Nazis and fascists and orange people…

  • sónia Silva says:

    The article says more more Dan Forest's own proclivities , than the movie itself. Projecting love for child indoctrination, above all else. His regret is not that "childern are being indoctrinated", which they aren't , his regret is that HE isn't doing the indoctrination. All Totalitarians did it, be it on the right or the left .

  • Jay B- Wick or Snow?? says:

    Yepp well Walt Disney was pretty rascist…

  • Big E says:

    How Dare He!!! talking about Wakanda like That!!!

  • Craig says:

    He’s not only woke he’s mentally ill.

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