Live composing! "après-midi ~memoire~" (for Cantavanda 1st Full Album)

Live composing! "après-midi ~memoire~" (for Cantavanda 1st Full Album)

hello everyone it is me can't Vanda and welcome to the stream in this stream i will compose a song live and it's called a play midi memoir the title is a tribute and Amash to melissa Musa of course because they have a song called a Promethean an album called memoir but it's still my own song with me telling my own story oh hello first first comments so how is everyone can you hear me clearly I'm going to wait until there's for a few more viewers until I start composing so yes two legs already thank you very much I'm just waiting until there's more viewers six viewers now nice hello everyone how are you okay I will stream it until it's finished the song is already completely composed in my head so I just have to write down what's in my head but it's gonna be easier than hose blur the last life composing I did last months because the song is a bit simpler so it's going to take in out six hours with maybe four or five I'm not sure can everyone hear me you can change it chat if you hear me or not right normally everyone should hear me OBS says there's inputs of sounds going to wait a few more seconds and then I'm going to start crystal clear thank you very much I just needed some confirmation that everyone was going well okay here is Sibelius let's create a blank templates and let's choose the instruments so it will be to start for five strings violin one two viola cello and double bass like this it will have a music box an organ but just a little one not really a big church organ it will have band instruments drums drum set rock also electric bass notation of course because I prefer that much over taps this one down down like this very good hello every new viewer I hope you'll enjoy the stream you can go out of it go back all you want it's gonna be on for a while okay let's think I'm not sure if I'm going to put electric guitar in it maybe it's not needed because it's not in my heads when I hear the song accordion also acoustic guitar notation of course I'm not so sure about guitar I'm going to leave it out until I work on it and I really need it I mean the whole composition is in my head but not the exact arrangements so that's always on the spot that I make it okay but I need another instruments that makes very clear filling a lot of notes that can fill the chords hello Marco and John Paulo Martin's also I have two and gandu how are you I'm just thinking about more instruments I think it's alright maybe yes maybe no gusta guitar it's perfect okay and of course the voice the vocals I think that's it now okay as you see it's much less instruments than hosts blue my last livestream so yes it's a nice amount of instruments I started for 4 bit actually diverse and the bridge are in 6/8 so it's changes from binary to I don't know the words but with tree I didn't know don't know it in English okay what's the tempo the first sample that bpm because I don't know okay eighty and it's in major EB major oops here like this composer can't even de good voila that should be it let's start the first bar will be completely empty and silence because in the production phase I will put like the sound of a vinyl that scratches a bit like an old vinyl so and only on the second bar the music box will start like this perfect as you can see it's completely in my head but I haven't written it down yet and the organ here like this let's listen to the beginning great but it should go slower by the end so I'm going to write a no in notations here Valentin do like this a little bit more extreme I think so instead of 70% 66 maybe and this one should be enough Baggio like this like this ooh very good come on voila again maybe I should only do the runnin Tonto from the third beat of that bar like this because it's coming too fast great 66% okay perfect how is the balance of the voice compared to the music actually I hope it's good but I won't really talk at the same time I play the music but is it good it would be great if someone could answer I'm going to continue with stepping bpm temple where is there this like this ah ah added some more bars and here it's gonna be in 6/8 so it's changing well a lot great and this one the tempo is like this like a normal fort is the same as a dotted to here oh no it's wrong it's wrong it's wrong dude maybe 60 then dude perfect perfect again okay I found it that's it okay let's continue that organ will normally be a much softer sound so it's here a very hard organ sound but it's not gonna be in the final it's quite annoying that it's a hard sound in Sibelius but I don't know what to do about it okay good but let's make the organ softer just much more quiet perfect okay then the guitar and an accordion come in i should arrange the order of the instruments better like this a beautiful accordion sounds lull I guess I'm not an accordion experts I'm not sure if all the notes that I write are able to be played at the same time but my dad and mom play accordion so I'm going to show the sheet to them when it's finished and they'll be able to correct it hello bubbly ski DX how are you this good okay let's just knit form the beginning elated you great is just a little bit weird here like this it should be correct now hmm I'm not sure again much better a gene okay let's continue accidentally open VLC good no now the strings will come in I'm not sure first strings or first drum that comes in I have to choose maybe strings Oh too soon it should be the next bar here oopsie let's go back like this without this that's a mistake good continue let's see if I have every note yep I have every note and now let's copy this okay I have our beginning already it's very empty but much more will be added like here OOP wrong like this it should be already much better good father no maybe not well let's continue let's check it out first okay okay mmm here now the melody is almost the same or maybe the same yes yes it's the same so yes song the chorus is going to be very catchy you're going to see I should have said it at the beginning hi Canavan I just want to say that this is one of my favorite YouTube channels ever so much good stuff I watch it every single day thank you so much slaver garden I really appreciate it and welcome Dex liar oh thank you that you like the album oh thank you very much well this one I'm making now is going to be do me much better I promise because I always learn like this shorter one I'm new to channel thank you for all the malice busier contents I was wondering are you musician and you have your own music yes I already have released my first mini album and this composing here is for my next one my full album so I hope you're looking forward to it I am at least thank you for your interest also Charlotte B may be nuts on this beat but on just the one after it like this it's much better maybe the organ I'm not sure if I should make these chords be played by the organ or the strings maybe I should listen to the beginning again I noticed a mistake like this and this wrong once it should be this and this I'm sorry and the same should be repeated here okay that's this and now let's listen again here maybe the organ I'm not sure can't you can instrumental song malice I would be able to make instrumentals but I prefer working on my own music first but they have a lot of instrumentals on their singles like on the five singles of the major album and on other singles their instrumental versions of their songs so most or a lot of songs already have them and shall not be thank you for your reply I wish you all the best and keep up with good work thank you very much thank you okay let's I'm going to put it in the organ [Applause] okay let's listen again okay sounds good Magnus that's a dangerous one because it's like two cords completely going down like a c flat and then a B or B flat and it's dangerous to not have parallel fifths alright until now like this maybe this is a hard one you can post-standard we go thank you very much bubbly bubbly ski DX I don't like this one much better but I don't like this me me and an FF it's parallel I don't like it but you can say that it's come down because of this but it's still on the on strong beats of the measure it's still parallel AIDS I don't know but it sounds good and it's not classical music it's not classical music so I shouldn't be so severe but I'm still thinking maybe if I do it like this I don't like that the e-flat is now doubles because it's not the most important note hmm let's think again I can make the seven come later like this no-no-no here okay oopsie and let's copy this here gee flats Oh B flats like this okay [Applause] I'm getting so much messages [Applause] [Applause] good good first starts hmm like this hair should be longer let's check it again if it's good it's alright okay happy with it let's add some drums it's really much harder to write drums in 6/8 then in 4/4 maybe this I'm not sure no it's not good like this okay listening again now hello mio tube and Tatiana Oh great great again I want to be sure it's good again here okay let's save it first before I lose everything back here [Applause] and this should also be a Ford's let's remember how it looks okay thank yous like this was it that I don't remember mmm like this ah I don't remember how it to us is to did it is it down okay down digit down voila okay the next part is very nice this is more like setting the mood it's not that beautiful with the next part yes I don't like the transition maybe another drum note and it's gonna be all right here I messed up already much better again [Applause] let's check this yes all right it's all right okay first the courts here it reminds me need to bind this good maybe I don't know it might be very bad it's alright yes it's good do-do-do-do-do-do oopsie wrong bar rum bar again twice okay it's a g-sharp okay no no no no no no I don't like this gee maybe I shouldn't do it like this okay but no it's too much it's still alright the audio yes yes that's much better okay okay someone said maybe the sound of the acoustic guitar could be dead of a Selma my fairy for a more French sounds well gonna be honest I don't know what a summer Mecca farias so I can't really do it and also changing sounds and Sibelius isn't so simple I'm not used to doing it so I prefer staying safe not messing up the project file do turn Magnus here white to do I messed up here no like this [Applause] don't turn out like this data again a Selmer is a gypsy jazz or jazz manouche guitar yes that's a good idea when I first started getting the IDS of this song I also thought I want to make it a little bit manoosh but eventually when I composed more in my head and on the piano it started resembling more of a shell song than a manoosh but yes adding a manouche guitar is quite a good idea in creepy-ass a album by what does that mean what does it mean translate this album will look amazing oh thank you very much thank you but I still have to make the chorus and the chorus is what it's all about this is just the verse and here the bridge okay and now it goes back to four for oopsie two for four oopsie wrong let's do it again and again 120 but first I have to work a bit more okay I'm gonna make the transition and then I'm going to work a bit more on the bridge and then the bass drum Oh what happened here I messed up like this follow no it's wrong it's already here no no no I'll play me okay it's a little too static obey me D and then the chorus starts oh no no no no oh playmidi okay now I need to fill in the other instruments someone's chatting I have to let's see what he says when the other final launches I'm going to be crazy thank you very much thanks to this channel I was able to meet mm and Lorraine oh I'm with pleasure I've been a j-rock fan very recently actually since 2013 Oh 12 2012 and it makes me happy that I because of my channel a lot of people find the j-rock also and they start to love the bands it's really great how these bands have a second life overseas not in Japan because of the Internet lots of new fans and that's all thanks to YouTube and I'm happy to be a part of it obey me D and then the beautiful core there but first this oopsie it's a whole bar not a half bar let's copy this to be the soda sheet isn't so sloppy so you can see everything clearly like this [Applause] [Applause] good a play meeting okay let's listen again from the verse one okay great but now I must add the voice up see that's wrong but I saved it okay now still four bars for four times is still right here for great okay now let's add the lyrics because I made them and have them here in front of me on my phone let's open it up my notes la elated to one tell where the c-d-c no Jinju hey hey hey hey it on so lay lay egg dudududu also lay I'll look if it's put goods written up more messages your album will make many people interested in the genres of LK I want to know the genre oh thank you very much thank you so much J baby that's very nice of you your voice is so beautiful and soft ah I'm flattered too much compliments okay all solely on soul yes it's with one L it's with on the first one so lay like this Oh sir don't live do not not feel lash the only thing they wear is it or am i here Jan yes like this Shin Hong Chan on phone hey hey song hey sounds okay okay where is it yes okay so see let's check the vocals if it's all right here a slur or stiller too okay great come-come lay calm this one completes come lay Tom Shan Shan bear – ma ma figer mighty girl I don't know how you spell it's my girl wait out an e after it's a girl figure first Fossey Miss boo-boo Please Me Baba Corrigan half the tape lives on tape for public off then cruisin with accents are made a double here co2 co2 practice voila let's try and sing it let's first check the messages up no messages thank you very much I'd love to share my music with you I will be a different artist I hope so every artist needs to be a bit different don't you think I certainly don't want to be an original or a pawn of the music industry so I like to do my own thing mixing j-rock with more classical music I think that's my thing thank you very much Oh a new message you're the only Brazilian here oh well at least I have Google Translate so I can understand you but you're very nice to me thank you so much he laid a tune for till we're done DC on June 8 a Clarion surly another dog Larry do know to fee – Oh Nate Asian perform people focus so see come lick don't charge cheap he'll do my weaker force a booty may bow bow kulikov day please I mean boom and then the third part now the front part is going to start I really can't wait to write it down because it was with tedious to find the correct instrumentation for this verse and and a bridge but now it's alright let's do it one more time just to be sure it's alright and I will put an organ point a very long one phil mata above here at every bar to notice it's big rests he'll 884 till we're done DC it's been I'm sorry do it again elated tune for Taylor dandy see you later Clarion surly by ladder don't lay we do know to fee – only they don't perform his on paper so see come late or charge cheap L do my peak of forcing owed a favor beaucoup blink of day please I'm a quarter great I'm happy with this I can always edit it a bit later if I want to let's now make make the dynamics of these strings so it starts mezzo piano at s click again yes mezzo Forte I mean and here start yes maybe mezzo piano and dynamic I mean a crescendo no again hello so / so thank you very much thank you I'm still very unsure about my singing it's my one of my biggest insecurities I think that the weak times to entry could have half its duration of the accordion okay wait I'm trying to understand it the victims yes it's not quarter oh you mean you mean this one's or where what part are you talking about because I see that it are eights already here you see it's already aids and with a stuck-at on it's so it's already pretty short hello metal madness yes how are you okay now what would was I going to do again is dynamics and here a diminuendo mezzo piano and I want to make this loud too don't let's see if he responded nope diminuendo again okay good this is our the dynamics of the strings let's copy them and put them on the others as well maybe I should I should make it like this first like this okay let's copy it filters dynamics like this voila I'm here to listen to your music thank you I hope you'll enjoy great okay yes I was going to do that okay and I'm only going to put dynamics on the instruments that I will actually let be played by musicians and record it the accordion too but it shouldn't be too much like here no not like this oh yes yes dude my dad will play the accordion maybe here piano and here mezzo piano – I mean which software it's in the description it's Sibelius which software do this let's also put a big crescendo here let's fix this layout thingy great it's a bit long I think you just like this agnus let's test it I don't know maybe not the second ones like this just the first ones shorter great oh I hadn't noticed a staccato oh yes there staccato very well spotted and grow you have the feeling – lets get see it's it's all staccato the the weak ones okay let's make the chorus up lumidee like this one d I shouldn't write it b-flat the the chorus is really the highlight of the whole song so everything you've seen until now not very impressive compared to what I'm making now this one is really fun at first the melody oops I shouldn't write at no-no-no oopsie accidents and let's add the lyrics and then the most fun part of the whole livestream arranging the courts of the strings of the chorus the help Amy picked words one week a week 12 12 my sure sue it's choose someone come on pooh pooh do it cool – shoes areas yes Oh bring me tea sure Quechua try some don't upsie it's nuts really better now dude okay see you food plane player fizzle so those sir we see I'm bill hey me D okay this was all written down before on my phone and let's now arrange it do you like the event unlucky Morpheus never really listened I know it's a power metal band with a female singer but I never really gave him a chance and now the bass guitar will go in it but the bass guitar part is super easy it's one note for the whole chorus because the whole chorus has one bass note one pedal note that remains until it's over but the different chords all go well with the bass notes okay here no no act is good okay okay oh yes I made a mistake so that should be one very fast bar so I'm going to howl of it all like this nope okay mistake fixed let's get my lyrics again more whoopsie don't crash please okay good do the fool to Maggie's to you perfect oops I I accidentally went completely back like this is perfect okay let's listen again again last time okay and I had this and it should be right all right the drumline I said it's easier than was blue whose blood was much more complicated and much more variation okay good let's add the strings the first one more listen maybe here I should go with the melody like this okay that's the chorus this is fun like this perfect good let's continue you good I like it where is it here and here the music box comes in again okay and then an instrumental part but let's first work a bit more on the chorus let's make the accordion and the guitar acoustic guitar do some stuff but maybe a listen from the beginning listen again from here no I was in the wrong place I think I wanted to do this elsewhere oh listen again from the chorus here this is what I wanted to do that's much better I do it's on the repetition here and another extra because it's the last one voila like that hello it's it's not a different piece just the chorus let's listen to it again from the start oh and and it's continues with the instrumental part okay let's add ear accordion forty director tone hmm okay let's listen now with the extra ornaments or however you call it and that's not copy-pasted with just the beginning maybe I like it I try to make the notes difference from the melody see it's three different notes like this is it correct I'm not sure now now it's weird like this beautiful terrible parallel fifths but I it passes okay let's listen to the chorus again maybe either guitar I don't know here area I don't know I'm not sure it's enough with the accordion I don't want to over do it again the chorus good good I'm happy with it oh thank you very much Alan you can call me candy if you want it's all right now I want to do something here here it's where is it again it's confusing here because the violence you do in triads and here the drum is in Fords I mean I don't know how you call it like this okay it's alright let's see no like this good maybe I can do it copy-pasting like that because I want to correct my mistakes yes it works I could have done it earlier too wait I have a message we we must be on the same page my brother and I are currently working on some melissamia cover stuff as well keep up the good work my friend rooting for you oh thank you very much the last clip sounded marvelous thank you so much I'm doing all I can to make it a good song good luck with your cover stuff be sure to know that the title is a reference to melissamia so it's not a cover but just an homage or attributes perfect except I saw that the text was bugging a little bit here where is it here like that Mabel vocal plugger Mabel like that come let our schaum's shape into my Feker for say 40 Mabel bow public love they please a man cotton up a meeting Victoire twice my share so we're just girl cert Imam Ali to able to update d chin pocket I bet sundered si vous plait does Elysee I'm Bella play me tea yeah do I pay so not sealed and this one completely like that it's on a server am innocent of – work I mistook it for a cover beautiful minds think alike yes thank you very much I know it's very much that's a style of composing but I've listened so much to melis music that when I think to compose it sounds a bit like the style but thank you very much for the compliments I love the note progression here you are telling oh thank you very much yes I had the idea for these chord progressions for this chorus a long time ago but only recently have I been working around what to make of it so yes let's make the instrumental parts what just happens everything is still alright yes mmm I don't know what happens okay again no no [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] No okay let's make the violin melody I need a solo violin violin solo here like this oops I accidentally moved it like this here I will put little symbol and here's going to be very nice part I'm going to answer my mother and say I'm gonna be finished in an hour and a half maybe going to wait what she responds I'm answering on my phone let's check the messages here I danced while your piece sounds haha oh thank you very much Ellen I and now he says I will definitely be coming back to continue to listen to your work thank you very much but first I need to finish the melody of this little instrumental bridge and a B flat G flat let's make this much more silence mezzo piano maybe okay but the guitar melody now this normal no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I guess and now this could be transposed to make it easier note input transpose up a major second almost none uh it's a minor almost okay and it's also not exactly the same that I'm going to start by transposing to them no no no no no no no no no that stays an F perfect oopsie accidentally hair Transpo's oops it should be flat [Applause] okay it's a good base but much much more has to come like a bass guitar [Applause] like this a good flippin symbol I mean yes okay [Applause] nice I like it a lot it's better than it was in my head that's always fun oh it's mezzo Forte so here they can be 40 I think because it's really a solo for the viol for the strings like this [Applause] I'm making the strings here better with classical rules of composing so I wasn't totally happy even though it sounded good I don't like these parallel fifths I don't really know what to do about him let's just think really well that's already solution okay that's good [Applause] no it's not good yes that's that's much better and here an a flat's let's listen here just this part okay let's look at the chat hello that case blood how are you [Applause] good [Applause] [Applause] hi hello Japanese guy how are you I can read only three hiragana in your name da da da it stylist no not me is that your name Dena me and that's maybe the own GU kanji but I could be wrong let's look Nanami oh oh no I was wrong I'm just starting with Japanese so it's not tough enough okay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] again [Applause] [Applause] I don't like this maybe this is better then city to one good [Applause] to [Applause] [Applause] okay hello you and that gate to a four-sided case after a compounder aleppo old city on saw the trevi answer and hello you it's funny that you call me candy I like that name let's maybe do it from the start [Applause] nice let's continue continue with the song that you guys like it I'm so tired to be honest my eyes are closing but I want to finish this song and then I watch maybe movie with my family and then sleep hey samba merci beaucoup de salir leper hallo c'est bien sûr J aime beaucoup composing on francais my shots on Japan's demo album complaint for Jose three songs of my film will be in French from what's this oh it's just a voice part okay mmm Sisson again from here [Applause] [Applause] okay yes okay everything is all right good yes yep and here a Valentin dough of 66% and here I will take the tamper from the beginning again I didn't copy at all no like this and here I will just talk oops like this here I think okay [Applause] hmm I should put something extra to make it special only missing that this huh thank you I like it Allegro thank you very much we suffer Baku aristocrat leopard the tone boxes are messy buku buku satola de boku and thank you you yes it will be amazing if God could sing this he's a totally better singer than me obviously and here also Valentin dough no no no no no yeah okay okay here a longevity here along film a t2 everywhere again okay let's add this here here up a meeting let's test it no like this no stupid stuff like this I'm just trying to program it a bit the exact length that it should stop yes good here good can i edit it no I can't make it longer no icons here until here so it's just copy-paste but there's going to be another unique part so it's not gonna be all copy paste but I almost finished Oh Al Abbar too too late oopsie okay and let's delete this one again what an anticlimax [Applause] like this and here's gonna be a unique bar nope an e-flat and also AB symbol a nice symbol here okay here's gonna be very beautiful parts [Applause] Oh me song almost oh let's go back I did something wrong like this would be better I think oh it's hard amor endo Miranda what's that again oh yes a fade-out you mean right and see what OC super Tula music javi sagessa malice mysterion body muscle treble hook know what I'm I'm not going to do a fade outs or mirando I want if I understand it right I would like to end in a very clear quartz like this is better let's see how I did it here oops I'm back at the beginning that was dumped I hear here like that I did it but I can switch it also like here nice No [Applause] [Applause] nice I like it yes fade-out it's going to end with the music box just like it started but it's a good idea it could work actually it works but there's just multiple possibilities how to end it but thank you for your tips I really appreciate it and it seems like you have some knowledge too that's very good [Applause] like this No hello Hiro Neelu art thank you very much for commenting and for the compliments I'm also a fan of my own musical if I may say so [Applause] hmm it's very confusing because these are all courts with five notes in them so nines and so on let's see we're already at 3 minutes and 12 that means it's a good time for a pop song a good links and I'm thinking [Applause] [Applause] hmm that's the beautiful notes No it's I don't know I don't remember what was it before I'm a little bit confused it was a normal F I mean yes enough yet [Applause] hello I'm enjoying your music it's really beautiful keep up the good work thank you very much photo promised a day or see a superficial Ashley Bishop on squeal merci beaucoup chef de serie beaucoup may said don't Rocco Mexico coupe woven equities the city he's talking about my first album he listened to it and he liked it and I'm happy because of that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this will be better yes it's much better [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like this practice oh no no no no wrong moments to you to show where is it shoe here like this I'm sorry to have violated your ears and no first a choreo not nope [Applause] [Applause] I like the transition a lot but I have to finish notes like this and daddy [Applause] [Applause] good that's it it maybe you should continue I know it's too hard to do it okay [Applause] [Applause] I like it a lot let's listen to it separately I'm not too much of a fan of this jump but yeah it's alright again [Applause] here maybe a little bit different again I'm not so sure I must be sure it's good [Applause] yes it's good it's good Caleb alimony only little bit of an hour suit or no no no don't compare me to beat home and he's so good but thank you very much for complimenting the harmony okay [Applause] and nothing boom anticlimax let's copy this here here [Applause] [Applause] and here a relent undo like this okay oh no no no um that was dumb it should be more much more maybe 60% [Applause] even more even more and it should be a start sooner maybe here and I'll make it become 50% good I like it okay um Miranda it means dying in yes it's poetic a it's a poetic music term okay and now the final thing is I wanted to add was the organ again on the on the ends it'd be great if it didn't scroll all the time like this like this 1/2 here oops that's wrong here okay I want to listen if it's alright yes it's alright and peace should be about finished but I'll make some final adjustments it went pretty how long for hours and a half that I said before we may come kill can fit in bill shoes to remove none of Apophis mo hello it for video comm site focus are maxi book wooded gaze thank you very much oops on Steam yes I played ina run at this moment a really addictive game is not too addictive but really fun game I played in my childhood and it's on Steam still ok like this here that's double its in the accordion is the accordion the dynamics yes it's 40 good oh it's 40 again I shouldn't do that let's check gordium here remove that one and the guitar I shouldn't repeat it's all the time and this one double oops here that should be good here sooner [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] nice just wasn't a fan of this doesn't work too much no yes it's nice I want to start again from the beginning and make final adjustments Oh it seems alright I just wasn't that convinced here here I think no right before it's here now it's still good it's still good so I think we're finished for the moments let's see the strings not buying solo no violent one if the dynamics are our rights are all right it's all a thats good so yes they're all right for the moment I'm finished and I'm very happy with what I did in four and a half hours let's listen to it two times one time just normal to playback and one time I try singing but it's very hard to sing so here it is a pmed memoir first instrumentally sorry my phone vibrated again so here this up remedy instrumentally [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how did you like it there's two things I will still do and it's work a little bit on this middle part here I wasn't too convinced and also I will make the lyrics to speak in this parts let's listen again to this here [Applause] now it's not too bad it's not too bad just a little bit confusing when you first hear it so now to finish this session I will of course edit it more after it but to finish livestream I will try to sing it who is ready but it's very hard to sing elated to four till we're done DC in June 8 a Clarion surly another don't lay we do know to finish only tation our phone is on super Susy come late Don shush bail do my figure forcing 40 Mabel beaucoup plug love tibia me cotton playmidi of it were – ah my shitty Shasu ageist girl super my political threw up Chewbacca tripantsu not Sifu play puzzle the cellar see I'm gonna pay me [Applause] and Here I am talking I don't really know what I will say something about memories I just come up with some lyrics but not yet I haven't told him true yet enough talking I play media Victoire – I'm a shitty shirt sewage is good sir mobile available to you update Dean should Walker tripantsu don't see who played under silicium Bella p.m. ET avec moi my shady sure so a tryst girl sir mama be able to soothe pain chanwoo play a zone the seller see a villa PD thank you very much for listening and tuning in in the live stream as you may know I'm working on my first album and this will be a song in its of course none of the sounds you hear today are the final sounds there's going to be very much advanced synthesizers and VST and drum machines and so on that will play the music also in a week I will record some stuff with actual real strings like violin until double bass and this will be one of the songs that we will record so I'm going to be very busy and also when I record the singing in like a half year or something or a year I will do a lot of takes or the singing is perfect so anything you just here is just a sample it's just a demo a preview of what's to come and I'm very happy to be working on my first full album and I'll continue to work and update you guys a lot of its post previews and so on and I'm sure hope you will enjoy it I also hope everyone will have a good end of the day or beginning depending on your time zones and yes enjoy have a good day enjoy your life thank you so much for tuning in and canto Vanda is out oh yes maxi boo-boo don't during a massage that gaze we just beat a fat ego see a I'm very tired so my singing wasn't very good my voice is almost gone but it's gonna be good when I record it I promise anyways thank you for tuning in bye bye


  • Cantavanda says:

    Hello! You can see and hear the finished composition at 3:37:30 ! Enjoy!! This was really fun to do live, and I can't wait to go to the production phase of the song! It will sound much better with real recorded instruments and good VST over the MIDI sounds you hear here. I also can't wait to record the vocals properly too.

  • A P says:

    Pero que es esto por dios, good composition, but sound like a shit, because is a midi, and search a good singer.

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