Madness Redefined: Creativity, Intelligence and the Dark Side of the Mind

Madness Redefined: Creativity, Intelligence and the Dark Side of the Mind

Men have called me mad. But the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence. Whether much that is glorious, whether all that is profound does not spring from a disease of thought. Madness is terrific I can assure you not to be sniffed at How sad is it Insanity to the sane seems so unnecessary Madness the sublimity of all intelligence backward at people who are now dead and confidently say that they suffered from madness of some order that no greater stigma still exists than mental illness and here you are Nash the mathematician Well I think and the those areas of the brain thought to be involved in helping create Psychologists to accept is that you could incur brain damage and end up better off after the brain damage and this could happen in a number of systems and so one of the systems involved is the frontal lobe all of the sudden they have never been creative then all of the sudden they become creative and something seems to be released so these areas of the frontal lobe are thought to be involved not only and you can see here this is just for bipolar those areas in red the upper parts of the brain tend to be turned off in people with bipolar where as the areas in blue down below are the things that are always turned on and they have a lot to do with negative affect and stress and these all turned off dopamine, dopamine makes you feel good and in the case of depression it turns it off in taking both the kind of neuro anatomy of depression and the neuro anatomy of what we know so far of creativity and we put of them together in the next slide my own pathology I’m absolutely mad about pictures so the interaction of bipolar disorder in creativity you can see those areas are also the areas that interact so-called creativity circuits and you can see here positively associated with mood and creativity and the switching to the blue position switching back and forth is thought to have a lot to do with bipolar but also swings in creativity like we heard people are only creative like bipolars are only creative when they’re coming out of it but what they’re getting down there that deep water that people don’t want to go to is something the rest of us can’t access the way it’s expressed when these upper areas are turned on I was really surprised when I put these together that there was this nexus between these circuits probably as many roads to creativity to I think it will be fair to say that depression is mostly associated with creative not actually no about a year ago showing that in fact primary associations with bipolar illness


  • Elf Machine says:

    I must be schizophrenic because I keep hearing that fucking laugh in my mind.

  • shennel-holt THE FAM-GIMMY KISS says:

    the voices will get you!! you will never be free!!

  • Sky Miller says:

    IF YOU EVER WANT TO LOSE AN AUDIENCE, all you have to do is begin a video like this one. The absolutely stupid introduction was a boring waste of time. The old english Shakesprerian language is absolutely alienating.

  • IVAN IWC says:

    stop making jokes. can't bare that laughter any longer.

  • PapaKakes says:

    The old hippie guy on the far right has a funny laugh. I'd totally like to smoke pot with him lol

  • Andrés Serrón says:

    Outstanding presentation.

    I suggest read between the lines and try to avoid listen to much to "bipolar" word and take it as loose and uncontrolled neuro-plasticity.
    I'm not a doctor of course.

  • Ernesto Dávila González says:

    The destruction of the aesthetic sense as a policy in opposition to nationality is madness practiced by refined barbarians…

  • Linda Kloss says:

    i was touched.

  • Tan Tan says:

    Cynthia Mcfadden and Jennifer Anniston are the two most beautiful women in all of television. And both of them Equally so. Great personalities, Down to earth characteristics, and Gorgeous.

  • Invalid Username says:

    recognizing im mad in a world gone mad seems sane to me

  • Tender Turd says:

    I want to cut the interviewer's hair

  • mbag012 says:

    The laugh is driving me crazy.

  • Kai Elvin says:

    Hello world. What's the name of the music in the intro clip ? (SoundHound is bugged by the voices).

  • Valdagast says:

    We are the bulldogs of nature. We've been pushed so far in one direction (intelligence) that it's no wonder that things sometimes go pear-shaped. This is why I think genetic engineering to create more intelligent people will need some profound stress-testing.

  • ZUCK says:

    That laugh honestly, seriously ruined this otherwise interesting discussion. My god.

  • saúl cobián says:

    so the doc´s name is Jimmy Fallon?

  • Erin Prather says:

    I knew a father who hated his son's creativity in the arts. He crushed that shit like a bug. He had money, and sent his kid to a reform camp. They put a shovel in his hands and worked him 14 a day. He is still artistic, but refuses to do it out of fear that was drummed into him as a kid. He is now a drunk, and two of his kids showed signs of non conformity and he slapped them around for it. His dad created a monster cause his dad was a monster too.

  • Alex V says:

    Madness or bad acting? 🤣🙌🏻

  • Bruno Mars says:

    I think Economy??????

  • MrTommy4000 says:

    was the audio dialed in low so we could hear the voices more clearly ?

  • bryan doo says:

    wath so cuuny destroy the clip

  • Stewart Watkins says:

    After 30 minutes i'd heard enough. I might have found it interesting, if Beavis and butthead hadn't kept on interrupting.

  • darrick steele says:

    Great panel. Didn't care for the anchor lady so much, thought she was a bit condescending.

  • Don H says:

    We are all trapped, forever alone, in the screaming hell of self.

  • Lee Tony says:

    far right is a lady or man?

  • danny eaton says:

    The so called normal person has a average brain.I'm considered abnormal with a diseased brain or chemical imbalance.schizophra.I believe I have an above average. Brain that allows me to experience existance without the average persons blinders on.l don't limit my belief to the average norm. I'm open to different realities.

  • LoveFlatfootin1 says:

    Good interview, but I'd rather listen to more upbeat music.

  • Gihan Panditha says:


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  • Desdemona Othello says:

    I wish I had time to go mad. I often think about it.

  • ramon sandoval says:

    If you hear voices, that means that your senses are very sharp, it is a gift that not everyone has, it depends on who you are, if you have this gift I recommend you, whatever happens around you, try to be at peace with yourself, you will not allow darkness to deceive you, perhaps one day you will realize, when the creator speaks to you. In this life and the next stay in the light, Ramon Sandoval.

    Si tu escuchas voces, eso quiere decir que tus sentidos estan muy agudos, es un don que no todos tienen, depende la persona que seas, si tienes este regalo te recomiendo, pase lo que pase al rededor tuyo, trata de estar en paz con tigo mismo, no permitirás que la oscuridad te engane, talvez un dia te des cuenta, cuando el creador te habla. En esta vida y la siguiente quedate en la luz, Ramon Sandoval.

  • JRSinCT says:

    slip a friend a dose of lsd and put this on…

  • Artistic WhistleBlower says:

    The blond speaker on left is unbearable. She is a super-creep and keeps hogging the forum. The other 2 speakers are fascinating!

  • random269 says:

    How do these people find the time to study so much??????????

  • Eric Sexton says:

    I had to stop this 10 minutes in just to say that the woman leading the conversation is incredibly annoying. Her uneccesarily giddy and playful candor feels forced and out of place. She should be reading the 5 o'clock news to the elderly, not guiding important conversations. Anyway, back to the video…

  • Hanna W says:

    Let's just face it, normal people are not interesting.

  • Hanna W says:

    I can relate to this a lot.

  • doctor shankar says:

    highly artificial discussion. they seem to be representing the big pharma. very unnatural way of discussing mental illness. Brain is discussed, not the mind. psychiatric medicines are treating only symptomatic. at best it contains the symptoms. most schizophrenics die in the end not due schizophrenia, but due the the toxic effects of the medicines. psychiatric medicines are not only toxic but addictive too. and the big pharma makes them take these medicines life long. it is surprising that these psychiatrists used the word psychotherapy only once, and that too fleetingly in a very disdainful manner. without psychotherapy the patient can not and will not recover. it is shocking that such misleading discussions are spread in the interest of the big pharma

  • doctor shankar says:

    worst discussion i have ever come across. highly misleading. wasted one and a half hours

  • rustic35 says:

    This is just weird millennial addicting bs

  • DJKoollord says:

    Excellent panel, amazing stuff. "If you hear voices in your head, tell it, I don't speak to strangers." By Koollord.

  • Crystal Williams says:

    What if the voices use sign languages?

  • Crystal Williams says:

    What if the voices use sign languages?

  • laura b says:

    I am a normal person if not above avg and mentally ill. From anxiety…i can forget what im saying under stress from intrusive thoughts

  • Maggie Adams says:

    Isn't a lack of creativity a kind of mental illness? Also, this society, still floggoing cars for all it's worth, whilst carbon chokes the life out of the planet! Still playing Monopoly with our planet, not just refusing to change our behaviour but to even look at and accept the science of climate change. Still blind to truth and racing to destruction….We live in an insane world!

  • Simone Pietersen says:

    learned a shitload,wowzwers!

  • Sky Yin says:

    A single thread consciousness mistakenly wired to a powerful parallel computing neuron network.

  • Curti Burm says:

    insanity is fun, well… its fun when your able to control it with your consciousness. Delusions of grander where you are a god within your own mind able to create and destroy entire worlds in the blink of an eye, having full scenarios play out in front of you based on subconscious instinct reacting to thought at a moments notice, like dreaming while wide awake as your body goes on auto pilot for what seems like mere moments but in reality is hours on end. Insanity while losing awareness on the other hand is a bit more frustrating and annoying. seeing things that aren't there, monsters and figures in the corners of your eye morphing back into every day objects when you turn to look at then, voices screaming in your ear for only a second before disappearing, images flashing before your eyes as your thoughts become a jumbled mess and you begin to feel yourself losing control and wanting to close your eyes and give in to the dizzying weight of sleep closing in on you as you try to stay awake, and time begins to slow to a crawl while appearing to stand still.

  • Tigburt Jones says:

    For a look at what is creativity, the format for these shows content and structure lacks creativity

  • Tigburt Jones says:

    I wish I could dislike these even more–this is just a marketing piece of actors promoting themselves. All the money these guy put into this went into analytics and production value, not content

  • Gareth Carolan says:

    I say to the voices 'I am having mental health problems so to please keep quiet for a while as I sort this out.' … and it works. This may be that in addressing them in this manner I am showing respect. Further, this may be a key to resolving this issue as this approach is far from the usual response that 'voices' are used to, i.e. extreme.
    Try it out. I would be interested to know of any results that have been obtained.

  • Sir Kit Braker says:

    Can anyone provide a link to a center that does research in this area?

  • 9:11 says:

    who the fuck are we to believe we can play God or the universe? How do humans believe that we can create a pill for a perceived "problem" with the mind, yet we have not the slightest understanding of why certain individuals minds function like they do; nor what purpose those minds ultimately serve in this world. We attempt to control and rationalize what we don't understand….yet we have these sudo-intellectual individuals up here that pride themselves on cultural Marxist thought and speak like they've got all the answers licked. When in reality, they haven't brushed the surface, while they drown in their fruitless madness of their own burnt out minds.

  • Dash ToTheMax says:

    Great job on whoever made the MW2 style introductions!

  • Ivy Lee says:

    Very inspiring.

  • Bill Stokes says:

    Fix the volume please! With iPad speaker touching my ear I can barely hear this.

  • Mulder733 says:

    The one guy's incessant, nervous laughter on mike absolutely made this unwatchable for me. I'm fascinated by the subject but after a few minutes, the repetitive "ha ha ha" drove me to give up and abandon this video. It's a shame they couldn't overcome something that basic.

  • Yarbloco says:

    creativity arising from depression is exactly my experience; you gotta go to the deep waters to catch a big fish. There's also creativity going into depression but is blurrier and it burns faster

  • `˗ˏ Its Becky Boop ˎ-ˊ says:

    Excellent, excellent video. Fascinating stuff

  • Paul Tremblay says:

    Madness is confused with mental illness,Which is something that countries like Canada and the US waste billions

  • Shashwat Bhadoria says:

    Not sure if world science festival or world acting festival

  • Mina Krupinski says:

    This is bull shit!!!
    It's so fun and awesome being schizophrenic omg it's like you're genius awesome

  • ZTruth NY says:

    When you can grow a limb, you can consider yourself a true sage/scientist/ priest/teacher/guide/Imam/Rabbi. Otherwise a star fish is smarter and more aware of it self, because it can grow a limb unlike you.

  • Yuhua says:

    That one guy's laugh…STOP 🙂

  • Shae MacMillan says:

    I recommend nature as a salve to stressful states of mind. Seek help if gets worse x

  • Ninja Mimi says:

    Hello. There is no option to show subtitles in your videos. For me the automaticly made subtitles would be helpful, because my english isn‘t very well (scientific words are even more difficult and less common). If you want to reach more people you should consider the subtitles. I would be thankful for the better if I could understand you better.

  • James Mccluskey says:

    balls upon a floor


    An hour and a half of psychobabble rap? I don't think so.

  • SuperDesertfox says:

    I love world science festival WHAHAHAHAIIIIIIWOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

  • Tim Brannigan says:

    Thank you

  • Dinos4urFour says:

    serious phase issues in the audio here

  • Apophis XO says:

    I may be going crazy! I couldn't focus on anything they were talking about. I just kept having this surreal hallucination where Cynthia McFadden's boobs were talking to me and calling be a bad boy :0

  • Tone Fingerz says:

    I think the god on 1 shoulder devil on the other shoulder thing is we are fighting the brainwashing naturally in our heads. Im so confused. Maybe the left and right brain are really separate and fight for control. I believe our heart has a brain as well and can control our thinking. I dont believe mainstream saying well your head juat makes your heart hurt. No that shit hurts in the heart cuz thats where it is. And the gut tells you intuition from the gut energy or whatever.

  • MansaMusa Muliano says:

    Accepting what the Bible says about Fallen Man and depending on God for the worst of our mental states will re-align our disorders quickly don't ask me to explain if you are not ready for the answer. I KNOW TOO WELL and intimately what I'm talking about.

  • Heavencore Records says:

    Thank you for showing the positive side of schizophrenia because people just think of Hollywood Fantasy movies and believe we’re all terrible murderers. In reality most of us are harmless regular people with loud minds that we cannot turn off.

  • mother4leaf says:

    Ketamine therapy! Research it if you are bipolar or depressed

  • Alexia Conza says:

    I'm sorry, I couldn't take those performances seriously … lmao

  • Dr Ivan Pillay says:

    That obnoxious sounding laughter coming from someone in the audience!

  • DARKHITEKT says:

    Madness is not so romantic, and nor is it hardly desirable.

  • Sir Esquire says:

    —– Birds in a cage think flying is a mental illness.

  • Sir Esquire says:

    Self Stigma: Look for information on it: Its a primer:

  • James Erby says:

    This was published on my birthday interesting indeed.

  • Ferumn says:

    I wanted to watch this but voice is too quiet and this crazy laugh just killed me…

  • DARKHITEKT says:

    Madness is like being an actor in a film under which you have no direction. You can only watch as this thing called life plays out in horror before you.

  • Patrick Alaggio says:

    Chemicals are not the answer. You can be exceedingly creative while off of everything, even when depressed. Creativity helps to offload the excess emotions that are torturing us, whether consciously or not. If you are not suicidal then I would strongly recommend avoiding the medical industrial complex. Don't drink and don't do drugs. Instead, if possible, learn to accept your pain "straight up" and then channel your intensified energies into whatever creative channel calls to you. For me, it is writing, poetry, songwriting and music. They said you can't create when you are depressed and that may be true for the speaker but not at all for my own work, which unfortunately, is heightened by loss and sadness… sometimes anger at our societal woes… but always accompanied by tears.

  • Fighter Abhi says:

    Who laughs like that, fuked all the rich talks

  • Fighter Abhi says:

    The moment you realize the expert sitting far right having that weird laugh

  • Anita Acker says:

    If they cannot euthanize those with mania (who most refuse treatment and enjoy their madness), then the government should at least sterilize these freaks so they cannot create more of themselves and ruin other people's lives!! I have never meant one bi-polar/manic person who has not RUINED another person's life.

  • Enlightenment Barbie - Gillian Keller says:

    does anyone know how to create the graphs he mentioned at 12:50 ish??? I want to test out some artworks that I create! lol…

  • Robert Gardea says:

    I think I'm going deaf. 👂can't hear a God danm thing in this video.

  • Robert Gardea says:

    I'm wishing for a yelling volume.

  • John Farris says:

    👽All roads lead to crazy.👽

  • lollo bollo says:

    how everyone is in aw that hes a psychopath.

    oooh if only I had no feelings, than <my bad behavior wouldnt feel bad.
    me me me me.

  • ub serrano says:

    Why is the mic volume on all this WSF videos incredibly low? You need a sound technician or engineer.

  • ezza88ster says:

    Not a very balanced panel. No social model of mental illness advocates on panel so ends up limited to medical model (the evidence of which is surprisingly circumstantial). Why didn't you have a couple of artists on panel too? – lacks the element of 'experiential-ness'. Helped me understand a friend better though – so thanks for that. But a little too much hierarchy here for me – I'm out.

  • lean bean says:

    I think the guy with the beard "wants" to appear as a psychopath rather then actually being one. See it in people all the time, specially when going through the questionnaire and having an understanding of how it works and where it leads to.
    If ego takes control and someone wants to believe they are a psychopath, they will bend their answers due to a lack of general honesty with them selves. Which to me would show something of an ego maniac rather then a psychopath. Have found these questionnaires to be unreliable alot of the time…
    A good example is the British questionnaire test for depression where all the questions ask about is negative feelings… rather then positive feelings. Of which no matter how much of a positive person you are you can relate to these feelings because everyone is human and everyone has negative feelings. Doesn't necessarily mean your depressed though, just means your human. But if you can relate to every negative question then they sign you of as depressed and pump you full of meds.
    What would be a better method would be asking positive questions equal to that of negative questions to really have a proper analysis of someones emotional state.

  • richard bedford says:

    I worked in a hospital. We had a fellow come to us in a manic state. He was so wild we had to seclude him. After a day or 2 he calmed down. I told him it's good to see you up and around, He replied it's "nice to be down and around"".

  • Neo Khesa says:

    That has to be Alex's mother

  • Neo Khesa says:

    The momentary appearance of an additional evolutionary trait / sense? I can imagine the processes of an animal growing an appenditure that gives additional sensory perception or ability would be fraught with trial and error

  • Chyn fu says:

    it is madness to create a car and drive it on 40 km/h . 1000 year ago

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