Maeve Binchy— Tips for aspiring writers

Maeve Binchy— Tips for aspiring writers

I think the best thing to do is to remember that you have to send it out lots of people think that they have a best-selling book but it's downstairs in the third drawer of their of their desk now you have to send it out the publishers cannot be inspired they cannot come to your house with a demolition gang saying we understand there's a Mars a manuscript here you have to send it to them and then by doing that you have to have to risk rejection if you don't go to a dance when we were young if we didn't go to a dance but you didn't have the humiliation of people passing you by and not dancing with you but you also had no fun and it don't send it to other writers if somebody sent me a manuscript I saw my secretary and I would have a note ready say I'm returning your manuscript to you unread you and I are in competition with each other I'm the wrong person to write to and that's actually the truth because I might accidentally steal an idea from something or write deliberately if I was that kind Steve an idea from somebody so it has to be a publisher or an agent and it is absolutely wearying getting all those rejections I could have papered the house with rejection slips and even my first novel I got five rejection slips and I was sending it out the sixth time I really was very very depressed about and the sixth person rang up and said it's wonderful it's going to be a best-seller so uh you know as the as we often laughing since pressed first flag must be been sour now and so that's what you always think about you have to be full of confidence and send it out there and risk the rejection because you're never going to get anywhere until you put your first foot on that ladder


  • That Little Soy Thing says:

    I adore Maeve Binchy <3

  • Floto Music says:

    You call 5 rejections a lot? Jesus woman which planet are you on? Beckett had 40 rejections of Molloy… does that put it in perspective a bit?

  • Livrai- nos says:

    Very nice!!!!!!!

  • Kevin McDermott says:

    I think i have a multi million (insert currency) idea but im too afraid to write it in case i dont do it justice 🙁

  • John Dwyer says:

    Sound advice fror this great writer who sadly passed away yesterday. My sympathies to all her family. As a writer myself, it's heartening to hear her tips. If you have a book in you, then send it out. Would love to have known what she made of the digital publishing wave.

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