Main Artists vs Featured Artists

Main Artists vs Featured Artists

it's been brought to my attention that there seems to be some confusion relating to monthly listeners on Spotify and why for some artists that may not be showing correctly so what I want to do is just explain the difference between main artists featured artists some of the limitations and how you can potentially correct this to make sure that you're getting that number of monthly listeners that you deserve so firstly when a song is being distributed to Spotify you're allowed to tag five main artists and five featured artists as well if you add more than that number you're gonna see various artists appear on that release which is usually the case if you have you know 20 different people all involved in one song let's say there was a song contest and they did a performance at the end or something like that anyway five main artists five featured artists main artists is the best and the reason for that is every artist that is tagged as a main artists the song will appear on their profile as the latest release it will also go into release radar for each main artist for their followers as long as they've submitted in Spotify four artists at least seven days prior that means that you've got five different artists five different fan basis sets of followers where you're gonna hit their release radars which is already off to a great start for the song now it also means that each main artist will potentially see that song in their Spotify for artists and you may get a few extra opportunities to submit to editorial don't quote me on that try it yourself first because that could change at any time if it hasn't already but main artist is key one example of this that I've used in the past is Silk City which is Diplo and Mike Ronson and of course they did the track we've do a leaper so what you had on that track was for the main artists you had Silk City you had Diplo you had Mike Ronson you had do a leaper and it hit all of their followers because they were all main artists on that release the difference with a featured artist is it won't actually show at the top of the profile if you're the featured artist so let's say it's let's say it was Diplo Mark Ronson featuring do a leaper what would happen is that song would not be at the top of dual leapers profile on Spotify and it would be down the bottom under appears on or featured on obviously it's still gonna show on the profile but not up the top not as the most recent release so it's a little harder to find now what people have found out recently is let's say you featured on a song that gets 1 million unique monthly listeners that's 1 million different people or individual people with their own Spotify account that have listened to the song at least once that's 1 million unique monthly listeners on that song if you're a featured artist that doesn't count towards your monthly listeners so if that's the only song you've been on you have zero monthly listeners so what you want to do wherever possible as long as you can you want to be a main artist so that you get your monthly listeners up as well and obviously you get more opportunities for the song to be successful because it also goes to your followers now if the song is already released if you've got a back catalog of songs and you're a featured artists I don't want to cause any drama here and say reach out to your distributor or your label or the people you've collaborated with and ask them to re-upload the song that's gonna cause a lot of headaches for everyone what I would suggest is just be wary of this moving forward you know if you're a vocalist a lot of the time vocalists as singer songwriters and they're putting in just as much workers to produce but they get featured and in the past that's been the way that it's been done for a lot of vocalists they feature but now knowing what we know about streaming and the way it works my suggestion would be if you're a singer songwriter you're collaborating with a producer and you're going on the song and you're gonna be named on there anyway just say can I be a main artist of course if they if they're unsure about that for some reason just say look it means that my monthly listeners will go up as well it also means that the song will be displayed on the top of my profile it also will hit my release radar it's just giving more opportunities for success on this song now if you have any feedback or any more questions about this you can get in touch with me leave a comment down below if you know an artist that may have been affected by this perhaps they're featured on a song and they haven't seen a spike in monthly listeners tag them let them know this is free information I just want to help as many people as I can move this I've only learnt this recently myself as well and I have a history of songs where I've featured a vocalist or another producer as well so by sharing this I hope that I can help you to get your monthly listeners up remember main artists

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  • Karmic Power Records says:

    the sad I am that already declared 10 artists and 2 months later comes back a FEAT. release – but maybe your video helps 😉

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