• ljmasternoob says:

    I always wonder what the landfill looked like before we dumped a mountain of garbage on it. I suppose it was a lovely meadow.

  • Drew Liedtke says:

    I'm gonna go ahead and plug my graduate fellow's work.
    He's doing work in this vein.

  • Andre Myers says:

    I had the good fortune to meet Mariam Ghani a few years ago at a wonderful conference in Minneapolis and was deeply moved by her work and vision. I'm thrilled to see that she, along with Ellen Kelly, are featured in this most recent edition of the Art Assignment!

  • J Warren says:

    Okay, I give up. Try as I might, this is just not for me. Please continue, learn, and enjoy!

  • Xenolilly says:

    My kind of assignment.

  • Presley Martin says:

    "If there is a place in the world that interests you, you need to go explore it right now!" So true, thanks for the reminder.

  • SomebodyIusedtoknow (Mariam Paré) says:

    My name is MARIAM!! Thanks for introducing me to Mariam Ghani!!!

  • you must not know dick about starkid says:

    Ooh I want to do this one!

  • Luan Oliveira says:

    I absolutely love The Art Assignment
    pls do an episode on Jenny Holzer?

  • Oliver Bollmann says:

    There is something really intriguing about this… the idea of letting the body feel and experience not only the space but the contextual background, and then explore and discover how the body might express it… again, something about it piques my interest. Thank you sharing this work with us! 🙂

  • grimduck LRA says:

    I actually did this for an art project in school but what I did instead was added a dog in there (through illustration) as if to say the dog was me, perceiving the site. It was this place called the Istana Woodneuk, Istana usually means palace or a place of residence in Malay and I read up that the site was actually very intricately designed because the family that was there was very keen on architecture. Unfortunately, a fire broke out due to poor maintenance of electricity and the place was abandoned. Now people go there, because the light quality and the aesthetics of the space was interesting and charming enough to go back there and take pretty instagram photos, it's almost as if people go there just for the physical appeal now and some people don't even know it's name sometimes. There have been attempts of trying to restore the Istana to a good condition once again but, 1) there isnt a point since it was very stranded, 2) it was rumoured to be haunted and 3) it technically didnt belong to anyone anymore
    I felt like the space was a space for people who are ill or with disorders like mental illnesses and physical disorders, there is this feeling of dread, existentialism and despair, but the light there and the possibility of a stray (be it dog, cat, bird or whatever) living there felt like it was constructed into new life. It really fit the theme of my art project since it was The Constructed Landscape. It was interesting seeing the construction in the landscape in all ways like in Literary, History, Urban views and even in the Arts. I'll share my work, if I get it back in time. 🙂

  • PoseidonXIII says:

    This combines so many awesome fields of study and art! History, ecology, anatomy, choreography, sculpture, photography!!!

  • Eric Metz says:

    I must say that even after a few years of the art assignment I am still so excited for each new episode. I have been exposed to so much through this series. Thanks art assignment and I can't wait to do this assignment as well

  • Samantha Godinez says:

    there should be a segment where you critique submissions of art

  • Elizabeth Fernandez says:

    This assignment is basically what I'm working on for my thesis 😀

  • Jade Gibeaut says:

    This reminds me of a time a friend and I were walking around my small, rural hometown at night. We discovered this abandoned, dilapidated building and even went inside and looked around. A few months later, I went back to see it in the daylight, and it had been completely demolished. Nothing was left but the foundation. It made me really sad, and I still have no idea what it was or who owned it.

  • Shahwali Zazai says:

    so nice good

  • Shahwali Zazai says:

    زنده باد ډاکتر محمد اشرف غنی او مریم غنی تاسو زموږ ویاړ یاست

  • ALTO Brothers says:


  • joseph Traff says:


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