Marina Abramović The Artist is Present trailer HBO

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present trailer HBO

performance is all about state of mind the hardest thing is to do something which is foster nothing because it's demanding all of you she is directly and boldly challenging an audience she needs the audience like air to breeze there is only one question I didn't here since 10 years why is this part she slows everybody's brain down she transforms us as a result destroying mama is important I want to be real form of heart before I die Marina Abramovic is the artist as president means she will be present which is the gaze seven of hours six days a week motions time firing someone in the face is it a bar you


  • Jerbob1 says:

    I want to be hip and artsy and cool.  I even call myself an artist.  But I look at these clips and walk away thinking This makes no sense and has no relevance.  It feels so utterly self-referential, so self-important. Should I see it as art? I ask myself and conclude I'm just not interested.  I simply don't care.

  • Aaron Folse says:

    To all the trolls on here: "The hardest thing to do is something that is close to nothing."

  • M4KER says:

    shut the hell up.

  • M4KER says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Art is clearly just an over used word here. Bahhh Bahhh little sheep.

  • leapt says:

    Artist is present, art, unfortunately, was unable to attend.

  • Eoin O'Neill says:

    Fucking idiot.

  • Ed Spaetzel says:

    Shut the fuck up pleb.

  • tom613 says:

    1:17 RHYTHM 0

  • Kai Yost says:

    I feel like the expression that is being put forth here is just the fact that you are a stranger. You have not known this woman personally. And when you sit down in that chair, and you simply look at her, and you make eye contact for a whole minute in complete silence… Have you ever looked someone straight in the eye for a whole minute? You notice everything. You see their past, and their fears. Emotion is expressed through the eyes, primarily. And there is so much intensity in them.

  • PropaneCowboy says:

    Bored to tears?

  • Seja157 says:

    People tend to say things like "oh a dog poop can be called art nowadays". Well go ahead.. if there's a real, unfake story behind it..

    What Marina did is nothing revolutionary. She just said – okay, I will sit here for 3 months and give 100% of myself to anybody that sits in front of me. The thing is – no matter how simple this concept is, nobody did that before her and suddenly people stop in their silly routines, just for this natural human eye-contact. I see the whole meaning of life there.

  • Seja157 says:

    I start to find it funny, how people are tending to define what's "art" and what isn't like there would be anything that would separate the art from the reality. In my opinion, any form of art, when expressed out of the mind of the artist, becomes reality. The art is what lets us see the essence of being human in every aspect of our lives, great or small.

  • leapt says:

    The artist is present… the art isnt.

  • Santiago Reis says:

    I don't find it ridiculous, rather disturbing :p
    But it's intresting

  • burnconcrete says:

    this documentary is so moving and inspiring it made me cry. I don't know if I could've had handeled physically being face to face with this phenomenally gifted woman! Chapeau!

  • Diarmuid Brannick says:

    looks like "art" has a lot of rules!

  • Ryan Hebert says:

    It was actually a picture frame with a death moth inside.

  • TrevianTigerFlames says:

    He put a mirror on his face.

  • Stephen Sugarman says:

    Deep mysterious thoughtful

  • sailornaruto39 says:

    That sounds interesting, and i realized that shortly after seeing this, but that sounds more like an unorthodox sociology/psychology experiment for shits and giggles.
    But i see your point

  • MrLexanderluther1986 says:

    See, at least you question it! That's a good thing! The fact that it has you questioning it, works enough! But, the point is to try and see whatever it is you can, when staring at a persons face, and just thinking. Soaking in the thoughts, and questioning them. Also, that two people prob wont share the same thoughts about it. There's tons of diff views, feeling, and thoughts; all from something that simple. It's whatever you make it really.

  • gisela pequechelo says:

    magnifique I LOVE MARINA !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rafael Camacho says:

    amazing documental.

  • this is a new youtube name says:

    He wore a black cloak, and put a black mask on after sitting down with Marina. The mask was made of a picture frame, and centered in the picture frame was a moth. He ignored the concept of the piece, which was to be 'present' with Marina, and the museum security removed him from the exhibit. A less defensible removal was of a young women who took off her dress to sit naked with Marina, in order to be more exposed and unguarded; security saw this challenging their maintenance of order.

  • sailornaruto39 says:

    That's a good response, thanks

  • sailornaruto39 says:

    But what exactly is artistic about sitting in a chair? What was her point behind it. What was she trying to say, get people to realize or do? The problem with this kind of "art" is that it makes a bigger deal out of itself than it needs to.It's artistic….so what? And an even bigger problem are the people who support it and act like they are smarter or deeper than people who either don't get it or see it for what it is.

  • sailornaruto39 says:

    I feel the same way. It is often hipsters who are so full of themselves who make a big deal about this.
    Although, I guess one could call it art as a means of expression, but what i call art is a creative and sensory pleasing form of expression.

  • Shaun Michaels says:

    how can anyone call what she does as art. just because she rambles on about some abstract, Philosophical, psychological, deep meaning. is utter crap. sit there, stand there, nude, clothed with signs painted on her. art yeah right. that's what people call it when they can't paint or do sculpture she just the modern andy wall hole. which was crap as well a can of soup. when people use big fancy words that other people don't understand they are to scared to disagree or say what?

  • Shaun Michaels says:

    and afraid of being called uncultured or unsophisticated. if you think this is art. my dog just done a master piece

  • MrPositronic says:

    Oscar De Armas is an artistic genius

  • Microphunktv says:

    boobs on youtube.. huhuhuuh

  • marijan532 says:

    Wonderful! She"s a real artist, finally she"s getting the recognition she deserves!

  • Antoine Guenet says:

    Haha awesome answer 😀

  • Aleksandra Milinkovic says:

    She looks like that cause she has had numerous plastic surgeries. The first she did after her brake up with Ulay when she was 40, is get breast implants.

  • nyonsivisibility says:


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