• Primrose Haran says:

    Marty is simply the greatest singer ever just love him

  • Marie Hardyman says:

    Love this. Would of loved to see live.

  • Primrose Haran says:

    marky is really a legend quite sad watching this but nice

  • Primrose Haran says:

    this was quite emotional

  • Tarquin45 says:

    You did a great job with the clips accompanying a song that Marty had Elvis in mind when he wrote it. Marty Robbins was blessed with a god given talent and the world was blessed to have him amongst us, albeit for too short a time.

  • Marie Hardyman says:

    A true talent, lost too soon.

  • Barbara Carmichael says:

    very nice compliation one and only marty thank you

  • Ingrid Maier says:

    This is soooo sad, but so very beautiful.

  • Sierras 1160 says:

    Very nice.  Beautiful.

  • Laurianne Lowe says:

    I have listened to this song so often by the great Mary Robbins. he is still missed after
    all this time. May he rest in peace.
    Laurianne Lowe. [email protected]

  • Laurianne Lowe says:

    LAURIANNE LOWE [email protected]

  • joe bourdeau says:

    looked so much better shaven

  • Brent500 says:

    This is about the saddest things I've seen on here.  Marty was so great and this song is both happy, true, but terribly saddening to me as we know how the story ends.  But,, he's right.  Life is worth living.  Long live Marty Robbins.

  • jshalom65 says:

    Though there were problems with his physical heart,Marty's spirit was strong and vital.I first heard this song 33 years ago this summer and hearing it again means even more to me today .He loved us,his fans,as much as we dearly love him,and in my walk in life and with the Lord,I've learned love never dies/is eternal.Now entering my fifth decade of being a fan,I can say something I've never said or thought about another singer:when I picture what love sounds like,I hear the voice of Marty Robbins

  • bearfootkaraoke says:

    Marty wrote this song for Elvis, but Elvis died before he couldrecord it. This came from Marty's lips when sang this song in concert the first time.

  • Wally Colegrove says:

    Fitting tribute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Christopher Pierce says:

    The first album I remember this being on was the Time-Life Records anthology released shortly after his death.

  • jhtenvelde says:

    This Miss Judy is such a great wonderful tribute to the greatest singer with the most beautiful voice ever.Sadly Marty left us already(to soon)but his memory will stay alive by all of his fans.I already post two comments on this vid of yours but every time I look at this vid it makes me sad that he is past away but also verry glad that we can share his music and his beautiful voice for as long as we live and I hope even longer by our kids.Thank you Miss Judy you are a live time friend of mine.

  • Deborah Dyess says:

    thank u missjudi. this is lovely. but then marty could not be anything else.

  • tarquin45 says:

    Marty actually wrote this for Elvis, but with his untimely death in 1977 he never got to record the song.
    The video compilation is excellent by the way. I'm sorry, but I hadn't seen it before today. Thankyou.

  • missjudi1 says:

    Ummm…. I dont know for sure, but my guess is no, probably not as a single… Im sorry I misunderstood your previous comment…

  • rory macneil says:

    i don't think he released it as a single though?

  • missjudi1 says:

    He DID! In 1978! The album is called Marty Robbins, The Performer! Kind of told us all how he felt about his life before it was cut short, huh…..

  • rory macneil says:

    why the hell didn't he release that?

  • Diane TeelLubinus says:

    Life is worth living!! Does it get any better than that? Thank you for revealing what we already knew but don't know how to say just
    "Thank You" God for the talent you have shared with us thru "artists" like Marty Robbins. dteellubi

  • missjudi1 says:

    The song is titled The Performer. Its from the 1978 album Marty Robbins, The Performer on the Columbia Records label. I dont know if its on any other album, or if it ever made it to CD. I just got it from Dad's old LP and fell in love with it.

  • Tim Collins says:

    Hi missjudi1, wonderful selection if video clips. With you doing the posting and us doing the listening Marty still walks among us. Keep up the good work.

  • jhtenvelde says:

    Hi,MissJudi!this is me again,every time I see this vid about the greatest performer that ever walked among us,it hurts me deep inside knowing that Marty is no longer among us,but thanks to you and your wonderful vid's it feels that he is still alive performing for his fans all over the world.I hope that we will never forget him and we will keep his memory alive for he deserves it,thank you so much MissJudi you are a lifetime friend of mine.

  • bohonk123 says:

    thia ia the clip i wanted to see – tks missjudi1

  • bohonk123 says:

    thanks for your videos

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