MATCHBOX Restoration No 32b E Type Jaguar 1962

MATCHBOX Restoration No 32b E Type Jaguar 1962

Hello and welcome
to another episode of Marty’s Matchbox
Makeovers. today I shall be
making over this E type Jaguar, which is a number 32b. And was made the same year I was born,
which was in 1962. This model was donated by
a subscriber from Canada, named: Michael ella Fontaine. So thank you very much
for that Michael, and I hope you enjoy the show. These Jaguars came out with clear
or green windows. This one has clear windows. They also came out not only in red, but in a metallic bronze color. So this one’s been pretty badly knocked about,
as you can see. There’s no real dents
or damage, but there’s hardly
any paint left on this thing. The tires look
a little bit worn out too, and the hubs
are filthy dirty. So as usual, I just drill out the rivets
to remove the base. Now. it’s time to remove the interior
and the glass. The plastic windscreen is quite dull
and shows normal wear and tear. Next I shall drill some holes
in these rivet posts and then thread them
to use when I put the model back together. These are the types of screws
that I used to reassemble the model
when I finished doing it up. They are button-headed
M2 Allen screws. I put a bit of tape around my drill,
so that I don’t drill too deep. After I’ve drilled out
the holes in the rivet post, I then cut a thread using this tap. You can see it has three cutting edges, and three areas known as flutes; where all the iron filings
are collected. These flutes need to be
periodically cleaned during the tapping of a thread. A small drop of oil
aids in the process. So I just screw it down gently
and back it out periodically, and clean all the iron filings
off of the end. Here I am doing it a second time
and going a little bit deeper this time. Here I’m using a toothpick, you can see I’m cleaning out the flutes. Now that the hole has had
a thread cut in it, I do a test-fit of one of
the M2 screws, to see if I’ve gone
deep enough. Well, don’t they look good! Now it’s on to stripping and painting
of the body and chassis. After I’ve stripped it,
I’m going to paint it with this Tamiya Ts-85
Mica Red. This restoration is for people
that do not own a airbrush. I’m just going to be using tins of aerosol paint
for this makeover, to show how it can be done
without the use of an airbrush. I’m applying the paint stripper
using a spare brush, which I use solely for this job. After the paint has been loosened
and starts to blister, I then use this toothbrush
to remove the paint from the model. I do it in a bath of water, as the water neutralizes
the paint stripper. That’s the body done,
now for the base. Well that came off quite easily,
didn’t it? As you can see,
the wheels on this model,
they are very finely detailed. The hub’s have got
spokes on them. Now you can see these spoked wheels get very dirty. So I’m going to use a brush and some soapy water, To clean all the muck out that is collected between the spokes. Now I’m not removing these wheels today, because as I said: this is a makeover for someone who does not have
specialized equipment. So instead of removing the wheels,
I am simply masking them off. So when I spray
the base black, the wheels won’t get
any paint on them. I’m using 3M, that’s MMM masking tape,
for this job. After I’ve wrapped the wheels, I tuck all the ends in at the back,
using a toothpick. This is now ready to paint black. Usually on these models there is always a protrusion
of some description, by which you can hold
the part that you’re going to paint with some tongs. That’s why you don’t
get mucky fingers. For the undercoat
I’m using an aerosol can of Tamiya
light gray primer. Now I’d like to introduce
this new machine that I’ve made: Other restorers
manually polish their vehicles before applying the paint. Well, that was too much like
hard work for me. So I’ve invented
this machine that does the polishing process
for me. I use cotton balls and a special secret solution: that I call Diamond Class
polishing solution. I only add about half a jar
of the polishing solution, to polish this vehicle. It needs to be just enough, so that the vehicle remains submerged
during the polishing process. Next: using tongs, I place the unpolished model
into the solution and ensure that it is
fully submerged. I will now mount
the cleaning chamber to the body
of the machine. On this machine, there are two polishing cycles
to choose from: One is called shine,
and one is mega. Which means mega shine. Well, I’m just going to start off on shine and let’s see how it goes. MACHINE WHIRRING Well, I can already see some improvement. I think I’ll switch it up to mega. MACHINE WHIRS FASTER Oh wow, you can really see the metal starting to shine brightly from within the polishing chamber. Okay, well I think that’s enough. I don’t want to overdo it. DRYLY:
So here you can see;
I am wearing a welding helmet. The metal is extremely highly reflective
after the treatment. And the reflected light
can damage your eyes, if you look directly at it. I’m going to fish the model
out of the jug now, so you can see the full effect. Wow! That is so much better
than I had anticipated. Look at it gleam! I’m happy with that. SILENCE Here you can see the body has been covered
with a light gray undercoat. The metal was so bright and shiny, that I was unable to film this part of the makeover. So now it’s time
for the top coat color. I’m using Tamiya spray paint, TS 85 Bright Mica Red. And it should look very similar
to the original model. This paint covers super quick. And I’m only going to give it
maybe two coats. It comes out of the can
with quite a heavy spray. But it is a beautiful color, and it dries with a really high gloss finish. I use these magnetic
paint brush clamps, to support my models
whilst they are drying. Here I’ve placed
a glass salad bowl over the model,
to keep the dust off. Now I’m going to paint the base with this Black Satin paint, straight from the hardware shop. Just a couple of light coats, and the job is done. I place that under the salad bowl also. Once again;
to keep the dust off. Whilst that paint’s drying, I’m going to clean the tires. They are a little bit
rough around the edges, this model has had
a lot of play. So I actually use some very very fine wet and dry paper, and just rubbed around
the edges of the tires, just to take off
a few little burs of rubber that were there. And whilst I’m about it,
I’m cleaning the windscreen. The windscreen came really clean. Unfortunately, it does show some
minor signs of damage and wear and tear. So I’m using this metal polish, and a cotton bud, to try and polish some
of the minor scratches out of it. It doesn’t take too long, and when you’re finished, it’s actually quite rewarding
to see how much better it looks. It may take two
or three attempts, to get it to the standard
that you’re happy with. So, that’s all the minor abrasions
polished out. So, I’m quite happy
how that transparency came good with the polish, but for the finishing touch, now: I’m going to submerge
the transparency in a bath of
self-shining floor polish. So I just gently dunk it under, and make sure that I don’t get
any air bubbles on it. I shake off the excess and place it on
a piece of kitchen towel. And then once again: use a small glass bowl
as a dust shield. And leave it to dry. When it’s dry,
this is what you’re left with. It looks almost brand new. Now that the Mica Red
has dried, I’m going to put on
a Pearl Clear. Which is a
Tamiya Paint Ts-65. What’s special about this Pearl Clear,
is that in the paint: there are some very very minute
flecks of silver, almost like Stardust. And when you spray it
on top of the red, it gives a beautiful metallic look
to the paint. Now the base is dried,
I’ll unmask the wheels. They still look
a little bit plain. So I’m going to brighten them up with this chrome marker pen. I’m actually diluting it, with some mineral turps. And this way,
it will run more freely, in between the gaps
in the spokes. If you don’t dilute it,
you do run the risk of clogging up the gaps
in the spokes, with heavy blobs of silver ink. Here’s a close-up to show you how good they look,
when I finish painting them. Now it’s time
to reassemble them all. I freshen these tires up
with the black wash, made with
Tamiya X-1 Black Paint, and it was thinned with Tamiya thinners. This wash is just painted onto the tires with a soft brush. And after its dried, the tires look rejuvenated. I noticed that the tire on the front left had a small nick in the sidewall. So I took it off and flipped it over so that the good side would be showing out. I am wearing rubber gloves here, because I don’t want to run the risk of leaving a fingerprint or a thumbprint on the model as I’m assembling it. My little finger is exposed, so that I can still use
my mobile phone when I am recording
the footage. After installing the windscreen
and the interior, I place the base on. And i fix it into place,
using two color matched screws. So this is what we started with: As you may remember,
it had a lot of play wear on it, hardly any paint,
and scuffed up tires. The wheel hubs
looked a little bit grotty, as did the windscreen. So this is what it looks like now! With a fresh coat of red stardust metallic paint, spruced up wheels and tires, polished windscreen, and a detailed interior. I’m sure you will agree; that this car has been transformed into a thing of beauty. This car has now been snapped up
at the auction, by Lord Charles Featherspoon
the Thrird, to a bargain price
of only 100,000 dollars. For its first run, he has driven it over
to lady Charrington’s mother (unclear). to take her out to the local inn, for a ploughman’s lunch. And a half-pint of bishops finger. What a wonderful way to spend
a Sunday afternoon. CAR ROARS
INTO THE DISTANCE SILENCE Thank you so much for watching Marty’s Matchbox Makeovers. I hope you enjoyed the show. Till next time, goodbye! SILENCE So um… ..I’m gonna lift it up, we’ll… ..flippin’ hell,
that worked quite well. SWOOSH OF VISOR SILENCE


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