Meet in the Middle | The Art Assignment | Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins

Meet in the Middle | The Art Assignment | Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins


  • AVeryGreedyBee says:

    Anyone near Canberra Australia that would like to meet in the middle?

  • Robert Nicholas says:

    Trespassing is fun.

  • Klav Ulpato says:

    THE YETI!!! LOL.

  • jewpoc says:

    Wait. Was that some random persons property? Did they scare those people into leaving their own house and then hang out on their lawn? What if this were Texas or Florida? They could legally be shot for this. 

  • gene says:

    When will other people's Art Assignment be posted on this website?

  • Kathy Trithardt says:

    Assignment One: Done!

  • Diana Sinton says:

    They could use this app and have different ways of deciding what "middle" means. 

  • Emma Love says:

    Video Response
    Video Response Art Assignment #1

  • Kevin Redline says:

    "And this time I'll remember you're a vegetarian" hit me so hard; lunch in the middle of a lake in the czech republic, and he couldn't even eat it…

  • Osmium says:

    The thing about art is that it has nothing to do with the physical object. Music is art, yet it has no physical form and lasts but a moment. No, art is not physical, it's emotional. The only significance it has is from the value of the feeling that went into it.

  • Connie Koprowicz says:

    I'm going to meet a second-cousin for the first time. We're planning now. Very good!

  • susan watson says:

    Just completed #TheArtAssignment, you will see it soon.

  • Adam the Alien says:

    This is a beautiful idea.

  • Adam DeBenedictis says:

    I'm definitely gonna do this with one of my friends when we go to college. Or maybe all of them. We just find a point that's exactly the same distance from all of our colleges and go there.

  • Morgan Mase says:

    if only all my friends didn't live 2500 miles away from me.

  • Mrs Dunham says:

    Packing for this: snowshoes, climbing gear, thermos of hot chocolate and Bailey's, headlamp.  Some scaling of chain link and barb wire fences in snowshoes may have been involved.  The climbing gear was more for the nearby climbing gym, but drank our sugary booze and watched curling instead.

  • Olivia Bazley says:

    Please make an Instagram account.

  • Alan Chen says:

    unrelated but
    much wow
    the yeti

  • cathealey1 says:

    Is it me, or does John look THE LEAST EXCITED when he says "I'm very excited about this." Tired, eh, John?

  • swegsam says:

    oh my god. this channel is so cool pls don't stop. its using something usually antisocial like technology and taking it into the real world and wow original and cool help
    "this time ill remember you're a vegetarian" "yeah thanks" lol

  • Rena Coben says:

    It is really cool to see Sarah and John working together! I like Sarah. Something a bit ironic: they were talking about the beauty of New York…and then it cuts to a view of what is considered a gang sign at least near where I live.

  • Melanie Landinez says:

    who wants to meet me in the middle? 🙂 

  • Justin Connors says:

    4:41 dont care, stopped watching. fuck off this sucked #art. dislike this and you dont like art.

  • mj kim says:

    definitely doing this!

  • LeAnne Jones says:

    I did this yesterday with my friend Liz! I just got the video up. She may be editing one of her own as well. It went great! We had a fantastic time.

  • Mal Radagast says:

    This is a ridiculously futile comment, but it's 4am and I feel like an exercise in futility.  Being awesome and creative, being beautiful or heartbreaking or adventuresome…still doesn't mean art.  Because if you broaden the definition of art so far as that, then NOTHING ISN'T ART.  Which is metaphorically interesting, but no longer useful.  I prefer – and since I'm toying with futility here, I may as well quote that universally despised woman – Ayn Rand's definition of art as the translation of a concept into a percept.  Making an abstract thing concrete.  Yes, you can still make the metaphysical/existentialist/semantic argument that this definition is the same as the broader everything-is-art definition, and by the letter it may, but that feels against the spirit of the thing.  To illustrate your imagination – that is art.

  • Devin Burgess says:

    A great friend and I are both going to be in Japan at the same time this year, so maybe I can convince her to do this. We'll both live in separate parts of the country.

  • pete275 says:

    The Yeti's voice is very annoying when she's reading the scripted dialog and acting like it's natural speech, like at the very beginning, and in the middle when she explains arts as a trigger. Let's get rid of scripts please?

  • ZombieIntheToaster says:

    I love this.

  • Reading Ace says:

    Haha "Christopher Robin!" Oh John… xD
    This is amazing! Very interesting and creative, I love it! 

  • Sam Girardin says:

    The guy who made the kitty city is great. I love that idea. Would be so cool if we could do that at our humane society rather then the glass boxes they currently live in.

  • Miranda Susan says:

    This is fantastic!

  • Jillian Porter says:

    OMG. MOMA 2010 is the uniting of Marina Abramovic and Ulay and it is the tear jerkers of all tear jerkers! I can't believe their relationship was a widely known thing! Crazy. Also, this is Awesome. 

  • ShazamOne says:

    Art for and with bourgeois white people. How original PBS!

  • Filip Dutkiewicz says:

    So fresh

  • Hope Sears says:

    The sneaker thing is supposed to mean that there is a drug dealer nearby…..childhood ruined.

  • megan smith says:

    Shout out to Bard College making an appearance with "In This Hello America…" at 1:20. I didn't know that that happened on my campus. Sweet!

  • Jay Henderson says:

    As someone born into Art (Both my parents are Artists and it's like an – at least – 200 year old tradition on my Dad's side) I agree with John that 'on some level Art is painting'

    My Dad always told me that Art was a way of communicating and as much as anything can indeed be Art and it's interesting for an Artist to explore Art in different forms, if it doesn't communicate very well then is it very good Art?
    An Artist once bought a wooden chair, wrote his name on it and claimed it as his art. How good is that Art? Yes, it has form and color and you can read all kinds of meaning out of it but it's only art in the loosest sense.
    There was nothing deliberate in it and the Artist made no effort but still it can only be defined as Art because nothing can be defined as not Art, if someone claims to understand it as Art.

    But my question is what does it communicate? What was the Artist trying to say? All He seemed to be saying was that Art is everything and nothing and it was an attack on Art it's self but it's audience will always been limited because it communicates the bare minimum.

    I don't think this walk was very good as 'Art' I thing it was an amazing experience and what I've realized is that that's so much more profound than art. Art is a mirror to existence and experience but what's better is to experience and exist. 

  • kevin yankou says:

    Christopher was late because he failed to compensate for the inevitable "sunshine traffic" on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

  • Grace Lenhart says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! Wow, I must try this out with some friends… if only our meeting point wouldn't be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! 

  • MadriFilmArt says:

    "…begs the question: 'Who, If Anyone, can you trust to meet you in the middle? Who  do you trust to hold the other half of your tuba?'  "
    Very profound and beautiful, Sarah!

  • rebornfun01 says:

    What if your midpoint is in the middle of the ocean…

  • TheHandsofTheDevil says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong that they climbed into the tree on someone's private property as soon as they left the house? I know they tried asking permission first, but when they didn't get it they should have just sat on the edge of the street or sidewalk…

  • Kendra Mueller says:

    Very entertaining!

  • Kat Ermant says:

    omg i got here through tumblr but like chris robbins is a teacher at my school 

  • 787theninja says:


  • Brianna Burkholder says:

    haha who do you trust to carry the other half of your tuba? phallic? no I'm just a perv. :l

  • Jana Khabouri says:

    Sarah and John are such a cute couple<3! Also Sarah is so pretty*.*

  • Christine Reardon says:

    I tried this with a friend. We were supposed to meet yesterday. My car dies that morning. Because I am not a jerk, I broke the rules and called her to let her know. 🙁

  • Beth Cannon says:

    Well music is art…

  • David Jacobsen Loncle says:

    John, I agree.  This is one of those mind blowingly aggravating expressions of superfluous bourgeois self-aggrandizement.  We keep expanding the meaning of the world art  as if to test the boundries of meaninglessness.  I love your work and I love art and I am so sad that so much contempoarary art leaves me feeling like I just watched board room of bankers group hugging.

  • Shad Hussain says:

    The closer a nation comes to poverty (even though patriotism is nothing but collective ego possessed by one), the lower the value of artistic thought falls in the perspective of the entire population. Lucky you. I wish everyone the best.

  • linda zhang says:

    i was very skeptical, but then i fell in love after the beautiful explanation.

  • tamonator says:

    Reminds me of Henry Hikes to Fitchburg.

  • Brandon Calvert says:

    skateboarding is art

  • Brandon Calvert says:

    geohashing is art

  • venjb says:

    Venesa's Art Assignment: Stakeout 😀 

  • Duke of Pants says:

    The Yeti has never had so much camera time!

  • Ross Manuel says:

    I tried this… the midpoint was the middle of thr pacific ocean

  • AndreaMGC says:

    Sarah is your wife right? Its such a good thing you guys are married because I ship you two so hard. 

  • kenrick encinas says:

    this appears to be significantly more important to the artists then the viewers. perhaps the artists are the audience.

  • Victor F says:

    This is awesome 🙂
    Who wants to meet ?!

  • Nate Wheeler says:

    Art is symbol creation

  • Billy Giuliano says:

    You do know that the sneakers on the telephone wire means it's a spot for a drug deal right?

  • Paul Roth says:

    I did it, I did it! Along with my friend, Caitlin, of course. It was fun and made me nervous and excited and I got unexpected experiences out of it. Paul & Caitlin Meet in the Middle! (#theartassignment)

  • Paula H. says:

    I calculated the midpoint between me and my friend and it happened to be the exact place where we first met five years ago (+/- 100ft)

  • Tantamountninja says:

    I trust no one to hold the other half if my tuba. They would probably dent it, then I would have to pay the $5,000, or whatever the contract with my school is. 😛

  • pourAdaydream says:

    Who do you trust to hold the other half of your tuba?  Has a greater question ever been asked?

  • Courtney_2410 says:

    the yeti is revealed!!!!

  • Katlyn Mendoza says:

    I am just going to fangirl for a minute and express how happy I am to see this. Christopher Robbins is a professor at my school, like SUNY Purchase has a purpose!!!! Also to see Sarah in action doing her thing as a Art Historian just ahhhhh <3 This is what encourages to become an Art Historian <3

  • Shameless says:

    aaaaaaaaaand you'd need the money if you'd want to do that

  • voice of dan says:

    This is such a great thing.

  • Rosanne Eschweiler says:

    It's such a shame her voice is so incredibly nasal. I know I'm being superficial, but it's distracting me.

  • Rumple Stiltskin says:

    Art is whaaaa?  Then I suppose art could be "Taking a Dump Artfully".  People like you have bastardized the word "Art", to mean anything you want to mean, thus is it no longer art but "Expression".  If you want to call it "Expressionism" then that would seem more suitable.
    You must understand that "A rose by any other name is still a Rose" !!!

  • Millie Me says:

    Is it just me, or does The Yeti look kind of like Idina Menzel?

  • JimLahey says:

    I think it is pretty clear Doug and Chris are fuck buddies.

  • Lindsay Marcus says:

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to safely meet a random person like this?

  • Britt Oh says:

    Who ever shot this footage did a beautiful job

  • soph51100 says:

    The Yeti is the bomb!

  • Melissa Cruz says:


  • blownspeakersss says:

    Interesting assignment, but I have to agree with John here. I usually define art rather broadly, but I think this pushes the limits.

  • Katherine the Aroha says:

    in order for us to meet halfway, we'd have to boat out into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. So, not happening. 

  • Sapient Pearwood says:

    intersting premise, decent video… TOTALLY misused the phrase "begs the question". To beg the question is to exhibit circular logic, never really answering the posed question. It does not mean to just ask a question… I'm surprised a woman who seems fairly erudite, and who is the wife of an author, would make that mistake.

  • Tucker Sabath says:

    Makes sense that Doug would end the discussion of experience art because he's a classic example of the intentional art cliche, never unnecessarily provocative, nor that interesting, and generally speaking home in time for an in office relationship to both cement the hierarchy of well adjusted Trustfunders suffering from arrested development and cut some checks… or he's perfect for the experience art talk because of the pedestrians outside of the city comment where he ignores his own appearance as garden gnome, and implies his special status as object of others scrutiny…. it's your experience people, go to it. TODAY WE ARE All DOUGLAS PAULSON….. now quick bury the body. we don't talk about flux factory we don't talk about flux factory we don't talk about flux factory.

  • Ella Fearless says:

    This is so fun I should have been in on this!!!!

  • Fruity and Reetz says:

    I just proposed to do this with my sister and its in the middle of a river. With crocodiles. So now i'm thinking about adding a 3rd person so we move that spot slightly to land.

  • Coffee Abernethy says:

    It doesn't beg the question… it raises the question.

  • Guest Informant says:

    Missed opportunity: Those two people should have just walked straight past each other on the Great Wall…

  • Madeleine Benson says:

    Who thinks it's okay to climb a tree in a stranger's front garden? That's extremely rude!

  • Claudia Castrillon says:

    Are they a couple? I was hoping to see a kiss at the top of the tree

  • cece3cece says:

    Who's the performance "duet" by? The one where they meet in Venice. Thanks!

  • Ms. R says:

    Who wants to meet in the middle

  • Alexander Moon says:

    Can I just say this was unexpectedly beautiful¡

  • Sean Spicer says:

    wow full page color printouts of 9oo9le maps. intentional or not, that caused a reaction.

  • Stephen Morton says:

    Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of Roy Ascott. I have been interested in the field of aesthetics for many years and had never heard of this author. Amazing stuff! Thanks again!

  • K Hayes says:

    lol this is cute as hell.

  • haras44005567 ali says:

    Wow,the yeti
    How comes I have never seen this before!

  • lighthouse119:105 says:

    Diamond Rio – Meet in the Middle

  • Conrad Green says:

    <3 thanks!

  • Oskar winters says:

    I mean i get that it's art but you are trespassing and i don't care how good it makes you feel, it's going to make the people who live there nervous and confused, it might effect their sleep. You should get permission first.

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