Men & Women's Heights, Bagel Boss & James Bond Comic-book Writers With Too Much Cover-Up

Men & Women's Heights, Bagel Boss & James Bond Comic-book Writers With Too Much Cover-Up

hi I can do this really quick the Ninja Turtles got a s JW beef injection in the form of teenage mutant female ninja Tyrell G B Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Q didn't forget that's a big villain for them as q anyway look they have a female ninja turtle okay and she can be identified because she is the one who wears the pants there's a female ninja turtle she's taller than all the other Turtles she wears the pants there's gender nonspecific she's in drogyny she looks just the same as all the turtles but how do you know she is she's taller than all the rest of them why because she's a Mary Sue because here's the fanfiction I wish I liked the Ninja Turtles but I want to be a ninja turtle so how would I be ninja turtle I'll get toxic ninja turtle blood and transform into a turtle and I'll be stronger than them and taller than them and they'll have skills with more weapons and it'll be expert and Casey Jones be my boyfriend and then they'll have to decide what they want to do with Casey Jones the lasted in New York Brooklyn cisgender white males and he's he gonna be a cuck and a beast your file I'll make out what a turtle brought that doesn't even have tits or is he gonna reject his girlfriend in her lowest hour when she's been transformed into a turtle again without any tents why does she wear pants here's my theory on that she eternal females probably have a huge gaping cloaca cunt thing so I can't put her in spider-man poses where she's flying doing ninja kicks and stuff if she's got a giant turtle vagina and it shoots eggs pick me up Pio Pio right she makes the noise when she shoots milk all right what are you gonna do Janica the old ping pong ball trick to the fruit you who's got egg on their face now shredder Cowabunga ho and the high fiber and she probably smells terrible after that I know ninja turtle don't smell their cartoons but look at me there you have noses but that's really quickly they filled all your agenda points androgyny the feminization of woman she's a fucking turtle fits in with the boys but she's taller than him the turtles all specialize in a weapon so what does she have more weapons in them she's got a bow and arrow in stenason and a half we call half sword but bow Canaan Bolton whatever the fuck she's a half sword and then she has a little crossbow and some shit and shredder claws and everything she's got it all because it's a fanfiction how do we put a woman into the Ninja Turtles I will make people think it's really slick she gets a blood transfusion no it's just that's not a good idea at all it's just shitty that's a Mary Sue it's a literal Mary Sue fan fiction injection into the Ninja Turtles how do I get in there I'm Casey Jones's girlfriend and they shoot you get it I'm like hammering over to heaven is I'm Casey Jones's girlfriend that's my that's Ascot frank leary perspective and I kind of think it's very original and unique and I think that it's a good one because that's the way it is they wanted to put the SJW stuff in there for some reason people think it's like and I'm like no it's like a hammer over your fucking head here you go she wears the pants now and his is her name one of the Renaissance masters fuck no the fanfiction Mary Sue has no idea about Renaissance masters her name's Janica cuz that's the name of her Oh Perrault see just like Christian has sonichu so shall you have Jericho the ninja turtle doesn't fit the rhyme screen even the Ninja Turtles tv2 had Venus de Milo I remember this they venus de milo and she had tits and I was like luck it has tits on it that's funny but it was a girl Ninja Turtle so little girls because little girls did like the ninja trails they like they sent two girl Ninja Turtles for selling toys but for whatever I don't know if the kids stopped watching man fuck it was I'm not a turtle fan but I have progeny don't forget about this the Ninja Turtles never the fuck went away I remember being grown adult in like the 1990s and Ninja Turtle shit was everywhere and was new and I was like wow this is a new thing like The Incredible Hulk and spider-man and it fucking is it is toxic Ninja Turtles and what did they do to fucking let's keep talking about Ninja Turtles for a little bit until we meander on other things welcome to extreme narcissism TV alofa chill gym episode we're just gonna like talk about shit Ninja Turtles they made them huge big black dudes that sound like The Beastie Boys for the Michael Bay movies hey Michael Bay you can still have crashing shit but you don't make them big cave trolls from Lord of rings you make Ninja Turtles smaller than everybody else in the movie you make them small and vulnerable this is the age of vulnerability had these little vulnerable 80-pound ninja turtle things or whatever shell ways have them be really skilled at fighting and jump around and shit like that it's like more like alvin and chipmunks meets transformers it's more humorous it's more Shia LaBeouf even Stephens transformers than whatever that nonsense was I couldn't even I can only watch one of those fucking movies the first one I saw Shia LaBeouf transformers and it was just like changing Ching shot just crashing metal right and then what a red letter media dude they made it like 45 minutes of crashing metals like exactly you know why because everybody said that their collator is like the fat big old man or whatever if you want people to love the Ninja Turtles and you want to have a bossy pushy lesbian latina turtle in there you got to make them all shorter than all the humans and if it's all CGI anyway why are they supposed to be taller than everybody I'll look at the Ninja Turtles it's a chud they come out of the fucking sewer but it's wearing headbands no like you look at a ninja turtle look you know I mean it's just dump it's just bad marketing look they were never met anyway so it's not like you have to deconstruct the Ninja Turtles and lesson a new cartoon they have the brown I'll called the Browning the Browning they're getting rid of all the redheads they're like a minority redheads of whites so get rid of the redheads first replaced them so April O'Neill has been replaced by Cree summer which is like a black 13 year old scientist because science that's her voice not mine don't make fun of me for that all right so there's like come on Turtles let's do it and that's a girl that's the girl voice that's my crease summer so anyway April Neil's a redhead right her name is fucking April O'Neil how much more redhead do you need to get oh I adore size are smiling oh look it's potato potato will mean do if you want to if you want to degrade the Ninja Turtles make Arya Stark fucking April O'Neil at least that like no but not I have to get rid of all the redheads the little mermaids black chick I don't give a fuck you can make a little mermaid a black chick just lands on Jamaica she gets surrounded by 12 black dudes but she is pasted pasted ah see she drowned on how the mermaid drown and all from the ocean way down on the beach income and it was take five where that brand is but Harry Niles Harry now his band mates are gay but this isn't for money so they bukkake the Little Mermaid on the beach and they get her take her to a paper cutter and they point right down the middle and they give her legs and they start fucking to slit she's dead already Disney's The Little Mermaid there's a lot of great songs it's more like the Polish version Little Mermaid that was it they wanted to create was that subvert your expectations they wouldn't have subvert expectations and say it's not enough that will make me a mermaid block which I said nobody cares nobody cares make her black didn't give a fuck y'all rehab the cartoon is done already under the sea makes more sense right black Poseidon come on why not I don't give a fuck am I gonna watch it never even seen the first Little Mermaid you know what I liked about the first Little Mermaid the fucking video rental store poster because I heard about it because the animation and I was like I lesson look at that that's that fucking poster and right there I pointed out to everybody in the video start that there was a big pink cock in the sand castle on a rental poster before God and all families to see look at it's a cock and I walked up when I pointed to like an asshole ha ha that's what it's like to date me but you know you're gonna get fucked right so when you want to talk about Nick don't forget to Like and subscribe and ring the bell if you ring the bell you will be notified when I'm making love to a woman except for people to tell me hey I thought you said you got laid and the Bell didn't ring I said I don't know why it is but YouTube does not want you to know when I'm making love to a woman and I know what I look like what happens more often than you would think now I don't have to pay for it okay so what else doing talked about our Kelly has been denied bail and his lawyers came out and looked crazy first our Kelly's lawyer cut our Kelly's friend comes out to press I saw this that's why he wouldn't talk about it and he looks like some sawed-off guy from like if they squashed down everybody from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure he looks like a character from that or something or from some kind of like weird cyberpunk steampunk thing that's our Kelly's friends guy's hair tied in some kind of weird fucking braids like he's from Oak Island or whatever his fuck I don't know what condos more class than this guy he looked weird he's wearing purple suit shades crazy some he's like I'm not gonna say nothing the lawyers are come and I was hearing announced lawyers so then for whatever reason are Kelly's friended else's as lawyers as he stands the background being well-dressed looking sharp and original costuming looks like a bluff to Prince outfit or something anyway um the lawyers come out and it's three lawyers the legal team of art Kelly and they're all wearing ridiculous ties all three of them have ties that looked like they were coordinated like they came out of the same box of five ties and they look like shit and then his lawyer comes out the representative one the shortest guy gets the one that's gonna do speaking like The Three Stooges whatever so he comes out he says they got him in a box we tried to get him out and they got him locked in a box like an animal and the whole fucking world went you mean like when he had teenage 13 year olds locked in cages at his house and he's pissing on them in California in a fucking neighborhood like Brentwood or something I don't know where it was those were all J murdered people anyway Ron Perlman's daughter or something like that listen he went on and do Hellboy so he got over it I know you never miss a second you never get over it when people recognize you all the time you look familiar yeah OJ Simpson killed my daughter Oh Jay Simpson killed my son who ever fuck it was terrible terrible way I know that you got a famous face yeah I'm a famous survivor of a murder victim yeah weren't they beautiful handsome people what's he doing now he's got a reality show good for OJ hey that's one oh there's the sky the muffin man then he's really short and the muffin man he was yelling people I can't go on a dating site I'm 5 foot 2 or every cent and he looks short who shorten other people he's waving a finger at him and um and it became a meme or something right and you know that worldstar and the whole rest of the world like this shit happening all day every day why is that become a thing I think it's part of this propaganda that's been ongoing for years where they have this thing with women I first heard about a dating sites where women are saying I only want guys under like they have to be six two or I'm out of here or whatever and there was some kind of thing about women in China wanting men that were all six foot two or six foot three or some like that and then they're like oh we figured out that women don't know how to count like women globally don't know about like they can't tell measurements and stuff and that's why men always do that shit because then the global the global average height of a man of a male is five point nine inches globally all right and we're the densest populations in the world where the most people are India in China so yeah those guys aren't the tallest guys in a world where are the tallest people I'd imagine they're places where people have room as opposed to being pushed close together right where are the most micropenises per capita around compared to where Dexter's in the jungle what his dick swinging like told Eddie Murphy bit remember that Yeti Murphy likes cock and the average high of a woman globally is 5 foot 3 inches all right those are up-to-date stats so men 5 5 inches 5 feet 9 inches for men and cock size in the summer in the city hanging Lewis no 5 foot 9 so that's 3 inches away from being six foot period so I think what's been done online is well through social media whatever they say about what the height of a man like everybody wants women want a man that's taller than them that's all that it is all right are you taller enough than her or are you of the same attractiveness where you can be the same height or the man just a little bit taller whatever women don't give a fuck about height think about where you live and how it matters maybe if you're short you know it doesn't have some effect on you but look I see short people all the time and maybe this is just more of like I don't know if they're Cubans or some or South Americans or Hispanics and forgive me for my ignorance but I do see like I've been a grown up a long time I've seen a lot of couples that are not white where the guy is way shorter and the wife is tall and you're like they've been together forever you like you can tell like they're old in the same way like they grew into each other like that so height the height thing doesn't matter all right even though except it does for that guy that went crazy the muffin man went crazy in the shop and he's yelling everybody the thing about it that I thought was the saddest thing was that when he was leaving the store this guy like escorted him out like needlessly like don't say anything but then when he was out the guy the guys like I like someone like but like all the Chad's like a gym guy with blond hair and he had to push them the little man like push him a little bit to see if he would turn around because just so he can see if we could hit the little man you know I mean I'm telling you my favorite scene of Fight Club is when they beat the fuck out of Jared Leto if there's any kind of pornography that's gay porn for me that makes my dick hard and be seeing handsome guys skulls crushed all your favorite celebrities maybe if anything gay was gonna make me not like blown oyster I'd be a murder or Easter watching these guys you're all your favorite celebrities Johnny Depp's head getting pop like a fucking grape that'd be great anyway you know I hate them because they go around and fuck all these girls not the famous guys you see your local handsome guys they go fuck all the girls and girls let him right in there and I was supposed to marry those fucking pigs after that give me a break I've never been more I've never been more disgusted with the that like the like I have like I have like women like here's the value of women is like like I might even look down there bottom feeding bottom feeding you don't want it they got to him anyway I don't talk about that stuff too much James Bond the James Bond comic is being written by two superfans ugly fat Dyke repugnant cover up wearing black lesbians because you know they said who is the fan club who are the writers out there that could really write James Bond why do I talk about these two fucking repugnant like pigs because it's part of your social engineering they just want to take everything that's a man thing and crush you know this already but let's take your further than that it's also about saying that nothing matters James Bond could be anything our man could be anybody Thor could be anybody spider-man seven different people it's a spider verse of spider-man's you know who especially doesn't matter the only spider-man doesn't matter his Peter fucking Parker because he's a cisgender white male just like Casey Jones Scarlett Johansson is a blond blue-eyed or green-eyed white woman and she's got to go they're gonna tear apart if Clint Eastwood goes uh-huh and has a cough all social media is going to attack Clint Eastwood his misogyny they're gonna dig up something the 70s where he rapped Sanja Lockhart or something in a movie or something and they're just gonna tear the shit out of him so James Bond who cares about it who's playing James Bond the same person that played like wouldn't they don't want people to matter so how a woman's supposed to be portrayed as strong women by not acting or remoting her feeling they're supposed to be like Will Smith's character and planet Earth remember that movie that nobody cared about that you can watch for free on YouTube Will Smith was on was in the future where he couldn't show emotions on planet earth because and that we're stone-faced all the time like reunion hood and putting hard face on but it's like plant a hard face because earth is full of Wayne Barlowe weird monsters and shit and it's fucking dumb it's a dumb movie M night Shyamalan whatever yeah what else so I got uh making characters not special think about anything you like that was a memorable franchise what they've done to it they've made it like not only unrecognizable or recognizable only in some sort of similar forms or color schemes or like basic designs oh that's sort of the form of the thing I remember it's to make everything not matter like all they've ruined that I don't care about anymore to make you indifferent and apathetic and give me nothing to latch on to and it have for young people the history of stuff to be the new version of I guess with the history that matters to people is pop culture so that's what they want you to have I feel like I say this shit all the time tired talking about her I don't know what else for me to complain about I'll do commercial now I used to do these things about the welfare system changing I called them blue blue rations or Trump rations because when Trump became president he sent the first wave of he gave it approval and it was his under his approval again or whatever and he said yeah go ahead do it and change the welfare system so people started getting food in the box in the mail and I thought wow that's the future because they also had blue apron advertising on every single fucking podcast in the top 100 of comedy podcasts as a sponge or blue apron which is food in a box in the mail and every way every fucking asshole says I don't want to cook her I'm too busy so I just heat the stuff up or my family gets together and we heat the stuff up and it's like cooking and it's really fast cuz it's already cooked already and then we eat it and it comes it's food in the box in the mail and I said that's your rations I says not blue apron it's blue rations but I had stuff to printout to put into boxes for labels but my printer is not working so look at what we got here officially sponsored by the authority mandated for me to do commercials like this here's the commercial blue rations your month supply of peas make it last for a month and came nobody swiped it oh it doesn't matter if it doesn't come you better make sure and wash that it comes because if somebody steals it they'll never believe you is that the first thing every did try and get more than was their socialist and Tifa mandated allotment of food in the Box in the mail they said somebody stole it and then there was no money to tell was the first problem then if he could figure out how to complain about it they would say you're lying you just want more learn how to ration you're lazy its food in a box in the mail I'm not dissing women I dated however it is a fact that they didn't they couldn't cook okay and there's too many women now then order food they order every fucking meal and it's good it tastes good but that's a big problem for me you know me personally wonder why about this would you rather have a boyfriend once you get to the point with somebody would you ever rather have a boyfriend you say I want to eat something like this and you guys go to store and try and make that that's fun and romantic and it completely fucking and I've done this not really cook anything exotic like let's just make something you make it and it's cool your your your world building you're testing you're playing house but you're really doing it it doesn't have to be someone you live with I don't want to go to restaurants I guess this is my point I'm done with that I don't want somebody I'm never gonna see to make me any food that I'm gonna eat even though I go to start I know it in the machine factory is making that stuff alright and I know what I want to eat when the heat frozen peas that there was rats in the factories of stuff because you know people had those jobs and to tell you how it's like yeah just I wore gloves and I pulled rats out whenever I saw them and they just kept moving and we eat the food I guess everybody's okay alright but the future the brave new world has food in a box of the mail and the first signs of that were some youtubes I saw for welfare moms going like wherever they sent the rations to I want to say hi or something I can't remember but the tested out maybe sound down south I think it might have been but I do remember was a was a mom going look at this this is our new welfare and what's that look like what my fake commercials look like excuse me it looks like my fake commercials look like where I said you get one of your selection of like five different TV dinner options and then they send you those and you eat that like blue apron all right so you hate living week to week a lot they say a lot of people do this and they shop at the Dollar General Dollar General that's like a fucking virus disease in America fuck Joe Rogan and Terence Mckenna know this guy's saying look at man look at California looks like a virus on here maybe California I can see but never been things a fucking virus okay on the earth but what is is the dollar generals across the country there's far too many people getting by living a convenience-store lifestyle in my opinion eating out at a Dollar General and I know I've had my moments like I forgot that there was a no local supermarket my rural area and then there was one and didn't even go there for a while because I just drove far away for no reason at all and I went to the local supermarket which didn't exist before and I was like this changed my life like now really close is fucking pretty much anything but before there was a selection of Chinese or Beirut slave labor you know I mean like prairie meats right a fuck shit that comes from sausages from Syria where fuck you know weird things the batata cookies and it's like man this is weird the taste I guys wax like knots like wax but it tastes good I don't know it could be anything plastic weird shitty or what versions of toys from the bigger chain stores now here's a spider-man thing but it's like you can tell it's manitou shitty plastic crocs the close of the idiocracy greeting cards for people who don't want to think about writing down a thought so to look at a card and kind of half reading eyes is not too much of an emotion it's weird I'll get this one that's not a motor car that's the future added towards a nondescript mask and teeth a teenaged LGBT Nagant even turtles wait for it cue LGB Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and teyfik you farted and Ont farted antifa – hearted who NT farted they stink what do you think you are a spider-man homecoming dressed up like that now you do that was a shitty spider-man movie it's fucked I'm telling you they're getting more sophisticated where the movie smokes people for like five minutes to a week where they'll go and do two reviews and sperg out on the movie it's great I was so good and then like wait a minute spider-man got cooked Mary Jane she's got armpit hair that's gross you know our Mary Jane would never if they're gonna make Mary Jane black make her cool like Mary Jane in the half-baked I remember she was cooler I didn't want to do drugs try for the best look what happened the other guy Halloween's got locked up in prison but it wasn't low security prison because he was locked up with Tommy Chong look don't you want to get fucked by Zeus he's famous Zeus fought bolo in a movie for an bolo was the guy that fought Bruce Lee Bruce Lee jumped on his neck or something to me but a John sax killed bolo I can't remember look it's food in a box in the mail did I ever tell you actually met Black Belt Jones himself I literally walked into him and if you pay attention to New Age nonsense and your master mind meld of all that I can't think of the names of those tolls old Tony Robbins guys there Tony Raj and Robbins / generators whatever those guys are but anyway they say it's good if you rub into celebrity so guess I'm a black belt ninja now and cold black dude because I actually banging a Jim Kelly and I was like cool we're the same size except for his afro his afro star to him and it was that thing when we see famous people I was like wow I thought he was taller than this he wasn't short but you know what he was like in his 60s because that's when he died it was not too long before he died and I didn't know he was there I was like what the fuck was fuckin Jim Kelly and he walked right past me into a room start talking to the people I was like holy shit that was fucking energy dragon Jim Kelly and he had a full head of hair and like a short gray afro and he looked great but he did not look huge and I'm not sure what he died of but maybe he was sick then because he looked like you know he get older you look like less of yourself but let's just become a fat pile of shit a lot of famous people just look like they're melting you ever noticed that the thickening of Hollywood I think it's because they get work done and then I get filler and whenever that filler does that her body and stays in there fat it doesn't come out it just makes it look like that right look at David boy he was a skinny little drug guy all his life and then towards the end he looked like a guy that had plastic surgery filler left in his face hey I'm not really the best guy painting portraits but I would pay attention to this kind of stuff right I used calipers to measure my head I made a life-size bust of my head the size of my head and you got to measure every fucking thing it's actually a pretty cool exercise if your artist type to do that but it's kind of a cheat in a way because the easiest thing to paint your sculpt in terms of a real person is probably to be yourself or the person you fuck the most if like I've noticed this too in long-term relationship with somebody every girl's gonna look like them and I wonder if it's the same for female artists like all the deals look like your husband I don't I haven't really noticed that but I know it's definitely a thing I've heard it said before just recently and I was like gasps totally a thing cuz I've heard I've had she's like why does every girl look like me and I'm like yeah they do right and I think it's about them because it kinda is because you'd like they're like furniture yeah you can just come on him and leave it there it gets all dried and crusted and they like I'll fuck I was gonna put my drink here and I'm single do you believe that I know totally how to treat a lady all right I put him in their place beneath the man like Borat and Prince shape Herman Hey it's not fair I thought it was disgusting enough that there's those bras everybody knows this it's just foamed it's a foam broad it makes boobs look great now they had this thing called shape mint and it's fucking evil it's like next generation of Spanx where it takes a big fat blob and then it just goes whoop and it sucks it in and it looks like the let it looks like one of shiraz friends fat persons you know it looks like it looks like you know like the the Puffin enough looks like that makes everyone look like Steven universe marshmallow people oh look she's not fat rolls stuff just hanging and the blobs and the cottage cheese with the veins in it because that's what looks like in stretch marks it's not that it's just it's so moms can feel good about themselves how you gonna feel good about their cells you can't breathe if you're gonna be just a fucking pig you're not do anything about it just do it I swear just wear it we're Tweety Bird shorts remember all I remember that's the thing is to see in the nineties was fat people wearing hip-hop versions of like Warner Brothers cartoon characters or whatever the fuck else there's some kind of popularity of Tasmanian Devil in 1990s there's what you get this episode slow fight chill Jim hang it's got a meander where every improv to go it's not an improv really I'm just talking they're ending Google Hangouts oh let's talk about epstein Island – they're ending Google Hangouts you know I guessed at the end of August I guess and I'm like yeah so people don't talk to each other because I was a big thing that was really easy for people to use for free so I can take it away and only if you say the right things we'll be able to talk they can't monitor people with all this election stuff and live streams and stuff like they want to so they take it away you have to learn how to use OBS and here's my prediction they'll say it right now you're gonna do something fuck with that so our Kelly's going to jail boohoo for locking up teenage girls in cages and training them to be slaves and pissing on them and then selling him and renting out their bodies when they've been subhuman eyes Dan degraded or subjugated not subhuman eyes when they've been subjugated and now he has to be in a Cell like an animal isn't it horrible so they denied him bail will they deny Jeffrey Epstein bail if they do he's gonna stay in there will he kill himself we have an assistant suicide in jail or will they let him go and then he will definitely die or disappear whatever but I have a feeling they're gonna like nobody mercy the body and everything and you're like the suicide himself or something so what'd you think so he just just doesn't get talked about and then they use our Kelly being there like hey give our Kelly all the light and go away from Epstein who's like less famous even though Epstein's like the guy is a billionaire a bubble billionaire all right Epstein had that Island hey rusty Shackelford it's nice to see a drone footage where the fuck were you a year ago before he took everything away you know what he's showing of Epstein Island nothing you're never gonna see there at the leftovers look they took the elevator they took the elevator dome mechanism thing away sent it back to where is it in Israel if something is like another there's a dull no verdere for the same kind of Dome and some the Rothschild you give that dome back to the Rothschild or something because there was the the elevator housing under there second in your manly P Hall he entered the dragon there you go bring it back to Jim Kelly and under the dragon would have all the girls in cages down there in different levels there's all the levels of people living and down below the deepest level so you sacrifice him and put him in a black blood of the earth or whatever drink it I didn't do peepee and poopoo party with dead people because that's the ultimate power wha the ultimate power destroying youth in in in shits and pisses and the fuckin things before they're done opening flowers before they're ready sick that's what the people who have the fortunes that control the fates of nations of doing that's what they like to do Oh what is great what's the most horrible thing we could do eating child scat eating child terror scat because it really gives us a thrill Audrina Audrina Duke a genka Chrome there you go there's my new invention you like my janking stuff a djenka chrome terror shits and dren alized bloody terror shits when you're gutting somebody and they shit their last shit when they're dying you know as an infant if only we could figure out how to make the fetuses that have that and while they're being born shit themselves and get those terrorist shits and eat the kidneys so that that's what makes you like Pepsi you like Nabisco products like Oreo cookies the bisque oh they get their flavor additives from Cinemax and Cinemax is a corporation that gets all their flavor enhancement additives and things that they extract from from Planned Parenthood you know what Planned Parenthood's product is that they sell aborted fetuses and all that whatever to goo and all that stuff and you know who buys it Cinemax you know why because they put it in Pepsi Cola you why because the wealthy elite know that kidneys delicious and you want to get them pure and cleanly fresh and the best ones are the ones the freshest ones are just born fuck having a meal all right you want to get did that baby get born give me those kidneys aw I'm gonna live forever forget about drinking piss and blood that's just a hot that's for fun this is for my health as vitamins that's what they're doing that's not just nonsense these people are fucking nuts and the proof of it is that low-grade low-level degeneres do this shit all the time and get their houses busted and you're drinking animal blood and there's like jars of piss and calm and everything and we look at the people that are doing it they're like whoo so anyway you think that if they'll let him out on bail Jeffrey Epstein is supposed to get out on July I'm gonna get out this is up for bail or whatever on Thursday July 18th so this episode is probably gonna go up on that day what do you think happened to him did he did he um they let him go I don't know how's the time I'm recording this because it's not it's not the 18th yet it's just sick it's sick enough for me how like I hate what pornhub has done to my brain because it really has like in a weird way I gotta like shake my brain of like like sort of a resentment towards women cuz I can't believe that all it takes is like his women are so wanting for fame or attention or whatever like any kind of attention that beautiful women that are like wonderfully shot will just like get fucked by like a million dudes and everything done to them and asked to mouthal stuff and that's a pretty woman now suppose like a prize I'll be highly regarded and I'm not saying you should fuck other women like there are pigs because they're not beautiful but it just puts a low value on women when the highest beauties you can just see anything you want done to them and then you know whatever that does to the younger guys brains I grew up in a world like that but I didn't you know like porn had hairy bodies and stuff like that there wasn't like shaved assholes and stuff and porn when I was growing up and it was harder to come by you know they would still call it stag films and porn loops and stuff like that and slides porn slides that slides they put a slight projector important but when it only when you know what it costs don't believe me go look what a porn girl gets paid I know that the big girls get paid a lot of money but are the really big porn stars I have no idea but what makes a porn star how she can take it are the days of that / when it's highly competitive to catch loads for one to three grand or whatever that translates into euros wherever else you live in the world for porn but in America it's like anywhere from one grand to three grand to catch a load in the face or wherever right what a camera filming it for the Aged is a testament for the ages hey grandmas at you you sure we're pretty oh that's a big load look at you take it like a champ and you deep-throated it and you can tell that you hated it look at it look like cottage cheese that guys disgust where's that guy from Slovakia I'll grab all there's 12 more guys coming in oh my God look at that bling how tall you grandma 5 foot 2 oh my God look at that big black pipe grandma did your porn career pay for those tattoos can I just you know what I used to remember about my grandma going to visit her at the Star Wars internment retirement facility and stretching out her tattoos to see what they were from the favorite I remembered his franchise can you tell me about the real the real Star Wars saga I'm sorry I can't honey they monitor everything I've got mind Phi I didn't want it but if I wanted a place to live they told me I had to take it your grandmother's a whore in your future the future people I hate it it's like I hate what's been done like it's it's a thorough degradation I know like not everybody's making porn but think about how long the Internet's been on and how many years of porn people just turns out there's so many people in the world and there's so many pretty girls and just makes them garbage and how many heartbreaks probably I'm not kidding this think about this there's probably a lot of heartbreaks from discovering the sexual exploits of before you got there and this could go between men and women both people are just it's making us not care about each other anymore I mean they know no grown-ups should give a fuck about Ninja Turtles it's supposed to be for kids well when I saw that Ninja Turtles stuff aimed at kids I was like this is this doesn't even look like it's drawn for kids this is like for those adult comic book reader people and they read the Ninja Turtles or something but I mean I don't know I just keep chronicling like everybody else for free even when I do it I have a t-shirt the degradation of us where people masturbate to weird stuff like people masturbate to Star Wars Martians then they make people wear prosthetic makeup you know like like this something like it really is all about porn it's the most basic drives people getting together build a lifetime has been reduced to everybody obsessing and you know even like me talking about people fucking and how grosses to hear this do you see that you won't believe this you won't believe that I don't want to know okay tell me that's disgusting and it becomes fodder I don't even talk about this shit anymore I'm trying to think about stuff for episodes and you will get these if I could if there's that this that's there to be had it will give you this I want to talk about good things and not like bullshit our lives but affirming things like no people are good men and women still get together every day they do maybe I don't have examples of anything I think is good maybe that's my war perspective I'll grant that but I don't see anybody that's in a couple that has anything I want long-term look I mean but I believe that it's possible and I believe in love but I'm not looking for it but I want to because why do I keep saying about love stuff I'm like that's the core of how you get to everybody about everything everything is about this idea of people pairing up and then saying well we went we want to have a lifetime together and everybody else around them and next to them and you know I mean it includes everybody everybody what would you want there's not much to want down here some place to live where you're not gonna get kicked out of they can stay and whatever you want to manage not everybody wants to live like me surrounded a room of nature where I take my special gal and we we have a house or we just buy one and and live there and then around and we make great landscaping and all that stuff so that she has all the herbs and spices and food and fruit trees and free stuff and a man is I know how to fix things they have all the tools of everything I know how to do all that stuff not good with fixing cars there's too many wires all right but you know whatever what is there to do down here I think I figured it out it's pretty basic when anybody wants to be happy and now that I figured out I have to admit I'm kind of a little bit bitter because I knew what I wanted right from the start and they lie to monogamy to me it's a key there's only one thing to get through to a man that needs to be gotten through to two women pick a horse and you ride him for the rest of your fucking life and you don't have any other fucking horse when he's dead and old and nobody wants you if you want to let some young guy come in and steal everything that that guy created because he's dead then you deserve that but I think that you know it's not much longer that the woman lives after the husband but she should be left something other than fucking poverty they don't tell the young people that they're supposed to pair up and build a lifetime with somebody forget about building Minecraft you shouldn't even build anything together in Minecraft you should you you meet a girl you like or you meet a guy you like him you should get off of minecraft like let's quit our pop culture media drugs together we're gonna watch Scott he gives us the jolting nice soft these two loving he's like a doting old granny the way that he says horrible things but really he's – he wants to love everybody cuz he does and I have to talk about myself in the third person might say things like this I just want you to get it right anybody that should find these I want you to be able to figure out that you're supposed to think for yourself but not in the dumb stupid way that people think about themselves you're supposed to figure out your basics which I'm slouching you're probably not thinking about your basic stuff to make you happy yeah you want to have someplace that you're not gonna get kicked out of you want some kind of relative security or security in this world that you can have and that's great to have so work on that and how great would it be to share that with somebody right so I can't tell you I gonna meet somebody it's dumb there's so many rules about this relationship stuff that people go and even I paired it stuff that when I thought about it I'll give you one of those in a minute and then I'm like this isn't true the shit testing they say all no women are gonna constantly shit test mineral not necessarily I think that's one of those more social engineering things that's a woman's natural like is this intended to is that intended to to make sure everything is and that's been distorted because we all grew up with movies and TV and music and shit to be shit testing and then in some countries because of the it's definitely shit testing like Ukrainian women or like they're gonna shoot them Russians or whatever the fuck you're gonna get shit tested alright because of how hard it's been and you can trace the history of that that's why don't I said their most beautiful do I want that no but I'm done alright it's I'm not gonna go into all the factors why this doesn't work out for me alright um it's sad for me I think it could have been a really good husband I sure as fuck tried I kept picking sluts I shouldn't put this in the episode with his fucking going in at this point yeah just liars just fucking told me whatever I wanted to hear and I was so dumb that I believed him and I should have I should know him better bunch of yeast infections so anyway they're doing great now professional women's couchsurfing yeah I I do think people should go for it and try it but I'm mad cuz didn't work out for me not mad like crazy I just like I guess it's like a little bit for sour grapes sour grapes about like years of my life like investing in people it's like they weren't worth it they would have been worth it there's no commitments so women don't have to commit let's talk about dating websites stop talking about personal stuff again it's going to get personal a little bit double the dating web sites I've had women just tell me even women I dated they have a lot to get women get a lot of dates on those and even handsome dudes don't necessarily get a lot of dates unless they're really handsome which has been proven by guys doing catfishing things where they just make themselves seem horrible and girls don't care they still wanna fuck them just because they're like oh my god I'm ugly I could never fuck a guy like this I will do anything to fuck this guy who is everything they you know make the fake profile about the guy and shit I don't know I'm not interested talking about this but the yeah the guys the guys catfished the girls the girls do anything to fuck like hot guys but that's not every type of woman that's only some girls and in what states of inebriation are these women you know I mean like everybody's on pills or business fucked you know I mean that's why I'm at like at my age I know I don't want to deal with anybody's I'm old so everybody's gonna be old for me I would deal with the old stuff alright young people are crazy I don't want to fuck anybody anymore I'm done I did everything I want to do to a woman's body I held them I caressed him I possessed them if only for a limited time all I wanted was one keeper and it's not just because my things that I say to you that I believe everybody's built that way but you are like by design you're built to get to ultimate stage of great-grandparent if you're so lucky but at least to be a grandparent right what's there to do down here not a lot but you could pair up with somebody you could if you think you're qualified you think you could do it at all bring people here raise them and if that works out you're gonna get to see your grandkids and it's gonna be great and that's a family as opposed to me so they ruined that at every fucking corner I don't know what else to talk about anymore that's why I hate when the episodes get too personal because that's what happens when people talk about stuff for so long and you start just sharing more of yourself you know there was this thing in writing that said write what you know but now that is kind of morphed into write who you are so now there's this young generation of writers that's getting their being promoted and what's being promoted is fan fiction like the Ninja Turtles thing I said where the girls the fan fiction don't write what you know write the character whoever that characters doesn't matter write that character who you are how would I be if this had happened to me what if I had my parents shot when I was a child and I grew up wealthy by elderly weird gay Butler dude and inherited the military industrial complex how would I be Batman that's not Batman but that is how women think men don't think like that so when your feminizing men you'll get mail writers of whatever they're just replacing men that's why all the James Bunch it is it's just about and it's also fucking with people I hate James Blunt I never liked it Sean Connery was up Barbara Walters it's like sometimes gotta give her a wrap and he's talking won't beat his wife and stuff Jeb receive Bukowski lose it and kick his wife on the couch he's a fucking drunk asshole yeah dude used to abuse their women and that hasn't changed you you know that it happens though and people still hide it however that's not most people I don't think I don't know what it's like globally but it's not most people in America so I don't know how to get on this route oh I don't know people should stay together I don't know me what's coming out you got one this summer what's the big Louie's for name is summer nothing they want to take everything you like no escapism I set all the stuff I did in Episode four I'm gonna let this episode hang but I got a guy I gotta go now because you can tell them like I'm just I mean one of those fucking things that people get him I'm like I'm just tired of everything I get it constant bombardment I have a little bit of nature deficiency and he spent more time there and the weather's great anyway I should be doing that should be exercising right it's a great time to put on muscle mass in this summer are you old person I'll leave you with this look if you have air conditioning like don't do this if it's yellow let it Mellow if it's blue brown flush it down flush every shit okay flush every piss get a fucking air conditioner get a mini one sit in the room with the air conditioner and put curtains in garbage bags whatever it is you have to do because you're broke it's dumb I've been in rich people's houses and it's like a fucking oven all right and they don't open the windows because of bugs and they won't put air conditioning on look people are old and you have conditions in the world so everybody fucked with and they take pills as for old people pills and stuff put your fucking air conditioners on if the electricity goes out then you can suffer I'm conditioning myself for suffering it's great if you're used to it but it's dumb for young people to go to like pump the smell like shit and piss and be young and beautiful breathing in your own dukes brewing in your own jank in the summer this is my Janko bucho service announcement I leave you something good at the end right I got new labels they made them but the printer will print them out and I also have blue apron labels and Trump rations labels I'm gonna do more fun commercials track I do those again it's gonna be coming up more so I don't know use the fucking air conditioners this echo nonsense is suffering and for we put stuff in a garbage can don't just throw shit out your window that's just disgusting but throw it in a garbage can just fucking throw it away it's nonsense thank you for hanging out for me thanks for hanging out with me I can't talk to you right anymore what could I say nice to you I don't want to say peace be still peace be with you again was something different this time good on you may be safe and all of your travels wherever you go whatever you do may be safe and protected and free from harm and loved and unashamed about those things that are true about yourself that you are discovering now that may be embarrassing and you face them and go on with your life anyway and don't double down and backpedal deal with your shit own it own your shit just like Harley Quinn said they're gonna ruin that movie too right birds of prey it's gonna suck not gonna be any hot chicks running around and babydoll tees and all that cool stuff to ruining it but I don't even like her and I'm like girls with dyed hair I told you used to date my darling clementines it's very deceptive you do not want a codependent maternal relationship of the summer strong or ever fuck it is she changes her hair all the time and you're like it would do that again find another one just like her because she just fucks you good because he's good at it no this is what I want to leave you with this is my prayer may you find somebody for you that is a faithful loyal mate that never strays and they are horrible at sex and it only gets good at sex when you're with each other because you're building it and relationship sex is always better because you figure out each other's bodies and you're building something and you bond and you're banging on sugar walls that's what you want that's what you stand to raw doggin for soon banging up with your DNA and so you know that that's my man he's banged my did DNA's all in me he's changed my cells that's why couples look like each other if they stay together for a long time because he's fucking her shooting loads in her mouth and in her cheek swab for century 21 DNA that's love so babies are comforts build a lifetime fuck minecraft don't fuck in Minecraft that's not real you need a real person you need to have your hipster chicken coops and organic vegetable gardens that's what you want no composting toilets flush it pump your septic tank flush did tell the guy in the building you're flushing them get air conditioner the lowest BTUs Energy Saver whatever it is take stay cool in the summer you're cool you're cool person you deserve a mate you're fucked up or damaged goods are you a Scot or Ramona that's all that there is there's Scots and Ramona's of all the different colors and creeds and we just gotta find each other we all come with baggage go off into the magical doorway and play some gaming faggoty bullshit Ramona Beck he was a Scientologist anyway that's not a way to end for you look I'm telling you it's very simple I'm not saying you should be on a quest to pining away for somebody No be honest with yourself you're a mess you're not perfect but people are supposed to pair up and look at everybody they're a mess too so whatever it is you get it's not going clean it up get it together start today all right it starts today figure it out do one thing and then do that one thing every day and you'll be mastermind millionaire and you will get a hot the hottest person you want that's way out of your league and they will love you anyway just because there's something special about you because you worked really hard I don't know you're probably could find somebody and you would like that alright it's nice to have somebody around I don't remember so much the fucking all the time I don't really think about memories of fucking I just think about stuff that I would like like it's nice when somebody's there or in a touching or whatever warm breath in the morning doing stuff I just like doing stuff for women is that wrong I think a lot of men are like this I just like doing shit and I mean it was for her it was worth it I thought we were building a lifetime together what a bunch of fucking liars I met and they were already used they couldn't was not their fault they couldn't bond they had already had too many dicks in him before I met him and it was fucking impossible there's no such thing as older and wiser unless there's a calm down unless you realize the folly of your ways there's the good things I did right there's bad things my songs of experience you only get them by being older but I don't want an old bag what do you want maybe you do but not if you're a young guy if you're a young guy you want somebody the same age as you or somebody for you not it's a major age appropriate but if you're old person maybe you want to settle down which is gonna be settling at this point because people are used up and you probably suck too you're not so great why do you have somebody it's all everybody else's fault no it's all my fault I didn't know how to pick the right ones all right so I'm gonna think about this a lot lady because it's planet daddy your shooters are the one problem down here divide and conquer is the only strategy and then divided and conquered us all so I'm gonna come at your pop culture and come at you with the love and dating and all that shit because that's that's what the fact of the matter is people are sad because it didn't work out for them building a lifetime by themselves with somebody so love yourself and find love somebody else Merriam state monogamous


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