Mental health and addiction in musicians and other creatives

Mental health and addiction in musicians and other creatives

what's up everybody I'm Finn McEntee this is the punk-rock MBA today I want to talk about two super important things which is mental health and addiction in music and the larger creative world in the headlines you're hearing about people like Demi Lovato little peep Chester from Lincoln Park Chris Cornell you know you go on and on and on for every one of those people in the headlines because they're in the public eye there's a hundred or a thousand people that are going through the same shit but nobody knows about it this is just my own non-professional personal opinion but I bet if you were to take a hundred people who are in like music or design or photography or film or writers like fashion any kind of creative field and I know this because I've worked in these creative fields for the past 15 years I bet you more than half of us are dealing with some kind of shit like this so no first of all you are not alone and second again remember it's not just the people in the headlines it's all of us and so because of that we are all in this together as a community we need to help each other because people don't always understand this people on the outside like even if their hearts are in the right place I think it's really hard for somebody who has never dealt with this stuff to understand it they go why are you sad I don't understand like there's no reason for you to be sad no shit yeah I wish I can make it stop I can't that's not how this works Demi Lovato is unfortunately a perfect example of this this is somebody she has everything she's beautiful she's famous she's rich and yet still she can't stay off of drugs and alcohol you know and and I know she's trying that's the part that's so sad to watch people like that they're trying to do the right thing but they just keep getting clawed back by the ship because it's powerful and that is exactly why we need to help each other because people on the outside don't understand this they say why are you so sad why don't you just stop drinking but we understand and that is why we need to come together we need to help each other get through the shit together as a community I know that sounds corny but it's the truth because look if we don't look out for each other who do we have we're just on our own we've got to understand that we're all going through this shit and we've all got to help each other get through it so that brings me to my first point which is what's happening is that fans are unwittingly encouraging artists and musicians and other people to like get deeper there they're giving people positive reinforcement on this stuff or they're ignoring it or worse they're making a joke out of it there are a lot of people who I think are dealing some really serious shit but nobody thinks about it as that they just think about it is that that's this person's like zany personality it's just him being him you know when in reality if you think about it you're like men he might be bipolar he's having a manic episode Kanye was a great example of this like I saw him on TMZ I forget what exactly he was talking about but this thing he went through a couple months ago I saw him on TMZ and it was like instantly crystal clear to me that he was having a manic episode and since then he came out and said that he's been diagnosed with bipolar but the initial reaction from people was like what the fuck he's out of control you know because they didn't know what to look for for again for me looking at it it was crystal clear I could tell in one second he's having a manic episode but that's all because I know what to look for I understand these things in a way that people who have not dealt with them usually don't understand so I guess that's my point in a kind of long-winded way is we all need to look for these signs in each other and in ourselves and if we see somebody like in a band or an artist or writer you know anybody in our world who you know might be having these problems it's on us to bring it up you know we don't applaud them for it don't ignore it definitely don't fucking joke about it because that's not fucking funny you might think it's awesome that you got 50 retweets for making your fucking joke about Kanye's meltdown or whatever but he's a human being and that is real shit and it's not fucking funny and it's not something to joke about so I'll tell you an example of how it should be handled which strangely enough is Adam 22 from the no jumper podcast big hip hop show Adam is not normally something I would hold up as an example of good behavior but hey here we are so what happened was a week ago or something like that he had this rapper named bunk on who was just fucking wasted like not in a funny way not in a typical rapper way where they show up high to everything like this guy was fucking annihilated to the point where he was like incoherent passing out and it was like it was not cool right now a lot of people would have made fun of that but Adam did the right thing he posted a picture of boom sitting on the curb these girls are giving him water you know the typical like taking care of somebody that got too fucked up kind of picture and here's his caption hey Boog we all love you and we want to see you get some help a lot of people thought that interview clip was funny but we care about you and we want to see you win if you've got someone in your life who is killing themselves with drugs let them know you're there for them if they want help boom a lot of people care about you and will help you if you want to make a change love you bro Adam that is exactly how this shit should be handled we don't ignore it we don't fucking make a joke out of it we help each other get through it that is how you deal with this shit so Adam huge props for that thing number two my non-professional personal advice on what you might want to think about if you think you are dealing with any of this stuff again I'm not a doctor so this is my completely non professional like you can't sue me because this is not medical advice whatever disclaimer I'm supposed on't be afraid to get help a lot of people like maybe think they can handle this on their own or they're going to see a doctor or taking medication is like somehow weak or taking the easy way out you don't have to do this on your own there are people who will help you there are people who want to help you professionals who want to help you so pick up the phone make that appointment talk to doctor if they tell you to take medication fucking take it it's not cheating to take a pill it is not weak well you know I don't want to rely on a pill for my happiness okay me neither but that's the world we live in right if I take this pill every morning I don't want to kill myself every day right so yeah I would prefer not to take a pill every morning I would prefer not to have to deal with that but shit it's a whole lot better than life without the pill they can be really hard to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for some reason they're like booked fucking months in advance so you'll call them and say hey you know I'm going through some shit I want to see a psychiatrist and like okay well he has some openings in four fucking months and you're like okay well that doesn't help me because I want to jump off a bridge now there's two things you can do there one is go see your regular doctor and then they can either you know make a prescription for you or refer you to someone else whatever your doctor will be able to get you in easier than most psychiatrists will so start there if your psychiatrist is booked up no other option you can do there is look for a doctor that doesn't take insurance because for whatever reason it's the insurance thing that makes this all take so long I don't know maybe somebody watching this can explain to me why but the point is if you find one of these doctors that doesn't take insurance you can just pay them cash and they'll usually be able to get you in a lot faster that's what I do it's not cheap my guy's like 150 bucks an hour I think but I only have to do that like twice a year and I don't have to deal with any of that insurance bullshit if I want to see them you can usually get me in a couple days so that's an option I know 150 bucks or whatever the number is like that is a lot of money but what price can you put on your mental health like that is the most precious thing in the world and I would encourage you to at least think about it if you're in some serious shit and you feel like you need to see somebody right now say number three there is understand that it can take a little bit of time to get the treatment working these psychiatric medications are not well understood basically we know that they kind of work but we don't really know why and so if you feel like a medication isn't working for you talk to your doctor and they can try another one it may take you a few tries at different doses and different kinds of medications and stuff to find something that works for you don't just stop taking the shit tell them what the deal is and they'll help you figure it out the same applies for doctors I'm in my opinion it's important for you to feel like you have a personal connection with your doctor that's another reason why I pay you know a premium to see the person that I do because I have a great rapport with them I'm going been going to him for like five years and we just we get each other if you feel like your doctor doesn't get it like they're not listening to you a lot of psychiatrists for some reason are kind of weird and have bad social skills it seems like a psychiatrist would need to have really good personal skills but a lot of them don't I don't know why if you feel like you don't have a connection with your doctor if you feel like they're not listening to you or they don't get it just go see another one I know it's really frustrating and it sucks you know you want this stuff to get fixed overnight and I wish it was that easy but it may take you a couple months or you know something like that to try different combinations of drugs to find a doctor that works for you and all that stuff but don't give up there is a light at the end of the tunnel life does not have to be as hard as it is for you right now not saying if there's a pill or some therapy that can like make everything perfect I still have shitty days too but there's so much better than they used to be like eventually you'll find something that works for you don't play life on hardmode if you don't have to like there are options things do not have to feel this bad if you're going through some shit right now like it's probably hard for you to believe that but it's true I promise so don't give up go see a professional follow the plan keep trying different drugs keep trying different doctors if you have to but don't give up and if you think you know somebody who is going through this shit help them like the same way Adam was talking about boom that's how we all need to think about this shit we're all in this together more of us are going through this shit than not so we've all got to look for these signs in each other we've all got to help each other get through the shit okay I hope that was not too corny I hope that wasn't too cheesy I hope it helped somebody if you like this video please subscribe to the channel that's the number one thing I would love for you to do or you can like the video leave a comment if you think somebody you know would like to hear this or needs to hear it send them a link to this and with that I will sign off for now but I will see you next time


  • The Punk Rock MBA says:

    What do you think? Are mental health and addiction as widespread as I talk about in this video? How can we help each other deal with them?

  • Zephyr Anarchist says:

    So true, im an alcoholic and bipolar. I also am a singer and guitarist in a small but locally popular garage rock band. It's too real. I get withdrawals when i quit and I often get to that point everynight. The point where you can't walk or talk coherently. Where i don't remember the texts and things i said the night before. Waking up in bed with girls I don't know that I met after a show. From the outside it seems romantic. It's almost glamorous. And even in a small band (yet only recognized band from my area), I've reached the level where people enable my party lifestyle, I've also realized that its messed me up. It will never be as fun, or glamorous as it seems from the outside. It's just a coping mechanism for the pain that music can't solve.

  • Warren H says:

    Super important video, excellently done. The rates of addiction and suicide for lawyers and doctors are also outrageous BEFORE you consider the response rate on the studies. Anecdotally, it's possible as many as 2/3 lawyers has a serious mental health problem at some point in their career. Thanks for doing this one!

  • cole Marie says:

    EXCELLENT point on medication. You don't get instant results and nothing will make you a whole new human overnight. It's a process for sure.
    Another important point is that some psych meds or combo of meds can work well for a long time, and then stop working for the person suddenly. It does happen and if there are no other causes you can see, it may be the mental illness/medication struggle in your brain and body.

    If you feel like you're starting to slip, PLEASE don't dismiss a med change just because what you had worked in the past and you are used to it.

    (*Not a doctor*!!! Advice from work in inpatient psychiatric hospital for years. Especially would see this with bipolar d/o, schizophrenia, and others that can include psychotic or manic episodes.)

  • shaolinlueb says:

    i finally got diagnosed and started medicating 4 years ago for depression and adhd. my life has definitely changed for the better.

  • Antoine Campeau says:

    You said it all my man, very nice video!

  • Michael Shelby says:

    Good looking out brother, great advice, and great message that a lot of people could use to hear.

  • Sarah McDaniel says:

    Thank you Finn, I am a recovering heroin and meth addict and i suffer from depression anxiety bipolar 1and PTSD and I love your channel, especially when you talk about punk rock, the misfits, bad religion, nofx, leftover crack, choking victim, and Rancid our my favorite bands. If you could do more videos about punk rock i would def appreciate that. Thanks again Finn for posting this video.

  • Kevin Jaworski says:

    As an ex-punk who is currently in a grad program for clinical psychology and who has dealt with mental health issues and been completely intimidated at the prospect of getting professional help, but who eventually got it and benefited from it – this is spot on. Fantastic video, Finn. This is a vital topic that can't be talked about enough.

  • Joel Dragoo says:

    Guys and gals!: LOOK INTO NEUROFEEDBACK. Along with exercise, diet, and meditation. This is by far the most leverage that can be applied to ADD, BIOPOLAR, DEPRESSION, AND MANIA. PLEASE, look up how neurofeedback has helped with PTSD and shellshock in veterans. Also how elite atheletes have used neurofeedback for high performance! This may save your life.

  • EarthWormJM2 says:

    Thank you…. I'm going through some very depressing and hard times right now and I just started to get help from therapists and I did not realize how much they help. It's a long road ahead of me and this video is helping keep my head up. Again, thank you.

  • Julian's World says:

    It would be nice if there was help. Tri city mental health is a place where there suppose to help you out but they dont. They make fun of you on how you feel. Iv been there all my life cause that the only thing that they offer. I live in pomona California and there is not help for mental health. I learn to deal with it myself which is really hard and most of the times i feel alone. I dont have friends and idk how to make a friend. And feel alone 24-7. I fight with my head all the time and idk some times how im alive still. If any one read this im here just like you……

  • mae_ _mumbles says:

    I love you, dude. You bring real conversations to the table and I’m happy you’re here for us.
    Thank you for being a good example and promoting good health in all aspect, as well as killer and educated reviews.
    I’ve definitely dealt with addiction and it is difficult to face yourself and deal with your shit responsibly. The only thing I’d stress is making sure you have a good net of friends that you can actually rely on and is okay with listening to you vent. Most of the time a person that’s hurting just wants to be heard. So please don’t ignore your friends, guys. Be there and lift them up.
    It’s never corny or cheesey to give a shit.

  • The Beep says:

    This is so good to hear, you are 100% on point. <3

  • DDAP says:

    This video wasn't corny or cheesy at all, it was honest and pretty relatable too. Thanks.

  • airwaydude '01 says:

    Very informative and powerful video pal. The suffering of others in their lyrics are so relatable that we understand as fans and listeners understand that singer songwriter's pain on another level

  • Need All Exchange says:

    Catching up on your videos…thank you for doing this one! A lot of what was said is spot-on. A couple of our band members are actively involved in this topic in our full-time careers and personal lives. It shows up in our music as well. The struggle is real, but it doesn't need to be a struggle! Awareness & action are key!🙏🤘

  • Logan telles says:

    I love you’re channel Finn thanks for all this I appreciate this!

  • deadblindeyes says:

    Bro I see this video and the only thing I could think was in the speech from the vocal of stick to your guns in diamond, he was talking about the hxc community… love u bra keep pushing foward

  • Metal Trenches says:

    Mental health is my primary field and I'm always glad to see people in different scenes actually talk about it. I try to go there on the podcast as often as is relevant, because MOST of the issues we face in general stem from systemic mental health-related issues.

  • Modern Vintage Collector says:

    Bravo! Great video! 👏👏👏 Thank you for doing this!

  • Erik Muniz says:

    Simple answer… Satan have control of them. How hard is that to understand.

  • Brandon Stapleton says:

    I encourage everybody to share this. Super important shit….especially for the outsiders looking in. It will help them understand a little better and encourage them to not treat you like you are fucking crazy.

  • Great James! says:

    This is a good thing you did man. You're a good dude

  • Matthew One Man says:

    Finn this dude is straight up copying your style, told him off. His name is John McLucas

  • historyof LOL says:

    I am a creative, and was diagnosed with a serious mental illness in 2009…it takes time to recover, and a fair bit of community help.

  • BIG DICK says:


  • John Zaskoda says:

    Yeah…. Cuz you don't do excersize.

  • Jessie Fox says:

    Carrie Fisher was the absolute best for all of her advocacy of manic depressive disorder 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Godless Commie says:

    Im glad you spoke on sticking to medication if necessary. I feel like theres such a stigma placed on mental health/addiction that pressures those of us afflicted to have getting off meds as an end goal. Yeah i dont like taking meds but if it keeps me from hoping for death and keeps a needle out of my arm then thats what needs to happen. I know youre not down on christianity but fuck them for trying to convince people that prayer cures mental illness. That is incredibly dangerous and ignorant.

  • BackSlabbath says:

    Lol, I read the title as Metal Health…..ya know…..Quiet Riot

  • Nagaroon88 says:


  • Jose Guerrero Neri says:

    Depression, self-deprecation, anxiety, and alienation is a constant battle I cope with daily. I seek assistance, but the fact that I'm still here is a sign of growth.

  • Arnold Ceja says:

    Great video Finn…currently I’m battling a dual addiction. I’ve been on and off these two things for the last 5 years. I’ve “graduated”😂from 2 outpatient programs and one residential rehab which by the way it was disciplined were basically if u were egotistic they verbally, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically tried to remove that from you. Anyway, I can’t seem to stay sober longer then a few months. I am clean from heroin at the moment because im prescribed a anti craving medication which is working miralces! But me being me AKA the fucking obsessive compulsive junkie that I am. Picked meth up again. Luckily I’m being very careful since its not my first rodeo. I work 70-80 hours a week. So I’m staying out of trouble. Either people don’t notice or they don’t care. I live on my own so I’m not exposing my shit to anyone. But my family live a few miles away. And it breaks my heart when We all go for lunch or we all go out shopping and I’m tweaking. They have given me their support through all of it. They are so proud of me atm. It’s not fair for them that they have a brother, son, dad who is powerless to drugs. And im still abusing their trust, still lying. All is well but sooner or later if I don’t stop the Tina ima lose everything again.

  • bookreaderson says:

    Those flowers ain't very metal lol

  • World According to TiJ says:

    hehe… prolly should've seen this video a couple months ago. But the suicidal thoughts aren't as bad right now, so there is that.

  • Oddio Discourse music channel says:

    Great video man

  • Will Finsterbusch says:

    One thing I’ll note is to consider getting your neurotransmission levels checked. Basically it sees what ur low in gaba, serotonin etc. and then consider asking a naturalpathic doctor. I did that and it really did help me a lot. I am not a doctor just letting y’all know what worked for me

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