Michael Bryan – Artist

Michael Bryan - Artist

well Michael Brian and I create these magnificent flying machines out of aluminum will they fly now well they make you believe they fly absolutely the imagery is of a World War two b-25 bomber it's not about aviation art it's about power we're on a bomb run we've got a beautiful girl and right up front it says exactly what it is she is the lucky lady how do I communicate this particular piece this particular type of art is particular medium onto a different one on to a different softer handmade paper this edition I'm going to be doing with rue Royale it's fascinating because some print this unfold press where the plates are made by hand as opposed to coming off a machine and marry it the contemporary image to powerful image with the old-school craftsmanship then I think we've got a unique compatibility the dufaux press is is a flatbed press it's an offset press it is from the 1940s it's a German press the mystique of something being created on an older press it's that's the magic behind it you know it's like it's like having an old watch it's not digital there's little gears and that the clicks and stuff that's a beautiful thing to print it editor to make a G clay is just not enough I want to take it to the next level the print should have its own life it should have its own entity you should have its own soul as opposed to just taking a photograph and copying michael brian is making all the my Lars he's doing all the drawing and sending me each mylar to make the plates with and from that we're using double plates on this press because the image is so large we are budding the plates together right now we're up to 12 colors he just sent me another color and he's predicting there might be up to 16 colors so color that's our dart fresh so work in progress you make a plate you put it down you go home what should the next plate big because you're layering color on top of color you need to think ahead of time on how that color is going to look you need to figure out what colors you need to add our to take away to catch the color that he wants the printer is the artist behind the artists there are certain decisions that he entrusts in you and then certain things that you have to confide in him and make sure that this is the direction we want to go so that's right there on the edge that's right there on the edge fingers are lined up as far as that goes image the image it's good my uncle actually flew in b-17s a World War two he used a 17 year old door gunner greatest generation he passed away a few years ago but before he died I asked my said Uncle Harry what what did you think of World War two and he said I thought I can win it all by myself and did that kind of spirit that kind of romance is what I'm trying to capture in this plane

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