Michael Macleod’s Art Journey

Michael Macleod’s Art Journey

failure is the greatest way to learn and there’s nothing wrong with failure because it means you’re tried I have been told that I just make projects better so that’s normally when someone asks me what I do I say I’ll make your project better aesthetically I’d give it a sense of place I’ll make it special and different than any other place in the world so I would stick with that I make your project better I came back here and made the decision that I would just figure out a way to be an applied artist in Argentina and and discover a way to continue being myself without the big big projects I like that where I’m at right now everything’s boiled down to the essence it’s up to me and me alone to figure out how to get it done I’ve had as many as 300 employees back in the day and I had never really been a businessman you never heard me say I wanted to be a businessman just the business happened around what I was doing and it the business became an unattainable beast and I’m very happy to not even be thinking about business just to be creating even if it’s little and I mean when I say little it’s nothing compared to what I used to do but it’s in a way it’s it’s so clean and so direct that I enjoy every minute of it the cast iron elements in this passageway are I’m going to be the columns and the capitals and I hate to say this but because in the modern art world its said no no but Beauty truly inspires me truly inspires me shapes forms light textures the unexpected that but if I boiled it down it would be beauty is what it inspires me and then the challenge is inspiring for me right when I have something that seems impossible to make it’s it’s so challenging that every bit every fiber in my body of my brain is just focused on how to how to accomplish this so challenge is also inspiring me because out of necessity you have to be very very creative the best aspect of my job is the discovery process and I’m re living that now I had to sort of invent myself early in my career because there was nobody doing this work now in Argentina I’m having to kind of invent myself again because I have no resources down here so I’m like a treasure hunter I’m meeting people asking questions trying to find how to get my toe in the door to somebody who might be able to make this for me or make that for me so that part of the rediscovery of mikus is what I’m enjoying the most and I really am happy to be doing this the simple endeavor because it’s it’s extremely challenging and rewarding was because when I do find the guys and they’re far and few between they’re spectacular people they’re talented and they’re humble it’s such a different experience than being in New York City or Chicago or LA where everybody who’s creative thinks they’re God here being creative is just a job and it’s a way to make a couple pesos and I love that the worst aspect of my job there isn’t any I like the bad parts as much as the good I mean I wouldn’t know what I know if I hadn’t failed many times and I failed in the huge way many times but we just get up that you don’t make that same mistake and you just learn from it and failure is the greatest way to learn and there’s nothing wrong with failure because it means you’re tried so there’s no worse part of my job I can’t think of anything you you


  • Edward OConnor says:

    Hey Mike it's Eddie man eddie you probably don't remember,

  • debra graham says:

    I wonder if you remember the life size (5 ft) sculpture you made of my @ SU. A nude wearing boys sneakers..my true essence. Interesting life you have had and seems you have found peace in Argentina. Lenny, Jim and Tylor..you guys still connected?

  • Mike Kane says:

    Great story, good for you. Peace be with you. MK

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