MICTLANTECUHTLI | Repaint | Collab Dioses prehispánicos/Prehispanic gods (English sub.)

MICTLANTECUHTLI | Repaint | Collab Dioses prehispánicos/Prehispanic gods (English sub.)

Hey guys, how are you? I’m Vale and I welcome you once again to my channel Valkitty’s World. Today I bring you something very special ‘cause this is the second video from the collaboration “Mexa Power: Prehispanic Gods”. In this collab, with mexican artists only are participating: Enchuland Doll Mill The Switch World who made a magnificent Xochiquetzal and me, of course with the god Mictlantecuhtli also known as “The lord of the underworld”. Let’s get started! Searching in the stock box ♫ Well, at the beginning I had the idea of using this Skelita that I got some time ago, but I thought maybe it was already a very trampled idea and better I searched something else. And then I found this two guys. My first idea was using Clawd for his skin color but I wanted to adjust its proportions to an Ever After boy and I didn’t have enough time at the end so I’m sorry, Clawd I promise to make something cool with you very soon. With this idea in my mind I made this sketch, cough cough, so ugly by the way But well. With this design, I wanted Mictlantecuhtli to look like an Aztec warrior but also I wanted to add him some elements with which he’s associated. In this case, the bat, the human skeleton and the centipede. As we couldn’t use Clawd, let’s remove Hunter’s head. The problem I had with this Hunter was that his articulations were too damaged and he wasn’t able to hold them by himself. But I had the idea to help his articulations with a few rubber bands. These are rubber bands that I’ve saved from other new dolls that I bought ‘cause they’re practically indestructible and always very useful. First I tried only with one. And the truth is that it was not bad, but I added another two to get more support. The other arm needed four instead. Maybe this is not the best method to fix articulations, but it works really well. Now he has much more strength than before. I also used this method for his wrists and ankles. For his outfit I made a couple more sketches. I wanted to resemble the design to the costumes that the dancers use nowadays with lots of decorations and very vibrant colors. For each piece I traced the corresponding patterns. I used manta fabric and sewed everything with my sewing machine. And finished some pieces with needle and thread. For the penacho I used foam instead and glued the manta over it. My calculations with the dickey didn’t work out so well and I decided to make it again with foam but covering the entire piece with the manta this time. I also made two decorative circles for the dickey and the loincloth and painted everything with black acrylic paint. Now that the first part of the clothes is ready let’s continue with the doll. Since in this case the design shows a lot of skin let’s remove all the imperfections. For his wings I wanted to use the magnificent method Dollighful made for her doll: Aurora. First let’s mark where the hinges are going to be, make the holes with a drill and make sure everything fit perfectly. And make the wings structure with lots of popsicle sticks. This method is excellent ‘cause it results on an articulated wings that are very light but also with a very great design. In the upper corner I leave the original video by Dollightful. Now with white acrylic paint and a very fine brush let’s paint the bones. I decided not to waterdown the acrylic this time ‘cause I wanted it to look like a very rough body paint like it were made by himself. ‘Cause of my trembling hand I refined the edges of the bones with an old nib. Here is the paint finished. Now to protect it we apply a layer of liquid varnish and shade the bones with our watercolor pencils. To finish it, apply three more layers of the same varnish. And go back with the head! Let’s do the usual: Cut the hair, remove the glue inside the head and clean everything with acetone. Put the head back on, protect the body very well and paint the entire head with waterdown white acrylics. Wait, I forgot his ears. To get an opaque white I apply four layers of paint. For this repaint I used my Tamiya TS-80 spray. I started sketching with a gray pencil. Then I started shading with soft pastels and I darkened it little by little. The Word “Mictlantecuhtli” comes from nahuatl “Mictlán” means “place of the dead” and “Tecuhtli” means “lord” therefore Mictlantecuhtli literally means “Lord of the place of the dead”. He’s a god from the aztec or mexica culture and his equivalent in the mayan culture is the god Ah Puch. As I mentioned earlier Mictlantecuhtli is usually represented as a human skeleton but also as animals like the spider, the centipede, the scorpion, the owl and the bat. Together with his wife Mictecacíhuatl, Lady of death, govern the Mictlan or the underworld, but also the nine underground rivers and the souls of the dead. The souls of those people who died naturally were those who arrived in Mictlan.. Now let’s go back with the clothes ♫ I sewed a black lyckra strip for the crotch of the loincloth. and sewed the loincloth directly on the doll. To keep the dickey in place I used two elastic strips to hold it under the arms. And for all the dacorations I used golden 3d paint. This particular paint was so difficult to control So excuse me that I haven’t filmed this part. I made all the same on the dickey. Now his sandals. At the top I left a small space between sewing and folding and I passed a wool needle in that spacing to place some hemp cord. Paint everything with black in the same way. As I made with Amalthea’s shoes I cutted a pair of soles with vinyl leather. Glue the upper part to the soles and secure them with more vinyl leather. Finally we add a strip to hold the toes. I used suede cord. To finish the outfit decoration I sewed a few many chaquira bead strips. I made this on the lower edges of the loincloth and the dickey. And now let’s continue the penacho. For this we need lots of feathers. First let’s check how we want to glue them. My feathers are a little big, so I cut them and glued the fluffy ones on the outside and the smooth ones inside. Now is the turn of the long ones. I decided to cut them in half. Some of them were still very wide So I cutted them as well. And glue them on. To prevent them from falling let’s glue a piece of fabric over them. Finally, glue the top of the penacho And adjust it to his head, of course. To make his tepoztopilli I used a wood stick and sharpened it. I cutted the ends of a popsickle stick and glued them on the wood stick. And finished the shape with epoxy clay. To make the edges of the tepoztopilli I cutted some acetate plastic rectangles. I let them cure and sculpted the centipede at the bottom. Then I added little strips of hemp cord for its legs. To make the shield I recycled this wood circle. I painted it with black and glued the feather leftovers and made a small design with compressed cardboard. And paint everything with black again. Then the details with red and gold. In the same way let’s varnish everything. And now let’s finish those wings! For this I used dark organza. Cut the necessary fabric and make some holes for the bolts. This will help it to stay in place. In my case the popsickle sticks had double-sided tape and I used it to paste the fabric temporarily. To secure the knots I putted some glue burned the edges of the fabric and also putted some glue over the popsickle sticks to paste the fabric permanently. By last let’s paint all the wood with black. And now that everything is done finally, the Lord of the Mictlán is finished. I won’t lie to you. The truth is that I’m very haunted with him. I think he looks very imposing and… I love that! I hope that Mictlantecuhtli liked to you as much as I did. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments. And also don’t forget that this is only the second video of our collab “Mexa Power” Can you guess which one is the next? Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of my work. See you on the next video. Bye bye.


  • The Switch World By Philippo says:

    Está increíble !!!
    Me encanta el señor del inframundo 😍😍😍

  • Kyros Workshop says:

    Wow, Val! El concepto, todos los detalles y la ejecución son dignos de admirar. EXCELETE trabajo! Estoy impresionado 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Josephine's Creatures says:

    I don't speak spanish, but I loved this video, he turned out so cool! ❤️❤️ The skeleton painted on his body is my favorite part!

  • Lindy Diddle says:

    That…was…awesome! 💕

  • Marta Peterson Womack says:

    Wow! He turned out beautifully. Nice, quality work.

  • Enchuland says:

    No hay palabras para describir lo excelente de tu trabajo! Me dejaste maravillada! La vara está cada vez más alta, felicidades Vale ✨🇲🇽

  • Kristen Black says:

    New subbies! He is stunning! Rarely has a doll faceup struck me so forcefully! Truly, he is amazing! 😍

  • Christine Ingram says:

    Wow this one is extremely good..the detail on it is brilliant ..love it 😀

  • Jose Acuña says:

    me encanto el trabajo y empeño que pusiste en este repaint! muchas felicidades!

  • Vira - Sieg Kaiser Reinhafro says:

    Wow. Simplemente, wow. Estoy sin palabras.

    Me suscribí al canal hace poco (cuando vi tu participación en la Mega-collab tropical de Dollightful) y me encantó ver que participabas en esta colaboración en el vídeo de The Switch World. No soy latina, soy del otro lado del charco, pero me fascinan las culturas antiguas, entre ellas, por supuesto, las prehispánicas, y me encanta conocer más de ellas, y ¿quién mejor para hablar de ello que alguien con ese legado cultural? Un gran trabajo, y es un honor seguirte ahora y poder ver como crece tu canal.

    PD: Me encanta que los customizadores hagáis colaboraciones así. Es una gran ayuda para conocer nuevos artistas. Y, aunque no tengo problemas con el inglés, es muy refrescante ver que también hay una comunidad de habla hispana.

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