Midi Sequencing and Composing w/ Elektron Digitakt

Midi Sequencing and Composing w/ Elektron Digitakt

yeah I think about pasta at all inspiration is overrated but creativity is another thing you need to work on that and by being in different environments and different instruments I can find different sorts of musical creativity the piano in our living room or maybe just to go outside and sit in the garden and play with a volca FM that's nice listening to the piece and the birds to the drizzling rain but creativity can sometimes strike in that most uncommon places that chord progression my Chester will come to you and why would you remember don't forget to write down your stuff so that when you get into your studio you can continue work when you want to continue work so step into the cabinet of the curiosities this is a video on MIDI composition and sequencing using the electro indeed attack I'll walk through how to use different MIDI tracks with different types of external since iPads modular gear functions are crackling Holly rhythms trick conditions semi polyphony on the tracks and some other variants so let's get to it since I roughly know what I want to achieve I have my chord progression stuff like that I can prepare and do some housework before I get started I name my pattern and I also set that I want to use different track lengths because I know I want to do that later on and as soon as I'm ready to get started I'm starting by track one which is connected to my modular and to get the MIDI channel activated I need to hold function and press the encoder and turn in that MIDI channel I want to use and then I can start programming a pattern I want to use and since I know this first section will be in this liner is that English term now I'm just using the chord notes to make a first pattern then I'm adding a couple of extra notes also in the chord and I'm using quick conditions for them to trig every now and then and in case of two to us in here it means that that trig will happen on the second repetition out of two from the pattern I can also use micro timings by holding the step and then adjusting it back and forth in small small increments with the arrow keys all these tricks are good to get some variation to the possibly quite rigid sixteen steps on a second track also sending on that same channel to my modular gear I'm arranging a second pattern still using notes from the chord that I'm working in right now but to play against like the root note of the first pattern and by setting this track to a different length twelve steps instead of 16 and then upping the master length so that one to twelve are played another fold will play another twelve play so we'll make four and what five repetitions while the first one make way make four so that will make for a polyrhythmic evolving pattern on that chord and by using strict conditions also for the second track I can make even more movement on MIDI track three I've hooked up my iPad and I'm playing the brilliant synth for from Swedish of course propeller heads and for this patch that I've made I've programmed it so that it reacts to both aftertouch modulation and breast control and the Dicky tech can send all those media messages and parameter lock them from the sequencer track my workflow one writing this melody is to first get the rhythmic part done and playing that by hand and then I'm turning on the global quantize just to stay focused and when I have the rhythm down I'll start altering the different pitches to get a melody flowing and by also using Creek conditions I can get that melody line to evolve even further even though I'm still just programming six weeks that turn out to be quite an eerie melody and you keep hearing it so don't grow tired of it by holding a step and turning the parameter I parameter lock value to a certain step so here I'm playing with media messages that are controlling sword to make some tombow variations on certain steps the next three tracks will be used to control a drum patch within my lord g2 so there are three different drum sounds they're played by C D and E the the white keys on the same MIDI Channel and there are media controls change values or messages that controls that the bitrate in the down sampling of all three sounds so I'll dial those C C's in and then also turn on the CC control by holding function and pressing the relevant encoder so start with a kick drum velocity makes some changes to the kick sound makes a bit harder and more distorted and I'll let live record the hi-hat and for this patch of programs velocity to actually alter the length of the hi-hat so I can make short clothes I had a long open hi-hat [Applause] and then for the second group of eight high hat and setting going to Detroit condition not still so when I press the silky those high hats will be silent now for the snare track that took me a while to program so here is quite a bit of fast-forwarding some micro timings to get that swingy shuffling feeling some quick condition some variation and then I'm using the LSO and I'm setting this target to be the one controlled change message that alters the the down sampling of all drum sounds so now it's being altered in line with this that triangle way but that doesn't mean that I still can't parameter locked specific steps and now fulfilled so trick condition makes for nice light playing of your of your sounding people in so the last track is a pad from the North g2 if you channel 11 and I want to play polyphonically just playing the chord so I'll set my weakness which as you know is a and then I'm adding a second and a third and a fourth note on top of that to make for my chord totally in line with well the chord progression in the harmony that I've decided upon so that's my first pattern I know I want a chord progression of five more chords so I'll copy that whole pattern and paste it to another well to another pattern and but then it'll clear only the sequence data that means that all the kit data is kept so I can continue with the settings I have for my modular the g2 one for the Thor synthesizer when I start constructing and my new my new patterns and since I also know what chord progression I want to have just for housekeeping I naming all the patterns in the names of the chords for easy navigation then I construct new patterns based on the new chords pretty much in the same way I did the first time around but with some variations of course locking some down sampling to those clones making a new melody on top of the new chord I quite like using trick conditions not based on 2 4 or 8 to make some kind of rhythmic variation in this case I'm using the live recording to actually play in the medians easy modulations to the thorah sound going into some sort of performance I'm going to use that pattern chain function by holding pattern and sequentially pressing and holding a couple of different patterns they will play in the sequence based on the change length and the scale setup and there's nothing hindering you from actually playing the synth manually or by hand outside of the equation you can use individual tracks play the filter of your module that turned out quite Aryan haunting but composition and sequencing using nothing but median external sound and electron detect as a MIDI sequencing hub I like to do video tutorials on electronic music and instruments designed for learning if you want to help me do that please join me in microphone me on or through patreon that would be very much appreciated and generation yes yeah Decatur were you guys who are supporting me through patreon I'm trying to form some sort of platform where we can always be in touch where you won't get lost in that in the noise of YouTube or that the diversity of different Facebook groups if you support me and I want to be able to help you wear it ask me anything or get into questions you have pertaining to my videos in any case I try I really strive to answer every single question on YouTube or whatever I'm tagged in and like electro not forum or on Facebook I like being in touch with you guys so thanks for supporting me thanks for subscribing thanks for micro funding me through patreon and I'll see you next time in the cabinet of curiosities you


  • RUSTiK Inc says:

    Are the CC mappings available anywhere for Thor?

  • Raffi Tchakmakjian says:

    Had to got through a bunch of crap just to get to the meat and potatoes. This is a literal statement.

  • Norm j says:

    Thank you so much. This video was super helpful.

  • Scott Gant says:

    This is great and all, but I have a few questions. I'll admit, I'm very new to all this, but what's the point of the Digitakt? You did all this on this video, but it something that can be done very quickly on a DAW. OKAY, not everyone wants to use a DAW, I get that…but how can you do anything with the Digitakt live? You made this song here, now…perform it live. Then, perform another song right after that. From what I understand, you can't just load up the sequences you worked so hard on here and go, yes? At least not just with the Digitakt (probably need an Octatrack on top of this, but then again, that can do pretty much everything the Digitakt can do but…better?). Anyway. So it's not a device you'd use live. So in the studio? But why not just use a DAW then if you're in a studio that goes MUCH faster than this. as I say, I don't know much about all this and I apologize for my ignorance, but I don't see where the Digitakt fits in anywhere.

  • Austin Dean says:

    Your videos are so unique and informative, and you have so much personality. Subscribed 🙂

  • ISO NOE says:

    Is it possible to stepsequence chords ( i know its limited up to 4 notes ) via the virtual keyboard of the apps to a step of the digitakt? ( midiout channel of the app = autochannel of the digitakt)
    How tight is clock and the stability of the ipad, if u want to sequence e.g. 3 or 4 Apps simultan.¿
    Thanks in advance

  • Ubiquitous Reverser says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together. But for those who find themselves running out of patience at times doing this themselves and then watching you pro’s make it look so easy w/edits you should put up a video of all the parts you fast forward to let people see for themselves just how long and how much it takes to get to that juicy track. That way they can see that no matter how great the result you still got to do the process. Thanks again, love your channel.

  • Duke Kenspocket Studio says:

    The more I listened to this tinky song odd notes, I remembered it sounds like our own soundtrack Medulla and programming in life mistakes removed notes , random find https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6meBjXDfk2s , thanks man 🙂

  • Risking Conversations says:

    I love this track. So sneaky and delightfully creepy. Splendid.

  • Modular Mountain says:

    Definitely love how in depth you go to the useful features. Thanks for the info!

  • brady daniell-smith says:

    Dude are you in Gothenburg? Swear I saw you the other week

  • TheRustyPeppers says:

    This was incredible. As clear and easy to follow as any tutorial out there. Well done and sincere thanks

    EDIT : Spelling

  • JUAN VAQUERO says:

    How do you connect Ipad to digitakt

  • Judea Rattet says:

    And FREEZES all the time

  • Luke Bogacik says:


  • geecen says:

    Nice. REally want one now to sequence my Axoloti (which you should get by the way!)

  • Efe says:

    Hi Carl. Greetings from Argentina. Let me ask you, it is possible to connect simultaneously (for clock / sync) these machines to the Digitakt? Bassstation / Peak (MIDI), Volca Beats (MIDI), iPad (USB MIDI), OP-1 (USB MIDI), Mother-32 (MIDI) and a separate eurorack case. I guess I need to do some midi daisychain, and tools like a midi quadra thru, MIDI > USB conv, MIDI to cv module, etc. But i'm not quite sure.

  • girl in a gale says:

    I feel between sequencers, arpegiators, loopers and daws, there is something missing. So much of these devices is just round and round and round. I look at Octatrack, Digitakt, Monome, Korg SQ1, dj midi controllers, Deluge, but everything is rotatory, even with reverse and random features. I don't know what I want. I use a Novation Circuit (round and round sequencer with no tied notes), Boss RC 505 (excellent wav sequencer for looooong loops which are in fact whole tracks as stems), two Moog Mother 32's, both with 36 step sequencers (but still round and round). I don't know what I want, but I know it isn't another sequencer.

  • estudios patagonia says:

    HI CARL we have problem sequencing normodular g1 desktop with digitakt, send the de notes via midi channel but first time the second note of sequencing no sound, all sequencing sound ok but need turn the pattern. but stop sequencing and star play the second note no playing sound, only sound with turn the pattern. the digitakt sequencing korg ms 20 not problem, and sequencing with monomachine with nor modular we have kind delay note when record note?

  • Julien Bayle says:

    you are crazy. thanks.
    midi -> modular using FH1 ?

  • Sea-Saw says:

    Please. Wash your hands….;(

  • Adam Jones says:

    What an amazing time to be alive. I was just watching a guy playing a guitar whilst taking a crap from my phone, whilst i was taking a crap. Never in my childhood could i have ever dreamed that technology could've taken human kind through such an amazing quantum leap forward in our evolution. Great tutorial….!

  • Robert Syrett says:

    How are you connecting your digitakt to the modular?

  • Guy Smiley says:

    Mental note: Wash hands before and after touching Carl's guitar.

  • Lara C says:

    Hey, I wanted to ask- say you have a Mother 32 linked up and you've made a bassline- are you able to record realtime with the chromatic keys including note length etc? One thing I find such a shame about so many sequencers is you have to enter the rests, ties, note length etc separately- it completely kills the creative process for me. Thanks in advance- I love your videos! x

  • Towly263 says:

    Toilet is a good one for me too😀Taking a [email protected]& and playing imashine on my phone

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