Miniature Steamer Trunk Part 1 Dollar Store Makeover Prepare the box

Miniature Steamer Trunk Part 1 Dollar Store Makeover Prepare the box

hi guys welcome back to my channel where
the gnomes live today I’m bringing you a five-part video series this is a dollar
store makeover so we’re gonna take this dollars through wooden trunk that’s
empty there’s no inserts in it and we’re gonna turn it into a steamer trunk it
has leather handles wooden slats tin leather straps and trays so like I said
there’s five parts to this series and every part covers a different section of
the trunk and every video has its own supplies list so I’m not going to give
you the supplies list for everything in this video in this video we are
stripping this trunk down to its bare bones we’re going to take off the
hardware and all of the decorative parts then we’re going to rebuild the lid and
either paint the trunk or cover it with a decorative paper so what we need for
this video is a star head screwdriver usually it’s a star head to take off the
hardware then a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife to remove all the
decorative parts off of this trunk so all this raised wood is coming off all
of this here we also need a pair of pliers to remove any staples or nails a
piece of fine grit sandpaper an exacto knife isn’t necessary but it does come
in handy and a couple of binder clips look for these in your dollar store if
you don’t have any on hand these are very very helpful along the way later on
in the video series I do need these to shape handles but in this video I will
use them but they’re not totally necessary not yet and then once we get
this part off there’s gonna be no lid really so we have to rebuild the lid and
to do that I used a cereal box card stock would work as well anything that’s
thin and a tacky glue and painters tape comes in handy in this video we’re also
gonna line the inside of the trunk and you can do anything you want with that I
use pages of an old book so I use cheap glue and an old book and a paintbrush
you can also use a scrapbook paper or you can paint the inside of your trunk I
also used coffee stir stick to add these tray catchers and it’s just something
that will cut your tray so if you don’t have anyone stir sticks you can use
cardboard and just stack them up and put them in there it just
to catch your tray so it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom and I’m reluctant
to call this a tutorial it’s more of a process video I’m going to show you how
I’ve done things and you can apply the the techniques to any type of box that
you have on hand it will work on cardboard or wood any size at all so I’m
not going to give measurements I’m just going to show you how I’ve done certain
things and I’m just eyeing it up as I go along everything’s pretty simple though
you don’t need any great skill to do any of this in these videos if you find them
helpful please give them a thumbs up I would really appreciate that don’t
forget to subscribe and if you do make one of these little trunks I would sure
love to see it you can post pictures on my Facebook page where the gnomes live
alright guys we’re about to get started so let’s grab our screwdrivers we’re
going to strip off the hardware and then you can save these pieces or another
project make sure to keep the screws with them as well now take off the
hinges in the back so now you’ll have two hinges and eight tiny screws be sure
to keep this in a safe place because you’re going to be reattaching these
once we’re ready to put the trunk back together so be sure to put this in a
safe place and keep them all together now we have our trunk is in two pieces
and we’re going to strip off all of this exterior this raised wood part we’re
going to strip that off and we use a butter knife or a flathead screwdriver
if you have one and try to get it right underneath here and just very gently
just kind of pry off those wooden pieces and lift up the nails and do it at both
sides and I’m not reusing this top I’m going to get rid of this all together
just be careful because this might be a little bit wobbly so just be careful you
don’t put too much pressure on the front and pieces of the wood just take your
time you don’t want to stress this piece here there I got it off with all the
little nails included oh I got one left I’ll have to take that off so I’ll use
my pliers and pull it out and now we’re gonna do the bottom and
just gently pry that wood off along with the nails at the same time here we want
this off too so don’t be a little piece of balsa wood right here I’m gonna take
that off there’s a nail I’m gonna take that off and a staple we don’t want any
nails or staples left there we go all done that one is stripped there was a
little bit of a lip here I’m gonna take that balsa wood off the surface there’s
a little bit of a look at the bottom here and this I’m just bringing that
down so it’s flush with the surface this piece is solid I don’t have to do
anything with that but I know it’s this one here the front parts pretty Wiggly
so what I’m gonna do before I can finish working on it I’m just gonna add some
glue along the edges here and then set it aside and leave it dry and that will
just help it from falling apart as they work on it and I’m using a tacky glue
and once that’s dry that’ll be stable enough to work on so while that piece is
still drying we can cut the top that’s gonna go over top of this piece here we
need to cover this in because we removed the wooden part right and we threw that
away so now we need to replace that do you want to replace it with the same
shape or do you want a little bit of a more of a dome top and this is the one
that gets the ultimate tree inside inside the lip so if you want one of
these then you’re going to be cutting a little bit longer then you cut for this
one that’s the only difference so we’re gonna end up with a piece that looks
like this so this is a cereal box so I’m just gonna use the bottom here as my
measure stick for the width and then I’ll put it here again and I’ll
do another line doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re going to be
decorating this top all along the sides and the edges are going to be covered so
you don’t have to be worried too much about it being so even so this is gonna
be glued on top and it’s stiff so we want to get it to loosen up I’m going to
roll it along my table here I’m just going to push it down and roll and then
when we glue this on we won’t have so much trouble getting it to form to the
shape of the top but this is too long on each side I actually want when I glue
this on I want the one end to be here glued here and the other end to be glued
above those hinges I want to make way for those hinges I didn’t want to bring
it all the way to the ends because for one we have to put the hinges back on
and that might affect how this opens in the end I don’t know it just might suck there we go so in the next clip I’m
going to show you how to glue this down it’s gonna be glued completely to this
shape right and then I’m going to put some tape around it to hold it in place
but if you’re gonna do this dome top the only difference would be just lift this
up a little bit and glue it so there’s a little bit of a space here and that will
just raise up the top and I’m going to show you how to fill that in after this
glue is all dries have a little piece of sandpaper I’m just going to sand the
sides of this so the glue has something better to hang on to all right I’ll leave that for a few
minutes and let it dry so now let’s do the dome top one and I’ve sanded the
edges here now most of this isn’t gonna be glued to the trunk so I’m just going
to do that ends that are don’t be both in and a little bit of the sides so
that’s all we have to do for the dome top so that’s ready for the tape now and
I want to make sure that it’s even on both sides of course that looks good so
I’m going to tape it now we can just set this aside and let it dry so one thing I
forgot to do was sand the piece down before I added the glue and I should
have done that so if the glue isn’t grabbing enough then I’m gonna have to
take this cardboard off and then sand the piece down a bit and then right glue
it so if I was to do this all over again I would send those pieces down a little
bit just slightly and then I would also put a piece of paper over top of this
and then put the the tape around that would keep this from happening it’s not
a big deal I can work with that that’s not a big deal at all but anyway there
we go it has held nicely I’m just gonna take off this little bit of surface
paper just so it all matches I could have worked around it but just in case I
see those lines and I’m all done and then let’s take the tape off for the
dome part and because I have done these trunks a couple of days apart from each
other I didn’t know I was going to be doing this one I’m editing this video as
I go along I’m jumping back and forth so all we have to do now is fill in this
area here because we can’t leave it and feel like that we need to fill it in I
do that starting on the inside I’m going to use masking tape first I’m gonna cut
a couple of pieces I’ll get them small enough to work with
and I don’t want too much of a wrinkly look in here so I’m gonna try to do this
neat push it down this is just a hold in the filler that I’m gonna put in in a
second here okay now do the other side so now it’s sealed on the inside but we
have to fill in this area here all of that in there has to be filled in if you
had wood filler you could use that I don’t have any wood filler on hand so
what I’m gonna do I’m just going to cut up this paper towel into small little
bits and I’m gonna make my own filler with glue and paper towel and this works
really well on it take just regular this is a school glue you don’t need tacky
glue for this just use a cheap glue push in some of this paper towel get
something to push the help push it in you want glue on top of that and some more paper towel so the last
layer that you put on should be the glue and then you use your finger just to
kind of flatten it all out make sure it’s nice and flush with this surface
here and once that’s dry it will probably suck in a little bit it might
look a little bit bumpy and that’s totally fine you don’t have to worry
about that because we’re gonna be covering this in any way with our tin
pieces once we put those on and also if you use paper as your cover like I did
for this one you’ll be covering it as well with paper so we’ll just leave that
dry takes about an hour so I can’t totally remember how long it takes to
dry at least an hour you can help it along if your hair dry if you want in
the next clip I’m going to show you how to add another piece of cereal box
inside the lid and we do the same for the dome top and for this regular top
one this is pretty strong but I still want to add another piece inside but
it’s cut one to fit in here let’s bend a little bit more I put one in for the dome top as well
and you can see on both trunks didn’t have this shape I was using both of
those interior pieces went right underneath these two side pieces here so
they kind of clicked into place when I push them in I did have to keep taking
it out and trimming it until it fit properly once that glue is dry and
that’s in there that feels pretty strong the next step is to decide do you want
to add a trait or not if you’re gonna be adding a tray then you need to add these
little wooden catchers here this is gonna hold your tray up in the next
couple of Clips I’m going to show you how to do that I’m also going to show
you how to line the trunk and you can decide which order you want to do it in
you might want to line your trunk first and then add these wooden pieces it’s up
to you whatever you find easier so you can use book paper you can paint the
inside of your trunk or you can use plain paper or scrapbook paper it’s up
to you first you want to line the dome part too before we carry onto this step
here you want to make sure that’s all done previously to that step so I’ll let
you watch the next couple of clips and you can decide which order you want to
do things in I’m thinking about the tray inside I am gonna make a tree so what we
need to do I’ll show you the one I made before you have to add a little thing
inside so the tray is something to sit on
so I’m going to take two coffee stir sticks and I’m going to glue two of them
together but first of all I’m going to cut them down to size I need four of
these pieces so I’ll cut them all at the same time I’m just gonna hold this together with
my binder clip and I’ll do the other two so what I did was I made another little
piece here as a guide this is two coffees 36 that I taped together and I’m
just gonna place it at the bottom and now I’m gonna glue this one so it sits
right on top that way I know that I’m even on both sides and now I’ll use it
on the other side there we go I’ll just let that dry I’m gonna leave
that for about at least 20 minutes so I’m thinking about the interior now and
I’m thinking I’m going to put in an old book paper kind of the pages are missing
the cover was off but the paper you can use the paper and old books for so many
things and then that way you give them a new life without tossing them in the
garbage so what I’m gonna do this gonna put the glue in there and then you just paint glue on top and
you keep going until the entire surface is covered I adore that look when it’s
all dry that’s one of my favorite things to do is lining boxes and old trunks
with that old paper absolutely wonderful and I did tear out this little title
there paid tribute to the book said thank you by putting in the title
alright so now we can move on to painting but before I do that I am going
to sand down a little bit here just to make sure I don’t have any edges
sticking up so the next step for you is to decide are you gonna be painting your
trunk make this one here or you’re gonna be adding paper on top like I did with
this one here so my other dome at the top here I’m going to be adding paper
I’ve already done where’s the bottom I’ve already done the bottom so that’s
scrap wood paper and I’m not worried about these sides here because I’m gonna
be adding those tin pieces I’m going to be adding these pieces along the side so
it’s gonna be covering that up and then I’m gonna be painting in here
I’m putting burnt umber in there so I’ll be doing all the sides once I’m done
with the paper if you’re gonna paint your trunk
I would suggest painting it first like a dark color when I did this blue one here
I put a burnt umber on it first and then let it dry and then I painted it the
reason why that is is these cheap dollar store boxes some sort of dye on there
and it runs so if you’re just a paint over top it could ruin your paint job so
I chose a dark color and it hid all that stain underneath and then once that was
dry I was good to go so now I am doing my paper top here and these paper tops
are gonna go right to the edge edge to edge I’m not worried about that
interfering with hinges because that’s just paper all right my friends we are ready for
the next step now depending on which trunk you’ve made if you’ve made the
dome top and you’re going to be adding in this special insert here then you’re
gonna go to part two and I’m going to show you how to put this insert in
before you attach the hinges you don’t want to put this trunk together until
you have this insert in the lid and now the rest of you who didn’t make that
extra special dome top then you can just head over to part three and we’ll carry
on to the next step together so depending on which video you’re going to
next I will meet you over there


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