MIRROR | 5 Artists in 5 Minutes | LittleArtTalks

MIRROR | 5 Artists in 5 Minutes | LittleArtTalks

mirrors are a powerfully engaging material in art not only are they great tools for things like self-portraits they also invite the viewers to view themselves within an artist constructs for a literal and metaphorical reflection hey guys it's Karen welcome back to little art talks for today's five artists in five minutes I want to talk about some artworks that depicts contains or utilizes mirrors in some way a bar at the flow division was a lost major work a French painter Edouard Manet it shows a barmaid standing in front of a large mirror previously critics thought that the perspective of the painting was impossible looking at the reflection in the mirror it seems a little off however in 2000 a reconstruction reproduced the scene and they concluded that it's possible according to the reconstruction while the mirrors reflection makes it appear that the man is talking to the barmaid in actuality it's an optical trick instead he is standing to the left outside of our view and looks away from her the French philosopher maurice merleau-ponty has called a mirror the instrument of a universal magic that changes things into spectacles spectacles into things me and others and others and to me if we were to just look at the reflection of the mirror she appears to be talking to a customer surrounded by the grandeur and the spectacle of the bar filled with a crowd large chandeliers and even the green boots of a trapeze artist however in reality the man isn't even facing her and her facial expression is withdrawn and remote Robert Smithson is probably best known for one of his other land works the Spiral Jetty critiquing art histories tendency to venerate static objects and dividing art from the exigencies of the real world basically removing objects from their real life context to admire in a white room like a museum or a gallery Smithson searched for an aesthetic form that would be coterminous with the world at large when he called it non sites where fragments taken from a landscape framed within a gallery broke down this polarity of the inside and outside leaving open the possibility of a third term that would contain both the yucatan mira displacements 1 to 9 were created in mexico by installing 12-inch square mirrors on dispersed sites the resulting series of 9 colored photographs were published in art form accompanied by Smith's ins si incidents of mirror travel and the Yucatan the mirrors reflected and refracted at the surrounding environment of the landscape and shattering its forms part work and part image the displacements contemplate temporality the mirrors record the passage of time and its photograph suspends time Smithson says the mirror is a displacement as an abstraction absorbing reflecting the site in a very physical way it's an addition to the site but I don't leave the mirrors there I pick them up still in my mind it hasn't completely disclosed itself yep I'm is an artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen his interactive sculptures and installations combine elements of humour with the traditions of minimalism and conceptual art of the 1970s mirror labyrinth and why is constructed of freestanding mirrors arranged in three curves which merge into one another the height other sheets of mirror vary referencing the skyline of Manhattan which is opposite to the park the mirrored surfaces reflect not only the visitors and their surroundings but also the adjacent mirrors creating an unfamiliar and disorienting environment much like a labyrinth the last capsule oddest is a Brazilian born Brooklyn based artist who often creates immersive installations in her 2001 diptych untitled from pictures of paradise she photographs mirrors standing in landscapes the images are printed on to two acrylic mirrors and the combination gives a mirage like quality by looking at it the viewers own image is superimposed onto the photos reminding us that we cannot perceive without bringing in our own beliefs and assumptions well we carry with us are what shifts and moves the positions we hold Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist best known for her ever-present polka-dots her infinity mirrored room the souls of millions of light years away is a mirror lined chamber hung with colored LED lights they're reflections with the pulsing and flickering LED light display results in a dazzling seemingly endless light show only one visitor is allowed at a time for a short 45 seconds for an intimate out of the world experience it's also become super popular for that ultimate selfie and I know I sound bitter as I say that but I am actually really jealous I want to go that's it for this week's five artists in five minutes I hope you guys enjoyed it as always these are not the only five out there with mirrors there's so many so be sure to leave your favorites in it comment down below if you enjoyed this video please a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already if you didn't know 5 empires are a weekly thing so if you enjoyed it please subscribe and come back for future episodes and keep discovering more art with me as always thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time


  • Ghotigh TheFish says:

    I saw Yayoi at the Garage gallery in moscow!
    It was pretty amazing, but the 45 seconds thing is really restricting. For maybe half of that time I was just dumbstruck and could barely breathe then I had to rush and take a picture! (it came out kind of crap, I'm almost out of shot if not for my dumb white t-shirt that makes me stand out like a giraffe in a primary school – it was probably the first time I took a selfie – but I still use it for a couple of accounts because I just loved it!)

  • Concrete Turtle says:

    Well. I'll be checking out The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away in two weeks, but I ain't gonna be taking a selfie. Just gonna enjoy. : )

  • Alen phuck says:

    always loved the way Velasquez used a mirror in Rokeby Venus https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:RokebyVenus.jpg#/media/File:RokebyVenus.jpg

  • Michael P says:

    Great stuff, very interesting. I actually stood right in front of Manets painting and it was baffling and beautiful.

  • Michał Kiszka says:

    great one! also the first little art talk I saw. Im gonna check other ones for sure! very glad, that I bumped into it on reddit :–)

  • mitcheljc says:

    This was my favorite topic so far!

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