MIXED MEDIA ART FOR BEGINNERS | The BEST Collage Materials, Supplies & Techniques

MIXED MEDIA ART FOR BEGINNERS | The BEST Collage Materials, Supplies & Techniques


  • Karen Campbell, Artist says:

    If you'd like the Hamburger pdf, please drop a comment below ❤️Also, if you missed the first video in the series, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/JE33nt13sbI
    If you'd like the link to the entire Mixed Media Series Playlist (new videos being added each which, one for each layer of the Hamburger) you can grab it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn5mGTkPuQK4pkVPxsS1oiPJaW8AqS9Xq

  • Pam Householder says:

    this is so helpful to me–I have all those mediums (golden, liquitex and mod podge) but not really confident about using them…only used the Mod Podge as a top layer, haven't really been using the matte fluid mediums…but, now I can't wait til tomorrow, I'm going to be practicing!

  • Elaine Brand says:

    Thanks a lot your amazing enjoyed 😊 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  • Helen Fenner says:

    Hey, thank you so much, i am so disorganised to have a little list to guide me would be great and I'd love the hamburger link! xx

  • Loren Wood says:

    Karen, I would love your Hamburger Cheat Sheet! Thank you. I'm learning SO MUCH from you!

  • ginette gingras says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing….!

  • Errin Witherspoon says:

    I just found you! Where have you been all my life! Lol I can't wait to apply some of what I'm learning from you videos. Thank you so much!!

  • Nephtalie Albert says:

    Yes please do send the pdf of the hamburger cheat sheet. Also can use painted paper like gelli print paper or painted watercolor paper to do collage?

  • Lilbayje says:

    I would love to have the 🍔 please! Great video!! 😊

  • Jeanette Salib says:

    your video has me at the easel as we speak! collaging away! thanks for the wonderful inspiration Karen

  • Kim Morris says:

    Fabulous video! I remember all too vividly last summer (2018) when watching Mixed Media videos feeling all the feelings you talk about here, from tearing up old and or damaged books to what was the point of all this collaging when it was going to be hidden by paint etc. I have come a long way since then! You articulated the process wonderfully well. It is all true folks! Those big bottles of matte medium and ginormous Mod Podge has me sighing. They are not sold here in Cyprus and of course are prohibitively expensive to ship. I think that's why I am so mean in using it sparingly on the few projects I have done to date! One of my favourite papers is saving the medicine/medical information from pill packets. In fact I save all sorts of papers from day to day life as I am a keen recycler of anything I can make use of. I am in the process of making eco-bricks as well which has been an amazing experience this summer as I can hardly believe how much I have reduced in the recycling bin bags to be collected!

  • Lynn Navares says:

    Awesome information Karen! Thank you for all that you share with us. Would love to have your hamburger cheatsheet!

  • Amy Zahn-Stern says:

    thank you so much for all of your positive energy! love it, love your you tube, classes and books. i would love your hamburger cheat sheet!

  • kahirish57 says:

    May I please have your hamburger pdf instruction list? [email protected]
    Really enjoying your videos.
    Thank you so much.

  • Patricia Sue says:

    Great video, I would like to have the hamburger cheat sheet please. 🍔

  • Alyson Ford Perez says:

    Hi Karen! I'd love to have the hamburger link!

  • Debbie Woten says:

    They DO still make phone books! We get one every year. And yes I use the old ones for collage too. If you have a home phone you'll get a phone book…I think that's why we still get one.

  • Suzanne Ford says:

    THANK YOU for the mediums explanations which explained my lumps, bumps and cataract effects. What do I do with my gel mediums now?!? (I figured out how to get Hamburger link from one of your replies; super helpful! …And your videos are fun but concise.)

  • Marsha McAllister says:

    Karen, I was thinking about fall leaves to add.the main figure being maybe a fairy girl. I will apply a coat or two of mod podge. They are so beautiful. What do you think? Might it work ok.
    Thanks again for everything.

  • Marie Venezia says:

    Yes….. please, please , please send me the pdf for the hamburger AND the eyes cheatsheet.

  • Marsha McAllister says:

    Karen still watching you and just got the part about your preference to matte medium for first contact to the board.
    Makes sense. Mod dodge is slick. Would not have thought of that, until is was too late. thanks again!

  • Jackie D says:

    Great video thank you

  • Pat Costa says:

    Hi Karen I really enjoy your tutorials and would love to have your hamburger cheat sheet

  • 00001965st says:

    Omg,, I’m super busy , getting rdy for holiday,, but I just had to stop and watch this video,, you keep me so inspired,, thxs so much,,, oh super excellent video

  • Gayle Stringer says:

    I am a beginner and have just found you and I'm learning so much so a big thank you. I would love a link to your hamburger PDF. TFS

  • ANNA DARCHI says:

    Thank you Karen!!! Is there anything you don’t know???!!! lol 😊🌈

  • AMH DIY Crafts says:

    JUST WOW!!!!

  • Rosa Valdes says:

    I’m a bit confuse; if I use the medium gloss you can still use mod podge on top ?

  • Tina Marie Driscoll says:

    I would like one of your hamburger PDFs, please. I enjoy your personality and talent. Fun!

  • Lori Thielen says:

    I think I started watching your channel when you were doing these cereal box for a journal, that started to get me hooked and then it was the faces and I am way behind on those but have them all saved and maybe next spring I will be ready to join the classes that are closed for now. I love your style of teaching and your enthusiasm. Love that you share your talent with so many. Thanks so much
    Big Hugs and Smiles

  • Melissa Aldosari says:

    I'm wondering what happens if you use the medium as a varnish?
    I was so happy to find your email in my inbox tonight! Made my day!💜💜💜

  • Cheryl McKenney says:

    Dollar Tree also carries some great tissue paper.

  • QuirkyPisces says:

    wrapping paper & paper grocery sacks are two other wonderful collage materials……also along with parchment paper, which you can stamp on!

  • Cheryl McKenney says:

    I love your sweatshirt!

  • Laurie Richard says:

    would love your pdf!

  • Lucia Granite says:

    I’m a beginner and I thought the this video was very helpful! I would love a a PDF of your hamburger, please. Thank you!

  • Gabrielle Orlita says:

    Great job Karen!!!🙌💕🎨(love your kitty 🐱). Thanks for mentioning the Ultra Matte Medium by Liquitex -I had no idea it even existed. Got to get some. Does it have a rough tooth? Thank you🙏

  • frances rogo says:

    I would love a copy of the hamburger and also one for faces. [email protected] Thanks

  • P. Allen says:

    does any little wrinkly, bumpy bit turn the piece into 3D rather than 2D? It doesn't really make any difference, but now I'm curious.

  • sharon deyoung says:


  • Debbie Deanne says:

    I use mod podge with my collage.i am going to change to matte medium. The video was very informative& interesting. Thanks…Toodles…deb

  • Jane Cook says:

    I would like the hamburger pdf. Thank you so much!

  • Lilian Søgaard WOGENSEN says:

    Dear Karen I would love a Hamburger sheet….thanks so much.

  • Donna Carraway says:

    Thank you Karen! I would like a hamburger! Also thank you for linking the other videos!! You are awesome!💕

  • rose5150 says:

    I need a burger please😅😂

  • Cathy Carter says:

    Another wonderful video! You can just tell you are super passionate about your craft and teaching others! Thanks for sharing!

  • Diane Smith says:

    I would love the Hamburger pdf. I just ordered one of your books from Amazon. Thanks so much for all the info in your videos. I can't stop watching them!!

  • Kathi Rodden says:

    to much blabbing about nothing

  • Cheryl Claviter says:

    This was great! This section of a craft store perplexes me all the time! I would love the hamburger pdf! Thank you so much!

  • nikkinicholas1972 says:

    I'm so glad that I found you I would love to get a copy of your hamburger PDFoh, I so know that watching the rest of your videos I'm going to be learning so much my head is going to explode thank you thank you thank you so much

  • Vixen Black says:

    I want the Hamburger pdf please. I am getting emails but not for that one, Thanks, 🙂

  • I B ELF says:

    I would love a cheat sheet please!

  • RAgirl says:

    I love your videos, so many great inspiration. I think the hamburger idea is the best. Can I get the pdf please. I keep going back to the first hamburger video as a reference 😁

  • Phyllis Marony says:

    Hi Karen, just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with us. This series is so helpful and very much appreciated. 😃

  • Jackie Klassen says:

    I would love the hamburger link please.

  • karen teague says:

    Hi Karen just found your videos just about start my 1st project I'd love a copy of your hamburger cheast sheet plzz

  • karen cotton says:

    Hi, I use the gel with my stencils to make texture. I put paint with the gel medium and go over with my stencils. P.S. Love the videos

  • Amanda Ryan says:

    Excellent advice just brilliant Karen 👌😍

  • Carmen Younger Sloan says:

    Such a great and helpful video! I like to use origami paper as well. Nice and thin, doesn't take up much room, and a TON of patterns and colors! Tfs❤

  • Amy Little says:

    I would love to have the hamburger PDF please, thank you so much for all the wonderful tips and tricks!!

  • YELS YELS says:

    I used collage backgrounds to create your fox and llama projects BUTI must admit I got too involved and loved the collage backgrounds…I didn't want to cover them lol I have a music sheet clear stamp and have stamped it out and painted it with coffee!!! I don't know where I got that idea but haven't use it as of yet in case the smell of coffee lingered but it hasn't so I have a lovely piece ready to be used in a collage background! Thank you for this video ! I have acrylic paints that are glossy so if I add a bit of matte medium to them they will be as good as a matte acrylic paint?

  • Kelley Knight says:

    Hi Karen, I’m a newbie to your channel but thank goodness I found you!!! I would like to get some brush pens but I’m curious what your thoughts are on the best bang for your buck? I see you have the skin tones from Barnes and Noble, also the Pitt Big Brush. And then I saw an Arteza review that looked awesome. Any insight would be fantastic and TY, TY, Thank You for being so fantastic and sharing your talents!!!

  • Carolyn Grandall says:

    thank you for sharing all this wonderful info this is a great series and has answered many of my questions that i’ve had for a ling time can you explain more on the GEl medium versus matte medium please i would love one of your hamburger pdf and what a great idea i never can remember the sequence of the layers

  • B.Reborn Art & Healing says:

    Really love your videos! I purchased your How to draw & find your own style 💛 looking forward to playing. I love your playful teaching style!

  • Karina Møller says:

    Hi, Karen 🙂 Great video, it was very helpful. TFS. You rock my Crafty world and you do inspire me each time. Thank you so much. Love and big hugs from Denmark 🙂

  • Anne Quigley says:

    would love to have the hamburger please. Thank you so very much for your continued inspiration and instruction!

  • Julie Elizabeth Powell says:

    I think matte gel is useful for canvas mixed media…great glue for everything.

  • Gloria Brunning says:

    Thanks Karen.
    You explain in a way that anyone can understand. I do enjoy your videos. I would like the pdf please. Keep crafting…

  • Therese Legere says:

    Hi Karen, I'd love to get a hamburger cheat sheet… I love,love love your art!!!

  • Alysha Sheridan says:

    Id love the hamburger cheat sheet sweetie. Love your work youve taught me so much thank you xxxx

  • Kellie says:

    Acrylic paint was first used in the 1940s. Still, point taken.

  • UandMeGod Oldaker says:

    OMG you are AWESOME!!! I just discovered your channel and I am now officially binge watching your videos! LOL Thank you for sharing your gift's and talent's with all of us and showing us some very insightful tools and ideas on all the in's and out's of mixed media!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Dallas Tx~Michelle

  • Brandi Duff says:

    I 100% agree about giving old and abandoned books a new purpose in life by incorporating into artwork. I'd love your hamburger PDF. Thanks!

  • Brenda Phillips says:

    I always used mod podge as my first adhesive, wont do that anymore. Pls send me the hamburger pdf. Thanks

  • Trish Doran says:

    I'd love a copy of your cheat sheet! I just watched your hamburger video and it was amazing! Thank you!

  • lamekka west says:

    Just found you and I am so interested in learning how to do collaging. What kind of paint brushes do you use? And you would be an Awesome art teacher. Thank you so much.

  • Heather Woodward says:

    Just found your videos! Love them. May I please have the hamburger pdf? I'm so excited I'm teaching myself to draw, cant wait

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