Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Inspired by AJOS September Mood Board

Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Inspired by AJOS September Mood Board

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you a speed up version of
the ART Joy of Sharing LIVEstream channel show from September 12, 2019 for
the show today we were inspired by the ART Joy of Sharing art community
September mood board that is one of the things that we have in the community is
a monthly mood board challenge that’s just one of several things that we do
over in art joy of sharing art community if you would like to join that community
on Facebook I will put a link below the video where you can click make sure that
you answer the questions when they’re asked otherwise we won’t accept you
because we want to make sure that you understand the rules and we want to make
sure that we’re not joined by a bunch of robots or something that like to spam
the group so just answer the questions three simple questions and then we will
accept you into the group and you can join us with all different types of
things that we have so on the mood board this month there was that color that I
refer to us tiffany blue I do have a paint from Hobby Lobby that color and
it’s called ocean green but to me it’s tiffany blue and that’s kind of what
really inspired me I just I like that color and I think it looks so good with
the warmer colors so I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of that on
there so I added it to the page this is my gel print journal that I made last
year in September when I did all the gel printing challenges which I’m doing
again this year but I’m not making a book out of them
I’m just making collage pages and making smaller stuff but last year I made this
book there’s a video of how I stitched it together on my channel I’ll try to
remember to link that in the iCard to the right hand side above the
if you would like to learn how to do this type of binding and these are all
eight-and-a-half by eleven cardstock print it on both sides and then bound
together into a journal and I like to work over gel prints and paintings
because it gives you a place to start so I flipped through and I looked for the
right colors on a page and this is the page that I found so this is the one I’m
using it had some teal kind of colors on it and it had some unbleached titanium
color on it and a little bit of black it’s got pattern already I like the look
of lots of pattern and so this is just really a good way to work for me in art
journaling so then I had a couple different stencils I’ll try to figure
out where these stencils came from but there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able
to find them I think this one might actually be a folk art stencil I only
use it in the fall because it has fall leaves on it but it’s a cool stencil I
might have got it from Michaels or something but I’ll try to find it online
for you I wanted to make here’s my inspiration for the page I saw the mood
board and there’s that little cup of coffee which to me looks like tea
because I drink milk in my tea and fall leaves in the sky and I was thinking how
if I lived in an area where there was fall leaves and things to look at I
would go out on my deck and I would drink a warm drink which would be nice
cup of tea and I would look at the leaves and sit on my deck and
contemplate how beautiful life is that’s what I would do if I had a deck that
looked over trees that are changing colors right now I do not have that I
have a backyard with a pool and it’s very hot here and I look at cactuses all
day but I can imagine I I can imagine the experience
so that’s what they the pages all about so I used some some kind of grayish
brown tones paint to make some branches and then now I’m adding some fall leaves
I made kind of a little lacy tablecloth at the bottom with another doily type of
extensions and I’m making sure that I have all the colors that are represented
in the mood board that are fall colors and making sure that they’re all over
the page so that it’s very obvious that it’s inspired by the mood board so I
pretty much have my background done I’m making sure that that line there you
know that there is a definite difference between my table area and the area that
my table is overlooking which is this beautiful fall fall leaf not falling out
of the trees yet but changing it and I had drawn doesn’t a teapot and it’s he
cup on some painted dully paper that’s from gel printing that is kind of a the
unbleached titanium color which is the same color that’s in the background on
the gel print sometimes when I need to clean up the whole plate I will put a
layer you know like there’s just there’s crusty bits everywhere I’ll put a layer
of that color or white and just pull a whole page of it and it gets everything
off the plate and gives me this interesting piece of paper that has not
a lot of pattern but a little bit of pattern and it’s very neutral colored I
like to do that so that’s what this paper is is it’s got some purple on it
which I’m gonna have to get rid of because there’s no purple in this in
this this particular page but yeah I drew those onto the back of the paper
and cut them out and now I’m attaching them to my page using liquitex matte gel
medium making sure there the bubbles are out trying to make sure
that the bubbles and wrinkles are out of course deli paper is bubbly and wrinkly
it does do that on its own so I didn’t get it completely smooth also we’re
talking the whole time because this is during a live stream so you know little
tiny focusing details aren’t as important when you’re doing a live
stream this is for fun we’re playing we’re talking we’re chatting with the
audience so you know that’s just how it is
it’s just how it goes I’m using a card to smooth out trying to get the teapot
real smooth on there so a teapot and a teacup in a saucer on a table that has a
lacy type of a surface on it but still is apparently outside on my deck that I
don’t have if I did it would be a beautiful wooden deck that would be
stained a nice reddish stain color I can imagine it I can get the whole picture
in my head that’s yeah anyway so I wanted a few leaves to have fallen off
my tree and landed on to my little vignette here of my tea cup and tea
saucer so I cut out a couple leaves I just roughly use the same stencil so
that they would be you know the same as the other leaves I used the stencil to
trace around on the back and then I cut them out they’re not perfect didn’t need
to be perfect I just want them as part of my composition and these are these
are other pieces of deli paper that have paint on them at first I thought I might
put a different type of a leaf it’s not a thing you know what the only tree
that’s back there is that maple tree so you know it’s come out to be maple
leaves there’s no other trees back there you can tell this is all in my head
people this is how it goes for me so I like the way that looks it fills in
that little space it makes everything look balanced and so I’m pretty much
done with my collage section of this event and I’m going to start moving on
to details at this point I’m not sure what I’m gonna do am I gonna paint am I
gonna draw what am I gonna do so I just started adding in some of the details
with my pencil just to make sure that I knew what I was looking at real quick
and then I decided now I need to paint need to I need to add some shading
because the the pieces are of course very one one tone and very they’re
blending in there blendy blendy matchy-matchy and so I wanted to add a
little bit of shadow as I got out some quinacridone gold acrylic paint and I’m
just painting around where the shadows would be I’m thinking to myself am I
gonna paint the whole thing what am I gonna do I still don’t know for sure but
I know I need to get some type of dimensionality to these these glued on
pieces because they’re so nothing right now
not that they were meant to be anything because I was just using the paper to
give my give me shapes I decided that the teapot and teacup would have some
metallic on them because what they often do have you know the rim will be painted
gold or something like that so I’m using this copper metallic paint which I know
it’s hard to see on the video that it is a metallic but I’m adding it to the
different pieces where I think that you might have metallic paint sometimes
handles are painted with the metallic usually gold not copper but since this
is a whole fall scene I’m going with copper besides coppers a nicer metallic
than gold I think that’s just me I think coppers the best I wanted to
kind of lighten up the center section so that we’re getting more of a rounded
shape and I also wanted to kind of get rid of the purple that was there on that
one print so I just finger painted a little bit with some Titan buff which is
a different one lighter than the one that that I had used on the print I have
two different I have two different Titan buffs or unbleached pipe Titanium’s
two different brands three different colors one of them is a lot darker than
the other one you just never know what you’re gonna get so then I started doing
some shading to my details on my cup using a Stabila
and a water tank brush and then I thought well I can just go ahead and
paint a design and this will now become hand painted China very fancy for having
out on your deck in the backyard overlooking the trees yeah fancy fancy
you need to have fancy tea hand painted china so I got out the same colors the
colors I’m using today we’re mostly from Deana Wakely cheddar and Sedona and Ruby
and ancient which is a bronze color and I’m not sure with the olive color I
think it just called olive maybe the olive green color those are the ones I
also used on the leaves I also had had to use some of the blushing which is
kind of a coral color so those were my main colors for today anyway puddin
besides that ocean green which is tiffany blue from Hobby Lobby the what’s
it called artist artist choice I don’t know anyway you know which one I’m
talking about its masters touch that’s what it’s called Michaels has the artist
one and Hobby Lobby has the Masters one it’s they’re inexpensive student quality
acrylic I’ve got some really nice colors though
had to have that color that tiffany blue so I’m continuing my shading using my
Stabilo and blending out with the water I’m also adding paint colors as I go to
the leaves a little bit just using that same brush and wiping it off onto a
paper towel if I needed to clean it a little bit I really enjoy this type of a
brush it’s got a synthetic bristle and it’s got the water in the in the handle
that you can squeeze to add water to your paint or to clear out the brush so
I just use them a lot a lot if you watch my channel you probably know that gotta
have my water tank brushes so now I’m painting the hand-painted flower design
onto the teapot to match my cute little teacup and of course the teacup has a
little bit of tea in it and it’s got lots of milk it smoky tea the way I like
it I actually put cream not milk because hey if you’re gonna have fat you might
as well just have fat right don’t be a skimpy about it and some leaves with
olive green color so I really do think that my piece ended up representing the
mood board very well I think the October mood board might already be up I don’t
know maybe not maybe I am putting it up on October 1st but I know that I’ve made
the October new mood board and we have one each month I think that they’re fun
they’re a good way to get inspiration I mostly use the colors sometimes I use
the shapes I have other videos on my channel that are how to use a mood board
to inspire your art I’ll try to link those two if I can find them there’s oh
there’s almost 600 videos now on my channel so
sometimes it gets a little bit tricky to find stuff you don’t know exactly what
you named it also have lots of playlists too I noticed I probably need to kind of
pare down the playlists there’s quite a few but playlists are nice if you’re
just working in your studio and you have a TV in there you can just turn
something on in the background and let it roll through and then if you hear
something that you think you need to watch you can look up that’s what I do
with playlists so that’s always fun I hope you are enjoying this video and
if you are please remember to give it a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed
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tea all those things really helped me out on my channel helps my channel grow
so helps other people find me who haven’t found me yet it’s all good
things so now I had out some stamps and these are Stampin Up stamps it’s called
whimsical out alphabet I doubt that it exists any
longer but you can certainly find something that looks like this that you
know is an alphabet set I’ll try to find where they look similar for you and link
it below the video also if you really are in love with this one you might be
able to find it on ebay because people are always selling off their stuff that
they aren’t using so I just stamped on there it’s always T o’clock because in
the fall even though it’s not cold here I still every morning drink milky tea so
it’s just a thing decided that the word wasn’t going to fit so I just wiped it
and the clock part at the bottom underneath
the Oh so wasn’t gonna fit that’s the thing about stamping and stickers I
never get him straight so I intentionally have made it not straight
so that it it wouldn’t look as if I messed up I just intentionally went
along and made it not straight so you see now that I have out the white pasca
pin if the white paska pin comes out it usually means I’m just about done this
is one of the last things that I add and I do it often so I’m sure you’ve seen me
do it before but I am putting a highlight on the left hand side of the
letters just to make them stand out from the background a little bit and then
I’ll go through and add quick highlights around my collage images just because if
they look better that way and that will be it for me thanks so
much for watching see you next time bye bye


  • Michelle fay says:


  • Magz Lockley says:

    This is a fabulous journal page and I loved the story of it with my morning coffee, Its warm Spring weather here, very green

  • Janet Visochi-Baum says:

    i love this page – i really love this page Shel – i agree that its wonderful to have trees and watch them change during Fall – but oh dear me when it comes time to rake them up lol – we have about 30 trees on this property – its just as gorgeous to see all of them covered in snow – your page was beautiful – and i know i always say this but thank you for the close ups at the end – we really get to see the layers of colors – have a wonderful day Shel – xx

  • lynda reed says:

    like you I live in a desert a veru assiduously watered desert but none the less a desert. so no real fall colors but I love fall colors and hot milky tea (earl grey). love your teapot and cup, always use your best, you got it because YOU like it. this page is beautiful!

  • Reny Missos says:

    I love when you laugh about what’s going on in your head. You crack me up.i will be able to join you again on Thursdays after next week.

  • Marie Duncan says:

    Great page…I can see your deck overlooking the fall colored leaves on the trees, and your little table with your teapot and teacup fit right in!! Great page!! So glad you do a sped up version…I wasn't able to watch but a short time this morning…Thanks!!

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    Very nice page. Thank you for sharing.

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    Beautiful picture and colors!

  • May Loo says:

    I like this fall-themed page. Nice cups. I like copper paint too. It is a very rich color. I have an unopened bottle of rose-gold paint that I think would be suitable for this piece . By the way, we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October so your background could be used for that too.

  • susan vanschuyver says:

    Awesome piece! Thanks for sharing!

  • Peggy R says:

    Hi Shel- love this and your scenario of your back yard- I sit on my small deck and think about a swimming pool- cactus and the desert-!!!👵🏻❤️🎨🌵🌵🌵

  • Brenda Davidson says:

    I love this Shel… thanks for sharing!

  • Jo Rothbaum says:

    Lovely Shel, been a while!!

  • Annie Rodenberg says:

    Shel C, your journal page is getting me in the mood to do something for autumn. Tea pot, cup, and saucer. Perfect for leaf ogling, relaxing, and exhaling. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Cheers!

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    This is soooooo pretty! My two favorite things…fall colors and a cups tea 🍂🍁☕️. TFS 💖💖

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    It's quite lovely Shel. I'm so excited because I love autumn. I love all the colors that you chose, and the background really makes the foreground stand out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Smith says:

    I LOVE watching you work. It is so fascinating. It's like beauty just flows out of your fingers onto the paper. I live in Tennessee and we have all the fall colors but not now. It is still in the 90s now. But later next month if it gets cooler and we get rain our world will burst out in hues of oranges, reds, golds, rust, browns and the darker greens. So beautiful! Grew up in a house with 2 huge sugar maples in the front yard. I loved laying out on a blanket looking up at the fall sky through all the gorgeous leaves. None in the complex where I live now but there are some nearby. I wonder if the owners would find it strange if I layed down under their trees to look up through the branches. 😜 Thank you so much for taking time to share your beauty with all of us.

  • P. Allen says:

    when I use my stencil, the edges are rarely nice and crisp. What am i doing wrong? I dab with a makeup sponge. I think I am careful about not putting too much paint on at any one time. My stencils are quite thin, but it seems like they should be fine. Can anyone help me?

  • P. Allen says:

    BTW, I love love love the addition of the teapot/cup!

  • MsSherryjh says:

    That was lovely. May I join you for a cuppa? 😊

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    Love this page Shel. I can just imagine myself out on the deck overlooking the gorgeous fall trees with a pot of tea and beautiful tea cup! Thanks for sharing, I now need to look for a new teapot with copper trimming rather than gold!!!

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    oh wow Shel, this is lovely! Makes ya feel toasty and warm looking out at the chilly fall air.

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    Thanks, Shel. Love all of the copper colour as it’s a favourite of mine, too. 😀

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    I live where the leaves change colours but …they aren’t., not sure why but there is no sign of colour yet this year.

  • Debbie Deanne says:

    Used to live in New England and miss it terribly. Now live in California and not as beautiful…Toodles…Deb

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    I love to look at those beautiful leaves and drink herb tea with cream. Your page is beautiful and evokes a feeling of comfort 🙂👍

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    Beautiful page pretty enough to frame

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    I live where we have changing colors in autumn. This was very pretty. But shel, You could have had a purple pot. And cup. And saucer.

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    Love the fall colors! Thank you Shel

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    Beautiful ❤

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    Hello Shel, Autumn is my favorite time of year. The leaves all beautiful colors, cooler nights. I love your page. I like to have chai tea in the evening during autumn. Do you like chai tea? What type of tea is your favorite? Have a beautiful day!

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    Love these colors!!! Beautiful page! Tfs

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    What a wonderful page, Shel! I love your imagination, LOL! I really enjoyed the video. Why aren´t there fancy china with copper? It´s so much nicer than gold, right? It feels like my body is falling apart; can´t use my hands or my feet, because of my back, lol. But I try to doodle or just put something down on a paper every day; I feel like I´m creative then, lol… Tfs, Fia xx

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    Love the maple leaf shape, and the colours when they're changing!

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