Monochromatic Gel Prints with Decoarts Traditions Paint

Monochromatic Gel Prints with Decoarts Traditions Paint

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you some gel printing that I was doing
in an attempt to make some monochromatic gel prints for a specific project on
card stock and I recently received a box from Decoart art company and they provided
me with some decoart traditions paints which came in a tube and I usually used
to paint for the gel the gel plate so I wasn’t paying much attention to which
paint it was it was in a tube it seemed like it was to paint to me and so I
started to work on some monochromatic prints and I have a project for these
which will be coming up soon if not if not tomorrow probably tomorrow maybe on
the live I wanted I wanted to do something with these prints so what does
monochromatic me monochromatic means using one color and generally when eye
gel print I like to do use lots of colors sometimes I use colors that are
you know coordinating with each other next to each other on the color wheel
but a lot of times I just use all kinds of colors I like to use black and then
then take it out of take the black out of the stencil and fill it in with
bright colors you know I like all that stuff but what I needed was prints that
would be basically in one color so the way that I would do that the way that I
wanted to try doing that was to use a single color which they the traditions
paints that were sent to me are yellow blue and red and then she tried to mix a
neutral with it so the white they sent me an opaque white it didn’t send me a
black generally I would mix the color together mix some wine in he would make
a lighter color mixing black in and make a darker color those are called shades
and tents mix in maybe maybe a similar call
that’s close to it on the wheel and get a visually textural print using the same
color so on the first one I used the red paint and then I mixed in some of the
white that opaque white traditions paint and it made kind of a grayish pink and
that was fine it turned out okay it was definitely monochromatic then I decided
to do the yellow and there was a umber a raw umber paint which is a yellowish
color and so I decided to use the regular yellow with the umber yellow and
some white to try to make a monochromatic print so as I was doing
this trying out these paints I realized that I already have some of these paints
it’s just the only thing that has changed is that they put them in a tube
but they are the same they are the same as the ones that I have in the little
bottles and I received those when we were in when I went to the art retreated
in South Carolina we got some paint somebody received some
paint from decor and we all got a little set of these traditions paints in a
little sampler set and so these are not new paints they’re not different paints
they are the deco art traditions and paints so what is the deco arts
traditions paint well I look at a I looked it up and I will read it to you
Decker our traditions artists acrylic is a new generation resin based medium
bodied acrylic that can perform as an acrylic a watercolor or an oil paint
deco art traditions paints utilize the highest-quality light fast pure pigments
available today this state of the art paint line is ideal for many surfaces
including wood canvas metal leather ceramic disc paper mache plaster or
drywall well that sounds pretty good but one thing that they’re maybe not
all that great for they’re okay but not not as good for job doublet plate
printing in my case remember I live in the desert it’s dry here and what I was
finding is I was using these deco art traditions paints that they are drying
too fast for me so you will see as I’m going along
trying to make these monochromatic prints that in some cases the paint
dries on the plate too fast and I can’t pull it up with the first print so I
ended up getting white splotches and I know this happens this happens to me
with craft paint this happens to me with dilutions acrylic paint some paints are
just formulated in a way that dries quickly in the desert air it’s probably
not a problem if you’re if it’s humid but what confused me and what why I
didn’t realize what was going on at first is that they came in to tube and
all the two paints that I’ve had in the past have worked great on the gel plate
that’s why I got out the gel plate when I saw the tubes you know like it was
like that so that being said they have the deco art has another tube paint line
and they’re called the premium paints and I do have a couple of those I didn’t
blend I didn’t bring him in in this video because I’m just doing the
traditions paints on this video but I think that they’re different
formulations so what I’m going to do and they also sent me some by the way some
of their mediums like an extender and a blending glazing medium and some gesso
so I’m going to do a different video some other day with these paints doing
them not on the gel plate but in the regular way so as I was mixing and
blending you know I got a pretty pure looking red yellow and blue and let’s
talk again about color theory if you have red yellow and
blue you should be able to make every color right that’s what they tell you in
kindergarten well what I discovered about the opaque white in this
particular line is that it Gray’s everything out so that leads me to
believe because it says opaque white then it has a lot of filler in it
because if when I mixed it with the the blue it turned gray and that’s a really
brilliant blue ultramarine the white turned it gray when I mixed the let’s
see what I call this jelly mix I mix the yellow and the blue trying to make it
green what I got was olive green when I mixed the red and the yellow together I
got just kind of a brownish orange so my whole theory of mixing them together to
make some other colors didn’t really work out very well and that that all
goes back to which color is it it might look blue but it might not be as blue
and then you start getting you know grayed out or browned out colors so I
think that what I ended up with for my project will be great and I did end up
with some interesting prints all these stencils are from stencil girl and I
wanted ones that looked that had shapes like very distinctive shapes like either
rectangles or circles or something like that that the shapes here’s when I was
trying to mix orange and I mixed red and yellow and then I added in a little bit
of the umber trying to get it to be more of a warm orange color and it’s a warm
orange color it’s kind of brown I don’t know my color theory was bad today so anyway these are my monochromatic prints
some of them I printed on the 6×6 plate because you know I work on two plates at
the same time I printed those on regular text weight paper and then the larger
prints most of them went on cardstock and those will be the ones that I’ll be
using in the project and this is a smooth white cardstock Bristol what’s it
called solar white solar white I think yeah so it’s it’s not the glossy it’s
just a smooth white cardstock I needed a little bit heavier paper for what I’m
going to do so eventually just to prove myself right I get out the rest of my
deck arts traditions paints which came in a little one ounce tube and you could
see it right there this is exactly where I did it I took the same color out from
the little bottle and the tube and I put them both on the plate and they’re
exactly the same so the only difference between the tube paints is that you get
two and a half ounces in a tube instead of a little tiny bottle in the sampler
kit what I had was the sampler kit which had I don’t know twelve colors or nine
colors or something in it so then I start playing with those and britain
mixing them in with the rest of my colors so there I just mixed opaque
white with the ultramarine blue and look at the color that came out you would
think it would be a sky blue or something but it’s not it’s a gray
almost grey I’m sorry about my camera shaking by the way and there’s the what
is it burnt sienna raw Sienna anyway the brown color which works really well with
this blue and grey combination and makes some really interesting prints but
they’re not blue I mean they are blue but they’re not the blue that came out
of the tube at all that color just doesn’t really even show up on these and that’s where the paint dried too
much on the plate and I couldn’t pull it all up I think that has to do with it
being resin based they said it was they said it’s resin based paint but
apparently you can mix water with it and make it a really nice watercolor you can
apparently mix in oil medium with it that’s what it said on their website so
I know you guys like to watch gel printing I’m not sure that I am teaching
very much in this particular video it’s mostly just me trying to get some prints
that I that I want to use that aren’t crazy colorful ones but more like all
one tone one color not one tone multiple tones of one color now that that was
some of the paints it’s phthalo green fella green blue or thathe blue green
that I didn’t have in the tube I just had it in the bottle but it it’s kind of
a teal color I like it that’s probably one of my favorite
traditional colors I don’t know what Solow is I have no idea I don’t know
what naps all is either that’s all red is one of the colors and
then I had naps all red in the small bottle and also naps all red light which
I think you will see coming up I think it’s still past this point
and naps all red light is orange when I jump print on my desk now I’ve
tied down in my camera in a way that when I wiggle the table the whole camera
Wiggles and I need to do something about that I need to figure out how to change
my setup and build something else because my camera was drooping again I
got a lot of white on that one that bugs me that’s what I don’t like about craft
paint in Arizona on my gel plate that’s exactly what happens if dries too
quickly and it doesn’t come up as a clean print drives me nuts so I don’t
use craft paint even though it’s a little really inexpensive those turned
out pretty cool though when I filled in the space with the
brown color I think it looks pretty neat so back to red this is when I was a
thing you’re messing around with an app saw red light which is a different color
than natural red it’s orange so confusing isn’t it Wow I hope you guys
don’t go crazy with all this camera shaking yeah it’s really bugging me as
I’m watching this to do the voice-over I’m like stop shaking the camera but it
is what it is I need I wished I had someone around that could build me
something better yeah I know what I want but it’s gonna have to be built and that
means that I’m going to have to build it which I don’t really have the necessary
tools that I need to do it so it’s gonna be a project so
this one it still looks pretty monochromatic but I did mix in some
yellow in a couple of these I mixed in a color that was near on the color wheel
instead of just mixing in the black or white to make tints and shades so then I
decided I needed more blue blue ones and so I came back and printed a few blue
ones with a new stencil and I also got out some tissue paper and these tissue
paper ones some of the things that I did with the tissue paper are going to be
really useful for being blenders on my collages not so much that one but you
know I usually use deli paper but sometimes deli paper isn’t this
translucent as I would like it to be you see how I put that white on there and it
just completely grade that color just grade it it’s weird the opaque white is
not titanium white I’ll tell you that that one’s pretty blue though that
stayed pretty blue then I decided I would do the black background with some
blue because black is a neutral and I hadn’t done that with any of the others
so I hope that you’re enjoying this video if you are please remember to give
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site that’s also helpful I’m not sure if I like the back or the or the front of
this this one the grid that grays and blues on the backs pretty cool the front
is pretty cool too and I ended up getting a ghost out of that by putting
on some more blue so that one turned out pretty cool too it’s interesting that I
have a 6 by 6 and a 9 by 11 stencil that are so similar to each other that his
beard isn’t it does that mean I like that stencil yes yes it means I like
that stencil I love that stencil I’ve had the 6×6 for awhile and apparently I
needed a 9 by 12 as well it’s just kind of silly but still awesome
so this tissue paper bit right here is gonna be great a great blender I just
picking up some of that paint through the stencil wait in the black it’s gonna
be really really cool for my collages ok so this video is winding down thanks for
watching and I will see you next time bye bye you


  • Artsy Fartsy Lovers says:

    I love watching you play <3
    thanks so much~


  • Marie Duncan says:

    Great gel printing video! You got some really beautiful prints, even if the colors weren't what you expected…can hardly wait to see what you use them for tomorrow!! TFS!!

  • Debbie Bonner says:

    Thanks Shel, I always enjoy watching you gel print. You got some great prints too!

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    Great prints! I know the colors weren't what you expected, but I loved them! Always enjoy watching you make prints.

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    Great prints Shel!! 🙂

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    Hi, You did teach me something today – about the product you were using (a I love DecoArts). I want to recommend a book to you… The Secret Lives of Color
    It is just that and a fascinsting book – the story of specific colors. Another nice feature is the the stories are short, so it's the kind of book you pick up and read a couple and put down if you want to.

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    Always pick up more hints watching you work. Thank you.

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    Always an education!

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    Huge congrats, Shel! 14000 milestone achieved!!! 👏👏👏💝 You provide interesting tips and techniques even when you think you’re not really teaching anything. Thank you! 🥰

  • GrumpetteJV says:

    The primary colours aren't red, yellow and blue. They are magenta, (primary or citron) yellow, and cyan.
    There's a great difference. Especially if one would use cheaper paints. For mixing, I love a zinc white.

    Your gell print videos are my very favorite, I so emjoy these. And yes, you are always giving good info. Phtalo is the metal I believe. Just as cadmium. I'm still learning about it. It's very interesting learning about paints, their pigments etc. (and how they are toxic and not to be used with bare fingers!!)

    Thank you for yet another lovely video. I now feel like making monochromatic gelprints.. And I don't even need them. Might just have to sent you some. Can I?

  • GrumpetteJV says:

    Oh… If you get a print with the white splotches.. No worries!!! Let them dry, and then go over the whole print with a light wash of yet another colour of the same. Or go in with watercolours and fixate. You'll get awesome collage papers that way. Jane Davies has some great collage paper making videos here on youtube.

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    camera shake does NOT bother me. Love watching you do this.

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    I am excited to see what you do with these prints

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    I watched this science based YouTube video on color theory! It said that the true primary colors are Cyan, Magenta, & yellow! Cyan and Magenta make blue!!! Very interesting!

  • Annie Rodenberg says:

    Hi Shel. I love watching Gelli printing and making my own too. You are right about that paint formula. I too have been having drying issues except, it’s very humid here in Maryland. When I have used that paint, it drys so fast my paper shreds and gets stuck on my plate. It’s humid here ….Thanks Shel, for sharing your talent and knowledgeable techniques. You keep me inspired.

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    I love your geli prints so much tfs Shel

  • Jackie Keegan says:


  • Robin Alcorn says:

    I confess to being one of those who really likes gelli printing videos. (And all your other videos too.)
    I live one block from a river and my paint still dries as fast as yours. Not sure Arizona is to blame as I live in Northern California. Chalk finish paints are the worst. They are dry before you can slap down the paper.
    Don't you dare gelli print without us!!!!!

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    I've also got no idea what those colour names are either, Shel! Quinacridone, Pthalocyanine, Azo, Dioxazine, etc! I wonder if there's an artists glossary somewhere? I have noticed that all the colours I've seen with quin seem to be reds. I think they're additives, but no idea what they are exactly.
    That white does look thick, but your prints still came out well. I love the stencils we got last month, with the mid-century modern vibe, and I'm also loving the look of this month's stencils, can't wait to get mine! I've just got a 12×14 plate, so I'm finally able to use the whole of the 9×12 stencils from StencilGirl.
    Julia. x

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