Morning Pages – Write Daily For Clarity, Creativity, Productivity

Morning Pages – Write Daily For Clarity, Creativity, Productivity

I want to share something that has made such
a positive impact on my life this past year. Morning pages have given me a clearer sense
of direction and have led me to take key actions in life. Actually, the concept of Lavendaire came out of a morning pages session. There are just so many benefits to writing
everyday: a clearer mind, improved creativity, improved
productivity, time for self-reflection, etc., that I would recommend it to everyone. Morning pages are three pages of writing done
every morning, typically encouraged to be in longhand. You’re supposed to write anything and everything that comes out of your head. Don’t think too much about what you’re
writing. Let it flow as your mind goes. The point is that you must complete writing
your three pages. If you run out of things to say, you can literally
write, “I don’t know what to write,” for three pages. But you’ll find that if you continue to
spill, then you do have a lot to say. You just didn’t realize all the stuff was
going on in your mind. We have so many layers of thoughts. Morning pages reveal those layers, starting from the surface and peeling each
of them back to get deeper and deeper into your core. Normally I’ll start writing about my immediate
thoughts, a recap of the day before, things I have to do that day, or things I’m
worried about. After I get it all out, I realize that there’s
more going on underneath, then I usually become more reflective and
almost always end up writing about my dreams and goals and how I’ll utilize my day to
move forward towards those goals. A lot of the time, I’m also writing about
things I’m grateful for. It really puts things into perspective and
I start my day with a sense of what’s important in my life. Doing this everyday has shaped my day for the better because everyday I’m so grateful
for what I have and I know that I’m taking steps toward
bring my dreams closer to reality. I’ve become so much more focused with a
clearer sense of direction, and most importantly: I’m happier. My favorite system is to write in composition
notebooks. I usually spend 15 to 30 minutes on morning pages, depending
on how flowy I feel or whether I get distracted. I’ve tried typing out morning pages on this
website called 750words[dot]com. 750 words equals three pages and the website
shows your word count so you know when you’re done for the day. I tried it for a month but went back to handwriting because I feel
that I’m more honest in handwriting. I’m pretty proud of my little collection
of morning pages notebooks so far. I’ve completed two notebooks and now I’m
on my third. I decided to spice it up this time and get this super adorable notebook from
Target, totally worth the extra few cents. I really hope this has inspired you to give
morning pages a try. Try it out for a week and let me know in the
comments how you do. Also: don’t forget to give this video a
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Creative Tip” on the right. Thanks guys!


  • Anastasia McGuire says:

    When I was 13 years old, I started writing inside my dreams journal and felt better after my dreams ended. Until I was in sophomore year, I decided to write about life from 2015 through 2017 and was really enjoyed to remember my old stories in high school and outside of my schools. I had been writing my journals for six years, and was like ," Oh, boy… I'm not ready to move on, but it's really important to remember our childhood story. I wrote each 4 pages with a visual pictures about my old and new days because I want to speak and write my second language in English from ASL ( American Sign Language ) and want to tell my old stories to my future children. I bet my future children would love to listen my old stories during each nights… 🙂 +Lavendaire

  • Cat says:

    Thanks so much! When I first started morning pages, I watched your video and it inspired me! I love morning pages.

  • Summer Art says:

    I found this channel when I (am / was) 12 so I thought how early you know this and try to get a positive life it's much better so I will try to complete it for a week and if it goes well I will continue and I tried to write before two weeks I thought and it wa… isn't veery good cause I wrote one time than I stopped cause I didn't know what to write… so yepp…

  • Madeline Tavárez says:

    I loved the music!

  • Natasha Lee says:

    hi! i'm currently giving it a try. but i get a little confused. i wonder if you do it right after you wake up (after shower of course) or after you do some routines like have some coffees or going to any specific places? thanks!😊

  • Potatoes and Tomatoes says:

    Omg is this from a book? I think I've read it in a book somehow… and it asks you not to stop writing even tho you ran out of things to say

  • Jason Feinberg says:

    I finished my junior year of high school so I'm a soon to be senior ! And I have a lot of fears and worries and a lot of chaos inside my head but watching your videos gives me feelings of comfort and happiness that I don't seem to get from other channels. I learn something from all of your videos. Morning pages seems like such a good idea. I usually just "brain dump" or writer whatever comes to my head. Which is v similar to this. I also love the aesthetics and techniques you use to film and edit your videos. One day, I'm going to be a film director and have lgbtq characters in my films. I hope to change people's lives through film and through my writing. I wish you happiness and peace through your journey 💕

  • Loriann Ellsworth says:

    It would be respectful to mention "Morning Pages" From 1995 book by Julia Cameron, "The Artist's Way"

  • Eloise Smith says:

    I had been doing this before I watched your videos, and now I look back I really do see a link between when I stopped writing my stream of consciousness thingys and my mental health dip. Thank you so much for this video! I'm gonna start again tomorrow. I would recommend to any who may struggle with these to type them, especially if they're a fast typer. For me, I'm a fast typer so I find it much easier to type my thoughts without any filter through typing. I love your videos so much thank you, you have literally changed my life.<3 xxx

  • Niki Kumar says:

    im 13 and fell into bad company and my marks fell . I found your channel now and im so motivated to bring meaning back to my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • Missim You says:

    Every time I see the videos you bring out, I go away feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired. I'm going to have to try this morning pages exercise, because while I'm improving on being more organised I find that I'm still a bit jumbled internally. Keep being an amazing human being. 🙂

  • Abdul Carda says:

    What format of notebook are you using? And how do you manage to write it in 15-30 minutes. I am doing it for maybe a week now, but I was still not able to write it faster than in 60 minutes. I cant imagine crunching that tiem down to half or quarter. But maybe are just my pages too big, LoL

  • naaz k. says:

    Thank you so much

  • dian a says:


  • Alistair s. says:

    lol i love this whole concept of "getting closer to your core" except whenever i journal it turns into this horribly negative place of self loathing and regret towards decisions i've made through out my day, and honestly if that's it i'd like to stay as far away from my core as possible 😅

  • Matilda Edin says:

    What size are the books? 🙂

  • Be Vic says:

    Hi! I'm curious, do you reread your morning pages? Thanks

  • Olga M says:

    I have tried this just now, and OMG, just in this one session I had an amazing idea! And I feel so much better now! Thank you Aileen! Look forward to picking out a notebook for my morning pages☺👍

  • Emily Josling says:

    Do you write your morning pages when you travel?

  • slaying mochi says:

    I tried it today, and did almost 10 pages xD but it felt good.

  • Celines aka michu Colon says:

    I am going to try it! I think i spend all of my days worrying! Hopefully this will help!

  • Анна_м says:

    Oh an angel 😇 Thank you 🌷

  • nevaeh boyer says:

    I tried morning pages and it just feels like I'm writing in a diary. Which I hate soooo I dont know

  • Hal Eloi says:

    I became a poet after doing MPs – it brought the talent out in me hidden for years.

  • Ñïhäríkä Mïshrâ says:

    I m so Glad fr you !!💞💞
    And fr me as well……👼
    u r so…nice person vth very clearity of vision about life and Goals 🏁
    Each tym I see u that makes me feel like…" Yaa !! There is someone who hve mind and personality like me "…💕💕

    B,Coz…We hve many similar habits and thoughts💭💭…as I feel. When I saw ur videos….

    But u hve more lovable❤ qualities….that's inspires 😇me to do so…..💞

    Really!! Greatful to have ur thoughts💭👼

  • Ñïhäríkä Mïshrâ says:

    Morning pages !! I m coming to u😇😇😉😃
    Hope u welcome me vth oll heart❤

  • Pranav Bhati says:

    Morning pages are 'strictly' stream of consciousness writing. They are just about writing down whatever is coming to the mind naturally. Thinking about ideas, planning, to-do list, dreams etc. are mostly all rational thoughts that you willingly think through. This practice is NOT about the rational mind at all! Most of what you're doing is journal writing; stop calling that morning pages.

  • Jerry Ice says:

    This makes sense for real. You are awesome. 💕

  • Dian Ayu says:

    I've tried it for several months now, but lately I've been skipping writting morning pages. Either bcos i forgot or simply bcos i dont have time (mainly its bcos i woke up too late 😑). So now i watched this video again to make me feel ecxited to write again. I write morning pages because i love to write and it makes me feel more productive and focus

  • Havila Jinorin says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! ❤
    Thank you for sharing it. 🙏

    [ All the way from Malaysia. ]

  • Lebogang Seleleko says:

    J Cole introduced me to this concept. Thank you

  • Sandani Wickramathilake says:

    So I saw this vid about two days back and I actually did it. Two days in and I’m already reaping the benefits. Everything you said in the video is true! It has helped me feel lighter and unburdened with my thoughts. It has also helped me truly be self-aware and understand the deeper thoughts and wants within me. Thank you so much! I love your channel so freaking much. It has added greatly to my life to improve my approach to living in so many ways 🙂 keep up the amazing work! ❤️

  • mimprincesa says:

    What if you have a partner and want to keep certain things private? Also do you keep the filled books or eventually chuck them all

  • Animal Artist68 Art World says:

    Iam having trouble writing everyday but I really want to be a Writer so iam going to work on writing everyday!

  • Emma Roth says:

    Wow, what an awesome idea! I really want to impliment this into my life! Thank you:)

  • NaturallyNyk says:

    Interesting! I'm going to start doing this. Maybe I'll do a challenge for my youtube channel!! 3 pages is a lot! Sheesh!

  • The Nose Knows says:

    I love the MORNING PAGES. Truly life changing!

  • Laura Filby says:

    Thank You so much for this. I can’t help but wonder if this could help me heal? I’m tormented by my childhood and all the abuse from others and now abusing myself. It’s such a beautiful idea. Thank You for

  • Kimmy Episodes says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to write and have my own Morning Pages! I will start as soon as I buy a new set of notebooks.

  • snehaja kadam says:

    This is really help , would definitely give it a try

  • From Ana says:

    I wanted to thank you for sharing this, someone mentioned you on FB I think and I've watched a few of your vids I started writing right away its been a week and I felt I had to leave you some feedback. Thank you

  • Lordie Lane Mopia says:

    Hello Ms. Aileen. 🙂 @lavendaire
    Doesn't your hand ache in the middle of writing? or do you feel that your hand cannot keep up with what you want to write? I usually write, but not morning pages. But I will try the next month? Hope my hand will not hurt. Thanks Ms. Aileen. 🙂

  • Corine Sterling says:

    Thanks for uour inspirations.I wouuld love for you to do a video about being productive and how to get promoted at the work place.Thanks you in advance.

  • Mallika Yuvaraj says:

    Bcoz of u, i started morning journal. Tats really help me a lot. First tat was not easy to me. After lot of discontinue , Now its going on good flow. Thank You Aileen ❤❤❤❤

  • jowana alexis penaso says:

    (sigh) you are such an inspiration. I envy your time to write/journal and most importantly your positivity.

  • Ashly Manosca says:

    may we all have clear sense of direction :))))

  • Darragh Faughey says:

    You failed to mention Julia Cameron and her book 'The Artist's Way" – which is where this idea of 'morning pages' originated. Keep it up though, great way to stay creative and expressive oneself!

  • Uneak Tershai says:

    Started mine today 💕✨

  • huệ Sunny says:

    I do it 5 days and it was amazing. Thanks you so much❤️

  • Irene Lewis says:

    Do you have to do these in the morning or could they be done at any part of the day?

  • Lavendaire says:

    Indonesian subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings 💕

  • laura says:

    i slipped of so much lately that i've been thinking of quitting them forever but somehow i always come back to them.

  • Hazel BC says:

    I started morning pages a week ago and it's made such a difference! I've never got along with journaling but this really works for me and it leaves me feeling much clearer and much less stressed. I've been surprised at what comes out! Loving it as my new morning practice. I'm curious about the book you complete after your morning pages tho, is there a link to it please?

  • Lavendaire says:

    If you have trouble writing freely, stream-of-consciousness style, I shared some tips for you! It doesn't come naturally, so be patient and allow yourself time to develop your morning pages practice 🙂

    Journaling: How to Write Stream of Consciousness ✏️ |

  • Tun Karnjanakul says:

    Thank you for this good idea, I’ll start do it tomorrow morning.

  • Hasanati says:

    I love this

  • Romina 1998 says:

    I didn't understand why 3 pages?!not less not more just 3😅 I will do it😍

  • My Nontraditional Life says:

    Wow, this video was sitting in my watch later from a long time ago even though I re-discovered your channel lately and love it. Imagine if I had actually watched your videos years ago.

  • Perfectflaw says:

    Anyone here from Natalie's Outlet?

  • abhinay renny says:

    I've been doing this from few days. I liked the idea of writing in a book. Will buy one now 🙂

  • 鱼与地瓜粥 says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been so depressed and anxious for a long time and didn’t how to deal my study,relationship …😫but you come into my life and change my life.Now I feel fullfilled and positive everyday 😊

  • Mia Forever says:

    If I tried this, I would most likely write snippets of music from musicals haha

  • nina kokkula says:

    It is really inspired me
    I just started writing my morning pages and I realised what am…and what's going on in my life
    I'm really very thankful to youuuuuu..
    Thank you so much..🤗🤗

  • Nicola Tomlin says:

    Do you write anything

  • leila kalantari says:

    I love the video, I am going to try morning pages!!!

  • give up I won't says:

    I like this video and the content of the video. That's great.

  • rashika rajan says:

    Awwwww….one million is not too far💖😎

  • 刘金玲 says:

    Hey there, this is the first episode I choose to watch ( after recommend from Jenney Mustard). Definitely agree with you. I have been writing journal for long , using 5 minutes journal & Evernote as well. One question here: What do you do about these journal/diary’s? Do you ever read them again? Thank you.

  • I should do my homework says:

    Does it have to be three pages or can it be more?

  • Steph Valladares says:

    Any advice on Morning vs evening?

  • Kassie René says:

    Dont know if this question been asked before.. but does it have to be written like as soon as i wake up like before i get ready for work? Or i can do it on the bus on my way to work? On weekends, ill be more relaxed in bed with my laptop, but on weekdays i cant. Id really like to do this. Im such an anxious and stressed person, that would totally help

  • Idk says:

    I reall needed this, I wrote 9 pages without thinking much

  • Mozzie says:

    Hey anybody watching this I have a question is it ok to write even more after your finished your daily morning pages just to add more thoughts or no?

  • Ori Shahar says:

    wow, i do this in classes when boredom takes over
    i didn’t know it has a name…

  • Roxana de la Cruz says:

    Empecé a hacer este ejercicio hace unas semanas y estoy muy feliz de haberlo intentado 😊 No escribo sobre mí misma sino que estoy haciendo el borrador de una novela, que por ahora, voy por el capítulo 5 📝 ¡Gracias por subir esta genial idea! Saludos 👋

  • H kaur says:

    This is so inspiring I will definitely do this 👌👍

  • Dia Rajpal says:

    Who’s here from Natalie

  • Maya Kara says:

    Thank uu

  • Michelle May B, Zesty Girl says:

    Morning Pages in just three months has cured years of crippling anxiety.. I have just created a video on my channel about it!! I LOVE MORNING PAGES!!!

  • Renee Raw says:

    I love morning pages! Mel Robbins calls this “brain dump”. It’s the same thing, just a different name. I’ve uncovered a lot of internal feelings, thoughts, dreams, etc. just by using this one daily habit. Thx for your video!

  • laura says:

    i am so afraid that someone might read them tho…

  • Lizbelle says:

    I love the morning page concept! Unfortunately I only have time to do this on the weekends because of work but I'm always really excited to do it ☺️🌸

  • Quinn Fuca says:

    Hi Lavendaire… I've started my morning pages routine this morning and had to dig pretty deep to fill in page 2-3… Does the size of the notebook matter? I am just using a standard 8.5×11 ring binder notebook… I guess it's like working out it wasn't easy and I've had moments where I had to pause simply because I rant out of thoughts, I mean, that's pretty normal, right?

  • A Cyrus says:

    Thank you dear, this video truely changed my life…I wrote my heart out and felt so light. I overcame all my struggles cause of this morning pages.

  • SOPHIE KIM says:

    I'm reading it now and writing morning pages everyday 🙂

  • Qonita Sadewo says:

    thank you so much for the bahasa indonesia sub i appreciate it ☺️

  • Juliette T Lin says:

    I'm reading through The Artist's Way for the second time and just uploaded my first video on it 🙂 Love your video! The morning pages are a tool that I plan to take with me throughout my entire creative journey.

  • Mina Sobhy says:

    Can I do it on my phone?

  • A K says:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this morning journal idea.. I absolutely love it and it’s my favourite part of the day.. it feels so good to admit things in a book that you couldn’t admit in front of yourself let alone others. I can find privacy to write in my journal without anyone hovering over me only if I wake up early in the morning so it also motivates me to wake up early every single day.. You are the best ❤️

  • Mary Bucklew says:

    You should mention Julia Cameron, the creator of morning pages.

  • Fluffy says:

    Handwriting it is, just can’t write on computer🤔

  • روز says:

    شكرا للترجمة العربيه

  • terryjism says:

    How do you do this when you don’t want anyone to read it

  • Diontae Daughtry says:

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

  • Bharat Sharma says:

    I type thousands of words every day but it's been ages since I wrote anything longhand.
    Now, if I write 750 words, my hand will get a heart attack.
    I am giving it a try but currently, I am only writing one page per day.

  • Theng Y says:

    Do you still do this?

  • Beautiful styles says:

    You have really inspired me. My life is so much easier, I love myself, I have very few insecurities and I’m happy and healthy. All thanks to you and your wonder podcast and YouTube videos. Life changing❤️

  • Patricia says:

    Does it have to be positive?

  • Micah Revenant says:

    I did morning pages in November last year, and I picked it back up in August. 😊

    I've been doing morning pages for two months now, and this video also inspired me to start a collection of composition notebooks for my morning pages after my current notebook is full. 😊

    I only have about 14 pages to go until I start my new notebook. 🙂

  • شهودتي Sh says:

    Thank you for translating this video and this ❤️❤️❤️helped me a lot

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