• Modellbau Pitter says:

    Where is the devils fiddler (Paganini)? Where is "the king Dances" (Lully)?

  • P Belgazo says:

    The number of mediocre classical music films is staggering! The worst are probably the American films about the life of composers. They are either awfully sentimental or historically wrong. True "classical music" movies are rare. Most of the time, music is just a pretext for something else…often uninteresting love affair or worst (sordid sex scenes like in LA PIANISTE with Isabelle Huppert). The sex life of composers is rarely interesting! Most of the time, in those movies, music is secondary when it should be central. I do not mean that a movie about (not only « with ») classical music has to become a concert, but it has to focus on the many aspects that are related to the music production, the creativity, the interpretation, the ideas of the composers and many other things.

    "LE VIOLON ROUGE" is a good film althought not really a classical music film as I just defined.
    "TOUS LES MATINS DU MONDE" is close too perfection. Its focus is really "classical music" but it is partly spoiled by saddening and unpleasant "sex scenes". The real interest of the movie is the attempt to define the "essence" of music and the chaotic relationship between Marin Marin and Ste-Colombe.

    No film on Chopin is really good! Well….maybe IMPROMPTU. Hugh Grant embodies a credible Chopin faithful enough to his "aristocratic" character, but the movie is not without weakness. The main problem is that of manners, attitudes and reactions of the comedians that are those of today!!! What is lacking is the aristocratic "ethos" of the 19th century.

    THE COMPETITION is truly a classical music film because it gives a good idea of ​​the tensions between pianists and the challenges involved in international competitions. It shows that this kind of film is possible and can be very interesting.

    "VITUS" is a lovely film…I watched it many times and always with pleasure but even if there is classical music it remains is secondary to the plot.

    "THE GREAT MR HANDEL" is totally outdated! It would be very interesting to make another one.

    FARINELLI is o.k. but could have been better given the subject of castrati was never treated before in cinema.

  • BytomGirl says:

    I adore N.16, The Accompanist, beautiful  and sad film, Pragnienie Milosci (N2) doesn't accurately portray Chopin's Life but it's a nicely made film

  • ZeinaSereia10 says:

    A beautiful movie that involves classical music is Canone Inverso.

  • Manuel Joshua Taquichiri Torrico says:

    Nice one!

  • TheMoodKiller RF says:

    Could you share a link for Vitus? Can't be found anywhere.

  • santorini says:

    where is Le violon rouge ?

  • jegraham440 says:

    Thank you very much for his list.  You might also have included Beyond Silence and Tous les Matins du Monde.

  • Phamie says:

    I'm trying to search for a movie that this little girl found a dress and these two old ladies tell a story about a composer they loved one was a ballet dancer and the other did ballet or sing can you help me find the movie I'm talking about

  • Shabrina Alyani says:

    thank you so much for the list!

  • Victor Besteiro says:

    Thank you very much for such interesting list, great job 

  • Jessica Rae says:

    I remember watching some of these movies in my music class when I was in grade 3, I liked them a lot. I do not remember which movies they were, but I am sure, if I liked those ones, then. Well, I will like any of these ones now!

  • longtalker says:

    I cannot being to thank you for the wonderful effort you've made putting this list together – it is MEGA useful, as I was about to set out to create such a list myself!

  • Lichul Meursault says:

    thank you for the list…

  • Andreea says:

    Thank you! I sent you a message 🙂

  • kelkiewyn says:

    I was so happy to find this list, thinking that I would be able to watch some of them online. Is that possible?

  • Andreea says:

    Great! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  • Erik Valdemar Sköld - Composer says:

    Then there is "Bride of the wind" and "Le Roi Danse" and "Mahler" ^^

  • Andreea says:

    Thanks! 🙂 Well, I found a list on Wikipedia with the movie titles so that wasn't so hard, but getting the posters for the movies took some time.

  • Teo HuiTing says:

    This is super cool! You must have spent a lot of time putting all these together…

  • Andreea says:

    Thank you! I did too 🙂

  • ThomasAndersenPiano says:

    Great!!:) I have seen a couple of these! Did enjoy Copying Beethoven alot!:)

  • Andreea says:

    Finally someone commented! I'm glad you liked them.

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