Museum in about 3 minutes

Museum in about 3 minutes

Kia Ora Koutou and welcome to museum in about three minutes it is a game for two to four players there is no solo mode (there is one in the KS exclusives) playing times around 20 minutes per player it’s a moderately complex game Dateline: 1900 and the great imperial powers are busy collecting the treasures of the world to house in their great museums all over the world Western archaeologists are uncovering relics and artifacts in faraway lands in order to bring them home to entertain an adoring public you are the curator of one of these museums riding the wave of growing public interest in the world can you build the greatest collection of relics of the world or will public opinion turn against you, branding you as nothing more than a tomb robber you will if you have the most points at the end of the game the game ends a turn after one player passes 50 points points are earned from having collections of objects completing, secret goals, and filling your museum and you lose points due to negative public opinion competitive: only one player can have the most prestigious museum drafting: each turn you will gain new
objects from the board set collection: objects earn more points when collected in sets each turn is split into two main phases, the exploration phase and the action phase in the exploration phase and get new objects to add to your hand there are two objects for each region available and the active player must select one to keep each other player can then select an object in turn or pass and for each player that selected an object the active player gets one prestige token next comes the action phase which is only for the active player the most common action to take is a furbish action which allows you to add objects to your museum each object has a value shown on its top left corner To put an object in your museum you must discard cards of equal or greater value, you can also spend prestige you can add as many objects to your collection as you can afford you can also add cards to your museum from your discard and other players can add cards from your discard to their museum by paying the cost to your discard and giving you one prestige they can only do that on their action turn the other main action is to refill your hand from your discard pile to seven cards for each object you placed in your museum advance your score marker when you pass one of these markers collect the favor card they are cards you can play in your turn for powerful bonuses you also recruit experts paying their cost and adding them to your museum and finally you can arrange your collections to score the most points your collections need to be lined up well here they’re not, but if we move them around the Celtic cards are all together the navigation domain cards are together and the warfare cards are together creating three distinct collections after you are done replace the drafted cards and if any are public opinion cards add a public opinion market to that region cards in your discard at the end of the game from this region will lose you points and at the beginning of the first player’s turn draw a headline card and resolve its effects why would you like this game? the core gameplay of museum is really straightforward draft cards and build collections and that makes it a game that’s really easy to teach but it’s also really satisfying to build a collection up, to snap up an object you need from someone else’s discards and there’s a genuine sense of completion there’s also a bit more interaction than some other set collection games due to the ability to go after people’s discards The collection goals give you a good steer from the start of the game and the favor cards give the game a shake up from time to time the best thing about this game is the art it’s just stunning from top to bottom this is one of my favourite games in terms of overall presentation it’s just wonderful however, the taking of cultural treasures, or Tāonga from around the world into colonial powers museums is a troubling topic for many so if you find that a sensitive topic this game might not be for you and we also found some combinations of secret objectives were exceptionally powerful together we ruled that you can’t keep two objectives solely focused on the same civilization you want to build a collection but books are more your thing try ex-libris and if you like history and set collection there’s also seven Wonders Museum an artwork in my personal collection if you enjoyed this video like it subscribe to the channel and support us on patreon


  • 3 Minute Board Games says:

    So, I picked this up second hand at a convention without knowing anything about it and its become one of my favourite new games of 2019. I thought with it going back to kickstarter, i'd put out a video as well. Great wee game, not sure it needs all the extra stuff the kickstarter comes with and we haven't used any of the expansion stuff. Haven't felt the need to honestly.

  • 3 Minute Board Games says:

    I am away and out of touch for the next few days. So will not be replying to any comments until the weekend. Go hug a loved one for me, you never know when you won't be able to again. Kia Kaha everyone.

  • :: DRAFT :: Társasjáték vlog says:

    Sadly it's totally out of stock in the EU… 🙁

  • Adam Kecskes says:

    Nice touch with the old-timey voice over at the start!

    I bought Museum for my sister who is an art history major and loves museums. This game is great in so many ways. Fantastic art, interesting player interaction, and the set collection is challenging (but not overwhelming!). I have all of the expansions (part of the KS campaign), but have yet to play with any of them because the base game is so complete.

  • Ryan Jameson says:

    Waka taua! Wow, a board game that actually gets a piece of Maori culture correct… Oh it's being stolen by a museum. Dammit. Perhaps we can pretend our museum is Te Papa and the Waka was given by the local Iwi?

  • Hairy Dongle says:

    It certainly looks aesthetically stunning and your top advice it is a must buy! I quite like the fact it is about acquiring cultural artefacts, not because I approve but just to illustrate how museums once opperated.

  • Marc Alderman says:

    We love this one. Discovered it at UKGE earlier this year after missing the kickstarter and am now well on board for the new 2nd edition upgrade. I understand that the second edition has some scoring tweaks here and there.

  • Antonio Vistcoatis says:

    I like the intro to sound like the 20s-30s radio. Have you ever heard about the "transatlantic" accent? It is that unusual accent people spoke in movies and on the radio in the US in the 20-40s. Anyway great review, as a former Archaeologist I do find the idea of plundering cultural treasures and items by Western culture not OK. However, this is just a board game and it seems mechanically fun, will have to give it a whirl!

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