Musician Birthdays – 6/30/2018

Musician Birthdays - 6/30/2018

well it has been a hell of a week for musicians birthdays starting with Miss Carly Simon Carly Simon one of the quintessential singer songwriters of the 70s she's responsible for I think perhaps the most ingenious choruses in pop history you know which course I'm talking about right and don't worry Wikipedia assures me that it isn't about our hero James Taylor who in my experience isn't the least bit vain but rather a different fellow who may or may not have played the role of Dick Tracy and who definitely thinks this song is about him walked in to the party like you walk into my god you had strategically dips below the Scarborough's apricot you had one you watch yourself to vomit and all the girls dream that they to be your partner baby your partner your ass okay you probably think this is about you I bet you'd make this song oh you have me several years ago oh you say that we made such a pretty pair that you would never but you gave one of them was me I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee cars in my car probably think the Sun is advised you your soul I bet you think this song is it but I mean it is right he thought of him paying tribute to the gated Carly Simon well would you look at that time for our birthday double Audra McDonald and Richard Rogers Audra McDonald and Richard Rodgers which means another exciting installment of Serena teaches Chris about musical theater take it away Serena Audra Audra McDonald who was just here at Tanglewood a few short days ago yes she is a living legend I personally like to think of her as the Meryl Streep of musical theater she's won six Tony's she is the queen she's the queen and we're doing a tune that she's saying in a show by Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers would have been 118 this week he composed nine hundred songs forty-three musicals and this is a song from carousel that he wrote called mr. snow the flowers will be pausing with the harpies the birds of mega rocket in the Churchill trees mr. and a little dreamy I arrived into a cottage on the side and I'll be as me and he'll set me on my feet and I'll say even try to sweet well mr. snow Here I am No [Applause] I've seen a book as RJ McDonald as carry piperidine Richard Rodgers and Hammerstein's carousel Thank You Serena oh man Kenny Baker Kenny Baker anyone anyone know one for Kelly what can you tell me about about Kenny Baker we all know Kenny Baker Kenny Baker was the guy who was inside r2d2 in the movie star wars but this week it was the birthday of a much much taller Kenny Baker Kenny Baker the fiddler who played with Bill Monroe for many years he had the longest running ten year out of any of the bluegrass boy Fiddler's and Bill Monroe would introduce him on stage is the best in bluegrass and his interpretations of the classic Monroe tunes really kind of set the standard he elevated the fiddle to a whole new level of virtuosity we'll play one of his real big hits this one's called Jerusalem ridge [Applause] how about Gabe Witcher plan that Kenny Beck is version of Jerusalem bridge thank you so much for that too and Kenny and we'll polish off this birthday segment with the fellow who I believe to be one of the greatest songwriters alive mr. Sufjan Stevens it's sooo fianc Perth day week his relentless pursuit of beauty he's straight-up changed the game for my generation with records like Illinois and Carrie and Lowell here's one from Age of odds if you haven't checked that record out lately give it a spin it is eating well this is track 10 do yourself a favor below me to be to be well I want to be well I want to be want to be well I want to be well I want to be loved to be well I want to be well I want to be well you to be quite idea want to be how about these extraordinary very happy birthday soon happy birthday all of you extraordinary musicians out there [Applause]


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