MUSICIAN REACTS | Baekhyun – "UN Village" Reaction & Review

MUSICIAN REACTS | Baekhyun - "UN Village" Reaction & Review

what's up bill keep up man how's it going you beautiful beautiful dreamers I hope you're doing wonderful wherever you are in the world in this episode we're gonna be checking out Peck Hyun's brand-new release that he just released yesterday on village un village something's weird and I just realized what it is I do not have my headphones on okay now I do and I can hear myself not that I can't hear myself without them but yes so you guys before we get into it I just wanted to say we had an awesome time the other day I think it was Saturday we did a live stream over on Twitch checked out a bunch of different kpop stuff I screamed for like a little over three hours of just reacting to live kpop stuff so I'm J pop stuff some G rock stuff we had a good time and if you guys want to check those out if you ever want to join us for some live reactions make sure you go over to our Twitch there's a link down in the description you can follow us over there also follow us on Twitter too because I'll usually like if I have time at like a random time in the day I'll jump on Twitter and say hey man I'm gonna stream in 20 minutes or something like that or I'll let you know way ahead of time so make sure you guys follow us on there again all those links are down in the description so we have a cool little thingy thing that pops up here it's purple and it flips and on the flip side of that is our patreon page so if you want to support the page you guys we don't really get any money from YouTube 100% honest with you and in order for us to keep doing this we need some kind of income to do it I like doing it I love doing it for fun but in all honesty we have very limited time magazine I so we need to take routes that are financially hmm in our best interest I'll say the patreon is something that really helps us out and helps us continue to do this stuff so my name is you guys without any further ado let's dive into PEC Yun's un village or on village I'm not sure which it is right now let me know if you're diggin the jacket Maggie got it for me as a surprise because I really like this jacket and I was waiting forever for it to go on sale and finally it was 60% off yeah 60% off I don't know man I just think it looks nice anyways let's get into it very cool I like the shuffle on the drums they're a little bit back you know a little behind the beat but I love that sample too that was going on there anywhere everywhere anywhere he's so handsome makes me jealous I love that just one hit of the hi-hat there's like this is damn good Maggie that's really good really soulful vocal I like how he's kind of laid-back in this you know he's doing some sexy little soulful things but it's kind of laying it back and the music has such a dark vibe to it it's kind of like a mysterious dark thing going on Kelly you and me relax a chiller dude that's cool ooh the reverb on those claps of sick well let's go under get started formula you invent legit really you guys notice that there's a little bit of a chill hop vibe genre wise in this it's not totally chill hop but you got a little bit of those elements there like you got that organ going on there like that jazzy Keys thing going on you got the drums that are kind of like a little behind the beat they've got like a shuffling groove that was a really cool song I liked it and honestly to me in the beginning I wasn't sure what was gonna go because it almost sounded kind of heavy in a way this sample here now another thing if you listen closely that you hear in chill hopper lo-fi is they'll use and I've spoken about this before but basically there's a way to sample the noise or a lot of times you can just find effects that kind of give you this to make it sound like it's being played through a record player through vinyl which gives it that warmth you know you hear like some crackling sounds you know that's what vinyl kind of has that warmth the cracks like you hear little pops and cracks and stuff it just gives it life you know and a very popular thing you'll hear it in every chill hop song or lo-fi but you can hear it here but the sample that's being played here it sounds like a sample to me not exactly sure what it is because it's so distorted but it sounds really heavy to me it sounds Nine Inch Nails II to me and I really feel like EXO I've said this before in the past too every once in a while some influence of that industrial style that Nine Inch Nails style which I really love so I was really excited when I was here in this it's so cool also if you listen closely right here to a little bit of that jazz organ going on there – just slightly just a little tiny bit get that synth bass going on there really bouncy and again kind of warm sounding also if you guys notice that the base is really locking up with that kick drum even though the drums are a little behind every time not every time but it's just about every time the kick drum hits there's a bass note being played to a whole note which I love that when that happens it just it's a nice vibe man it gives a really nice vibe and I love that back Young's not overdoing his vocals he's doing some really beautiful things but he's not like he's not like trying to push or anything like at no point in this song can I remember him doing like some crazy stuff you know what I mean he's really like suiting the song really well which I appreciate as a vocalist I think it's important to know when to go crazy with your vocals or like guitar solo you know or just like play it with the song you know do what fits the song best and right there with his vocal to that melody that he did right there it's got a little bit of a jazz feeling there's a nice little run that he does right here it's again he I feel like he plays it very easy like it sounds like it's an easy thing I love that mani and he does it really quiet you know he's almost like whispering kind of singing that um it gives it a very personal vibe and he's singing so light in the chorus as well you know you know it's very very light very very light singing I love it man I just think it sounds really pretty you know what else sounds really pretty fried chicken cuz she's dumping it into the oil right now so that means I gotta go but no no no don't be sorry no it's a really good song I love checking it out man if there is a comeback stage to it I will react to it and it will be on patreon well anyways ladies a gentleman dreamer verse if you enjoyed this make sure you give us a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't subscribed already sorry I went a little nerdy there talking about some stuff I like doing that though it's fun to me and that's really what I like to do with reacting I like to review with the music I just don't always have a ton of time to do that but I really like this song so I had to say some things about it hopefully you enjoyed it if you did let me know in the comments and share it with your friends dreamers keep on dreaming we'll see you in the next video I'm gonna go eat some fried chicken that Maggie's cooking up for me for us and until then bye


  • Dream Yume Entertainment says:

    Let us know what you think about the song & did you listen to the whole album yet? Which song is your favorite? I love the whole album so much. – Maggie

  • Oh Eonnie says:

    rnb music

  • Apena sativafitri says:

    Please reaction to baekhyun mini album… Diamond,stay up,psycho,ice queen,betcha..🙏😭😭😭 its masterpiece…amazingg🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cosmic Railway says:

    baekhyun was originally recommended by his entertainment to choose ice queen for the title track but he chose un village instead because he wants to challenge himself and show the public how versatile he is (south korea already used to his ballad singing self). and i think he's successful for choosing this! a lot of people are loving it and the whole album. he's the first solo artist since 2004 (15 years ago) that could sell above 400,000 physical album sales ❤

    eventhough the korean music chart is full house right now dominated by digital monsters such as heize, ben and other solo artists, baekhyun managed to debut at #5 and managed his position well so yeah it's being received well by the general public

  • Bailee Walsh says:

    I saw a translation on twitter of something Baekhyun said during an Instagram live. According to that, the sounds in the beginning of the song are elephant noises.
    I LOVE this album! It's exactly my taste! I think my favorite song is Ice Queen, but it's SO HARD to choose!

  • cutie bae says:

    Do react on un village live at kbskpop!

  • tracy chan says:

    In the song,BAEKHYUN wants to take a girl to relax and chill under the moon at UN village hill.In the last scene,there are 9 tables meaning of 9 members of EXO.Baekhyun was on the middle of the table.its like the spotlight of his first own solo debut.BAEKHYUN is a truly vocal king.HE is killing me softly with this song .i am dying.hahaha

  • will bbh says:

    Baekhyun 💕 thanks for the reaction 🙏

  • Orange Tan says:

    Thanks for supporting baekhyun 😉

  • Suzieana Uda Nagu says:

    I love this reaction! Thanks for mentioning that it sounds lo-fi to you because I love lo-fi!! TBH, I prefer listening to the song without the MV because I guess being an EXO fan for so long, I expect to be entertained with dancing and stuff when I see their MV hahaha. Baekhyun himself said that he likes playing this song when he drives and walks by the Han River. Which means it's one of those songs that you can appreciate much better audially. If you have time, check out his entire album. My personal favourite is Betcha. BTW, please don't apologise for the frying noise. I loved that! Reaction vids need to be raw sometimes ☺

  • K-DAN says:


  • Katie Ahn says:

    Longtime no see❤️ thanks for lovely reaction exo 👍🏻

  • juji dela rama says:

    the jacket looks nice 😎

  • Najazam Najazam says:

    The whole album is so good👌👍😘 fave song ..🙄its hard to choose..i think i enjoy all songs there😅..sorry..
    Oh.. thanks for this..and the fried chicken…makes me hungry😁suddenly

  • aiforus says:

    U N Village is an actual place in Korea. It is a section in Seoul with that city's most expensive luxury apartments. This is what this video's theme is around……

  • BAEK LAM says:

    Baekhyun 🤤💕

  • Hawraa’ says:

    The album is fire 🔥😍

  • HopeMin's Girl says:

    Here's the live stage for this song

  • Asli Danny says:

    Whole album is amazing, i love this style so much

  • Inalusa변 says:

    The album is perfect…as the stage…I so damn love it

  • Respect VIPS.. Yah BAEKHYUN says:

    "He's so handsome, makes me jealous"😂😂 I feel you

  • Da Monster Reaction says:

    I think BAEKHYUN had some fun making this music video because you can really see and feel how much he enjoyed himself with the vocals

  • frenzied nf says:

    I love whole album. All songs are good 😍

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