Musician Reacts: Lisa (Blackpink) – Swalla Dance 2.0 in Bangkok *shiver*

Musician Reacts: Lisa (Blackpink) - Swalla Dance 2.0 in Bangkok *shiver*

oh my god I'm gonna die this is going to kill me there's no way I survived what is going on guys today we're finally coming in here with a little bit of black tank well blah the AK pink is still not around yet this is just gonna be a little bonus video that I wanted to I just couldn't wait to react to this thing anymore I saw that Lisa came out with her second choreo force Walla and I've watched the first one maybe like seven hundred thirty nine thousand times something around there so I just gotta see what's going on warning there may be drool all over my shirt by the end of this it's also really hot in here today it's like 95 degrees outside so it could be sweat combination of sweat and drool I'm gonna shower as soon as I wash this probably cold shower anyway I love Lisa she was my bias for like three years until the record just came trancing in and just took over today it's about Lisa today it is about my girl Lisa the kpop dancing queen herself I can't wait to watch this thing it's only a minute and a half that's why I'm making it a bonus video don't worry they're still gonna be three other videos coming out this week if you guys could get this video up to let's say 1500 views with a hundred fifty likes then I'll jump on here next with the unhelpful guide 2019 version for black pink I have been saying I really want to get to black pig on this station on this channel they are my favorite kpop girl group and I just I'm realizing now that there's so much I haven't seen I haven't seen the black pink Diaries or black big house or it's just a bunch of live performances there's all kinds of stuff I haven't even seen the Loser live performance so like I've seen a little clips of it from the old OH on helpful guide but I don't I won't watch the whole thing so anyway point is let's watch Lisa just be her badass dancing self and just warming I should put a bucket under my mouth go the black hair – like I saw pictures of this on Instagram the other day and I was just like oh my god I don't even know I don't know how I feel about it yet I'm just gonna start this over she's she's goddess you know and um you're not supposed to look directly into a goddess I assume it's probably like the Sun right burn your eyes out so uh sorry I'll try not to break any more but she's just just looking at it's just it's too much she's too much she's got such a nice snap to her moves you know look at her she's doing like three different kinds of twerking just to start the song off she knows that all of the pervy 30 year old men like me are out here just drooling all over ourselves she's leaning right into it that's why I like her that's my girl right there man she might have to make her way back into my bias I don't know see I want to talk about how great of dancer is but I feel like it goes without saying you know like she's I've never once been disappointed when I'm watching her dance and this performance included like she's just so on point oh my god I feel like I shouldn't look but she's not sure she knows again she knows she got one of the things I noticed about our dancing is she's really good at making her knees like bend inwards and then back out again like it always looks so smooth the backup dancers are actually pretty good too it's so short it's so short it's a that's why I've watched the other one nearly a million times Wow so that was Lisa cut we're good she's a fantastic dancer she's super hot she's just an all-around perfect person and I love her English accent too and she couldn't rap like it's nobody's business man this is why I want to get more black Fink on the channel because I'm just like I am obsessive a little bit obsessive with them I've intentionally held off on certain things because I just I don't want to blow through all of their stuff and then have nothing left to see anymore you know but like that's worked out really well for me at this point because I have a channel known I put that stuff on here so you guys watch it with me anyway Lisa you're my girl I love you like comment subscribe down here like I said fifteen hundred views hundred 50 likes get some more black pink up here ASAP have a good one guys peace


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