Musicians Emanate Weekly… Get up to date quickly and don't miss out….

Musicians Emanate Weekly... Get up to date quickly and don't miss out....

well this is Scott with us Sarasota it's July 14th sunny day in Florida and this channel is dedicated to emanate emanate is really a revolution for musicians if you are a musician or you collaborate with musicians or if you just like to listen to great music like and subscribe to this channel I'm gonna do my best to keep everyone up to date and what is going on with emanate there's been so much just this week I'm gonna just pick some highlights and my goal each week is just to kind of review some of the highlights and some of the important information just to keep you dialed in before we do that let's check out a new artist it's going to be listed on the initial alpha platform which would be a listening platform these are signature artists that have already signed on with emanate this is Martyn but rich and Guti in a song called new game on the rhythm assault album this is just a short demo just a short clip definitely check this out here goes Wow guys if that is any evidence of what emanate platforms gonna sound like that's a big sound hey if you get a chance just check it out check out the demo and again this is not the actual website this is just a demonstration it shows some of the signature artists that will be up on the the site at launch during the Alpha launch and it also shows how they're going to get paid there's a little window down at the bottom that shows how the musicians are getting paid automatically as their music is actually streaming so it's pretty amazing I've got the link below for M&A demo the next video is from king friendly and I've got his link below it's part 5 he's been taking a deep dive into M&A checkout just a short clip it's gonna be the alpha release this is in 2019 and it's going to focus on onboarding as many users as possible to use eminates platform friendly again it's a five-part series one through five deep dive into emanate next is a quick snippet of Kevin damp Kanaan music block if you want to know how to sign up to get one of these new accounts when they roll out Kevin shows you how he's a musician just check out this video if you are an artist a record label or anyone who has songs right now anyone who has music right now this video is gonna be extremely important for you it's gonna be kind of testing some of these things out and I think that's some really good information on how to get signed up and get your free account next here's an article I want to steer you to this was put out I think Monday and this is clinic who is an artist himself and he's got a very nice review of M&A but what is especially and lightning is this attention to what a musician currently makes on iTunes Spotify Google player Deezer as far as every dollar that a musician generates off their work how much the musician actually gets it's pretty pathetic and then you know basically this if you're an Apple music you need to have about two hundred and seventy two thousand plays to earn a u.s. monthly minimum wage salary on Apple music so that is pretty doesn't say much for the artists compensation and here he breaks down emanate what you would actually get out of every dollar you get eighty five cents off each dollar goes to the actual musician the creator and then 15 cents of that dollar goes to the actual stakeholders like myself or like you that actually if you held an emt and you were part of the Mt can emanate ecosystem you would make 15 cents the musicians would make or whoever's involved with the ecosystem would make the 15 cents of every dollar and again the musician would make 85 percent so that's the way it should be I think this is a fantastic review definitely check it out it's on medium and I've got the link posted below next is what I think is interesting this came out and it's a Spotify criticism of Spotify I know everyone knows who spotted what Spotify is but there was an ad that they put out which is danced like nobody's pain add and this was and Spotify actually came it put out there and it really made some musicians pretty upset you can see on the tweet of people responding to it and you know basically what a Spotify employee makes per year this is Blake Morgan and then David Lowry comments on it a lot of artists were not happy with this and so it just kind of shows some of the discontent I'll show you another article that just came out here this is the music business world showing how songwriters are quote unquote getting stiffed on live music royalties and and this is a great review op-ed on how little musicians are making so obviously that's where emanate would come in and kind of turn this whole legacy industry upside down which shout out to EOS sphere if you're an EOS holder you involved in M&A make sure you voting for EOS fear they are really involved with supporting anyone that's building on the EOS blockchain for example here you can see they're helping with a new blockchain q main love dot IO which is a charity they're working with dice one which is also an EOS decentralized app and they are working to raise money for charity and they are also very important to emanate and are involved and very very involved with supporting emanate and helping them along the way so make sure you do vote or that your your proxy is voting for us fear last just heads up a quick shout out I will be doing a deep dive into the m88 which is an article posted on medium and we'll be taking a deep dive into that and I've got a musician that's in Wisconsin Adam Johnson who will be joining me for that podcast and I'll try to get these out weekly that's it dial it to emanate make sure that you do the new artist registration that's really important and get involved if you are musician make sure that emanate is part of your future


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