Musicians, Listen To Your Bodies! (Preventing Injuries)

Musicians, Listen To Your Bodies! (Preventing Injuries)

hey everybody John J berry here I was planning on actually doing a playing video for you guys for this week but unfortunately for me I've been noticing that I've been having some pain in my wrist so I figured it'd be a great time to talk to you guys and all the fellow musicians that I know I'm out there and maybe searching on YouTube about listening to our bodies and potential injuries as you guys may know already I'm a professional guitar player and I play mainly in New York City and these past couple weeks have been very fortunate for me because I've had a lot of work picked up a few private students I've been gigging a lot and just the repetitive motion of playing guitar I've been noticing some some discomfort in my wrist a little bit in the right wrist mostly in my left wrist and I don't really know what it's from I don't know if it was because I've been carrying gear around Midtown a lot I don't know if it was because maybe I hurt myself lifting some weights at the gym it could be from the repetitive motion of playing the guitar but either way there was some discomfort first thought in my head was oh I don't want to really hurt myself here because if I really hurt myself it's gonna really hinder me being able to play and make money I noticed this little injury while I was in the middle of a run of a musical in the New York Music Festival no hesitant and the first thing I did was I mentioned something in my good friend Billy smullin who was playing bass at the gig at the time and I was like oh man I'm having some discomfort in my wrist and his first word of advice was I just take it easy you know and obviously I knew that when I was there I had to do the job so I would kind of fight through the discomfort but when I went home there was absolutely no practicing for me the only other time I played was when I was trying to show one of my students something but even then I was trying to keep it really light on myself the day I'm recording this is Monday it was Saturday night was the last show I had of this musical so yesterday it was Sunday at the time that I'm recording this and yesterday I just spent all day in wrist brace icing 20 minutes at a time just trying I mean fortunately for me I didn't notice any swelling I just knew that I didn't want to make it worse as a musician a carpenter a weightlifter whatever you do in life your body is your main tool to do what you have to do to make your money to be social to live your life really so the best thing we could possibly do is to make sure we are at a hundred and ten percent as best as we can so when your body is telling you something like egg ow you know listen to it and and try to accommodate your injury there was nothing I wanted to do more yesterday than play my guitar was finally a first free day I wanted to make a video for you guys I wanted to shed I wanted to practice I wanted to rip some guitar solos I even was going on Instagram and YouTube and watching people play and I was like this is driving me insane even down to a picture I sort of Steve Vai on vacation it's like he's playing his guitar and I'm like of course even Steve Vai where he is on vacation gets the play guitar and I'm sitting at home icing my wrist even though it was very hard for me to do I think it was probably the best thing I could have done for myself because today I woke up feeling a lot better there was no pain when I moved my wrist I don't have to wear this right now I'm just taking extra precaution airy measures I got to play a little bit today and it felt great it wasn't like any hour in the wrist area which makes me feel that what I did was awesome the advil I took the ice I put on my wrist and just the overall rest definitely did heal me there are many times I've heard music directors tell vocalists you know save it for the show save for the show you know don't waste don't put it all out and hurt yourself in a rehearsal or by yourself in your room alone when you have a job to do later that day and I think it's really important to remember that playing music no matter what you do whether you sing whether you play the drums or you play guitar you play bass you play violin you play Lieut these are all things that are taxing on the body this is not a normal at rest position for somebody this is not a normal at rest position this is not a normal at rest position so all these things put stress and where especially with the repetitiveness of playing you know think about if you're a guitarist like me it's like you know a lot of it's coming from the right wrist right here if you're a righty and the left wrist right here is always moving there's a lot of a lot of tension going on and I'm talking even with proper guitar technique there is still a lot going on in your body and sometimes it means rest so for any other musician out there going through what I went through and maybe having a little bit of a panic or anxiety attack is that like oh no I feel pain I don't want it to get worse I love playing music help help help what do I do in my alone you were not alone this happens you know repetitive motion leaves a little bit of you know ouch ouch ouch without any form of rest so my advice to you is take it easy at least give yourself a day catch up on some TV shows use that Netflix use that Hulu app you know what I'm saying go watch your favorite shows your favorite movies a little bit of TLC towards your body will go a long way in the future and I just wanted to put something out so people didn't think that I fell off the face of the earth I'm probably gonna do something again tomorrow not something super wanky like I wanted to do but something a little bit mellow just to get back in there and kind of keep myself on that down spiral of relaxing because next week picks up a lot more Giga CH which is kind of cool but I don't want to go into that like I so thank you guys for listening to my little talk my little John talk and I hope this was helpful for anybody else cuz I remember when it was happening to me during the week and especially yesterday there were moments in my head where I was like oh my goodness is this permanent even though you know you're gonna heal up and it's gonna go away I mean knock on wood I don't want to jinx myself here but you know it's still something that goes through your head so hopefully me tell on you that it is going to be okay kind of calms your nerves a little bit thanks so much everybody I will see you again during this week in another playing video because thankfully this thing isn't really needed for me right now but I just wanted to take some precautionary measures thanks everybody see you soon

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  • Jodes says:

    Usually the fretting of complex chords or fast finger movements in a closed position cause irritation. Def ice ur wrist and do stretches

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