Musicians On Fire Davao TV – Episode 004 – "More than this" – Broadcast

Musicians On Fire Davao TV -  Episode 004 - "More than this" - Broadcast

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] hello to all of you watching here in Davao City all over the Philippines and across the planet welcome to another online episode of musician Sunfire Davao my name is songs and I am Ken yes we are now on our fourth episode of providing multimedia content that is in line with MOF Davao submission horrifying and shame the love of God through the fellowship of music that's right and it's just amazing how three weeks have gone past so quickly but even more amazing is all that MOF novels experienced during these three weeks to all of you have already subscribed to this channel or have been liking and sharing our content posted on our Facebook piece we sincerely thank you and appreciate your continuous support as a simple gesture yet sincere show of our appreciation we will now show and read some of your comments from last week's here are some of the comments received from Errol cornelia awesome all glory to God from mom EJ to God be the glory yes mom EJ all glory is from Alexander can Yeti I'll buy this if available yes Alexander please watch out for our succeeding episodes we will share with everybody on how to buy a breakthrough album thank you from Jay Paul John Gonzaga in became aminos a new mama sauce anomaly recopy running a song Pelayo O'Hagan god bless – insulin from Party City Davao Oriental just John we will release the rest of the lyric videos during the official album launch of breakthrough so watch out for that from Rome acts gravity to the people multiple partner on bucola upon earrings carol it to go a man max amen from Lois Kinney honest music an endowed poly type in Judah you know so much a pulley on this one more to come yes it's AoE more to come including yours again from arrow Cornelia can sharpest dance moves are lit you got that right maybe we need to see more of Kent's dancing huh from Rocky John history maker YouTube channel instrumental love whoa grab a praise God thanks for the comment from Arvin Neal coos nice glory to Jesus nice and not playable original songs yes Arvin all original spirit inspired songs from our breakthrough live gospel album from Roy Salgado god bless MOF Thank You Roy god bless you two again these comments from last week's episode we sincerely thank you for the support and encouragement and we appreciate each of them very much to all of you watching this episode please leave a comment in the section below we will acknowledge and read your comments towards the end of this episode and if this is your first time the Chunin please hit the subscribe button and enable the notification feature to receive updates about MOF devotional you may also like and follow musicians on 5 Davo page on Facebook by doing so you'll be helping us reach more viewers please please please please please spread the word about America via channel in social media all right is not time for us to hear God's Word from the scripture and receive the Lord's blessing that comes with it to read and share the Bible text for today here is praise Jesus chapel worship pastor and MOF Davao Coordinator Ian Hill Faja Reba hello everyone welcome to musicians travel TV and we are introducing a new segment in our online episode and we're calling it went to our kingdom so it's basically sharing discussing of the Word of God with a kingdom mindset and we hope that all of us will be blessed the sharing and of course if you have your own insights you have your own comments please do comment during the episode probably we can start on start IO with a prayer okay every fire within artistic appreciation amen and of course with us for the first ever with Kingdom is not a burden our coordinator for airport davao and worship pastor so let's give a warm welcome to Ian Healy first of all she shots are fired yes we see people even so alarming there are none religion the domination so where our music a palliative on me upon you know light to darkness Christina you I mean your community so you you message now Bella the dynamic serve our events for instantly become his word on the message of Jesus writes the New Kingdom the only basis now the Lenya so we'll do so basically you start from the topic time for tonight today loser saebom as a comparison as I is in what other was Jesus restored so basic Shara topic pero media manager the Irina you will be negated money not a other miss you so so many people having in various are Genesis 1:26 to so let's start 6:00 then God said let us make man in our image after our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the heavens and over every creeping thing that creeps on so God created man in his own image the image of God until yesterday god bless them that's up to them be fruitful and multiply gravity ba materi de Vaca dimension interpretation Nikita would it is a personal talk when I wanna end dominion a Bennigan's upon inari so you nuts attacks pictures you leave some windows so up and seen athletes are so fun on having and we do when we do you know demise plans so today I'm a minute away because I indicated the weekly chart in a baby – starts with chief there you go you mitigate my genotype in this management how we manage the ball I'm going deeper sorry but that's a personal other words it's a family gurus so you never been an hour now but then again upon you know assignments are paid so Vargo movie CPU for kappa or would she determine the winner of almost as he in that chapter combined both in page will happen what will happen we should be the eat that missing so you're loving boosting are many shades saying you know what I don't know is Jesus is going after after a second Genesis Genesis 3 but I will be able do so well I have enough until I learn define and Jesus so you know basic the new Runa coming on about the kingdom but then the way India not is message about the kingdom some fish apparent I love nothing in some time so you even see shots on fire you don't have enough great to bogging myself now means of a current events death anomaly poverty in some Jason a society magnetism music that's my point enough yes I disappear a new department of the beginning of Kamino do not wanna use it yes oh I see guru inside on the Genesis 1:26 to 20 Linda reflect to whom you know – Anu Rudy Jesus Sermon on the Mount Seir and army fellow young specific 'no teaching on concrete see didn't AA lord teach us how to pray so to shine i think this is very familiar to to every every believer even the Lord's Prayer but if you look at the context as he really speaks about nothing of the spell on Union V new original na na you Saba machinability novena gotcha fitna listen you go forth and multiply have to be known CP mu nu Lord sprayer onion Union you television nila Gangnam dumpin on Shattuck see you produced it goes our Father in Heaven so subtle again your name be holy will appear game then lecture people and your will be done on earth as it is oh bugger Eppley on earth names I have been it it will induce a big dummy prairie Jesus in civilian ah manolito come on Yuna you then dooms a salami in the people who sharpened on una una batalla de blessing people go forth and multiply and have dominion over debris you pal in human death poem garden salami para la illaha illa allegation but things be to our Lord Jesus Christ he restored it through his life death and resurrection so with deities so you kingdom it's nice – it's nice to see it's nice to appreciate Nikita have to say bon mots happenin pero how to really live in a kingdom dependent again I didn't experience so this is why this is something new that we've been reading about it for the longest time but we pray you take this journey with us to rediscover the Word of God in light of his kingdom the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ so this will be our discussion every every week sano-sama homologous a sorrowful agony momentum saravanan's us la una mirada pot a wedding to TuneIn darling sonya galaxy' they discover at this yeah Tommy Madonna Madonna comedy discovered along the way in a bathroom you know about the king that way back as revelation they don't get it or you possibly mine then I can says Abu Klea separa cornea if I release on he saw the but I didn't Galvez desk al reverence by dogs in Lucifer oh yeah like la meat bike and charcoal some Budi under so your a nominee bigger than daddy know who could kill Auggie Chateau I alone Casali be my donkey tail on boy because along Casali be my eternity Kyle encore become beloved scribe I can't circus Sansa be belong by Jason believe I Oh but you suck see you the mom so Oh Seneca is some savvy love and bygone by June Gamboa he's decided by [Applause] [Applause] thank you to our dear radio station partners in the zone Visayas and Mindanao that are now regularly playing our songs we have been acknowledging them in our ministry partner ads since the last episode Wow that's right jelly but wait there's more MOF Davao will be celebrating 2nd year anniversary this coming August they are yeah an elaborate novel a pita and on this anniversary itself we will officially launch our breakthrough live gospel album and this also means that the complete set of music videos of our breakthrough songs will be released on that day yes that mapper on that day yes album music videos and so much more and we will reveal more details on our next episode yes so if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel or like and follow us on our Facebook page please do so that you receive updates about MOF Davao second year anniversary breakthrough album launching and other at this point we'd like to welcome our featured artist for this episode you get to hear and know more about him in these next few minutes so friends let us welcome one of the devil's premiere artists in more ways than one so Farrell I'm glad visitors here and pjc studios so right now we will be asking a few more questions but to get to know you more yes and for them to also know your inspiration and the behind sword is about performance so let's go to our first question circuit so our first round first question is what came first your art or your music I think both Wow they are almost drawing Montelena Milito what five five six five six so pin except maybe on drawing painting and music but during those times but I Paris are anticipating a music and arts forget me no know how awesome Kaiba must like Excel sir painting or music for you what's not what are you music no not like a music actually must in a lot of c'mon gimme some singer Malita Mandela's guru must accompany singer no Malita phone okay how much singer and that's our next question what's a guy go so how significant is music in your life part making Bhuvan and I mean you music I say we were musically inclined family unico singer in tata cream Bautista you Antiochian drummer so para you music para making lifestyle in Armenia oh okay you knew na mean you know Norman nyan Wow rock music really runs through your veins circuit oh yeah anyway any words of inspirations or any catchment or viewers no no no never stop believing in yourself and of course Wendy while Atlantis anymore at of course I just won by God but that the last I know she knows I've been in town so if you're a painter or an artist we know when you film on going yeah and dama dama dama katta naga ceccacci oh yeah and words and wisdom from the great catcher Ferreri himself thank you thank you so much sir that's all for being here it's our privilege yeah we welcome you here at PCC dear viewers catch a fire here at Emma and as an initial treat cat shall be will be performing on its original compositions live like body Tosa PTC studios together with MOF devil watch listen and be mess [Applause] come so your hand so faith feel me my ever so you love is all leading me to perfection each day to be holy and fail or cuz I know you I can love you more than this you he's I do to be of this world you [Applause] you're watching musicians on fire Java you are tuned into musicians on fire Java YouTube channel and this is our online episode number four and again thank you to all those who have subscribed to our Facebook page and YouTube channel and have liked and shared content from our Facebook page keep on sharing MOF Davao in social media to reach as many people as possible and also you have just watched Koch O'Farrell perform live in studio together with the MOF devil watch out for other local and international artists and musicians that will be featured in the upcoming episodes my name is jelly I stopped turn side to side I've been looking for not just living my soul music the River of Life price well swimming ha ha don't need to run to so many things they can never Julie looking for that will swiv it by soul Christ me don't wave all night price he is be given for refi high tracking within my soul nothing there away this life is not beyond my reach just gonna stick with it Christ he is my price me by Christ

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