Musicians On Fire Davao TV – Episode 005 – "Let our voices be heard"

Musicians On Fire Davao TV -  Episode 005 - "Let our voices be heard"

Bishan receiving the revelation we sing and declare in the name of Jesus as we celebrate our nation's independence we celebrate freedom in answering his call but I am the SABIC by accepting a job my any more power like the sing thank you – ah Eustace I could live the Kazakh side Sakina goodbye psycho shots ow Sakina [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're watching musicians on fire Java [Applause] hello to all of you here in Davao City all over the Philippines in everywhere connected around the world welcome to another online episode of musicians on fire Davao my name is Ken and I am jelly this is now our fifth episode of providing online content in line with the MOF demolition glorifying and sharing the love of God through the fellowship of music amazingly we have now aired on YouTube for one month and aside from our Facebook page we will soon activate our Twitter and Instagram accounts we are also working on our very own website who all this would not have been possible without our Lord Jesus Christ your prayers encouragement and support on behalf of MOF Davao thank you very much at all of you we are also thankful for all your comments on our online content we'd like to share some of them from last week's episode again thank you to all of both said comments and please continue to do so on any of our uploaded and future content it is also a joy reading from all of you and if this is your first time to tune in please hit the subscribe button and enable notification for MOF devil channel updates please also like and follow musicians on fire travel page on Facebook help us fulfill our vision by reaching more viewers worldwide we're watching musicians on fire GABA TV subscribe to hello everyone and even with I'll answer to our kingdom before we start anything it's always good to start with Jesus and ask him where he end to be destined to you we mailed them but unless this minister do you agree hey man so I will start anything let's do a little recap previous episode something later on Kingdom so we were talking about Dominion to the PC not beside Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 today do not in Allah Magna I hope when I design in order to take dominion over all things creation nopal throw it through taking dominion over all things the daytime Midori Sonia so this time we have our new topic there's also in lines acting perfect a letter what but Adam lost Jesus so we will be talking about player that means mr. hannassey you are o Allah may encounter may know word name pero Yasuo dial son is familiarity we do not be much happen man the value or nay expound power player release last week in Jesus Jesus restored Jesus sister so I goes up and I think I owe you a gentleman bandit ito stop sneaking down the physical running us along it nothing them Systema so old estimator see me today so establishment and Roman Empire in kingdom set up the power teachers I have been validation of God but the data so you know chiffon Athenian you tightly Jesus so you topic that it is about failure you see my nothing Bagehot now but when combined yeah should be to someone go experimental model code shares a gospel of the kingdom of that in about energy Noah is for free it was before he is Telugu anything will about the you safely shots please Monica tabu telugu next panel Tao don't select an agreement that in the town means open out nothing to do here so so Rebecca also 70 do you make position elastic today I'm saying 10% but you paid more every every day Rekha and she began their 24-hour super so there are two hours and 40 minutes a day now percent o able to look around already are remaining so different about our array I'm Gustavo booty not each mayor and some phenotype not in 70 years old Oh second up on Iran will be how old are you Pannonia say oh I don't get a memo if their house so don't know mamacita enough so be on a funny nose again again have it's a 10% so seven years Oh Marvin herself it needs communicates a bonus you can see Jesus if you know please miss the is if you see Jesus ah jeez Jesus mentioned the preparation of ten million for summary my disciples four hours three to four hours a day before book starting around achar look at me first yeah before at the 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. well ever move too much but I am sunrise oh la mejor or light headedness Oh in Akasaka self-advocacy and about before training before Fatima tingle so Canada have to please Jesus chucking up and she didn't allow a disciple a now between elements oh I get it you know Jeff Bible a see na means mix but Papa Jeremiah so in your compared not so rare is the access to be knuckles oh nothing touching is Dominion to give entirely for example she nah you saw in our system you should I know drop your faith give us a minute nationally time and they know classically I think I think prodigy think they've given up rise to this as well you missus avid or death in the den flag this is the power of thumb so whatever whatever words it comes out from from your mouth it's either oh sorry testamento during a period of use of town with in Makaha tavella gosh delicious of Louisiana Hot Sauce up in Cebu sales so the shop waiting to be a change in the human world estimate dynamically allocated equally did so in protection is a cow's leg of people a telegram you ppea I love you honor you mine here if you you know P depending upon you know you I love you my patients are alumni uses paper you might see you agree you a pioneer poco a poco Hoffman so funny money we spend being able to gain power you give mama a looser but I love you MA so through it which needed must maintain our authority Authority not a cervical under declare machinery no more than the jesusí they are having Sunday services are my disciples nominee believe I've seen AHA become good economy pertinently you may be having any disaster on a fire going more than power more than power you going well you remember the simply making the emblem identity more you Christ identity in Christ now whatever you ask from the father but every ask anything from from the father money are unique we declare their nothing through player declaring chime veña veña how we talk Amida Buddha Krishna Jesus Concilium Assad – Samaj that we wouldn't whatever they live on easy but up to either like I have you seen him oh Allah has a DVD system will update 11 one of the world are you even by da-eun I said aside from dr. Allen delicious mashup connection and they named Indian banana but God I mean student if I discipline them we can share this is this Authority or this this game with is a word per word impair vindicating a Telugu singing we are going in secret place that is the moon in secret please NASA in Matthew 6 verse 5 on what you think the show that my super amazing you separate asinine not to say public daddy told me Jesus now when we pray we should go into our room Taliban somewhere secret sing at a time ago a girl died Kalani learn to master a safe and tau parameters I'll pass Angela so galaxy bosses you pyramid in deal the admonition of so mundo appalling in Agra and time in Macau tapas I think when you see Lloyd Parimal sarita thapa shank rated the reading the news in a beanie Lloyd blog about a Segundo dick download spa so can also cannot cut again young anti no Monica or the parent pinging pinging pinging experience Allah the Excel Italian see cigar data through prophets turned in so Misha initiative intellectual but now because I mean I think we're familiar with we with this now because the veil in the temple has been turned into well annum barrier for us to come before the Lord and directly seek him and spend time with him she you need innum ennum cinavia the and you will seek me with all your heart the pack in one afternoon Mahon of telegin attention so Attaway a new scene evidently Jesus during his time and moving forward Parishad in LA now in B's investments and Acela bus Papa frita under the Prieta pocket emotional comment on the day this is your this is your quality time with your father intimate quality time and negative news observe that is a madula was a venomous approve I become sure people an attire I'm a five-minute time limit I otaku skata-hara missile times a civilian a dentist asana vegan earning it's it's really spending time with one another because you want to say something to him and he also wants to say something to you so you tell again you pray it's like aligning aligning ourselves with God during this time indeed not in my element boom I don't think we will will ever understand or know him if you pray or nothing is based on completing the task at hand ya basta ba gua in the depart you essence to me my not a good time for hosting again I keep a goose of tires minaton sir Sammy arena mundo responsibie in certain communities a Dominion a team yeah I do well familiar to everybody the Lord's Prayer pero do it the question is to really understand what what Jesus meant when he said now in this manner we pray then then Jenna young Lord's Prayer memorize Latin in our Father in heaven will you be your name your kingdom come she got all excited trial of a person having a nothing give us this day our daily bread not any peril if we if we start from from the beginning of that prayer that Jesus Tony it really talks about who we are talking with in unbuttoned be on purpose non-planar so we're talking to her father who is in heaven who is holy Melina Melina and you cannot do this let your kingdom come here so I know a big Sabino new reality in reality Nong Khai an erotic panettone salami maja reading dito boom-boom NASA and IO in don't belong it already sets the atmosphere of what we should be praying for means now but when when we pray it's in the context of his kingdom if it should be in it's in the context of his individual being apparent alert behavior after you um to stop allah it's been longer learn the hill determinants are even more whom I knew you will me know that set NASA Sahara a new dawn path in eternity past monopod Ito through us through me so if this this this template the be Nagini Jesus parent formulas appraiser it sets us it's s accepts us right and aligned with God in terms of the kingdom mindset in the param from della patented I'll verify on gusto gallon Nagaraju at a today we don't work and bio video animated million Anjana exist not pass through me Lord God going dinner in toto dito don't pay any Jesus failure yet no matter like a you missus are in Milan wanna maybe some tau Catalan gotta like after you the new bonus activities assume I mean exercise away natal first our Father in heaven the London colonic imaging aware or conscious conscious everyday now Mohammed al-ameen hallowed be your name that he is homely nah Apatow your kingdom come and your will be done now whatever that is in heaven can be applied here give us this day our daily bread Allah is what you meet today today a laminate our video give us today our daily bread and forgive us our sins so dhaba they redid inattentive Rena at a Valentine Day Lord as we forgive those who sin against us hello a pity – oh sorry created by na na na neun BC yo u ma DAPA look at these worthless I happened by now I think I will retire that our Father is in heaven now very tired his name is only that his kingdom come he will come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven now when we ask for for something we only ask for what we need in the society yeah give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins just really really important every day and a lord and forgive those who sin against do not lead us into temptation the previous study didn't service delivery give us this day our daily bread Dena Dena me me okay Norton aluminum don't element offer today I just receive it that we begin at the National Benita sister we ask that you give the bread para pagar immediate alhamdulillah Allah Marilyn Dean said I believe in Jesus Avena begin Mussolini on Donna Donna Paris AHA Renato and I think that's also the reason why see Jesus when he went around preaching kingdom of God that healing casting out demons but the things that could be but it's just but it says a prayer but casita de ferran you give me what you keep you already give me what is for today so for tomorrow a tournament opportune young I began Sonia and negativa so he always goes back see run it's it's moving it's moving within the kingdom now from a to you Natalie de Paris Armenian Arenado a timonium Topanga people Pharaoh Erina Manito do you let go a tournament open the pinko Indian wanna be given a larger fingered para sagrado de grado of a novel beginning there's an assurance that you are you are ending but then though I shall have nothing themselves to tell gonna marry whom are gonna steal animal and one more thing I love me upon signature Samantha Miller do you have give us this day our daily bread you the next addition a parent Department said that they didn't Irina Nina flowers in expect Malay in Italian so you'll never die like a macaroon pionen son I didn't eat Dima when we when we approached the Lord Nealon departure to suffer any nothing but it same thing partner punching Biba no capacity nothing to Jesus with when he when he could match something reasonable Agha indeed given a sequence into shape how wouldn't you see right you stopping us is Shia and Nagi Jesus windy gamma a second whom you love you love you know you're never looking I mean yay but in an emerging but ah read this now this appointment yes a bitch velocity indeed something Ingo ending at 11 come on induce and whatever I say upon the gives energy commission I pray that you will heal his sickness in D heal the sick vomiting God to utmost sonship or penis for example a nice approving a banana animals are even more example and I can do therapy you know la casilla same with same with Jesus it's even with the other gusto yeah might be a nothing your confidence is in so what he cannot rely on I think before that even you do sir so Jesus experienced nobility understand how identity in Christ you know you know over everything that look you're in sonship relationship happy father in summary data to enjoy nothing your lordship reloads are happy didn't belong in fashion just not my college acceptance at Zara minimally my mother loves papa Louie he's a loving father you can always have a peroxide again nammed sama Sabine you Here I am eager to be used by you I love my man to please you and everything I do and everything I do sors you are my hope you are shines within me you are the evidence so what all that I need about down and bubbly in a mummy Oh – why do the snow like you Here I am to you my lord I worship you all you've done you to my source you are my the light shines within me you are the prey your name above – snow like you yeah the you made me come you want my source you want my hug you are the light that shines within me like you you are tuning the musicians on fire davao online episode 5 again thank you to all who have subscribed to this channel and i've liked and followed us on facebook please do share MOF davao on social media to help us reach as many people out there as possible as mentioned last episode we have now completed the online release of all 12 original spirit inspired songs from her first ever gospel album breakthrough thank you to our dear radio station partners in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao that regularly play our song this time we'd like to hear from you about your favorite breakthrough song please share your thoughts or even your personal breakthrough experience about any or all of the breakthrough songs by leaving a comment or we will select comments that will be shared on the next episode who knows your comment might just win you a prize or a token so what are you waiting for start commenting away and to help you here's a recap of all the breakthrough songs a lab by Ken charkas Allen Moises by Armand la Renta no other name by Jason believe I you're all that I need bicycle business cal sorta let our voices be heard by Joe hey Sal pal scootin boys Oh exalt your name by Jojo gavel ow give you a pair Nannan a league by Jason belly by reverence by Dom's a Lucifer oh yeah dog lumic by Kent charcoals some my liability undo so you a nominee bigger than Gotti knew who could tell Augie so two are alone who solely be my doggy tail on boy because along Casali be my eternity Kyle enjoy cow San Saba Mulan by Jason Valle bye Oh but here's a simple yes No see you the MA gonna Oh Selita it's answer be loved beloved scribe by Ken charcoals and [Applause] again we just had a recap of all breakthrough songs and as announced last week music videos of all songs will be officially released during the breakthrough album launching at the second year anniversary we are happy to announce the final date of the anniversary celebration finally so better mark august 30 2019 on your calendars with going to M oh f anniversary celebration day we will share additional info on tickets merchandise and other details of the event in our next episode so for now mark the date August 30 2019 at this point we'd like to welcome our featured artists you've already seen her from our previous episode as a VJ she's also a composer one of the breakthrough songs indeed her voice has been heard guys let's all welcome hi guys really so we have some questions I'm happy so good to go to the same hotel so our first question is when did you really realize that you have a gift or talent for singing thank you for that beautiful question I started singing when I was 4 years old I used to sing you know I used to join singing competitions as well in my younger years so there I think when I was still very very young that's the time also I I used to sing in in the church with my sister my mom and some of my relatives so it runs in the blood four years old I try to but yeah I still remember those days competitions kinder kinder jackal my next question what benefits have you gained from pursuing a music career happiness I guess I you know and that young career more is your profession more is passion within and then it has been my bread and butter as well and this career also took me to took me to many places I got the chance to talk with people with different people good yeah good people and sharing thoughts with them and also experiences good and bad experiences that you know I learned a lot of things from those also from life experiences and life stories from people Monica's a McCadden so that's that's so priceless you know like for in those years now and Ito cosa secured at all I'm just so happy [Laughter] anyway when did you realize or had this calling that God was really calling you to sing for him just a few months few months ago they'd be exact January this year January this year I mean a melanoma guy knowing her likes for so many years management home dreams you know to to create songs fellow this year last January pademelon home I know calling no eight now nine gospel album para well enough for i hindi KO n expect that I would be part of mo it is really good to be here everybody but I don't buy media up a media so the sports spot yes sports Yaya and just this year but I'm a calling a home finally now the sword not oily I said that Dana hey what are you doing this Cassie Union calling companion calling non-stop was now and finally param Yannick atanga no and then I got a sound another breakthrough for me that was you and I decided to give up something big you know for this one so you stepped out for the information of everyone's a Taser casi como si Caro NATO basil Cassie samosa karo telegin pagará not mean Maccabiah hey Miguel cool yes but for now you can go away like it's it's a big opportunity you know to be working so a second young environment but then for the first time in my life a big opportunity para new meeting office 0.9 now pray upon the Lord iPad on I want to give up that one helped me I say they get up enough I'm like this side that time but then your name yet is so good what tips would you give the potential for future artists for example I can examine to the IG your dreams but I'm a living testimony for for this for this thing you know work or Roma do it I don't know graduated college boom anacondas Zappa Gunter and then I'm so glad that I'm here you know it took me years to realize to be here and I'm still I am very happy that was you you peace and that Adam domain go grab it and set up and merriment I don't wanna needs better but for the first time in my life indigent Maurice kosabu am I going but um yes you are there are a lot of things to worry about our future better this time but I'm gonna get along so cigarette na young Anthony I think it's all just do to do the things that I'm happy to do and as well of course this is a very big thing to serve God so yeah and there you have it once again thank you saying for being here and honored and thank you so much for sharing your passions thank you Andy yours a little bit a glimpse of your story once again there you have it Jew hazel Falco than here at MOF devil thank you let's all now see you perform studio together with a little F Davao watch listen and be to save me you love do you ah you say you maybe so much please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and also please visit and like our Facebook page this is a fire Davo thank you so much to see you again exciting you are still watching musicians on fire Dava online episode five again thank you for subscribing to this channel and for liking and following our FB page we will also launch soon our very own website and other social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram here's a recap of this episode we've also completed the release of all 12 original spirit inspired songs for our first live gospel album breakthrough efficient launching of the album will be during the MOF demo second anniversary on August 30 you've come to know more about MOF devil team member Vijay and composer – hazel fun Putin once more we are inviting each one of you to support MOF Davao as a mission vision partner or MVP we sincerely pray that you would take this opportunity to step out in faith and be a part of this advancement of God's kingdom trust the lord he will cause his blessings through you as well as provide your needs details on how to be an MVP will be flashed at the end of this episode my name is Kim and I am jelly lastly please comment down your favorite breakthrough song to get a chance to win a prize or token be my pick you a winner on our next episode also make sure that you subscribe and enable no notification this MOF Davo channel and you may also like and follow MOF Davao on Facebook from all of us here at VGC studios watching [Applause] with somebody well thank a full week au sommet agar down Sakina booy booy viscous alibi we do recycle shop Miska psychopaths who do curse like a shot Oh taking the week out stop my now Sakina Bowie Bowie discus a go back would move my gosh I they could pull it out summer target down Sakina buoy going : you

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